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The Half-Blood Princess by LivingOutLoud
Chapter 10 : The Snoop
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 A/N: Takes place between “Grim Defeat” and “The Marauder’s Map” in Prisoner of Azkaban

Severus came back from checking the dungeons. Unfortunately, Sirius Black had already fled from Hogwarts. Severus would have loved to deal with him.

“The dungeons are clear. He must have escaped.”

Harry’s ears pricked up. Dumbledore and Snape were talking about Black.

"Very well. We must work to find how he got in."

“I’ve warned you before about this, and Lupin...”

“I won’t hear of it again, Severus. Put the thought out of your mind.”

“Yes, Headmaster.”

Snape was up to something. Harry couldn’t really believe Professor Lupin had anything to do with this. He could hear Dumbledore leaving, but Snape continued walking toward Harry. Harry closed his eyes tightly, but Snape stopped just before Harry.

As Harry’s eyes were clamped tight, Draco continued to watch the strange movements of his mentor. He watched as Snape kneeled over a girl lying behind Potter. Bushy hair: must be Granger.

Severus leaned down and kissed Hermione on the forehead, “Goodnight,” He whispered.
Draco waited until he heard Severus leave and close the door, then he lifted up on his elbows. He turned toward the girl he thought was Granger, just to make sure he did see what he thought. There was Granger, still asleep, and next to her was Harry Potter. He was staring right back at Draco Malfoy, and looked even more confused than Draco did.

Within the next few days, Hermione visited Severus for dinner. She first ate dinner with Ron and Harry in the great hall, then she slipped off to the washroom and turned her time turner back one turn. She slipped out of the bathroom and hurried down the hall, making sure to keep out of her other self’s path.

Unfortunately, she didn’t notice Malfoy coming out of the washroom. Noticing Hermione, he turned, not toward the great hall, but into the shadows to follow Hermione. He snuck from corner to shadow to statue right down to the dungeons, where Hermione snuck into Professor Snape’s study.

“I was wondering when you’d get here.” Severus smiled.

“Sorry, I can’t get the timing exactly right yet.”

“That’s all right. I suppose you’ve already eaten.” Snape laughed. “I guess you’re eating right now, actually. Do you want a drink, though?”

“All right,”

Hermione smiled and hugged Snape. Severus leaned down and kissed her cheek.
Draco ran from his spot at the door to Professor Dumbledore’s office.

Snape was called up to Dumbledore’s office soon afterward.

“What is this all about?” Snape asked, looking from Draco to the Professor.

“Mr. Malfoy came to my office tonight, telling me he had seen you with a student in your office, in what could be a compromising position. Miss Hermione Granger, I believe.”

Snape tried to swallow his fear.

“I’d like to speak with you alone Severus. Mr. Malfoy, you are excused.”

Draco stared at Snape as he left, fear and loathing in his eyes.

Dumbledore moved behind his desk slowly. Snape stayed standing. “I expected better from you, Severus. Now, I realize why you may not have told anyone else about this, but I expected you to inform me at least.”

“I can explain.” Severus mumbled.

“Of course you can. If it were known Hermione was your daughter, she could be in danger. However, I expected you to understand that I would do nothing to hinder her.”
Severus stood silent, hiding his amazement.

“I agree, of course that perhaps it would be best to keep Miss Granger’s lineage a secret, especially with Sirius Black about. If the dark lord found you had a daughter, I fear she would be in a grave amount of danger.” Dumbledore stopped to take a sip of his tea.

“That being said, it might be best if the two of you do not spend more time together than necessary. Other children will likely become suspicious about the wrong thing, if you catch my meaning. No, I think it best you put some distance between yourself and your daughter for the time being. Especially after the aftermath of what Mr. Malfoy will spread around.

Hermione received a letter from her father the next morning. She read it in secret, swearing under her breath. Severus had written about Malfoy’s discovery and of the meeting in Dumbledore’s office. He admitted that he agreed with Dumbledore that it would be best if they didn’t spend any time alone.

By the time he had began promising to see her during the summer, Hermione had folded the letter up again. How was it that no matter what she was doing, Draco Malfoy always found a way to ruin everything.

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The Half-Blood Princess: The Snoop


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