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It's Just a Crush by septumsempra
Chapter 12 : I知 not a night troll! I知 a little girl!
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                                            Nothing but the plot belongs to me :)

                                    Kudos to GinnyPotter25 @TDA for the image!

 "Bye!" Hermione practically screamed as she ran off down the hallway leaving Harry and Ron staring after her in bewilderment. She screeched to a stop in front of her common room and calmed herself down. She patted down her hair and said the password. The portrait door swung open and Hermione entered the common room. She saw Draco sitting at the desk with his back to the door; he hadn't noticed her coming in. She smirked - a smirk worthy of the Malfoys - and snuck up behind him. She leant in close to his ear,

"BOO!" Draco jumped up out of his seat and hit something with his head,

"OWW!" he groaned clutching his head while turning around to face Hermione, he glared at her before realizing she was clutching her chin. So that's what he hit…

"OH, sorry! I thought you were a boggart or something, are you okay?" he asked coming next to her and taking her hands off her chin so he could take a look. Hermione glared at him and harrumphed before pulling out a chair and sitting down.

"Why is it that you never get hurt when you scare me?" she muttered as she got out the planning book.

Draco smirked as he sat down, "That's because you haven't yet mastered the art, and you didn't scare me,"

"Sure I didn't, whatever you say Draco," said Hermione sarcastically.

"Glad you see things my way Mugglemuffin."

Hermione looked up and stared at Draco incredulously, Draco, feeling her stare, looked up at her.


"What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me?" asked Hermione, not angry but surprised.

"What, Mugglemuffin?"

"Yes, Mugglemuffin, what on earth is that?"

"That's my new nickname for you," he stated

"I don't want a new nickname," she replied.

"Too bad, you're getting one."

"I don't want it."

"You already have it."

"Take it back!"

"No, it's like a gift, you can't return these kinds of things my little mugglemuffin."

"Well too bad, take it back!"


"Why can't you use one of my existing nicknames?" she asked in frustration.


"Because why?"

"I don't like them."

"Why not?" she demanded.



"Potter and Weasley use them," Hermione just stared at him, "what? I don't want to call you the same thing they do! Gross."

Hermione rolled her eyes at Draco's childish behavior. "Why not, they aren't the only ones who call me those names,"

"Well, I want to be unique, so you get a brand new nickname from me, you should feel special, not everyone does you know?"

"But... why mugglemuffin?"

"Well, you are part muggle, and I'm rather fond of muffins," he said matter of factly.

"But… still.. why mugglemuffin?"

"Because I said so, accept it and stop wasting time. Now my little mugglemuffin, let's get to work!"

Hermione shook her head at him but Draco could see a little smile in the corner of her mouth. At least she wasn't jinxing him for calling her that.

"Whatever, so what band do you want to hire for the evening?" asked Hermione, getting down to business.

"Well, we have a choice between; The Weird Sisters, The Hobgoblins and Spellbound. Out of those three we need to pick one that is available for the 31st of December," he stated. Hermione was impressed that he actually was taking this seriously and knew what he was doing.

"Well, The Weird Sisters is definitely the most popular band out of the three, maybe people want to see something different since we had them back in fourth year?"

"Right, so cross them off the list, that leaves the Hobgoblins and Spellbound," he said, while he scratched his expensive peacock feather quill across the parchment.

"Well, Spellbound isn't that well known, so I don't think people will be all that excited to see them, which leaves us with the Hobgoblins? If they decline we can ask Spellbound," Hermione proposed.

"Sounds good, shall we owl them now?" asked Draco.

"Sure, the sooner the better," said Hermione while grabbing a piece of paper.

Dear Stubby Boardman,

We are writing to inquire whether you and your band, the Hobgoblins, would be available to perform at the ball we are having on the 31st of December. If you are available, we will owl you the details for the evening. Thank you.

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy
Head girl and Head boy

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding.

Hermione popped the letter into an envelope and pocketed it so that she could owl it when she went to owl the rest of her letters.

