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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 7 : New family and accepting a rival
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Harry couldn't believe it. Buffy the woman he thought he could trust was related to Voldemort?! How could this be? Harry rushed to the room where his parents portrait hung to speak with them about it all. When he arrived his parents looked as though they were expecting him. "hello Harry I take it Buffy has told you why Voldemort didn't kill her?" said his father. "you knew? You knew and didn't even warn me? How could you be friends with her let alone let her be my godmother?!" Harry said angrily. "sweetheart calm down and think for a moment. Do you think if she was evil we would have befriended her or let her be your godmother? And if she was evil dont you think she would have done something by now?" asked Lily.

Harry sat down and took a deep breath. Thinking it through his parents did have a point. He shouldn't judge her for something she couldn't control. He felt bad about running out on her like that. Her entire family had been wonderful to him and he not once felt like a slave or unwanted. He stayed there for a few minutes calming down before he would go find her and apologize. "Harry there is something else we wish to discuss with you since your here." his father said. "ok dad what is it?"

"well as you know we can't really be there for you like Buffy and Severus can so if and when your ready you can call them mom and dad we wouldn't feel bad about it. I mean they will be there for you in ways we can't. We will be here so you may talk to us but we agree that you need a positive and happy family to be with and they are the best and we trust them. Also you won't be alone you will have there children to be with and you can consider them all as brother and sisters."

Harry was shocked and didn't know what to think for the second time that day. How could this be happening? Didn't his parents wan him? But before he can get angry he took a few deep breaths and thought about it. There not asking to forget them or deny them. Just that if he wanted a family then it was ok with them. Did he want snape and his family as HIS family? They had been wonderful to him and Snape had been honest with him, and so had Buffy. Even when they could have kept it from him like Dumbledore did they told him. They treated him as a person not some sort of hero either. Well he would consider them family but he was no way ready to call snape and Buffy mom and dad. He told this to James and lily who said that was ok and that they were glad he was safe.

Harry spent a few more minutes speaking with them then went to find Buffy. She was still in the den with tears running down her face and Severus holding her murmuring to her things Harry couldn't hear. Harry felt terrible and waited until they noticed him. Severus looked up and smiled at him. Harry just stared how could he be smiling at me when his wife is crying because of my childishness? "hello Harry came to speak with Buffy I assume?" he asked. Harry nodded. "ok then I will step out a moment"

Buffy looked up at Severus and gave him a kiss before he departed. "hey Harry did you have time to think?" she asked.

"yes I did. I spoke with my parents and they made some very valid points and I just wished to say I'm sorry I got angry. It's not your fault who your family is, I shouldn't have judged you unfairly." he said quietly. "it's ok Harry I understand it is a lot to take in."

"I also wanted to tell you that I want to be apart of your family and hopefully one day call u mom and Severus dad. No don't worry I talked to my parents and they said it would be good for me to have a real family not like the dursleys. And also since they cannot be here for me like you guys can." Harry said.

Buffy was surprised and yet elated. "Well Harry you don't have to do anything you don't want to and not unless your ready. We will be happy to have you as family. My children have always wanted another sibling." she said smiling.

Harry gave Buffy a hug and everything was perfect. Harry had a family and he was thrilled.

"well Harry we have some news for you Sev just told me and I'm not sure how you will feel." Buffy told him a few hours after there reconciliation. "Oh what is it?"

"well it looks like Lucius Malfoy and his wife were just arrested for torturing a muggle and there son Draco needs a place to live if not he will be put in the orphanage. And as it is Severus is his godfather so we have agreed for him to stay here."

"What!? How can that death eater stay here? He is a terrible person who hate non purebloods!" Harry said angrily. He couldn't believe it Malfoy staying here?! This was his family his not Malfoys!

"Harry calm down I understand from Sev you two have had your differences but let me just tell you there is more than meets the eye. He won't be here for another week since the ministry has to go through there home to see if they have anything like dark objects and anything linking them to Voldemort to also convict them as death eaters." buffy said before walking away to go to bed since I was time to sleep.

More than meets the eye? What did she mean by that? Well looks like he will find out in a week and two weeks later is September 1st the day he goes bak to Hogwarts with Dillon Mia and Cyra. They will all be in 4th year except Mia who will be in 3rd. He couldn't wait for school.

One week later....

The week leading up to Malfoy moving in was uneventful. Harry became closer to the other children and found I surprisingly easy to consider them all brother and sisters. He spent time with his parents learning new things about there past. He was learning to be better in potions from Sev and even learning magic from Buffy and how to fight. It was all so wonderful the only downside to Harry was Malfoy.

And so the day came when Sev went to pick up Malfoy. Everyone was getting the house prepared and went into the kitchen to wait. After an hour Sev walked in with Malfoy. He looked as arrogant as ever.

Draco PoV

He couldn't believe I when Severus told him he had a family and Potter would be here to. Why wasn't he ever told about Snapes children and wife? And why was Potter here?

