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Exchange by LittleMissLizPotter
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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Hi everyone! Sorry for the wait (like, five days! That must've been torture!). I was kind of busy. So, anyway, read on, please! And thank you all so much for the wonderful reviews. I love them!

Hey hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend
No way, no way, I think you need a new one
Hey hey, you you, I could be your girlfriend

--Girlfriend, Avril Lavigne

“Hey, Delilah.” I glanced over at Cinda. She had just joined me at my table in the library.

“Hey, Cinda.” I said, shutting my Transfiguration book, glad for the excuse to stop studying. “What’s up?”

“Did you hear about the Halloween party in the Forbidden Forest?” Cinda’s eyes glimmered with excitement. “It’s supposed to be really exclusive. Sixth years and above only. Did you get an invite?”

I smiled. “As a matter of fact, I did.” I said. “The seventh year Gryffindors always plan it. It’s sort of a ‘last hurrah’ thing for the year. Every house has one. I think Hufflepuff’s is the RoR party in March.”

Cinda sat back in her chair, looking grumpy. “If you’re the one planning it, then why wasn’t I invited?” She demanded.

I laughed. “If you’re a sixth year or above and you hear about the party and know the location, you’re automatically invited, Cinda. It’s part of the secrecy thing. That party will be so loaded with alcohol that, trust me, if a teacher found it, then we’d all be expelled, or at least suspended for a long while. Or get several detentions.”

Cinda frowned. “Now I’m not sure if I want to go.”

“Trust me, you want to go.” I said. “We’ve taken precautions so we won’t get caught, trust me. It’s that or you get to go babysit third years that go trick-or-treating in Hogsmeade.”

“I’ll take the party.” Cinda said. “What’re you studying?”

“Transfiguration.” I said. “There’s a test on Friday.”

Cinda swore. “There is? Crap… I’ll see you later, Del.”

I smiled. “See you, Cinda.” I said to her retreating back.


I walked into the Great Hall, scanning the Gryffindor Table for my friends. To my surprise, there was someone new sitting with them, someone I didn’t remember from my Deandra years, as I had taken to calling them. I walked over to them, curious to see who it was.

“Hey, Delilah.” Rose said. “This is Cece Hilling… Al’s new girlfriend.” She made a face.

Cece Hilling had blond hair and blue eyes. I could see from her badge and tie that she was a Hufflepuff. “Hello, Delilah!” She said, smiling wide, her perfect teeth sparkling. I glanced at Rose, who shrugged. “I’ve heard so much about you!” She scooted over and patted the seat next to her. “Won’t you sit down?”

I smiled a strangled sort of smile at her and sat down next to Rose and Molly instead, hardly hearing Cece’s quiet comments of, “Oh, I—I guess that works too.”

Al glared at me as I said, “So, Cece. When did you and Al start dating?”

“Just this morning!” Cece told me brightly. “After Transfiguration class, it was very sweet.” She smiled at Al, and ruffled his hair. “Of course, I always knew it was just a matter of time. Ally and I are destined to be together.”

At this, Aidan coughed rather loudly, Nathan snorted into his food, and Rose disappeared under the table to succumb to laughter. Molly had a barely contained grin on her face, Scorpius was turning pink trying not to laugh, and Athena had a small, amused smile on her face as she read her Charms textbook.

“Right,” I said. “Well, I’m happy for you two.” I smiled at Al and Cece. “But I have to go meet somebody. I promised to eat lunch with Tyler. My boyfriend.” I got up and walked over to the Ravenclaw Table. I really didn’t have plans with Tyler, but I didn’t think I could contain my laughter any more.


“Let me in!” Deandra cried, throwing herself against the doors. She heard faint laughter from the other side, but the doors didn’t open. Deandra had been locked outside in the freezing cold.

She stayed out there through the night, shivering violently. Somewhere around 4 am, Rose Weasley, who was taking her usual morning run, found Deandra passed out in the snow, her lips and face a pale blue.

