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Mary MacDonald by mugglemania
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10
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His parents looked at him with cold, blaming eyes. Though they loved them, Mark felt his parents never understood him or his sister. Perhaps that was why the two of them were so close, closer than ordinary siblings.

His father, Robert, was a pureblood wizard (brother of Kevin MacDonald, who had invented Gobstones), but his family were not like those who looked down on muggles. That made his marriage to Elizabeth Montgomery, a muggle, no issue. She had once been an actress and they had met when Robert’s parents had taken him to a muggle play (to ‘better understand muggles’ they said). One look at her long, wavy blonde hair and sparkly lively blue eyes and he was smitten. They were married three years later and the next year Mark and Mary had come along. Everybody said that the twins had their mother’s face and their father’s brown hair.

“Mark, who could you let this happen?” Mr. MacDonald demanded, “You were supposed to be the man of the family in my place and look after your sister.”

“That’s true, son. Without your father there, Mary needed someone to look after her. You know how reckless she can be,” his mother chimed in disapprovingly.

It was as though his parents never noticed how alike Mark and his sister were. They expected Mark to be responsible and Mary was supposed to be a little lady. They realized that Mary wasn’t what they expected, but never could see that Mark was the same way.

“Half the time she was the one looking after me,” Mark argued, “Mary never needed anyone to look after her.”

Without saying a word, Elizabeth MacDonald pointed to the bed that Mary was sprawled across, still unconscious.

“How was I supposed to save her from a bunch of huge Slytherins when I didn’t even know what was going on until it was too late?” Mark practically yelled.

His parents’ disappointed looks would haunt him until he died.


Mary stared down, unfeelingly. She had sat curled up with her head between her knees for the past hour and only just realized her toenails were painted cheery pastels. ‘Get Well Soon’ they seemed to say. Even though she knew this would never happen, Mary almost felt glad that Lily remembered her toenails. Almost glad. She did not feel happy, but she felt like she should. She tried to smile. The muscles felt strange and she quickly gave up.

She could never feel anything good these days. Only fear, sadness, and emptiness. Each person that came to visit had tried to cheer her up in their own way. The Marauders spent their visits goofing off and making silly faces until the nurse kicked them out. Lily attempted to remind Mary of every good time they had ever had. Mary noticed that there were more than she could count and remembered how much she had loved Lily. Now she felt nothing, like an empty shell of a girl.

Her mother and father had been the worst, screaming themselves hoarse, demanding to know why May had been so careless. Mary had said nothing in her defense and they had left when Mark returned from getting himself a cup of tea on the top floor. He had refused to let them come back.

Days went by, weeks, months, years. Slowly the visitors stopped coming. Her parents gave up on her after Mark had refused to let them visit. Her friends resumed their lives and Mary was pushed into the backs of their minds.

The Marauders returned to Hogwarts, but never forgot the girl that was so dear in everyone’s heart. They pulled pranks in her honor and visited at least once a month. Each visit was an attempt at creating happiness. One Christmas they had decorated the entire hospital ward with ornaments that said ‘Have a Very Mary Christmas,’ but Mary had stared blankly at the wall.

When Mark was killed in a reckless battle with other members of the Order of the Phoenix against several of Voldemort’s Death Eaters, Mary felt the worst she had ever felt, even in her last several years at St. Mungo’s. Mary was told that he took out several of them, including Mulciber and Avery, her attackers, before Voldemort himself showed up and annihilated the remaining Order members. They said he died with a bitter smile.

Soon, Lily was the only person who visited regularly. She had begged and pleaded and even snuck out a few healthy times until Professor Dumbledore allowed her to visit St. Mungo’s after classes each day. When she came, Lily would paint Mary’s toenails a new color and tell her all about Hogwarts. Soon it changed to about her boyfriend, James Potter, and then it was about her wedding and then her son. She never got a response. Mary had not spoken a single word since the day of her attack; the closest were sighs and sobs.

One day, not so many years into the future, Mary recognized that Lily had not come. Patiently, she waited for weeks and weeks, until a nurse quietly informed her of her friend’s fate. Just as horrifying part was that, but James Potter and Peter Pettigrew were murdered as well. Sirius was imprisoned, though nobody would tell her why.

Mary cried herself to sleep every night for the rest of her life.

Soon afterward, Mary’s old friend and roommate Alice Bones and a man who must have been her husband, a man who Mary eventually learned was named Frank Longbottom, joined Mary in the ward. She did not speak to them, but would gaze at them for hours on end. They did not act like her. The couple moved around and smiled on occasion. They tried to speak and had frequent visitors.

For twelve years after Lily and James’ deaths, Mary’s routine of staring blankly at the wall and eating almost nothing was only broken by occasional visits by her old friend Remus Lupin. His friends’ deaths had aged him and he was almost as sad as Mary. The man carried on his difficult life and managed to visit Mary every month, just before his transformation. Finally, he informed her that he would not be able to visit for a long while because he would be teaching at Hogwarts, DADA, once her favorite subject.

On the first full moon of Harry Potter’s third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Mary Margaret MacDonald felt herself finally fade and so she passed away to join Mark, James, and most importantly Lily in their endless, heavenly sleep.

Sigh, it's over. This story was my baby for a long time. I can't believe it's finished. Thank you for readong and thank you for reviewing.

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