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Seven Days... by sweet_lovely_girl
Chapter 2 : Honeymoon suite
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Credits to padfoot28, Lady Of Tears, SakuraSou, Aphoride and SpringSinger19 at the forums for their help and wonderful ideas for the honeymoon suite!

"What?! You're joking, right?" I asked the receptionist. I felt the man behind me pushing me to the side and saying: "There must be some kind of mistake. We have nothing to do with each other. How could we have been placed in the same room?"

"I'm sorry, but it really says here that you two have the same room. I guess it's because the hotel has been booked full," the lady explained.

"But isn't there another free room?" I asked.

"No, I'm sorry. But you do have the honeymoon suite."

"The honeymoon suite?" Malfoy said.

"Do we have to pay more for it?" I panicked because I didn't have that much money to afford spending seven days in a suite.

"No, no, don't worry. You only have the suite because it was the last one left. Now if you'll just excuse me, there are more people waiting for their room passwords. Oh, and before I forget, the opening ceremony is in the dining hall. It's on the right from here. Well there'll be signs tonight, so don't worry." She smiled and we left the reception.
"Draco, Draco!" I saw his mother appearing out of the crowd going to him. "We got our room password! We're in room 712. What room are you in?"

"I'm in room number 531, mother," he said.

"Oh, isn't that the... the honeymoon suite?" she asked surprised. "With who are you in a room?"

"With... Granger."

"What?! You have to share the room with her?!" She looked as if this was the worst thing that could ever happen.

"Uhm, Mrs. Malfoy, I am just standing next to you," I said, but she ignored me.

"We have to tell your father immediately," Mrs Malfoy said. "Maybe he can do something about this."

"Eh, but -" I wanted to tell her that there were no rooms left, but Malfoy said: "Yes, Mother." And they left.

"Hermione!" Harry and Ginny stood before me.

"Oh, hey guys," I said.

"So, what is your room number?"

"I've got room 531," I told them.

"But isn't that the -"

"Honeymoon suite," I finished Ginny's sentence. "I know, I know."

"Whaah, but that's so cool!" And then something hit her. "But that's a room for two persons! With who do you have to share this room?"

"Uhm, they put me together with... Malfoy."

"What?! You have to share the room with him?" Ginny exclaimed.

"But it's not for sure yet. His parents are going to do something about it," I said quickly.

"I don't think that that would make a difference." I turned around and saw Lavender, her arrogant face having a sort of triumph look.

"What do you mean?" I asked her, folding my arms.

She smiled and walked closer to me until our noses almost touched. "I mean, that nothing anyone will and can do, would make a difference to your current situation."

"Hey, Lav, I got our room password." I saw Ron waving at the elevator.

Lavender waved back at him and turned back to us: "Well, I have to go to my boyfriend now. See you tonight at the opening ceremony."

"So it was her!" Ginny said, after Lavender was gone. "I already thought there was something fishy about it." She looked at me. "Well, aren't you going to do something about it?"

"What can I do?" I asked frustrated. "I mean, she obviously planned this, so I am trapped, just like that. A male and a female, who don't have a relationship, are not even supposed to be together in one room."

"You can swap room partners with someone else," Harry suggested.

"Hmm, maybe there is someone with who I can -"

"Granger!" It was Malfoy.

"What is it?" I asked, irritated that he interrupted me.

"Blaise says he has a single room. He can come with me, so you can take his room."

"That... That would be great. What's his room number and password."

"His room number is 326 and his password is...," he leaned closer. I was a bit startled by it, but I stood still. I felt his breath in my neck and heard him whisper: "Longa historia."

"Alright, 326 and longa historia," I repeated, whispering the last two words. "Thank Zabini for me, Malfoy."

He nodded, but I suddenly realized something. "You know my -"

"Do you really think I would do something?"he snorted and left.

"Well, that's settled then," Ginny said cheerful. "Let's go to our rooms"

We went to the elevator, almost everybody has already left the lobby, so we were the only three people in the elevator. I pushed on the button for the third floor and Harry pushed the button for the fourth floor.

