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Save The Last Kiss by javct
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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Amy stared curiously at the blonde haired girl that had stayed the night in George’s apartment. He had told her that nothing had happened between them, but she was skeptical. The blonde haired girl was anything but normal, she was walking around the store, commenting on everything. It was starting to get on Amy’s nerves, but she knew, that if she wanted to impress George, she had to be nice to his friends, no matter how annoying they are.

“You have gargles in that mistletoe.” Luna commented lazily to Amy. “I have some ways to get rid of them if you want.” Amy just shook her head, smiling at this girl’s stupidity.

“Oi!” Amy barked at a young girl who had just stuffed a love potion into her pocket. “Put that back if you know whats good for you.” Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Luna staring at the young girl with her head tilted slightly. She looked out of the place, as though she came from a foreign land.

“Excuse me?” Amy spun around and saw a little girl with blonde ringlets in her hair holding a pygmy puff. “How much is this?” Amy went down onto her knees and looked at the girl in the eyes. Her eyes were the clearest blue that Amy had ever seen, she felt vulnerable; as though this little girl could see straight into her soul.

“That is twelve galleons.” Amy stated watching as the little girl pulled her money out of her pocket and began to count it. Luna had stopped what she was doing and watched the young girl. Luna was starting to get on Amy’s nerves. Amy’s head jerked up when she heard George’s familiar voice.

“STEP UP! STEP UP! COME AND SEE OUR NEW PRODUCT!” A smile spread across Amy’s face when she saw George. She had known George for almost a year now and she had never fallen for someone so quickly. Yet, George had always seemed so distance and so, she had been unable to make her move.

Luna was also staring up at George, her blue eyes widened in curiosity. Luna’s hair—Amy noticed—looked as though she hadn’t tamed it. Amy shook her head at the girl’s stupidity, she was starting to like Luna less and less by the minute. George looked down at Luna and smiled. He smiled! Amy had never made George and this girl had been here less than seventy-two and he was smiling at her! Amy gritted her teeth together and dug her nails into the desk.

“Hey, Amy. Are you okay? You seem on the edge.” George commented, walking up to his assistant. Amy felt a pang of happiness as George approached her.

“I’m fine boss.” Amy said, bestowing George one of her killer smiles, “I was just about to talk your friend actually.” Amy indicated to Luna. George laughed and squeezed Amy’s shoulder.

“I can’t tell you don’t like her.” He stated, “You don’t have to pretend to like her Amy, but I can assure you that nothing happened last night. She needed a place to stay and I had a spare couch.” George explained. Amy nodded, not saying a word.
Luna watched George and Amy from her window. They didn’t know she was there yet, she was hidden in plain sight. She had never felt so alone in her life, her father was dead, he had finally joined her mother. She never had any brother or sisters, her friends were the closets thing she had to family.

'Not that I have many friends anyway.' She thought to herself, tugging on her sleeves. A cold draft had begun to seep under the cracks in the door. Luna, automatically blamed the wrackspurts. Shuffling around the apartment for several more minutes, Luna decided to leave.

Once outside, Luna looked up and down the alley before walking casually up the street. The streets were littered with people staring and gaping into windows. Even though the rest of the wizarding world was still rebuilding from the horrific war, Diagon Alley was booming with business again. Mr. Ollivander had bravely opened his shop up again, and Florean’s had also reopened Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour.

She recognized several people from school as she paced up the street, but they didn’t look her way twice. They still remembered her as Loony Lovegood. Shaking her head, Luna stuffed her hands in her pockets and walked through the streets of Diagon Alley.

She kept her head held high until she reached The Leaky Cauldron. Removing her coat, Luna handed it to the house elf that stood by the door. ‘Thank you.’ Luna mouthed as she passed him. The elf bowed his head in submission and walked over to the cloakroom.

“What can I get you Miss Lovegood?” The bartender said. Luna smiled at the bartender and ordered one butterbeer. Sitting down at a free seat Luna looked around the bar, noticing the wrackspurts that were flying around the bar. “Here is your drink.” The bartender said, placing a frothing drink in front of Luna.

