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It Was Supposed to Be... by Sairahi
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11: A few answers
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             Draco’s head swam with worry while he walked down the street. He was about to walk into a pub, when that so familiar popping sound was heard behind him. It made him to look over at the corner of the street where Justice flashed before his eyes. Draco instrest was peek and he thought let’s see what going on here? He walked over to Justice who was getting his bearings from his etheral journey. Draco put his hand on Justice’s shoulder making him jump before turning around to face Draco.

 “Fancy seeing you here” he said with a completely smug grin across his face.


 Justice seeing that he was in no danger turned around to say “Ahh, you know I’m always around. So, I’ll take it you’re talking to me again?”

Draco didn’t have the energy to play any games and just shrugged his shoulders “Yeah, today only, it’s a one day special.” The walked into the pub together

“I’ll take that and what about a drink? I’m buying”
Draco said yes without of saying it and followed him into the bar then sat in the stool next to him

"So, cut the bullshit, why are you here and why have I seen you talking to Hermione twice now. I thought you’re supposed to be in America with the council.” Draco said through a glare

Justice turned to Draco knowing that this wasn’t the time to not tell the truth.


 “Yeah, no, I’m still with the council. I here because of them, we are getting reports of questionable imports to the city, they sent me here, and what do I find, that you’re here talking to a girl who’s in my case file” 


“Your case file, what do you mean?” Draco repeated sounding huffy


 “I came to check in on a case and  then found out it’s a family affai.r” Justice said as he finished his beer and ordered a new one.


“Family affair?” Draco looked up from his un-drunk beer. Clearly not understanding what Justice was implying.  


“Draco, what I don’t get is why you’re involved?” 


 “I’m here because of a case too. I am investigating a Ronald Weasley. He and Hermione; I know from school.”

 “Weasley, huh, that guy seems to be getting a lot of attention lately”


 “Why, do you say that?” Draco said interestedly

“That’s who I’m here for too.” Justice said putting down his beer loudly on the bar. 


 Draco and Justice stared at each other trying to figure out what had been said and what has to be said. Both worried about giving to much information away, but where to begin……

Draco looks sternly at Justice “Can I trust you? What is said here has to will stay between us until we decide to do anything. ” Draco emphasized the word “We”

Justice began to say “Draco, you know my job is to watch and report back what I have seen to the council.”


 “I know; but, I got to be able to trust you and make sure that you won’t do anything without me or knowledge of it. This whole thing affects a lot people I know and care about.”

 Justice turned to Draco and took a swig of his beer. “Ok, then, we got a deal. We’ll work together. There always a time for first times. So, what do you know about all this?”

“Not much, just that there is an investigation on some people I knew from school. Why don’t you fill me in since, you’re the watcher and stuff. ”



“What’s going on with you and that girl? Twice, now you came up to me looking like you were going to punch me; just for talking to her.” Justice  raised an eye brow to Draco, but Draco retorted by quickly chnaging the subject “What’s Sari doing here?”   They both started to laugh at each other questions.


“You know my sister, maybe, even better than I do.” Justice raised his eye brows and shrugged his shoulders at Draco “ Well, you guys both grew up kind of with each other. I think she still holds it against me that we grew up on two different continents and I only saw her in the summers.”


“Justice, I think you have forgotten that my family didn’t get along with yours. I only saw her now and again, and then when we got older at my aunt’s house. Since, the war maybe a little more but, the most I know about her is her record at the ministry.” Draco’s grin started to reappear and he let out a little laugh.

 “Well, you’re still not answering my question, Draco. What’s going on with you and that girl, her name is Hermione, right?”

           Draco started to fidget with a coaster that was sitting on the blonde oak bar. He looked around to make sure the coast was clear before he started.

            “What you need to know is that she saved my life during the war. You didn’t know me back then. I was not the kind of person I am today. I was mean, cruel and a coward. My life’s goal was only what would make my parents happy. I took to their ideals about blood status, what side to fight on and ran with it. I had to though, they had some pretty powerful friends and if I didn’t do what I was supposed to I would have been killed or my parents would have been.

  Draco paused for a second to revel in his thoughts before he continued.


            "I use to be very mean to her back at school, very mean, but she never stood for any of my shit” his grin growing wider as he spoke. ”She never backed down, even punched me once. I did deserve it though. I was being such a prat. A few years later I almost killed her; a spell of one of my friends got out of control and the whole room that we all were in was set on fire. She got out with her friends but, she came back for us then saved our lives.