"Oh, I forgot to ask you," I said, "What is your room number?"

"Ah, yes, forgot to tell you," Ginny said, "We're in room number 431." She thought for a moment. "That's actually right under Malfoy's room."

I laughed. "Well, that's great!" I said sarcastically. The elevator stopped and I said: "Oh, well, I guess I'll see you guys tonight at the opening ceremony."

I stepped out of the elevator into the luxurious corridor and walked further in until I saw the number of the room I'm supposed to be staying. The door had no portrait like we had at Hogwarts, but there was a small cup-like thing sticking out of it. I had no idea what I had to do and looked around. I saw a man a little further standing before, what I supposed was his room. He put his mouth on the cup and I could see he was saying something. I guessed it must have been his password because a second later the door opened.

I looked at the cup on my door and tried the same. I put my mouth on the thing and said my password. It seemed to be very good secured because I couldn't even hear my own voice. First I doubted whether I hadn't said anything at all because the door didn't open. Then I tried to say it again a bit louder. I removed my mouth from the cup and looked around again. The man I just saw was coming out of his room.

"Uhm, hello," I tried. He turned around and saw me. "Can you please help me?" I asked.

"Sure. You don't know how to open your room?"

"Yeah..." I said a little embarrassed.

He smiled. "That's alright. I guess the receptionist forgot to tell you how it works," he said kindly. "It's easy, just put your mouth on this thing here on the door and just say your password. You don't have to whisper because no one can hear you."

I thought it was quite weird because that was exactly the same thing as I had done before, but I still said: "Thanks."

"You're welcome," he said.

I did the same as before hoping it would work this time, but... Nothing happened.

"I think something is wrong with the door," I said.

"Well, that might be possible. But are you sure you got the password right? Maybe you should check the paper the receptionist gave you again," he suggested.

"That's not possible," I sighed.

"Why?" he asked.

"I don't have it," I told him. "It wasn't supposed to be my room in the first place."

"Ah, that explains it." He smiled. "The room won't open for someone who hasn't been placed in the room by the magical system. That's just another security thing. You switched rooms with someone else?"

I sighed. "Yes, I was placed in a room with someone who has not exactly been a friend since school. A friend had got a single room, so we decided to switch."

"Ah, in that case I would get this friend of this not-friend of yours and settle this at the reception."

"I guess that's the only thing I can do."

"Well, good luck. By the way, my name's Dylan," he said and stuck out his hand.

"I'm Hermione." I took his hand and shook it.

"Well, I think no one in the magical world doesn't know who you are."

I laughed. "Yeah, but you never know."

I went to the fifth floor and found out that room 531 was at the far end of the corridor. When I finally got there, the door of the honeymoon suite was open. I heard people talking: Malfoy and Zabini.

"Man, this room is huge! And everything is so big and expensive! The television, the bed, the couch and... Oh, man, look: they even got a jacuzzi here!" Zabini shouted enthusiastically.

"I know, Blaise, but why would they want to give such a room to Granger and me?"

"I don't know, man. But I do know that this room is ours now for the rest of the week!"

"I don't know about that, Zabini," I said and entered the room. But what I saw made my mouth drop.

The room, well, it wasn't actually one room, was big and old fashioned, but still very romantic. There was Fleur de Li wallpaper on the walls and the carpet on the floor was a dark wine-red colour. There were candles everywhere. Normally I could see the end of the room from the entrance, but from where I stood, I couldn't even see a wall. I doubted if there was magic used to make it bigger. I slowly walked into the suite and I could see a sort of living room with a long couch and two big velvet chairs around a table. On the right was the bathroom. It had a shower and a big bath, like the one in the Prefect's bathroom. Right behind the living room was the balcony and I could see from the place where I was standing, that it was also quite big and I spotted the jacuzzi Zabini was talking about. But then I looked on the left side of the room: there was a four-poster king-sized bed and enchanted rose-petals were falling on both sides of the bed, but they disappeared just before hitting the floor.