Madam Pomfrey later informed Deandra that if she had stayed out there any longer, the hypothermia would’ve been too severe, and she would have died.

That was the day they almost killed her.


“Rose, Dark Fairies are really not my style.” I said, turning to examine myself in the mirror.

“They don’t have to be your style, Del.” Dom said distractedly, readjusting a silver headband in her perfect blond curls. “You just have to look good as one. And you do.” She decided that her headband looked fine, and turned to me. “So quit complaining.”

“Rose.” I whined.

“What she said!” Rose called from the bathroom.

“You’re fine, Delilah.” Molly told me as she walked by. She was dressed in a bumblebee costume. At least hers was modest. Mine was a little to revealing for my taste, if you get what I mean.

“How am I going to stay warm?” I asked as I shivered. “It’s not exactly a furnace in the Forbidden Forest.”

“I’ve got something for that!” Rose called, and she pranced out of the bathroom. I had picked up on the fact that Rose tended to slide, jump, or dance everywhere when she was in a particularly good mood, and tonight was one of those nights. Rose was decked out in a pirate costume, which looked a lot warmer than mine.

“Warming Charm!” She announced, stopping in front of me. “Stay still.” She tapped me over the head with her wand, and I felt as if a warm gust of air was blowing just on me. Then, I was nice and toasty. I ran to the window and opened it wide. Molly let out a small noise of protest, but I couldn’t feel a thing.

“That,” I announced, turning to Rose. “Was a good idea.”

“I know, I know.” Rose said, busy casting the charm on the others.

“Okay.” Dom said, turning to me. “How do I look? Amazing?”

“As always.” I said, rolling my eyes. Dom had veela DNA, and therefore it was almost physically impossible for her to not look brilliant all the time. Tonight she was dressed as an angel, and it was definitely no exception.

“Should we go, now that Dom’s determined she looks alright?” Athena asked, rolling her eyes. I think she was supposed to be a she-devil, although it was half-effort on her part. She clearly didn’t care that much about her costume.

“Yeah.” Rose said. “We’re already late. Al will kill us if we’re any later.”

Rose, Molly, Dom and I left together. Athena said that she would stay behind; she still had something to do. It was about 7:00 pm, after the feast, but before the party. The boys were waiting downstairs for us. The dormitory was busy with people, making it the perfect cover to sneak out. Nobody would notice us.

“You’re late.” Al said, pursing his lips.

“And you sound like my mum, what’s new?” Rose asked. “Why aren’t you in your costume? It is a costume party, you know.”

“Are you kidding me?” Al asked. “There will be so much alcohol at that party that no one will even notice after about an hour.”

“Slacker.” Molly insulted. “Jeez, Albus. Dress up for the fun of it.”

“Fine.” Al said. He spread his arms. “I’m Harry Potter. Someone get me a red Sharpie—I can add the scar.” I laughed loudly at this, and Al glanced at me with a slightly pleased expression on his face. I grinned at him, and then looked away.

“Are we ready to go?” I asked the others. As far as I could tell, Aidan was a vampire, and Nathan was his bloodied victim. I wasn’t sure what Scorpius was supposed to be. All he was wearing was old Slytherin robes.

“What are you?” Dom asked him. Rose suddenly perked up, I noticed. “I hope you aren’t just dressing in Slytherin robes for fun.”

Scorpius grinned. “I’m Draco Malfoy. Get it?” He adjusted his tie and gave us his best cold expression, which turned out looking a bit like a ferret that was trying to prevent its head from exploding.

“Oh, my god.” I said, making a connection. “Somebody get me a Sharpie. Al, go get your Gryffindor robes.”

“Why?” Al whined.

“Because then you can be Harry and Scorpius can be Draco. It’s perfect!” I said. “Sharpie! Robes! Now!”

Al went back to his dormitory to change, grumbling, and Rose conjured a Sharpie for me to use, grinning the whole time. Al came back downstairs, looking disgruntled and unhappy. I grabbed the Sharpie and walked up to him. “Don’t move an inch.” I murmured, carefully penning a lightning-bolt scar on to his forehead. “Eyes up here.” I added, noticing where he was looking. He grinned apologetically.

