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Lily Potter: The Adventure Begins by LongLivePotter
Chapter 1 : Back to Kings Cross
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  September  first 2019 fell on a crisp cool autumn day in London England. Kings Cross station was bustling with businessmen making their morning commute and tourists on their way to explore the country. Perhaps the only thing that looked out of place were the families with large squawking owls on their luggage carts. They did seem out of place, and yet the Londoners were so used to abnormal things such as this.

   Among the crowd of bustling people was the Potter family. Harry & Ginny Potter and their kids. James Potter was a tall handsome boy of Fourteen. Albus Potter was a shorter rather mousy but nonetheless handsome boy of thirteen. Then there is Lily. Lily Potter, a young girl of Eleven, had shoulder length red hair and winning smile. She twirled excitedly through the onslaught of people boarding trains. "Lily Luna Potter!" Her mother exclaimed with a gleam of amusement in her eye " you are 11 my dear, old enough by far to push her own cart." Lily bounded back over to her mother and grabbed a luggage cart.

   At the very top of the luggage cart a basket adorned with a pink bow was perched. Angry hissing noises were coming from somewhere within the basket. The previous day when the Potter family had been in Diagon Alley, Lily had been allowed to pick something to buy in celebration of her first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. She had known exactly what she wanted right away. She had gone to the magical menagerie and bought a fluffy black-and-white cat. Her new cat, Eloise would be coming to Hogwarts with her.

   The Potter's finally came to a stop at the barrier between platforms nine and 10." James, you first. Albus, you go after him, and Lily." Said Harry. Lily watched as each of her brothers plunged through what appeared to be a wall of solid. Lily took a breath, closed her eyes and ran straight at the barrier.

   When she opened her eyes she was standing on platform nine and three quarters. She saw the shining Scarlet body of the Hogwarts Express. Sure, She had seen it before, but this time, It was her turn. She was Finally on her way to Hogwarts! “Rose, Rosie, This Way!” Came the Voice that could only be her Aunt Hermione from somewhere in front of her. Hermione Waved her down.. “LILY! How are you dear?” “Fine aunt Hermione, and you?” “I am well my love. Are you excited for your First year at Hogwarts?” Lily smiled at the Question. “I have never been more excited in my life!” Hermione Laughed and Kissed her niece on the top of the head. “I have to go make sure that Hugo gets all of his things!” Said Hermione as she ran off to find her son.

   Lily looked around and saw her Aunts, Fleur and Audrey Fussing over their children’s school things. Her Uncles Bill and Percy we a few feet away, having a quiet chat. Up bounded Lily’s Cousin Dominique, who was to be a 5th year. “Hullo Lily! How have you been?” “I’ve been great Dom, and you?" "I am doing just Lovely!" Said dominique, before seeing some friends and going to say Hello. 

  When Lily Finally spotted her parents, she walked over and Gave them both a huge hug. “I know I will get Gryffindor.” Lily whispered in her Father’s Ear. He winked at her as she pulled away. “I love you dear, and I will write you every day!” Ginny said, her voice thick with emotion. “I love you too mum” Lily said back, Beaming. She took one final look at her parents and boarded the Hogwarts express. Her adventure was about to begin, and she could not wait.

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