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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 1 : Prologue.
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A/N: - Please note that while this story is fiction, it is based on an actual book that I’ve written. The main characters names and some locations have been changed to accommodate the Harry Potter universe. The original story has also been copyrighted under my own name. Please do not copy in any way, shape or form and publish. Thank you for your time and please read on and enjoy.

Disclaimer: - The Harry Potter name and Hogwarts belong to JK herself.


As we enter a house, we see a living room. A plain sort of room with only the basic’s for furniture. A boy suddenly appears out of thin air. Its early morning, and the daylight hours were just starting to dawn outside. The sounds of the birds just beginning their dawn chorus could be heard outside, and no one was awake yet.

The boy looks around for a few moments seemingly trying to get his bearings; has he slowly turns his head he spotted a door at the far end of the room, and started to walk towards it, slowly he turns the door knob and gently opens the door and cautiously exits the room. Once out of the living room he heads for the stairs on his left, and carefully – on tiptoe – crept quietly and slowly to the top, trying to make no noise. One step creaked. He stood still, listening for any sound of moment, but no sound was forthcoming, so he continued to the top of the stairs. Once he’d reached the top, he paused once more continuing to listen for any sounds, but again all was silent. Upon hearing nothing, he crept along a corridor making straight for a door at the end, when he’d reached his destination he slowly and quietly opened it. As the boy peered around the door, we see a boy’s bedroom come into view. He looks around for a few moments when his eyes suddenly came to rest on a lump that’s lying in a bed at the far end of the room against a wall.

‘So this is the subject that I’ve come to replace,’ the stranger could be heard muttering.

The boy walked further into the bedroom and gently closed the door behind him. He turns around and slowly started to walk towards the bed, making as little noise as possible. The lump started to move and moan, the boy stops in mid stride and watches and waits with held breath waiting for any sign that the figure in the bed was about to wake up. But all was well; the lump settled back down and continued to sleep.

Once all had settled down once more, the boy again started to creep slowly forward, and this time as he moved forward he put his hand into the right pocket of the futuristic clothes that he was wearing and removed what appeared to be a long straight piece of wood.

Once he’d reached the bed, he carefully and gently takes a hold of the blankets and slowly began to pull them back, to reveal another boys face. Once the face was exposed, he was looking at an exact double of himself; it was like looking into a mirror. The boy looked intently at the figure in the bed, when all of a sudden, the boy in the bed stirred.

The boy in the bed – as if sensing something – suddenly opened his eyes, and when he sees himself looking down at him he opened his mouth to scream. But the look alike was too quick for him. The look alike quickly pointed the stick at him and could be heard muttering the words Stupefy and the figure in the bed became still.

Making sure that he had remained unheard, he went over to a chest of drawers and pulling out a pair of pyjamas he speedily got changed into them. He laid his futuristic looking clothes on top of the stupefied figure and then waved the wooden stick over the figure, muttering some words. The figure on top of the bed slowly started to vanish, leaving the other alone in the room.

After the boy had vanished, the look alike got into the bed and as he covered himself with the bed covers he could be heard muttering to himself,

‘Later today I set in motion my masters plan for world domination, by brain washing Albus Dumbledores closest family and friends’. And with an evil grin on his face, he fell asleep.


Well that’s the first part of a new story. Please read and review. Thank you for reading and please feel free to tender any comments in the box below, constructive criticism welcome.

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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair.: Prologue.


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