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Beyond the Slytherin Dungeons by NymphadoraLupin
Chapter 4 : Hogsmeade, Butterbeer and Alleyways
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I ran behind the nearest person, who just so happened to be Millicent Bullstrode. She worked as a perfect cover until Draco came over to talk to Blaise, who just so happened to be standing near her. I stealthily snuck away to re-join Harry, Hermione and Ron. I grabbed Ron and Hermione by the arms and pulled them out of the shop while saying

“We’ll get the sugar quills last okay? I need quidditch gear,”

“Haven, you don’t even play quidditch;” Ron said matter of factly

“Doesn’t mean this year I can’t start.” Once we were out of the shop we headed to Quality Quidditch Supplies and I got the boys to show me what I would need. I brought what I could out of the money in my pocket, I decided I would get the rest once I got some money from Gringotts I really doubted the fact that I would be able to play quidditch, I mean I know the rules and all but something about flying a broom sixty feet in the air kind of freaked me out. We we’re halfway back to Quality Quidditch Supplies when I turned to harry and said

“Harry, I know the rules for quidditch and all but, something about being so high in the air scares me, will you be able to train me before tryouts

“Haven, of course I will, do you want to head down to the pitch after we finish here? What position did you have in mind?”

“I have my heart set on seeker but I know that it won’t be possible to steal that away from Draco and out team has some kick ass keepers so I was thinking of going out for chaser any yes I would love to go out to the pitch after this,”

“I think you could steal seeker away from Draco but if chasers if what you want then that’s what I’m gonna train you for,”

“Thank you Harry! You’re the best friend anyone could wish for!”

“You better believe it!” he brought me into a hug and we continued on toward the shop walking faster than our normal pace to keep up with Ron and Hermione. We got back to the quidditch shop and I brought everything I needed. Being the best friends that they were Harry and Ron both split the cost of what a Nimbus 2001 and brought it for me, against my protests. After we filed out of the shop we made our way towards The Three Broomsticks for a Butterbeer. We stepped into the shop and my nostrils felt with the smell of alcohol and food, Ron led us to a table near the middle of the inn but still slightly to the left, it was the same table that we sat at every time we came here. One of the chairs cushions had a small ink splotch on it from when my quill dropped ink off the end of it. This place was magic; it was the home to so many wonderful memories

“Hey guys, I’m going to get a Butterbeer anyone else want one?” I said absent mindedly

“I’ll have one please,” Harry said

“Me too!” Hermione and Ron chimed in at the same time

“So, four Butterbeers, two with a sprig of ginger,” I said to myself. Hermione and I were the only ones that took our Butterbeers with ginger, I normally only took mine with a sprig but it was the morning after a party, I had a hangover and ever since 2nd year Butterbeers with ginger had been my go to hangover drink. Every year since when the hangovers got worse I added more ginger and it seemed to sooth everything. Tom the bartender shot a look my way and smiled

“I heard there was a party last night Haven? Butterbeer with ginger?”

“Yes please Tom, lots and lots of ginger!” he busily turned around and pulled out a glass so big that if it was filled it would probably get a house elf drunk. He then turned to me again and said

“Do the rest of the clan want one to?”

“Yes please, Hermione’s the only one that takes hers with ginger though, please don’t put as much as mine. She’ll kill me!” he turned around again and finished getting everything for the order. He had all the drinks on the table when he said

“Hold on a second Haven,” he lent down and searched the shelves underneath the bar. When he stood up again he put a box containing a peppermint toad on the bar next to the drinks. Tom was good like that, I was his favourite customer and he knew my hangover order and because he is a strong believer in the fact that peppermint will one way or another take away a hangover he always throws in a peppermint toad on the house.

“Thanks Tom, you’re a life saver,”

“That’s what I’m here for,” he smirked at me. I returned to the table and sat down; everyone took their drinks Ron looked at me with a confused look

“What the hell is with the size of that cup? Hey I didn’t know you could get peppermint toads here!” I normally either came here with Hermione, Harry or by myself. This was the first time that Ron had ever seen the size of my hangover drink

“This is my standard size for when I’m hung over. Do you want a taste? The amount of ginger in this is ridiculous! Oh and you can’t by peppermint toads here, Tom throws one in whenever I order my hangover drink. He doesn’t give them to anyone else,”

“That’s not fair,” Ron said and started sulking. It took a while but us a while, especially me but when we finished we got up, I said goodbye to Tom and we headed towards Honeydukes. I hadn’t had a sugar fill in days and I was itching for some sugar quills, they were my addiction by far. We were halfway to the shop when I saw the familiar blonde hair peeking out of the top of the crowd. When I realized there was nowhere else to go or escape to I looked down at the ground and hoped to Merlin that he didn’t notice me. The next thing I knew I was getting pulled by my wrist to the little alleyway in between the two buildings that were next to Honeydukes. I looked up to see Draco’s gorgeous grey eyes looking down on me. The next thing I knew I felt his lips come crashing down on mine, it was pure bliss. It felt a lot better than what it did when I was drunk, I responded before I could work out why. This was Draco Malfoy, the guy that had no idea that I existed until yesterday. This was ridiculous. He was Draco freaking Malfoy! I shouldn’t be doing this; he was a Slytherin sure but.... but... I honestly can’t think of a but for that. It’s Draco Malfoy. The Slytherin Sex God. I had a right to this besides he kissed me. I pulled away and asked

“Draco? Why are you kissing me?”