"Yes, Granger? What was it you wanted to say?" Malfoy suddenly said.

"Ah, I... Well, I can't get into my room because it's on Zabini's name. I think Zabini won't be able to get into this room either. I suppose we go down and settle this at the reception," I told them.

"Wait, what?" Zabini said. "I can't get into this room without Malfoy? Oh man, lets go to the reception now!"

"Fine,"Malfoy said.

Ten minutes later Malfoy and I were walking back to the honeymoon suite, Zabini had gone to his room on the third floor.

"I can't believe this," I said, shaking my head. "How hard is it, to just let two people switch rooms?!"

"Well, obviously, very hard," Malfoy said ironically.

"It's all Lavender's fault!" I shouted, becoming angry at the thought of that bitch.

"What do you mean?" Malfoy asked.

"Well, she'd set up this whole thing," I told him. "She'd put us together in one room and she's preventing us from getting other rooms. You know what? I'm leaving! I'm done with this!"

"And giving her just what she wants?" Malfoy said. We were now standing before the honeymoon suite and he said the password in the cup. The door opened and we went in. It was just now that I noticed my luggage.

I sat down on the couch and sighed. "No," I said softly.

"It's obvious she wants to get you as far as she can from Ron."

"What do you mean? He broke up with me to be with her!" I told him.

"Well, who knows what that woman is thinking," he said nonchalant. "But let's just get ready for the opening ceremony. We don't want to be late." He took one of the bags on the floor and went to the bathroom.

"Alright," I sighed.

I turned to my trunks, but I heard Malfoy say: "Oh, and don't worry. I won't open this door until your gone!"

Well, that was good to hear, I thought sarcastically.

I had no choice, so I opened one of my trunks and looked for my dress. It was a cream white cocktail dress I especially brought for the opening ceremony. I quickly changed into it and started to do my hair and make-up in front of the big mirror next to the bed. Suddenly the surface lit up and a voice spoke: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the opening ceremony will start in ten minutes, please be ready. I repeat: the opening ceremony will start in ten minutes, please be ready." Then it became silent and the light disappeared.

"Did you hear that too?" Malfoy came out of the bathroom, wearing a pair of black pants and an unbuttoned shirt. I was obviously staring at his body because he smirked and said: "This won't be the last time you see this, now -"

"What do you mean?" I asked and turned my face.

"You can't deny you were looking at my body."

"No, I -I just didn't," I panicked a bit, knowing what he said was actually true. "Now, what were you saying? Yes, I heard it, I heard the voice. It was coming out of this mirror." I pointed to the mirror.

"Yes, I heard it too in the bathroom. It was also coming out of the mirror there."

"Well, we both know what that voice meant, so hurry up now! You're not even dressed yet." I used a spell to shove him into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

I swiftly finished doing my make-up and put on my cream white heels, that matched my dress.

Just I was finished, Malfoy came out of the bathroom, properly dressed.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Yes," I said and we left.

In the elevator he said to me: "Alright, we are not sharing a room and we just ran into each other in the elevator."

"I couldn't agree more," I said, looking straight in front of me.

When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, we were on the ground floor. I could immediately see the signs the receptionist meant. They were small arrows on the wall, moving in the direction they pointed. We could easily find the dining hall and when we went in, there were already a lot of people in the hall. There were tables for two, four, six and ten.

Malfoy and I immediately separated. I saw Harry, Ginny and the rest sitting on a table for ten. There was just one spot left for me.

"Hey, guys," I said.

"Hey, Hermione," Ginny said first. "So, how is it to share a room with... Malfoy?"

"Ginny!" I said upset.

"It's alright," she said. "Everyone already knows it."

"You mean like everyone?" I asked a bit timidly.

"Well, if you count everyone who is attending this anniversary party, then yes," Ginny replied.

Oh, dear Merlin, how could it have got like this?!

Hello there, I am deeply ashamed and very sorry that it had took me so long to update this story. :( I hope you will all forgive me by telling how you liked this chapter/story! :) Just post a review!

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Seven Days...: Honeymoon suite


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