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Insanity by EverDiggory
Chapter 4 : Admiting
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 Author’s Note: My beloved readers(: Hello, how are you all? I apologize for a delayed update. Things have been crazy, high school, drama, and homecoming(: y’all know how that is. But enough of me, I blab too much. Enjoy and review my lovelies:D



I find it somewhat humorous. One night just wasn’t enough for you was it? I will accompany you to Ministry Ball. Weasley will be sure to throw quite the fit. Won’t that be quite the surprise? Ms.Golden Girl with Mr. Bad Boy? Saturday at noon I’ll meet you at Diagon Alley.Don’t question me,just do it,Granger.




I scowled viciously at the letter. How did I not see this coming? Malfoy is back to his cocky old self. I had ten minutes till I had to meet him at Diagon Alley. I checked my lipgloss one more time and apparated to Diagon Alley.


            I refrained myself from puking and looked around for the blonde. My blonde. I mean—not my blonde. He was standing outside of Ollivander’s and I lost my breath. His pale,smooth skin. His toned body, years of quidditch had certainly done something for him. His grey eyes that I could just get lost in…


            I shook my head,and walked towards him. “What do you want Malfoy?” I snapped, the butterflies in my stomach going insane when he smiled. “Are we going to do this or what?”he asked. “I’m not doing anything with you Malfoy” I said, eyes glued to my feet as the blush crept up my cheeks.


He laughed. “Wanna know why my manor is called the shrieking shack?I’ll show you tonight.”


            “You’re dirty! You nasty little pervert! You, you…FERRET!” I screamed. “Touchy Granger?” he smirked. I turned around and just started walking. “Granger. Wait” he said, grabbing my arm. I attempted to yank my arm from him, but he just held on tighter. He forced me to turn around and face him. “Don’t! Leave me alone!” I yelled, and stomped my foot. People were staring, but I was too furious to care. “Look, Granger, …. I’m sorry. Okay?”


“Did Draco Malfoy just say he was sorry?”


“Don’t get used to it Granger.” He said through grinding teeth. “No more dirty jokes or I’m gone” I said. “I’m the one helping you Granger,so you might wanna watch it.” He replied. “What are you even talking about?” I snapped, he just lead me into a deserted alley.


            “Gr---Hermione. Think about it. Wouldn’t Weasley act like a little bitch if he saw you with me?He’d lose his mind.” He explained, obviously aggravated I hadn’t gotten to this point by myself.


            “I don’t think I want him back.” I whispered, the man I wanted was standing right in front of me. I mean—did I just actually admit that to myself? My enemy for almost ten years? The one who made my life hell at Hogwarts?  What brought me to decision, I don’t know. “I’m in.”


            “I’ve got some rules. Rule one, we actually have to act like a couple. Two, no one gets to know of our dirty little secret. Three, next month you have to move in with me.” He said, his face serious as it ever has been.


            “Are you kidding me?” I screeched unintentionally. “Am I that bad, honey?” he laughed. I ground my teeth together. “You’re being unreasonable darling” I growled. “Of course I’m not love” he smirked. I scowled at him, and he smirked.


            “Come”he said, and drug my away by the hand. He pulled me into a boutique and I gasped in horror.  He nudged me forward, and I gulped hard. “What can I do for you Mr.Malfoy?” the girl said. She was tall,skinny, and blonde. I tried to shrink down, hoping I would just disappear. “A dress. Preferably pearl pink or lilac please Vivienne” Draco replied, and when she left I turned to him. “You come here enough to know her name?” I laughed. “No…I just did her a favor or two” he laughed. “Yeah, in bed” I scoffed and he smirked. “Jealous?” he winked. I shook my head and focused my attention on shoes.


            I frowned at the death traps that taunted me. I picked up a silver heel, and shivered. I looked over to see Draco flirting with Vivienne again. I walked to Draco and grabbed his hand and smiled at him.  I stood on my tiptoes and he met me halfway. Our lips collided, and I almost dropped dead. Thankfully, he wrapped an arm around my waist, and I didn’t fall down. Vivienne glared and walked away, retrieving my dress. “I could get use to this Granger.”

“In your dreams babe. By the way, you broke your own rule.” I laughed.


Author’s Note:Hey guys(: Alright,what’d ya think? Hope y’all are ready for next chapter! I’m talking draco drama, and ron drama! I think I might even add a hot scene in there for yall, if youre just dying for a little dramione love right now:D Can I get some reviews now? Please(:

Hugs and Kisses,



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Insanity: Admiting


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