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Three's a Crowd by Bellatrix_Lestrange369
Chapter 6 : A Jealous Slytherin? Just what I wanted!
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On September 1st I was allowed to wake up on my own for once. I barely had time to wonder why before I got my answer.

“Sirius!” I heard James below downstairs to his room “have you seen my Potions book?” I sighed at their idiotic-ness. I for one had packed last night so that I wouldn’t be rushing around this morning.

I stuck my head outside my door to see what was happening just as James ran past clutching the ever elusive potions book. He stopped when he saw me and winked in my direction before running off again. I sighed. “I told you to pack last night!” I shouted at his back.

Eventually after all missing books, parchment, quills and socks had been located we were ready to leave. We arrived at the station with half an hour before the train left. As soon as I ran through the barrier I got a fleeting look at the scarlet steam engine in front of me before I was winded by my best friend, Alice, squeezing me in a hug. Over her shoulder I could see Bellatrix glaring at me as she realised who I arrived with.


“You have to tell me everything! I can’t believe that you spent the summer with them! You know that they are considered the hottest guys in school right…”

She was cut short however by a voice over my shoulder “as much as I agree with you Alice I wouldn’t let Frank hear you say that.” I turned around to roll my eyes at Sirius before I heard another voice.

 “Let me hear what?” Alice spun round and locked onto Frank with a very passionate embrace.

I stood there with Sirius looking awkward until James came up to me and whispered, “you know you’re just jealous because you want to do that to me.”

I smacked him on the arm before clearing my throat to make the pair breathe. “As delicious as I’m sure each other’s faces are,” behind me James sniggered. “Why don’t we go find a compartment?” I suggested to Alice before pulling her away from Frank towards the train. James made to follow but I put a hand on his chest and said “not you. You can sit with your friends. Merlin knows I need a break for a bit.” Before boarding the train leaving Sirius to drag James on up the platform.

We found an empty compartment before settling down for the long train journey. We sat there for a bit in silence with Alice looking at me expectantly. When I didn’t say anything she just glared at me and said “spill.”

“I don’t see how I can spill when there really is nothing to say what could there possibly be that I need to say because nothing happened at all.” Alice held up her hand and raised her eyebrows.

“Lily Evans I’ve known you for over five years now and I can tell when you’re lying so you tell me the truth right now or Merlin help me I will find some veritaserum somewhere on this damned train and force feed it down your throat!”

Ladies and Gentlemen. My friend. The charmer.

“Ok, so” I said. Then thinking that maybe if I said it all really quickly she wouldn’t understand it all. “I may have had a fake make-out session with James in the middle of his living room floor whilst Severus was there although it didn’t feel all that fake but when James pointed that out I snapped at him and he went off sulking in the his roomfor the rest of the day and wouldn’t even talk to Sirius then the next day he sneaked into my room to wake me up as he did every morning but I was already awake so I pinned him down and sat on his stomach then kissed him on the cheek and let him go I also happen to know that Bellatrix Black has a thing for him which makes me feel kind of jealous but I know it shouldn’t because I don’t even like James in that way! Oh, and Petunia may or may not have a crush on Sirius” I finished and hoped she hadn’t registered all of that. She had. Damn. She looked at me in shock until the compartment door slid open and some fourth year hufflepuffs were standing there.


“Sorry but there are like no empty compartments so do you mind if we like come in here?” one of them asked nervously.

“Yes,” Alice said bluntly before sliding the door in her face and turning back to me. “Well it seems like you had an eventful summer” she said with a smirk. “First of all, how bloody big are your lungs? You didn’t breathe all the way through that. Second, what do you mean you made out with James Potter in the middle of his living room floor? Are you completely out of your mind? Thirdly Bellatrix? Really? And lastly, what the hell is up with Petunia? I thought she hated magic?”

“Petunia does hate magic but then again up until that point the only wizard she had ever seen was Severus so I’m guessing it came as a shock.” I said ignoring the other questions.

“And the rest?” she asked. I shrugged. The compartment door slid open and Frank was standing there.

“Hello ladies” he said.

Alice held up her hand, “not now Frank” and closed the compartment door again.

Here we go

. “Look, the whole kiss thing was fake, just to make Severus upset because he had no right in being there. I don’t know what I felt and I don’t know whether I’m happy that I felt like that or not so for the time being can you just drop it?” I looked out the window to realise the train had started moving and was already out of London. We were now speeding past rolling hills and green countryside.

“No Lily I cannot ‘just drop it’! You can’t spend part of summer with the better half of the Marauders and then not tell me about it. Especially when something obviously happened.”

I smiled at her sweetly before putting on my best innocent voice and saying “would this be a bad time to mention that every morning I was woken up by a topless James?” She glared at me and I thought this might be my cue to escape. “I’m just going to go to the loo,” I said sliding the door open and nipping out into the corridor outside.

