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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 9 : Denial
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Hello everyone and thank you so much for the lovely review!

This chapter is a little shorter, but next one will make up for it! I promise! Hope you like it!

Lots of love, 



 I woke up way too early for a Saturday morning but I had a good reason. It was the first day after my coronation and I had to make a statement. I got in the shower and let the hot water run down my bare skin. Memories of the previous night came like a storm. I was dating Josh Ripley, Penelope and Letty were now part of my army and Sirius Black had said he wouldn’t talk to me anymore. Of all three, what worried me the most was the part where I had to deal with Penelope and Letty every day from now on.

-“Naomi, is it you in the shower?”- I heard Meg ask from outside.


-“Lily has important news for us”- she said.

-“I’ll be out soon”- I replied. I got out of the shower reluctantly; I really enjoyed the quietness that only the sound of running water could provide. I wrapped myself in the towel and went back in the room.

-“You’ll get a cold”- Jo warned me. My hair was soaking wet, falling freely over my shoulders and back.

-“No, I won’t”- I replied. It was true. I was never sick. I had no idea if I was lucky or if my dad had anything to do with it, but I couldn’t remember last time I had felt slightly ill.

-“Listen up girls! I have great news”- Lily exclaimed. We all turned our attention to her. She looked pretty excited about whatever it was she was going to announce.

-“So, what is it?”- Rhea asked eagerly.

-“Okay, so last weekend James and I went over a couple things that we had to get done as Head Boy and Girl and he suggested that we talked to Dumbledore. He wanted to get permission for all seven years to go out to Hogsmeadge any weekend”- she explained. I smiled lightly upon realization that she’s called him James.

-“So? Did you talk to Dumbledore?”- Meg asked.

-“Yes. And we are free to go whenever we want as long as we’re back by curfew”- she smiled broadly and the girls cheered. I was impressed, there was no doubt that Lily and Potter made a good team.

-“That’s really cool, well done Lils”- I praised her. She blushed.

-“We should defo go today then!”- Jo suggested. I nodded.

-“Yeah, sounds like a plan”- I agreed. They all cheered again, happily. I chuckled and went towards my bed.

-“Those things are going to kill you one day”- Rhea complained when I took a cigarette and sat on the window edge. I lit it after opening the window.

-“I’m way more likely to die of starvation, overdose or cursed so I wouldn’t worry so much about my smoking habits”- I retorted. She shook her head as if saying ‘she’s hopeless’ which, obviously, I was. The smoke reminded me of Sirius’ comment… he did know I smoked, didn’t he? Whatever.

-“I think we could spend the day shopping, have a light lunch somewhere and then go to the Three Broomsticks in the evening”- Meg suggested.

-“What’s the Three Broomsticks?”- I asked.

-“The best pub in town”- Lily replied, smiling. I nodded.

-“They have the best…”- Rhea was interrupted midway through her sentence by our door bursting open.

-“Butter beer you’ll ever find”- Potter finished for her. The girls looked shocked, I glared at him.

-“What the hell are you doing in here?”- I said coldly. He looked my way and his eyes narrowed. As he blushed, I realized I was still wearing only my towel.

-“I… I… ehm… sorry, I came to get Rhea”- he stuttered. I couldn’t help but to adjust my position to give him a better view of my legs before smirking. I’m terrible, I know.

-“What for?”- Rhea asked, looking at him.

-“I thought boys couldn’t come up here”- Meg muttered, visibly confused a slightly panicked.

-“Yeah, we can’t”- Potter replied slightly nervous. I noticed his eyes were busy looking everywhere except at me but it was taking a great lot of effort. I should have felt bad, but I was arrogant and mean. I loved making people lust after me; I loved knowing that I was everyone’s object of desire.

-“So, how did you do it?”- Jo asked.

-“That, dear Jo, is for me to know and you to wonder”- he replied, smiling. I chuckled slightly and he couldn’t help but to look my way. I gave him my best flirtatious look before lighting another cigarette.

-“Oh, I’m worried now”- Meg said, concerned.

-“Don’t worry, we’re not planning on invading your privacy… yet”- he joked. Meg squeaked.

-“Don’t even think about it”- Lily said, speaking for the first time since he’d come in. They exchanged looks. Yeah, these two were definitely going to marry. And I wanted to go to the wedding, I loved weddings, they were just so much fun.