“Because I like you, you are the type of person that I want to spend time with. You’re not like the other girls,”

“What other girls? Parkinson? Greengrass?”

“Yes those other girls,”

“Well I’m glad, I hate their guts,” he laughed and then kissed me again. Once again it was me that pulled away

“I better get going; the golden trio would kill me if they found me here with you,”

“Can’t you just ditch them?”

“Nope, they’re in Honeydukes and I need to get sugar quills, chocolate cauldrons and cockroach clusters,”

“I take it that the only reason you eat chocolate cauldron’s are because they’re filled with fire whiskey,”

“Don’t judge me!” he laughed as I wriggled out of his grasp and walked out of the alley. When I walked into Honeydukes I saw Hermione standing in front of the chocolate frogs. I walked up to her and she turned around to look at me

“Where have you been?”

“Oh I just saw something in a shop and I wanted to see how much it costed,”

“Don’t you dare lie to me Haven! Your hair is ruffled and your lips are swollen,”

“Fine just don’t tell the guys, promise?”


“I just had a quick snogging session with Draco in the little alley between the two shops down the road,”


“Yes, please don’t tell the guys,”

“I won’t,” we headed towards were the sugar quills were, if they ran out of chocolate cauldrons and cockroach clusters I didn’t really care but if they ran out of sugar quills shit will go down. I grabbed about twenty sugar quills, that should hold me until next weekend. I went to the chocolate cauldrons and grabbed 5 of them. I usually kept chocolate cauldrons in a charmed box under my bed for when I had a fire whiskey craving and there weren’t any parties. Next I went towards the cockroach clusters, many people thought they were disgusting but it was something about their crunchy shell and jelly underbelly that made me love them so much.

“Cockroach clusters? Seriously Haven, that’s disgusting,”

“What’s wrong with them? I find them addictive,”

“How can you eat them?”

“Like I said, they’re delicious and you should know by now that I can eat just about any lolly you through at me,” she rolled her eyes and we brought my sweets. When we went out of the shop we met the boys, who laughed at the amount of sweets I was cradling in my arms. I caught sight of Draco in the corner of my eye who was smirking in my direction; I turned to him and rolled my eyes. He just laughed. Harry shot me a quizzical look

“What are you talking to git Malfoy?”

“Maybe I am, I need to make friends in my own house. I love you guys and all but I need some Slytherin friends,”

“You mean friends that are as evil as you,”

“Of course that’s what I mean,” I laughed. He rolled his eyes at me, we started walking back towards Hogwarts when Ron said

“Hey Haven, can I pretty please have a cockroach cluster?”

“Come on Ron didn’t you buy your own sweets?”

“Well I did but I ate them,” he looked down at the ground bashfully

“Fine, only because your one of my best friends,” I chucked a cockroach cluster at him and a grin lit up his face. You knew that you were special when I gave you one of my lollies, I never gave them to anyone, and I treasured sugar too much. We reached the castle, it seemed like there were only a few people back at school. We were heading in the direction of the Gryffindor common room when I said

“Hey guys, I’m gonna go back to my dorm,”

“That’s up here,” Hermione said

“No Hermione, not the one enchanted into the side of your closet, I need to go put my lollies away in my actual dorm room,” Hermione sighed

“Fine, see you at dinner then?”

“Of course!” I gave her a hug; I went to go away when I heard the boys simultaneously say


“Hey! What about me?” I rolled my eyes and gave them both a hug before flipping my hair over my shoulder and sauntering off the Slytherin dorms. I said the password, entered the portrait hole and went up to my dorm. When I entered my dorm the first thing I did was hide my sugar quills and cockroach clusters in the charmed compartment of my black dragon skin one shoulder bag. Then I put my chocolate cauldrons in my charmed box under my bed, I opened it to find that I surprisingly had a dozen or so left, I put my lollies in the box and decided to get changed from my jeans, long sleave top and jumper to a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. I put my curly hair into a ballerina bun on the top of my head but as I went to walk out of my dorm I decided against it and took the hair pins out. I grabbed my History of Magic text book and walked downstairs. I plonked myself on the leather couch in front of the fireplace; I opened my book and started studying. About half an hour had passed when I felt a pair of arms snake around my shoulders. I freaked out a little then I felt lips kissing the edge of my jaw line and I knew who it was

“Draco! I’m trying to study!” I giggled and he groaned

“Why? Your Snape’s daughter, I’m pretty sure you could pass a history of magic class,”

“Well you never know,” he sat on the couch next to me, I got lost in my text book again. I can’t say that I particularly like History of Magic and because of that I’m not getting particularly good grades. Draco took the textbook from my hands, shut it and put it on the table next to the couch.

“Hey! I was reading that!” he started kissing me and I melted, it felt like nothing mattered anymore. I deepened the kiss and I tangled his hands in my hair I pulled him closer to me. With the strength that I had from muggle gymnastics I was able to flip the position so I was straddling him. He lent up and kissed me, I don’t know how long we were there like that but the next thing I heard was the familiar shriek of Pansy Parkinson.

“HAVEN! What are you doing?!” I pulled away from Draco and smirked in her direction

“Well, as far as I’m concerned I was studying,”

“Well it looks to me like you kissing my FREAKING BOYFRIEND!” I looked at Draco with a questioning look and he smirked at me. I gave him a look of disgust before climbing off of him, grabbing my textbook, leaving the common room and heading in the direction of the Gryffindor common room.

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