“Thank you.” Luna said, wrapping her hand around it, as closure. Sighing, Luna ran her fingers through her dirty hair. The last time she was here, Luna had been with her father—and that was the last day that he was alive.

“You okay there Miss?” Luna jolted herself out of her trance and saw a good looking man standing in front of her—a concerned look on his face. Luna forced a smile onto her face and nodded slowly.

“I’m fine.” Luna lied, taking a quick sip of her butterbeer. The man let out a dashing smile and sat down next to Luna, resting his head on his hand. “I really am.” Luna said again—her voice not wavering as much.

“My name’s Corvan, Corvan Gatlin.” He introduced himself, holding his hand out. Luna shook his hand.

“Luna Lovegood.” Luna replied. She noticed Wrackspurts flying around his head but she decided to keep her mouth shut. “Where are you from? Scotland?” Luna asked. Corvan laughed and nodded.

“Yeah.” He said. “I’m from the Scottish Countryside. What about you?”

“England, obviously.” Luna went to take another sip of her butterbeer only to discover that it was all gone. “How?” Luna said, staring into the cup. Corvan laughed again and ordered another Luna another drink.
“I’ve got to go.” Luna said after her fifth drink. It was getting late and she didn’t want to be caught out after dark. “It was nice meeting you Corvan, hope we meet again soon.” Luna stood up from her chair and shook Corvan’s hand.

“I’ll see you around Luna.” Corvan smiled. “Could, I, uh, walk you home?”

“No.” Luna said bluntly, pulling her coat on. “Sorry but I’m not sure that George would be happy with me bringing a stranger home.” Corvan’s smile disappeared from his face quickly when Luna mentioned George.

“Oh, you live with your husband? You’re not wearing a ring.” Corvan said, glancing down at Luna’s fingers.

“What? Oh no!” Luna exclaimed. “He’s not my Husband, not even my boyfriend. I’m just living with him until I can get a flat for myself.” Luna explained, pushing the door open to Diagon Alley.

“Well that’s good.” Corvan flirted. Luna felt her cheeks flash a bright shade of red. “I’ll see you later, hopefully.”

“Bye Corvan.” Luna said. Corvan waved and then spun around on the spot, leaving Luna by herself. Smiling to herself, Luna walked down the empty streets of Diagon Alley until she reached Wizard Weasley Wheezes.

“Sorry I’m back so late. I was talking a friend.” Luna said as she closed the door. Flicking her wand, the lights in the shop went on. Silence filled the air as Luna waited for a reply, then, almost like a whisper, Luna heard someone sobbing. “George? Are you okay?” Luna asked curiously, peering over the stack of joke books.

“Yeah... I’m fine.” George said, rubbing his eyes with the edge of his sleeves. Luna rounded the corner and saw George sitting on the rundown sofa; his head resting on his knees. Luna cautiously walked over to the sobbing George and sat down next to him.

“It’s okay to miss him you know.” Luna said, rubbing her hands along George’s back. “I miss my mother and my father everyday. Every minute actually. Now come, you’re in need of a strong cup of tea.” Luna said, standing to her feet. George let out a small chuckle and also stood to his feet.

“You’re a peculiar girl Luna Lovegood.” George said as Luna slid her hand into his.

“Come on, the wrackspurts are gonna get to your head if you stay here any longer.” Luna replied dreamily walking upstairs. Luna flicked her wand and put the kettle on, she watched as George sat down on the couch and ran his fingers through his ginger hair. As Luna was making the tea she carefully and discretely slipped a sleeping draught into George’s tea. When Luna emerged from the bathroom after a quick shower she found George fast asleep on the couch—his tea cold.

“Goodnight George.” Luna said, pulling a blanket over him. 



a.n. OH MY GOSH! I am so sorry about the long wait! There is no excuse, I think I may have just got sidetracked with others stories. I'm so so so so sorry!

I hope you liked it anyway :) Read and review x

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