Now I actually had to head in the direction of the toilets. Sigh.

As I was making my way down the train Bellatrix jumped out of her compartment in front of me. I saw in my peripheral vision that we were next to the marauder’s compartment and Sirius was pointing us out to James. “Hi Lily!” She said with a false smile on her face “I was just wondering if I could have a little chat?” she asked, I could see James standing up in his compartment and make his way to the door. “Good” she said without waiting for my answer “I just wanted to make sure that you remembered that talk we had in potions last…” but before she could finish James had appeared at my side.

“Ladies” he said slinking his arm round my waist. He was enjoying this way too much. Again. “Hey Lily, do you want to come sit with us for a bit?” he asked guiding me towards the compartment. He looked back over his shoulder to Bellatrix and said “’till we meet again Miss Black.” She practically swooned on the spot.

He went into the compartment and pulled me down onto his lap. I stood up and sat on the empty seat next to him so he put his head in my shoulder which I pushed off with my hand. He shrugged “worth a try.”

I got up and made to leave before I felt a hand clasp around my wrist and make me sit back down again. I was just about to turn around and tell James to let it go before I realised it was Remus. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Sirius asked me.

“Well, I was planning on leaving and not returning but that is evidently out of the question at the moment which makes me wonder. Why exactly is that out of the question?” I replied.

“Well, in case you hadn’t noticed Prongs here just saved you from the nasty piece of work that I have the miss-fortune to be related to and you are now sitting opposite a compartment full of angry Slytherins.” At his words we all twisted in our seats to look at the Slytherins, who did indeed look a bit annoyed. I was stuck.

“So then as long as you’re here we might as well make good use of you” said James leaning back to put his head in my lap. My hand instinctively went to stroke his hair before I mentally reprimanded it. I glared down at him to find him doing his puppy dog eyes again. “I’ll buy you lunch when the trolley comes round” he offered. I sighed and leant back in my chair defeated. I did hit him on the back of his head when I caught him smirking with Sirius.

I looked around and noticed Peter wasn’t there. “Where’s little Peter?” I asked.

“Well, he took Alice’s rejection pretty hard and decided that, and I quote, he couldn’t deal with having to look into her heavenly face every day and realise that she would never be his. So he decided not to return for N.E.W.T.’s.” Remus informed me. The guys burst out laughing and I looked over to see that heavenly face glaring at me looking quite devil like for something from up above.

Sirius opened the door “Alice!” He said throwing his arms out wide, “come and join the party!”

She was not amused.

She turned and glared at me. “I thought you were going to the bathroom?” she asked me.

“Well I was but then I sort of got kidnapped by this lot and here I am.” I said motioning around the compartment. Alice just raised her eyebrows and looked pointedly at James who was still in my lap with my hand, doing as I told it not to, stroking his hair. “I was bribed,” I said quickly. She scoffed as I to say ‘I doubt that’ but sat down between Remus and Sirius. “Anyway, it should be me asking the questions,” I continued, “I heard that a certain Miss Alice Prewett has caused a certain ex-boyfriend a.k.a a Mr Peter Pettigrew to leave the school. What do you have to say for yourself missy?” I said putting my hands on my hips and letting the prefect in me shine through. Alice just looked to her feet and muttered something about immaturity. I laughed and told her not to worry about it.

When the trolley came along James was true to his word and did buy me a pumpkin pasty and a cauldron cake. The gesture was ruined slightly though by the fact that he said “technically I’ve now bought you lunch so this is our first date.”

I rolled my eyes at him and said “in your dreams.”

To which he replied “oh you will be.”

Remus looked at him and by his look I think James got the hint that now was probably the time to shut up because he just lay down on my lap again. Ten minutes later he was asleep.

When it got dark I woke him up when I stood up and he fell off his chair. I laughed before realising something and saying “EWW! Gross James! You dribbled on me.” Alice and I then left to change into our robes before we reached the station.

When we got back to our compartment we found the group of Hufflepuffs had taken over our compartment. Alice kicked them out and they left muttering obscenities under their breath. I didn’t know half those words when I was their age.

As I was getting off the train someone pushed pass me and I nearly did a face plant right there at the station. I would of done if James, who had got off in front of me, hadn’t caught me by the elbow and held me steady. I stood up again just in time to see some black bushy hair whip out of sight and into one of the waiting carriages.
I was right.

 Bellatrix is pretty pissed.







What do you think? I'm just happy that my chapter length has improved, the last one was a bit short. Sorry!
Three people have made this their favourite story!!!! That made my day :D It certainly cheered me up after planning my first bit of coursework for english. Writing from the point of view of a blind man is in no way fun. Anyway, I'm making an effort to reply to all those yummy reviews you lot keep writing, gotta love 'em.

Byeee <3


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