-“Anyway, Rhea I need you”- Potter said, turning to her.

-“What’s wrong?”- she asked, confused.

-“Padfoot”- he replied. Rhea nodded and looked at us apologetically.

-“I’m sorry, I’ll be back soon but if you want to leave just let me know and I’ll join you guys later!”- she said, leaving behind Potter who shot a last glance in my direction. I sighed.

-“Where did these people get their nicknames from? They can’t get worse”- I said standing up from the window edge and walking back in the bathroom.

-“Who knows! They’ve been using them since fourth or fifth grade, I can’t remember… maybe sooner”- Lily informed me. I put a towel around my head and came back out.

-“What are we wearing?”- Meg asked. I smirked. So it begins.


Hogsmeadge was… small. It was adorable in the way that little towns are. It had adorable houses with adorable gardens, adorable pedestrian streets and adorable wooden doors to all small adorable buildings. It looked like the perfect setting for a movie about old England. I could picture Pride and Prejudice’s girls walking around Hogsmeadge with their bulky dresses and the chaperones next to them to ensure they did behaved virtuously. Like I said, it was adorable. I hated it.

-“Naomi, it is not that bad”- Lily said, for the tenth time. I raised my eyebrow again and didn’t bother to reply.

-“Look who’s coming!”- we all glanced in the direction Meg was pointing. Josh was approaching us with Dom and that boy with greasy hair, Snape.

-“He’s so hot”- Letty said. She and Penelope had come to Hogsmeadge with us and surprisingly enough, they had not annoyed me yet.

-“You are so lucky, Naomi”-Lorena agreed with them. I smirked.

-“Hello ladies”- Josh greeted when he was close enough. Dom kissed Meg lightly on the lips.

-“Hey”- Snape said. I did not like him. I did not like him at all. There was something… dark to him.

-“Can I take you for lunch?”- Josh asked me, wrapping his arm around my waist.

-“Yeah”- I replied. Dom whispered something to Meg’s ear and she giggled.

-“I will see you later at the Three Broomsticks, girls”- she said, happily. I nodded.

-“Lily… I was…”- Snape said. I looked at him in surprise. I had no idea he knew her.

-“No, you weren’t”- she said icily. I had never seen Lily be so cold towards anyone. Ever. I had to find out what had happened between these two. If he weren’t so repulsive I would have thought they used to date.

-“Please, just for lunch?”- he pleaded. It was a little pathetic, I had to say.

-“Not in a million years”- she turned her back on him and he left, looking defeated and quite sad.

-“What was that all about?”- I questioned her. She looked a little disturbed.

-“We used to be best friends”- she replied. Josh nodded.

-“I remember. He wouldn’t let anyone talk about you”- he said.

-“Yeah… we lived in the same road so we knew each other before school…”- I could tell Lily did not like talking about this.

-“Go get yourself a nice pair of shoes”- I told her. She looked at me a little confused.


-“It works even better than chocolate and doesn’t get you fat”- Jo replied for me. Letty and Penelope nodded enthusiastically.

-“Okay… I need to go to Amadis, too”- she said more to herself than to us.

-“Cool, see you later then”- I said, taking Josh’s arm.

-“Do you want anything from Amadis?”- Penelope asked. Amadis was the store with all beauty products.

-“Get me a new bottle of perfume, mine is running out”- I said. She was about to ask something, probably which perfume I used, but Jo cut in.

-“Armani Code for Women, you should know that Pe”- she said. They left and I walked with Josh to a small restaurant. It was adorable, just like everything else in this town.

-“Everyone’s talking about you, love”- he told me when we sat down.

-“Of course they are”- I replied. He smirked.

-“I heard you got into a fight with Black”- I glanced at the menu. I didn’t feel like eating any of the stuff in it.

-“Heard right”- I said, not paying attention. Cheesburger? Really?

-“Why did you fight?”- he asked again.

-“Because of you”- I replied, still trying to find something that I could eat.

-“I like that”- he said, leaning back on the seat. I shut the menu and looked at him.

-“You’re an arse”- I told him. He chuckled. The waiter came.

-“Can I get your order, please?”

-“I’d like the Cheeseburger, please”- Josh said. I looked at him as if he’d had some kind of mental disease. I mean, cheeseburger… can you get any greasier than that?

-“I’m just going to have the chicken salad sandwich”- I said.

