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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 3 : Getting paired up
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I'm having a lot of fun writing this and have so far finished 22 chapters, this was going to be a short story but it really has changed into something so much better :)




 Professor Barnes stepped out from behind the door and strode to the front of the class, she was a very normal muggle looking lady, wearing pinstripe trousers and a green knitted jumper, her mousey brown hair pulled into a bun, she wasn't very old maybe in her mind 30's she was very obsessed with everything muggle related and showed a lot of excitement for them.

"Uh morning" we muttered taking a swift seat at the back of the class, maybe she'd show us mercy for being so early.

"Well I'm glad to see you two are eager for my class" chuckled Barnes as she started russling around her desk

"We were excited to see what this project is you have in store for us" lied Lee with a fake smile


"Ah well you will have to wait until the rest of the class is here and I have you all partnered up" she paused and turned to look at us 


"I'm sure you'll enjoy it" she said with a wink and turned back to sorting out things on her desk.


I turned to Lee feeling annoyed, it really wasn't looking good for us.


"I really doubt she's pairing us together" I whispered


"Don't worry it can't be that bad, just as long as we get paired with a one of the Hufflepuff kids we'll be fine" reassured Lee


He was like me in that way, neither of us were too happy to be sorted into Slytherin nor could we really justify why it had happened, his family had all been pureblood Gryffindors for years and then there he was in Slytherin and needless to say his family were not impressed, but I go to his quite a lot and they have come to terms that he'd the same boy he's always been and now they know me they don't think bad of Slytherin anymore.


After a few minutes the class began to fill up, I spotted the blonde idiot strut to the front of the class with little miss pug face at his tail, I watched the pair sit down together followed by the usual gaggle of popular Slytherin kids.


Malfoy looked just as handsome as always today, his platinum hair looked tousled and messy like he'd just gotten out of bed and his uniform hanging on his muscular frame, I darted my eyes away from him after realising I'd been staring.


I looked at Pansy, Malfoys little one girl groupie, she really did have the face of a pug and her black hair was short and pulled into a little pony tail, her short skirt hardly covering her not to mention the tight fitted white shirt she wore showing off her absent breasts I almost let out a laugh at the funny sight but a swift nudge from Lee brought me back to the class.

"Oi pay attention" whispered Lee, I frowned and put my attention on Professor Barnes who began to speak.

"So class you may be wondering what your final project will be?" she began walking up and down the front of the class 

"Muggle studies, the study of muggles, they are fascinating" she continued, Malfoy bad a noise at that sentence but Barnes shot him a glare quieting him down. 

"I'll begin by setting you up with your partners, keep in mind this partner will be very important to you passing this class, I want joint effort" she said walking to the black board and jotting down names with their counterparts.


"I think I may just keel over and die if she puts me with goyle" I muttered darkly looking to Malfoys only living oaf of a friend, he sat there looking very dumb as always.


"could be worse" replied Lee looking at Millicent Bullstrode sitting beside Goyle she was like his female equivalent.


"We're bloody doomed mate" I huffed collapsing onto my arms on the desk


The class sat in silence watching Professor Barnes determined what will be in this class for the rest of the year, many students were trying to see the board behind her.


Finally she finished and stepped aside.


"Please find your partner and sit with them" she said with a grin

I scanned the board furiously searching for my name when it came across Lee's and next to his name was 'Pansy Parkinson' I couldn't help it but I burst out laughing, tears forming in my eyes as I cracked up giving Lee a nudge

"It's your favourite girl" I croaked through giggles, Lee frowned at me


"Honestly, I'd rather be paired up with a 3 headed dog" groaned Lee looking across the room to see Pansy's face drop as she saw who her partner would be, I let out a further chuckle then turned back to the board scanning for my name.

I stared at my name and then slowly to the name written next to it, my stomach dropped at the name written there, how in the world could she even think this would be a good idea? why would she pair me up with 

"him" I hissed under my breath slamming my head to the desk in defeat

"Move Davies" came a smooth voice to the left of me I paused not bothering to look up, I knew who would be standing there. 


I knew if I looked up I'd see the handsome pale face of Draco Malfoy the bane of my life at school.


I sighed and looked up to Malfoy standing above me, I turned my eyes to Lee, who gave me a smirk as if to say revenge and without a further word Lee vacated his seat and stomped off to the front of the class to join Pansy.


I stared to the front not bothering to even acknowledge Malfoy joining me, I wouldn't give him the pleasure.


"Right, now before I explain the project itself I would like to say that there will be no written exam or essay on this project, your entire grade will come from working with your partner, I'll be keeping a very close eye on you all" she said with a huge smile. 


I sunk low into my seat, my entire grade depended on working with Malfoy? there was not a snowballs chance in hell of me passing this class.


I took a glance at Malfoy he looked just as pissed off as I did which in all honesty made me feel slightly better.


"Now your project will begin today. The project is all about living as a muggle, learning how to survive and function in day to day life without magic" she continued smiling brightly as though it was the best idea in the world, the entire class groaned at that sentence, Barnes swiftly quietened the class.


"Muggles live very differently to us and this will be a fascinating experience for you all" she added, I sunk even lower in my seat folding my arms.


"you will be living like a muggle for the entire Christmas holiday and Easter holiday and your time must be spent with your partner, you will have to help each other get through this and make sure you stop each other from using magic, and trust me I'll know if you do" she added sternly

"What do you mean spend the the holidays together?" questioned Malfoy shooting me a nasty look

"Ah, you will all be staying at Hogwarts over Christmas and Easter and you will share a dorm, which have already been set up for you all" she said smiling even brighter.


"and once the holidays are over you will spend your time with your partner without magic each weekend, During school week you will be back in your normal dorm and be able to use magic but come each weekend you will be expected to return to your special dorm"  Barnes sighed clapping her hands together

"don't just think this will be easy, there will be several tasks for you to attempt and all tasks are different for each pair, and you will be expected to leave your wands in the entrance to your new homes and they will be collected for the time you are muggle and given back when you return to magic" she said finally sitting on the edge of her desk 

"Any questions" she said brightly to the class.

The entire class looked at each other confused, I felt so pissed off it was unreal, this crazy woman expected me to spend all my weekends and holidays pretending to be a muggle with Malfoy, I'd only see Lee during the week.

"What are these dorm you're on about?" I questioned eyeing Barns with suspicion


"Well miss Harris each pair will have their own dorm within their common room, you'll see yours and your partners name on each door, as you may have noticed I kept the houses together in hope it will make your pairings easier" smiled Barnes, The class whispered amongst themselves almost in excitement of a new dorm.


"Now if there are no further questions?" she said eyeing the class again but it was silent 


"Then I'll let you all head off for the rest of the lesson to explore your new living arrangements, spend time with your partner and adjust to living like a muggle and don't forget I'll know if magic is used" she paused clapping her hands together 


"Class dismissed" she called out








Please review I'd like to know if anyone is reading this :)







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