            "I even watched as our dear Aunt cursed her. I never felt so awful in my life and she still came back to save me. From that day on I vowed to repay the deed. I knew there was something wrong with the whole Pure blood elite idea before that day, but just couldn’t admit it was all wrong. Almost everything I have been taught growing up was either wrong or just lies.

              "After, that day I changed, luckily it wasn’t too late for me.” He finished his beer and waved the waitress for another round. “You know, I have been in a dark place the last few years; that’s when her file came across my desk and I kind of woke up. I knew I could help her and get the job done, I’ve been seeing her now and again the last few weeks, and the real problem is her husband is mixed up in some crazy shit that she is completely in the dark about. Things that I don’t think I should be the one who should tell her.”

 Justice grimaced and let out a little laugh.


“You mean that you don’t want to. Sounds more like it.” Draco smirked but, Justice continued to talk “Well, the council had me come to England to look into some imports that have been snuck in to the U.S. Your little girlfriend’s hubby has his fingers in the mix of it. I saw him with Le Strange and his men at the docks the other day. He cleared the docks from the ministry view and watched as several crates were loaded on to his boat. Oh, yeah Sari was there to but, as soon as she saw me she bolted. Not sure what she has to do with it well, besides that’s her Godfather. Pretty sure she went right to him to tell him that she saw me. My cover might be blown but at least yours may not be yet”


This got Draco’s attention “My intel has proof that large amounts of money was deposited into the Weasley accounts but, Hermione doesn’t have a clue on what is going on. She thinks that the money is from her husband’s new promotion”

“Don’t worry Draco, my interest is in her husband and Le Strange, not in her; she’s in the clear. Now, that you can have my word on. The only thing I would worry about is what Sari going to do.”

“Justice, you lost me what does Sari have to do with Hermione?”

“Let’s just say that she fights for what she wants and your girl has something she wants.”

“I know Hermione has seen her with Ron, but doesn’t understand why yet.”

            They just looked at one another and spent a few minutes in silence to absorb what just went on.

“But what would Hermione have that Sari wants? Mmm……….. Justice you don’t mean……”

“Yeah cuz, I’m pretty sure that’s why she was at the docks the other day, she was there to see Weasley not Le Strange.”

“You don’t think that they; well, you know are together?”


“I would think that’s a safe bet. What kind of guy was he in school?”

 “Oh, yeah, The golden trio, ha.  He was just a side kick, always followed Harry Potter around. He and Hermione got together during the war and have been together since. Well, or so I thought they have?”

“Guess, that why you had a shot, mate.” added Justice giving a laugh and raised his glass toward Draco.”


 “Justice, what are you implying?”

 “Really?” Justice began to stand and he put some money down on the bar but, Draco stopped him


“No! Come on, what are you playing at?” But, Justice just laughed and started to walk right out the bar, into the bright sunlight outside. Once a few paces from the door Draco watched him aparated away and was left alone with his thoughts.


“So, Sari and Ron, Ron and Le Strange, unknown crates, what am I to make of this? The U.S. has been getting outlawed stuff smuggled in and Justice knows about Hermione and I. The must be more info on my uncle that I am just not seeing. What is he up to?”

             The moment he left the bar, he walked outside into the bright sun, took a deep breath before he aparated to London; right to front of the ministry. He walked right to his office, took out a quill and parchment to write to his supervisor to get the sealed file of his uncle Randolphus Le Strange, his mother’s sister’s husband.

           It took haft the day to get the files, it took the rest to read them all. Draco’s head was so blocked up; he could barely remember his name. All he could do was look down at the stack of papers in the files and shake his head. In red ink was stamped

“reformed death eater”,the same thing stamped on his file. It amazed him to to be branded as the same this as a criminal after working so long for the ministry

     The file had a list of crimes that Le Strange had been involved in; all of which he was been acquitted from. A report from his prison breakout was there and a detail accounts of him since the war. Two tails have been on him ever since the war ended ten years ago. But, he could find nothing on him besides that he owns a club and a farm out in the country side somewhere. Draco sat there puzzled, trying to figure out what would his uncle wants from Ron and how he could protect Hermione.



A/N Thanks for reading my story. Still am in shock that anyone has read it. Thank you all so much. Please drop a line if you have any comments or any suggestions. The story only gets better from here. As soon as I can post the chapters, I will.  Thank you JK for creating such a wonderful world.

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