-“Is that it? Their sandwiches are really small”- Josh warned me. I looked at him feeling very irritated all of a sudden. It was just like him. Always telling me I should eat more and blah blah.

-“Shut up”- I snapped.

-“You’re going to get sick”- he muttered. I glared at him so he dropped the subject.

-“When are you putting up the final Quidditch teams?”- I asked him. I had suddenly remembered that I’d heard Rhea saying she was going to a practice but I had not seen the list with the results from last week’s tryouts.

-“Tomorrow”- he replied. I nodded.

-“Who’s Slytherin captain?”- I asked. He looked terribly offended.

-“You’re dating him, babe”- he replied in aggravation. I rolled my eyes.

-“Great”- I said. He looked a little startled.

-“What’s wrong? You’re friends with Potter and he’s Gryffindor captain”- he said.

-“First, he’s someone I know, not a friend. Second, I don’t have a problem with Quidditch captains, I have a problem dating them”- I informed him coldly.  Our food arrived so he took a moment to reply.

-“Why? Lulu wasn’t bothered by it! I was captain last year, too”- he pointed out. I sighed loudly in annoyance.

-“Lulu’s a model! Of course she wasn’t bothered by it! I’m positive she was happy to be a Quidditch wife”- I retorted. He looked lost.

-“What the hell is a Quidditch wife?”- he asked. I stared blankly at him. Of course he wouldn’t know anything related to muggles. How could I forget?

-“It’s… there’s this sport called football that muggles love. In football there are quarterbacks, the team stars. Their girlfriends are football wives whose job at social events is to look pretty and supporting next to the QBs”- I explained. He smiled.

-“I like the idea”

-“Don’t even think about it”- I retorted. He chuckled.

-“I am basically a Queen husband”- he replied. I smirked. He was.

-“You are”- I told him. He pretended to be offended.

-“That hurts”- he whined. I chuckled. He smiled at me and bit his burger. I devoted myself to the sandwich. I enjoyed the silence, it wasn’t awkward. I liked that he didn’t try to fill it with ridiculous, pointless conversation. After lunch, he took me to a small garden. It was quite a beautiful setting, I had to admit. We sat on a bench and I lit my cigarette.

-“Smoking is bad for you”- he told me matter of factly. I breathed out the smoke and looked at him.

-“No, really?”- I sneered.

-“Why do you smoke?”- he asked. I hated these questions, they were stupid.

-“Because I want to”- I replied nonchalantly.

-“Do you always do what you want?”

-“Yep”- I said. It was true. Dad always let me do what I wanted and, well, besides dad there was no other authoritative figure I respected as such.

-“How about your parents?”- I felt irritated. He was asking way too much. This conversation was officially over.

-“I don’t give interviews”- I snapped. He smirked.

-“You don’t like talking about yourself, do you?”- he teased.

-“I don’t like impertinent questions”- I replied flatly.

-“No more talking then”- he said, hugging me and making me sit on his lap. I felt his lips on my jaw and relaxed. I liked this way more than the interrogation part.




I knocked on the door and entered the room without waiting for a response. I had to get in there before anyone saw me. I stepped in the girl’s room finishing Rhea’s sentence on butter beers and smiling, hoping that they wouldn’t scream too loud. However, I did not expect what I saw as soon as my eyes registered the new environment I was in. Naomi was sitting on the window edge wearing only a towel, carelessly wrapped around her impossibly perfect body. Her dark hair fell wet over her back and shoulders. She was smoking. I think that was the first time in my life that I thought smoking made someone look sexy. She was temptation made human. There was a sudden urge to cross the room and just take her there and then growing inside me but I forced myself to get a grip.

-“What the hell are you doing in here?”- she asked me, coldly. I blushed slightly, not from embarrassment but because my body temperature had risen several degrees without warning. 

-“I… I… ehm… sorry, I came to get Rhea”- stuttering? Really? Well, James Potter doesn’t stutter so you can imagine just how damned alluring she looked. Shit. Shit. Shit. She moved… and now I can see the longest, most perfect pair of legs I’ve ever come across.  

-“What for?”- Rhea asked, looking at me. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Naomi, she was hypnotizing.

-“I thought boys couldn’t come up here”- Meg muttered, visibly confused a slightly panicked.