I stepped aside and held out my arms, presenting him to my friends. Rose and Aidan laughed, while Molly and Dom sarcastically slow clapped. Scorpius tilted his head to the side. “He’s missing something.” He announced.

“Glasses.” Athena said, appearing at the bottom of the staircase. “He’s missing glasses.”

“You, my friend, are a smart person.” Scorpius complimented. “Rose, conjure up some glasses.”

Rose blushed faintly and waved her wand. Round glasses appeared suddenly in the air, the kind that you could buy at most gift shops nowadays, and she miraculously caught them in midair, looking pleased with herself. She walked over and gave them to Al. He put them on reluctantly.

“I look like a nerd.” He commented.

“And incredibly like Uncle Harry.” Molly said, rubbing her eyes and blinking. “That’s weird.”

“We’re late, you know.” I said mildly. “We’re supposed to be setting up right now.”

Al swore. “C’mon, guys, or we’ll have to run.”

“Aye, aye, Harry.” Molly said with a grin, saluting him before she climbed through the portrait hole. Al glared after her. I sidled up to him all sneaky-like, and smiled.

“You do look a lot like your dad.” I told him. He jumped and glanced at me.

“Yeah, I know.” He said. “I have the eyes.” He grinned at me. “It could be worse, I guess.”

“It could.” I agreed with a smile. “You could look like, I dunno… you could look like James.”

“You know my brother?” Al asked, looking surprised.

I snorted. “Who doesn’t? Anyway, I always thought he looked a little funny…”

Al smiled widely. “You are the first girl I’ve met that thinks James looks funny. I’m going to have to tell him about you. That’ll shrink his ego a little.” He was still grinning from ear to ear as he climbed through the portrait hole. I followed him, smiling to myself. He wasn’t actually that horrid to talk to.

We made our way to the party premises quickly. It was a frightening trek through the Forbidden Forest to the clearing we had found, but we made it all the same. We are Gryffindors, after all. When we got there, Rose instructed us on the spells we were to use to decorate the place, and then we got to work.

We conjured up pumpkins and black and orange streamers. Aidan and Nathan had worked together to sneak the drinks and the bar by shrinking them so small that you could hardly see them, and then putting them in a plastic bag. They now enlarged them to normal size, and set up the bar with a heavy supply of alcohol.

Around 8:00, people started arriving. Dom and Al had worked together to get music blaring loudly, and Rose had charmed a disco ball to project lights across the grass. The first few people hung awkwardly at the edges, but eventually more arrived, and soon everyone was a little too drunk to care if they were making themselves look like idiots.

I did a little bit of everything. First, I danced with Rose, Molly, and Dom. Then, I got a drink with Aidan, Nathan, and Marianna. Then Tyler found me, and I danced with him for a while. Then he went back over to the bar, and I decided to abandon him while he talked with some of his Ravenclaw friends.

I slipped around the edges of the clearing, and found Scorpius sitting alone. He was watching Rose and another boy dance mournfully from the sidelines, a bottle in his hand. I sighed, and sat on the grass next to him. “What’s up, Scorp?”

He glanced over. “Oh. It’s you.” He said morosely.

“Gee, thanks.” I said sarcastically. “What’re we watching?”

“Rose.” Scorpius sighed. “And that stupid, stupid Ravenclaw who only really wants to—I dunno—marry her, and then murder her so he can get all her money for himself, and then he’ll go out to strip clubs all night and not shed a tear for her and—”

“You have far-fetched fantasies.” I commented, cutting him off.

“More like a nightmare.” Scorpius muttered.

“Don’t worry, Scorpy.” I said, ruffling his hair. He ducked out of the way and hit my arm away. “We’ll get you there. She’ll come around.”

“What does she see in him, anyway?” Scorpius asked. “He’s not even that attractive.”