He couldn't believe it. Snapes wife was gorgeous! She looked to be about 21 not even old enough to have three kids in their teens. But then he remembered snape saying she was part faery. And they never looked older than 25 or look younger than 16 when they reach their age the faery blood fully takes over.

Sev introduced Buffy his wife Dillon Cyra and Mia his children and of course Potter. Why he was there he didn't know but Sev was his godfather and so he was his no Potters!

And Cyra wow she looked just as beautiful as her mother. He felt butteflies in his stomach wow she was simply breathtaking. He noticed she gave him a small smile, well in all fairness everyone nodded or smiled at him but he only noticed hers.

Buffy could see the attraction young Draco had on Cyra and she could see her daughter was attracted to him also. Hmmm I hope he proves he is not like his father like he told Sev in his letter about what was going on with his parents arrest.

"So glad you can join our family Draco!!! You can call me Buffy and you will be getting your own room next to Dillons which is also next to Harrys I hope you love it here." Buffy said giving Draco a hug.

Wow she smells nice to, just like vanilla. "I believe I will love it here." I replied smiling and hugging back.

"ok kids we are going to leave you all to get together and get to know Draco. Harry you already know each other but maybe now you can know one another better. Especially since Draco will be adopted by us since his family is disowning him for going against there wishes of becoming a Death Eater." Severus said.

I couldn't believe he told them that! But then again he wasn't ashamed of telling people he didn't want to be evil like his father. He saw Potter go all wide eyed. Yea potter I'm good bet that just makes your day.

When the adults left dillon suggested we go out to the back by the waterfall to talk. And so we went but firs they showed me the house and where my room was. After everything they took me out back and we went to the waterfall. "So Potter any comments?" I sneered.

Potter looked ready to throw a punch. " No Malfoy not really. My only thing is I can't believe they didn't arrest your arse with your scum of a father and mother."

"Look Potter you don't know anything so how about keeping your trap shut or I will do it for you!" I said brandishing my wand.

The next thing I knew I was tied up and so was Potter. "Bloody hell!!! What's going on..." both yelled at the same time.

"How about you two quit actin like a bunch of 5 year olds and try to get to know one another." said Cyra.

How did she do that? I see no wand? Oh she knows wandless magic?! Wow impressive, most people learn to do wandless magic in 7th year. That is if they can master it since more than half of the wizarding community couldn't.

"Cyra let me go!!!" yelled Potter. "No brother dear, not until you two work it out." replied Cyra smiling cheeckily.

Exasperated I said "Ok Potter let's try this communicating everyone expects of us."

He nodded. "ok Malfoy I mean Draco let's settle this then."

I sighed. "Ok Po...I mean Harry look I never wanted to be evil or anything. I had to be the way I acted because of my parents. Mostly my father because if not I would have hell to pay."

"Really? So whenever you started something with me and my friends it was all your fathers doing? He made you call Hermione a mudblood?" Harry said angrily.

"What?!?!" yelled Cyra "you called someone a well you know what!! I can't believe it! Even if you were forced to do things because of your father that gives you no right to call someone such a name!"

I looked down ashamed. Damn now I won't have a chance with her since she thinks I'm awful.

"Look Mal... I mean Draco if you truly mean what you saying since you do look guilty and ashamed of everything your going to have to prove yourself. I won start anything with you and hopefully we can come to an understanding." said Harry.

"Yay another brother!!" yelled Mia. I laughed "Ok then Harry I will prove myself and I apologize for any hurt I caused."

"Apology accepted."

Cyra let us go and we chatted some more about how I was wonderful to be in such a wonderful place. Buffy called us in for dinner at 8 pm.

"cmon guys dinners ready and I have something to tell you all!!" she yelled.

We all ran inside starving and wondering why the news will be?

As we sat down and started to eat Buffy and Sev held hands and told us the surprise. "Well everyone since a lot of changes has happened in a short amount of time we just wanted to let you know, well mostly Harry and Draco dice our kids already know that times runs a bit differently in this house compared to others. The reason why you all could do magic before 17 and no get in trouble or be found is because this house is hidden in the faery realm. And so because time runs differently here instead of two weeks before school it will be the beginning of summer so we shall have 2 months together. Yes we are going back in time but it will not affect the outside world."

Harry and I sat there without a word. We will be in the same house for two months?!?!? I don't know what to feel. But then again maybe it is a good thing they are doing this. Harry and I do need time to get to know one another without wanting to hex each other.

"Ok Buffy I'm ok with that."said harry.

"I'm ok with that too." I said. Everyone smiled and continued eating dinner then we went to get everything ready to go to sleep. Well for the next two months I will be here. I wonder what other surprises are in store??

Hello lovely readers!!! Here is another chapter up for you!! Sorry for the delay I got sidetracked with other things. Please leave a review on what you all think!

Let me know if you want to have Harry call Buffy and Sev mom and dad next!!!

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