-“Yeah, we can’t”- I replied. The atmosphere was getting too tense for me to handle, so I forced my eyes to look everywhere but at her. It was then that I noticed Lily was in the room, too. I felt guilty almost immediately. I loved her, not Naomi. ‘Yes, but you were not doing anything wrong’ that annoying voice in my head told me. It was the same voice that reminded me Lily did not want anything to do with me. I hated it.

-“So, how did you do it?”- Jo asked.

-“That, dear Jo, is for me to know and you to wonder”- I smiled at her, slowly recovering my self control. Not looking her way was the key. Then she chuckled slightly and I couldn’t help but to look at her again. If I thought her legs were alluring it was only because I had not really paid attention to her eyes. That woman really is something. 

-“Oh, I’m worried now”- Meg said, concerned.

-“Don’t worry, we’re not planning on invading your privacy… yet”- I joked, trying to look away from Naomi again. Meg squeaked.

-“Don’t even think about it”- Lily said, speaking for the first time since I’d come in. I looked at her and all thoughts of Naomi vanished. If I was completely honest, everything else vanished but her eyes. She had the most beautiful green eyes on Earth. I was positive there was nothing more stunning. It was impossible. Then she broke eye contact and reality came crashing me again. She did not want me.

-“Anyway, Rhea I need you”- I said, turning to her.

-“What’s wrong?”- she asked, confused.

-“Padfoot”- I replied. Rhea nodded and I walked out of the room, knowing she was following me. I heard her say something to her friends but I needed to get away from that room as fast as possible.


I pushed open the door to my own room. Rhea came in behind me.

-“What’s wrong Sirius?”- she asked, almost launching herself on his bed next to him.

-“Rhea”- he growled.

-“You have to find out, he won’t tell us”- Moony said.

-“Yeah, we’ve only gotten grunts out of him this morning”- Peter added. I nodded. They were right.

-“So, what’s the matter with you my love?”- she asked him again, poking his stomach. He tried to resist but after a minute or so he gave in. He laughed and they began a tickling war – how typical. I had seen Rhea and Sirius engaged in those battles a thousand times. She was the little sister neither of us had. We were like the older twin brothers who annoyed her until she got old enough to make us feel overprotective of her. Weird, right?

-“Okay, okay, I surrender”- Sirius said, laughing. Rhea sat on the bed. Her hair was all messy and her cheeks blushed.

-“So, what the hell’s going on?”- she questioned him. He moaned.

-“I don’t really know”- he replied, throwing himself on the pillows.

-“He’s pissed off ‘cause Naomi is dating Ripley”- Remus said matter of factly. I looked at him in shock. Where did he get that from?

-“Is that true?”- I asked. Rhea looked my way shaking her head.

-“Sirius, Naomi is not the one to fall for”- she said. Padfoot stared blankly at her.

-“I am not falling for anyone”- he stated.

-“Come on mate! Don’t be ridiculous, it is obvious”- Moony teased him.

-“I don’t have feelings for her! I just… well, have you not seen her or what?”- he snapped. I blushed furiously.

-“Well, apparently Prongs has”- Remus said, amused. They all looked my way.

-“What? Well, Padfoot’s right. That girl’s too fucking perfect”- I said defensively. They all laughed.

-“Oh dear, James, is that why you were blushing back in the room? I thought it was because of Lily!”- Rhea exclaimed.

-“The woman was wearing a bloody towel!”- I complained. The moment I said it, I regretted it. Sirius shot me a look that could have melted the North Pole.

-“You saw her in a towel?”- he growled. Remus sighed loudly.

-“See? There’s more than lust, Padfoot. The sooner you accept it, the better”- he said.

-“I… aagh, I don’t know!”- he exclaimed a little too loudly.

-“Mate, you’re just not used to it”- Peter said. Sirius sat on the bed and looked at him.

-“What do you mean?”- he asked.

-“You’ve never been in love or fancied anyone; you have no idea how it feels like, that’s why you’re so confused”- he clarified. Rhea looked thoughtful.

-“He’s right. Even if you fancied Naomi you wouldn’t know, because it’s never happened before”- she repeated. Sirius looked beyond confused.

-“Great. How do I find out if I like her or not?”- he asked after a few seconds of silence.  

-“Complicated question”- I replied.

-“This is just perfect”- he said sardonically. Rhea chuckled.

-“Find yourself someone else, soon”- she said. Peter nodded in agreement but I saw Remus frown.

-“Why? If he likes her, he should go for it. It’s his chance at learning what being with someone means… he can’t go on living like the womanizer he is!”- I said.