“Well…” I examined the Ravenclaw. “He’s alright.” Scorpius threw me a dirty look, and I back-peddled hastily. “I mean—he’s really horrible looking—I would never look twice at him… don’t know how Rose can even be in his vicinity without vomiting…”

“Okay, I get it.” Scorpius grumbled, elbowing me.

“Honestly, Scorpius, I’m pretty sure she just met him.” I said.

He choked and spit his drink out. It sizzled and left a scorch mark on the grass. Of course. I shouldn’t expect anything else from wizarding drink. “Just met him! Look at how they’re dancing! I would’ve thought that she’d at least—I dunno, snogged him at the rate they’re going.”

“They are both probably drunk.” I said, trying to be fair.

Scorpius dropped his face into his hands. “That’s worse.” He mumbled.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Scorpuis.” I said, patting his back in what I hoped was a comforting manner. “I’ll put in a good word for you with her, I guess.” Maybe that would help.

“Would you?” Scorpius asked, not looking up. “Thanks, Del. You’re a lifesaver.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” I said, getting up.

I walked around the clearing again, going in a clockwise direction, until I heard a faint rustling noise a little to my left. I pulled my wand out of my long leather boot and practiced my non-verbal incantations, thinking ‘Lumos!’ as hard as I could. My wand tip lit up, and the light fell on two figures in the leaves, wrapped around each other in a very indecent way.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw it was Albus and Cece.

Then, laughter bubbled to my lips as Al realized someone was watching him, and he rapidly untangled himself from Cece with lots of cursing and scrambling. He stood and brushed himself off before pulling Cece up off the ground, turning a bright red.

“I’ll just be going, then!” Cece said, her voice notably higher than I had remembered it from embarrassment. “It was—it was nice seeing you, Delilah.”

“Nice seeing you, Cece!” I couldn’t resist calling. Al glared at me.

“You could at least try to be nice to her, you know.” He said. “She really likes you.”

“Can’t imagine why.” I said mock cheerfully. I definitely didn’t want to interact with a girl like Cece. People like her who had idols and people they worshipped as equivalents to gods didn’t deserve respect from anyone, in my opinion. People who groveled at others’ feet were just pathetic. “Didn’t take you for that kind of guy, Al.”

“What kind of guy?” Al asked sharply.

“You know. The ‘quick shag in the bushes’ kind of guy.” I explained, grinning as his face turned even redder. “I mean, I’m not judging you. There are plenty of people just like you in the world. I just didn’t take you as that kind of person. I mean, those leaves can’t be comfortable. I thought you would go for something a little—I dunno—classier.”

Al glared at me. “I’m not.” He said. “I’m not that kind of guy. You know that, right?”

I shrugged. “I’m sure you’re not, Al, I was just joking.”

“I don’t do that kind of thing.” He insisted. “That’s—that’s not my style.”

“I know, Al.” I said, holding up my hands in surrender.

“Good.” He said. “I’m not that kind of guy.”

“Okay.” I said. “Glad we got that sorted. Now, I think it’s Rose’s first time drunk, and she’s getting pretty close with some Ravenclaw guy. Should we go save her?” I asked with a grin.

“Rose is drunk?”

“I don’t think she would be capable of that kind of dancing sober, if you know what I mean.”

“Let’s go find them; I’m going to beat that kid’s arse.”

Yes, I know it was kind of short. But it was a good stopping place, and I decided to end it there, rather than type out another 1000+ words.

Which brings me to a question.

I know that it's pretty early in the story, but I'm already in the process of writing Chapter 10, and I need your opinions before I write any important parts.

So. Should I make a sequel, or just make an epilogue?

Please review with your answer! The future of Exchange rests in your hands!

over and out.


EDIT 2.26.13: Okay, so Exchange is going through major major editing, so if you look at this chapter and chapter 12, they probably won't make sense to you.  Just warning you.  I don't want a bunch of reviews saying how much things don't add up.  I am aware.  We are clear that Exchange is on shaky ground at the moment.

But reviews would be nice regardless ;)

edited 6/16/16

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