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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, that right belongs to JKR. :)

A/N: First off I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. :) This is my first story, so I'm not really sure how good it will be, but if you do read it, please review! It would mean alot! And it gives me motivation to keep writting. :D




Mrs. Lysander Scamander. That’s me. Well at least that’s going to be me. But for now, I guess I’ll settle for Roxanne Weasley, girlfriend of Lysander Scamander, the most handsome boy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I’ve been in love with Lysander since I was five. Fortunately, he realized he cared about me just as much a few years ago and we have been inseparable ever since. We are perfect for each other. True, his family is a bit weird sometimes, but their old family friends, and he does get his dreamy looks from his mum.

I can’t help but wonder why Lysander looks so nervous tonight. We have been to this muggle restaurant a million times (It’s my favorite), so why is tonight any different? Usually Lysander is calm and confident, but he looks like he is about to pass out.

“Lysander, is something bothering you?” I ask him.


“Is there something wrong, you have barely spoken to me all night?” I

“Oh, no Roxy, nothing is wrong. How was your meal?”

Hmm, not sure I believe that, but at least he is talking.

“It was great, you should have tried it. I can’t believe you get the same thing every time we come here.” Seriously, it’s always the same. Shrimp and parmesan sirloin with steamed broccoli and a baked potato. Every single time. I like to change it up though and try something different every time.

“I just know what I like,” he smirks.

He really is so cute when he smiles like that. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

“Roxanne, we need to talk about something,” Lysander says.

Umm that’s weird. Should I be worried?

“About what?”

“Well, umm..the thing is..”

Spit it out! This isn’t like Lysander to be Yeah, you would think with the family he has, he would be a walking billboard for weird, but he really is quite normal.

“You know that I love you don’t you?”

“Of course,” I fake a smile.

“Well..there is something..that I thought we should talk about,”

Okay, I thought we covered that much.

“What is it Lysander?”

“Well when two people are in love, I think they should… that.”

What is he talking about?

Just then the waiter brings us our desserts. He must have gotten something mixed up. I ordered pineapple cheesecake, not this froo-froo heart shaped thing, with…wait, what is that sparkling in the middle? Just as I’m about to tell him there has been a mistake Lysander reaches across the table and takes my hand.
“Roxanne, I love you, we were created for each other and you would make me the happiest man in the world if you would be my wife,” Lysander whispers.




Is he serious?

“Are you serious?” I practically scream.

He just nods his head and smiles.

“YES! YES! YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”

He slides out of his seat, grabs the ring, and places the tiny diamond on my finger in one swift motion. Then he kisses me softly and says, “Thank you…get up Rox.”

Get up? That’s kind of a weird request, but I stand up anyways.

“Roxy, get up.” He repeats.

“I am up,” I say, starting to get confused.

“No you’re not, get up!”



Wait what? That sounded a lot like Lily…oh shit.

I open my eyes and sure enough, there is my lovely cousin staring at me with bemusement. Lily laughs.

“You sounded like you were having some wet dream screaming ‘Yes, Yes’ over and over.”

Dreaming. Ugh. I knew it was too good to be true.

“Oh sod off, Lils. What are you doing here?”

“Dad just dropped me off, he has to take Al to get a new broom
because he broke his last night.” Lily says.

“How’d he do that?” I ask

“Don’t ask,” Lily replies.

“What time is it?”

“10:15a.m. we need to get going, the train leaves soon.”

Train? Oh, that’s right. Today is September 1st, which means school starts today.

“Give me a minute, I need to shower and then I’ll meet you down stairs.” I tell her.

“Hurry up, we have to meet Lucy before we go.” She replies.

In case you were wondering, Lucy and Lily are my best friends and my cousins. I have too many cousins to keep track of. Luckily, the majority of the Weasley’s have already graduated from Hogwarts, so the first day of school isn’t nearly as hectic as it used to be.



After taking a quick shower, I double check to make sure I’ve got everything in my trunk then I haul it down the stairs to meet Lily. Yes, I have to manually carry my trunk because I’m still not allowed to use magic outside of school. You would think that I could get away with it because my father isn’t exactly rule savvy, but my mum doesn’t think that’s a good enough reason to risk expulsion from school.

“Good morning Roxy,” my mum says.

“Morning mum. What’s for breakfast?”

“I swear, the first thing you Weasleys ever think of is food,” she laughs and sets a plate of eggs, bacon, pancakes, and toast in front of me. My father is already at the table helping himself to seconds.

I smile and start to shovel the food into my mouth. I don’t really have much grace while eating. I think my mum was right, it’s a Weasley thing.

“Rox hurry up, we only have fifteen minutes, Lucy is just going to meet us on the train,” Lily says.

“Gib me a minube,”

“Ugh don’t talk with your mouth open, that’s disgusting,” Lily replies.

I stick my tongue out at Lily, food and all, and she gags. Laughing I swallow my food and take my plate to the sink.

“Geeze, Lils are you ready yet or what? We don’t have much time left?” I ask.

“Very funny, let’s go,” Lily replies. “Bye Aunt Angelina, I’ll see you at Christmas.”

I hug her. “Bye mum, I love you.”

“Stay out of trouble this year you two, last year you didn’t even make it the first day without getting a detention.” She kisses my forehead and smiles at me.

She’s right. I seem to have inherited my father’s knack for trouble making. It wasn’t really my fault that the food fight started at our first dinner last year, I didn’t mean to hit that kid with pudding, I was aiming at Lysander, but it’s hard to hit someone who is sitting at an entirely different table. Needless to say, I had detention for a week.

“Oh don’t listen to your mum,” my dad laughs “I spent more time in detention then out of it at Hogwarts and I turned out just fine.”

“You didn’t even finish school dad,” I reply.

“Yeah well you are going to, now go before you two miss the train,” my mumreplies.

We arrive at King’s Cross with three minutes to spare. My father helps us with our trunks and gives me a bone crushing hug goodbye.

“I’ll be expecting a toilet seat from you soon,” he jokes.

“Of course dad,” I laugh.

When we get on the train we immediately go searching for Lucy. She is a prefect, so she can’t sit with us the whole time, but she always saves us a compartment because she knows we will never be here early enough to get one for ourselves.

“Here she is!” Lily says and opens the door.

“Lily, Roxanne, I thought you two were going to miss the train this year,” she exclaims, jumping up to hug us.

“We almost did because of Roxy’s need to eat everything in sight,” Lily jokes.

“Excuse me, I am a growing sixteen year old, I need my food,” I reply.

“Sure you do Rox,” Lucy laughs, “I need to go meet the other prefects, I’ll see you guys in a few hours.”

“Tell Lysander I miss him,” I tell Lucy,

Lysander is a prefect for Ravenclaw.

“Yeah I’ll do that,” Lucy says and pretends to gag as she walks out of the compartment.

“You just saw him in your dreams though,” Lily teases.

“Oh shut up. Do you want to play some exploding snap before Lucy gets back?”

“You’re on,” Lily replies.



A/N: So what did you think? It was pretty short, but I promise the chapters will get longer once the story starts progressing. Please review. :D


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