-“Prongs is right”- Remus supported me. Rhea looked our way.

-“If it wasn’t someone else it’d be great… but Naomi… she’s even worse than he is! She’s… she’s not a player as such but she’s cold and cruel. She has never been in love either and she doesn’t want to be”- Rhea explained.

-“Well, it can be their first time. It can be nice for both of them”- Remus said. Rhea looked thoughtful.

-“No. I strongly advise that you find someone else to entertain yourself before it’s too late”- she said again.

-“Rhea, I thought you liked Naomi”- Peter said.

-“I do! She’s… a friend, kind of. But you just don’t know her… she is cold and distant and… mean. She is not nice, or maybe she is but only to us, but then she’ll be mean again… oh, I don’t know. She’s just too bloody complicated”- she said. I chuckled at her poor attempt at explaining Naomi’s personality. I could tell she was difficult.

-“So your amazing advice is that I get someone else?”- Sirius asked her. She nodded.

-“Yeah… if you keep thinking about her, you’ll get in trouble”

-“Well, I am not talking to her at all anymore. I should be fine”- he told us. Rhea looked confused.

-“Why would you not talk to her? You don’t have to be so dramatic”- she joked.

-“I told her I wouldn’t talk to her until she broke up with Ripley”- he replied. Rhea’s eyes narrowed.

-“I know you don’t like Ripley and all that, but you really have to stop trying to tell her what she can and can’t do. She’ll hex you into next century if you annoy her”- she warned him.

-“I know. It’s just… she could date anyone! Why did she have to pick Ripley?”- he complained.

-“Because he was the most suitable boy of all the ones in the list”- Rhea said, simply. My jaw dropped, I could tell.

-“Wait, what? She’s dating him for… popularity purposes?”- I asked.

-“No… well, yes, kind of. She can only date hot popular guys. Jo and Meg made a list for her and she had to choose one… then he came over and asked her to that party. He was number one in the list so she said yes… and I guess he’s played it cool. He dated Lucinda, after all”- Rhea explained. We stared at her in shock.

-“So, what you’re saying is that she doesn’t even like him?”- Peter said in aggravation.

-“She likes him… as in… well, he’s gorgeous. But she doesn’t have any sort of feelings for him whatsoever, if that’s what you’re asking”- she replied.

-“Why is she dating him, then?”- Remus wondered out loud.

-“Because she’s Naomi Ivy and that’s the way it works. She’s very happy with the whole no strings attached thing”- Rhea informed us. Bloody hell.

-“If all she wants is a popular guy to walk around with her, she can get rid of Ripley”- Sirius muttered, more to himself than to us.

-“What did you say?”- Rhea asked him. He wasn’t paying attention.

-“Break up… tell her… beach… but… dog…”- he was murmuring to himself but I could figure what he was thinking.

-“Padfoot, do not try to break her up with Ripley”- I warned him. He looked up.

-“Why? It’s not like I’ve never stolen a girl from him before”- he said. That’s true… but this time it was different.

-“I think it’s not going to work with Naomi”- Rhea said. I nodded.

-“Listen mate, you two kind of get along in a weird, incomprehensible way so just keep it going like that”- Remus suggested.

-“I can’t talk to her until she breaks up with Ripley!”- Sirius groaned. Rhea chuckled.

-“Too proud to take back your words?”

-“Absolutely”- he grinned. Fucking hell, I could tell we were all going to be in trouble very soon. Sirius may not know what being in love is but I sure do… and he reminds me way too much of myself back in third year. Yeah, I’ve been in love with Lily that long.


We went to Hogsmeadge with Rhea. She had told us she was meeting the girls at the Three Broomsticks in the evening and we decided we’d tag along. It was still a little early when we arrived so we went to Zonko’s. I loved the store. Our best pranks had always been inspired by the articles that waited for us in these shells. After an hour or so we left the store.

-“So, Three Broomsticks right?”- Peter asked.

-“Yeah, the girls said we’d meet there”- Rhea replied.

-“I wish Hannah could come”- Peter muttered. Hannah was in sixth year, so she was only allowed in Hogsmeadge on the scheduled weekends.

-“It’s okay, you need some time apart”- Remus said.

-“Do you think we spend too much time together?”- Peter asked sounding slightly worried.