"Task one, complete," grinned Draco. "We'll be done in no time."

Hermione smiled as she turned to the page of decorations.

"Right, So we have the color theme; blue and silver. We know that we will have snowflakes falling everywhere and mistletoe hanging around the school in the week leading up to the ball and at the ball, what else?"

"Let's figure those two details out first, I think that the snowflakes should disappear as they touch the ground and we don't want too much because people will get annoyed. As for the mistletoe, let's make it like this, it will only activate if there is a boy and girl underneath and they can't leave the mistletoe they get stuck under unless they kiss the person. And just for fun let's not tell them that it doesn't have to be a kiss on the lips," Draco grinned, Hermione snorted. "At the ball, let's have the mistletoe appear as the clock strikes midnight," said Draco. Hermione smiled, it was perfect!

"I love it, both ideas are great!" she praised. Draco beamed in thanks.

"I have my moments, what other decorations do we really need?"

"Let's have the walls covered in pale blue with silver and white sparkling flakes all over it, I don't see why we need anything else other than Christmas trees placed around."

"Yeah, we don't want to overdo things, let's keep it simple," Draco agreed.

"Well… I think we're done, now we just need to decide who does what," beamed Hermione, glad that they finished so fast and efficiently.

"Let's have the seventh years work together with the complicated spells needed for the mistletoe and snowflakes, they are also in charge of decorating the trees, they each get one to decorate. But they will work in pairs, so Ernie and Hannah can work together, Padma and Anthony, then Ron and Pansy I guess since you and I would have been their partners but we have other things to attend to," said Hermione as she wrote this all down. Draco frowned at the part of Pansy working with his enemy, then again, those two were going to the ball together. He grimaced but luckily Hermione didn't notice. "I'll be in charge of the sixth years. Ginny, Collin, Luna, Andrew and I will be in charge of decorating the walls and making sure that the trees are placed accordingly. Megan, Tamsin, Harper and Rachel will be in charge of making sure that the band has everything that they need and that the stage is properly set up. This leaves you with the fifth years," Hermione frowned at the mention of them, "Mafalda, Malcolm, Orla, Stewart and you will be in charge of the food. You will need to perform the spell on the menus that makes food appear when they touch the menus with their wands. Romilda, Dennis, Kevin and Laura will take a menu to the house elves so that they know what they need to prepare. All of you will also be in charge of creating the menu. And you better make sure that no alcohol is snuck in!" she mentioned seeing the little smirk forming in the corner of Draco's mouth. He frowned and questioned,

"Why do I get stuck with the fifth years?"

"Because, Mafalda and Romilda are in that group and I don't get along with either of them, I refuse to deal with them," she gritted through her teeth. Draco nodded, he didn't know that Hermione had trouble with people.

"Well, that's everything I guess, we'll inform the prefects of their duties at the next meeting, oh and Harry will most likely help out as well," Draco rolled his eyes,

"If he must, not like he has any other friends to spend his time with," Hermione smacked him against his head, "Ow, violence is not necessary. Now I need to go, Quidditch practice," said Draco as he got up from his chair.

"Last minute much? Your game is tomorrow,"

"There is always time to practice; I'll look for you in the crowds! You better be cheering for me!" grinned Draco as he made his way out of the portrait hole. Hermione shook her head while smiling and put away everything before going off to bed, she had a feeling that tomorrow was going to be a long day...



Hello, so this was short because I decided to separate chapter 12 into two parts. All the prefects I listed are actual Hogwarts students, just some of the fifth years are not actual fifth years. I couldn't find enough who were actually in fifth year though. BUT look, I found this rather interesting...

Mafalda (born c. 1984) was witch who attended Hogwarts School in the 1990s. She was the daughter of Molly Weasley's second cousin (most likely a Squib) and a Muggle mother.

Thanks for reading, Please Please Please Review and let me know what you think, ask me questions if you want :) Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and read the story.

Until next time!


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