-“It’s cool mate, we understand you’re in love”- I said quickly. Peter was always a little scared, as if he thought we’d kick him out of the group or something. Not like that would ever happen, of course.

-“Oh, thanks guys. It’s just… you know, I’m leaving and she’s got another year to go so… we want to make the most of it now… in case distance doesn’t work out well”- he said. I felt sorry for him. He and Hannah were perfect for each other.

-“Yeah, we understand. It’s cool”- Padfoot said.

-“How’s it going with Charlie Remus?”- Rhea asked. He blushed. Moony has trust issues; he’s never dated anyone longer than a couple weeks. He gets scared she’ll find out about his… furry little problem and panic so he just breaks up with them.

-“I don’t really know… the girl’s cool, I like her, but you know it’s complicated”- he said, sighing.

-“Hey, you’ll find someone good enough for you, you’ll see”- she reassured him. He smiled.

-“It’s me who’s not good enough for them”- he replied matter of factly. Yeah, he did have confidence issues too. Not that we was insecure, but… you know… being a werewolf and all I understood it was difficult.

-“Shut up! You’re a great guy. It’s like… you know, girls, we have that once a month. So you’re like a boy with a period!”- Rhea exclaimed. Oh, no. Have I ever mentioned that we do have a law that says it is forbidden to talk about that in front of any of us? It’s weird, creepy and we do not understand it at all.

-“Rhea!”- Peter squeaked.

-“Sorry guys”- she chuckled. By now we were almost at the pub. It was like two streets away.

-“Let’s take the shortcut”- Remus suggested. We’d found a much shorter way from where we were to the Three Broomsticks, all you had to do was walk across the garden. It was useful when we sneaked out of Hogwarts to get… you know… provisions?

-“Yeah, if we don’t get there soon it’ll be packed and we need a big table”- Sirius agreed. He hurried. The garden was quiet, as usual. It was the perfect spot for couples to have a nice moment. The benches were fairly separated from each other and the tall bushes provided some privacy. I had been there with a couple girls myself. Padfoot knew every spot in here. The amount of girls he’s dated is ridiculous. A growl made me lose my trail of thought. I looked ahead, trying to find the source of the angry grunt. Of course, it was Sirius.

-“Isn’t it disgusting?”- he snarled. I glanced over to where he was pointing and saw Naomi with Ripley. They were not doing anything particularly scandalous, I had seen Padfoot in much worse situations than that. They were kissing but there was not much passion to it. Their hands remained in polite, proper places and there was nothing that suggested it was going to change.

-“They’re just kissing”- Rhea hissed.

-“Ugh, whatever. Let’s get out of here”- Sirius said, leaving quickly. We all followed him. Remus caught my eye and we both nodded lightly. I had been right. This was going to be a hell of a lot of work for us. First task: help Sirius realize he is in love with the girl.




Josh wasn’t a bad kisser. He was pretty good, truth be told. However, I realized we lacked chemistry. Not that I really cared about it; it wasn’t as if I needed any of that. We spent a while together in the garden’s he’d taken me to. Our time was split in talking and kissing, which was nice. I liked it when I could talk to a guy but then again I always started the kissing session to stop him from asking highly irritating questions about me.

-“I have to go meet the blokes, hun”- he told me.

-“Take me to the Three Broomsticks first”- I demanded. He smiled.

-“Of course”- we left the gardens together. He walked me to the pub and left, not without kissing me one more time. I thought it was totally unnecessary; I had made it clear I did not do public displays of affection. When he left I was slightly annoyed. I pushed the door and walked in.

-“Naomi, over here!”- I saw Rhea sitting at a huge table with The Marauders and the other girls. I got there.

-“I’m going to order another round, what can I get you?”- Potter asked me.

-“That butter beer thing you mentioned this morning”- I said, smirking. I caught his eye for a second before looking away, pretending to be a little ashamed. It was a game I loved to play. As he walked over to the bar I could almost hear his thoughts. He was itching to find out if I really was ashamed that he’d seen me in a towel.

-“Did you have a nice day?”- Meg asked, smiling.

-“I guess”- I replied, flatly. I sat next to Lily. Lupin was in front of me and Black to his right.

-“Dom took me to the nicest restaurant”- she informed me, happily.

-“Lucky girl”- Lily said before I could burst Meg’s happy bubble. I glared at the red head.

-“What did you do?”- Lupin asked Lily.

-“We went shopping”- she replied.

-“Here you are!”- Potter exclaimed. I took my butter beer and looked at it. It did not look appealing.

-“Are you sure this is potable?”- I asked to no one in particular.

-“It is the best damn thing you’ll ever try!”- Peter replied before taking a long sip from his own.

-“Try it, it’s really good”- Jo agreed.

-“It looks disgusting”- I retorted. I heard Black snort and looked at him. He glared in my direction and then turned back to his drink.

-“Try it, come on”- Rhea encouraged me. I wasn’t really paying attention to her. Was Black really serious when he said he wouldn’t talk to me? Was he that stupid?

-“Fine”- I said. I took a sip –“Drinkable, but I like firewhisky better”

-“Oh, come on! It’s awesome”- Potter said. I looked at him and smirked.

-“She’s just insufferable”- Black replied. I glared at him. Rhea chuckled.

-“And you’re an asshole so we’re even”- I snapped. I was waiting for him to say something back, but he just drank more butter beer and looked out the window. There was a moment of awkward silence in which everyone looked at me carefully. I got the odd feeling that they were actually expecting me to look disappointed or something like that.

-“So… you’re putting up the quidditch team list tomorrow, right?”- Rhea asked Potter.

-“Yep, I am”- he replied.

-“When do you start practice?”- Lily asked him. As usual, when Potter’s eyes met hers both their faces lit up. These two made me sick.

-“We’ve already had a couple meetings to discuss new strategies and stuff… but official practices begin this Monday”- he informed her. She looked thoughtful.

-“You’re going to be exhausted”- she muttered. He looked confused.

-“Why?”- Black had turned his attention back to us and was looking at them, interested in their exchange.

-“Because you have quidditch practices, Head Boy patrols and other duties and… well, you know”- she trailed off. Potter understood she was referring to the Order training we were starting that Tuesday.

-“I’ll be fine”- he said, lightly.

-“So, Rhea, where’s Amos?”- Jo asked her.

-“I don’t know, haven’t seen him today. He told me he’d be busy”- she replied, carelessly. I raised an eyebrow.

-“Are you official?”- Meg inquired. Rhea blushed.

-“Well… I guess… not really… just like… casual? I don’t know… we’ve kissed only a couple times…”- she rambled.

-“I warned you”- I said. Lily glared at me.

-“What do you mean?”- Rhea’s eyes widened. The Marauders were watching the conversation, amused.

-“Well, you wouldn’t know casual if it was dancing naked in front of you so I guess it was Amos’ idea”- I said matter of factly. She blushed.

-“Well… yeah… kind of…”- she replied. I looked at Lily for a second to see concern flickering in her eyes. I was always right. When will these girls understand that?

-“He’s with someone else”- I informed. Rhea’s face lost all color and Lily groaned.

-“Can’t you be a little softer?”- the red head complained. Rhea was hyperventilating so Lily hurried over to her. The Marauders were staring at me in shock.

-“Subtleness is useless”- I retorted.

-“You’re not nice”- Peter said. I looked at him. Did he really just say that? I couldn’t stop myself, I laughed. Much to my surprise, Meg, Jo, Lily and Rhea joined me.

-“Why are you laughing? She’s just been a total bitch to you”- Black snapped.

-“She’s mean and does not watch her words but she’s right”- Rhea said, visibly hurt –“I knew it, I just couldn’t really… I guess if I didn’t say it out loud it wouldn’t seem real”

-“I know she’s right but she could have phrased it differently”- Lupin observed. Rhea smiled at them.

-“That’s just Naomi”- Lily said. Black glared at me. I glared back at him. He broke eye contact a little too quickly.

-“So, what do I do?”- Rhea asked.

-“You do casual”- Meg replied. Rhea looked confused.

-“Listen; if he wants casual, he’ll have it. Flirt with other guys, hook up with other guys”- Jo explained. Rhea looked absolutely terrified.

-“I can’t do that!”- she said.

-“Oh, yes you can”- I told her. She looked at me and I gave her the ‘I’ll make you do it’ look.

-“Okay”- she whispered.

-“I am so glad I’m a boy”- Potter exclaimed. We all looked at him and laughed. The evening went by smoothly after that. We joked and basically had fun. Black did not talk to me at all, but I only noticed it when we got back to our room and Lily mentioned it. I guess it would have bothered me, if I had a heart. But that was a very big ‘if’. 

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