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The Return of Miss Potter by Zyii
Chapter 8 : Taken
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I'd like to say thank you to the people who review my story, you make me happy (:

 The journey back to Hogwarts was one that people wished hadn’t injured. While the kiss between Draco and Hannah had promised everything and nothing, the one between Neville and Luna had propelled them into a sickly honeymoon period that everyone was thoughouly sick of.

Hannah finished unpacking and felt a familiar piece of paper in her pocket. She pulled it out and remembered, the threat! The paper was blank obviously but wouldn’t be if read by the right people. She let t threat slide, surely if he was serious by it, he would have carried it out by now wouldn’t he?

In hindsight it would have been better for Hannah to have left her room via the hidden passage to Draco’s room. But as it is she was planning on heading to the library and so exited her own room. The hallway was dark outside, the lights down low. Having adapted to a life away from imprisonment, all her skills of detecting danger and being aware of her surroundings went straight out the window.

A chill swept across the corridor, Hannah wrapped her arms around herself and walked faster. It wasn’t late, so why were the corridors so empty. An eerie laugh sounded from within the wall. Hannah forced herself to move on, “I told you to leave Draco alone” whispered the voice. Hannah felt trapped but knew stopping would only worsen things, “You didn’t leave Draco alone did you Miss Potter, tut tut, you are a naughty girl” continued the voice. She didn’t need to see his face to know he meant his words.

“You’ll come with me now” said the voice.

“No I won’t” replied Hannah retreating backwards, she grasped the paper in her hand.

“Oh you will. You’ll do a job for me or you’ll die. It’s simple” the menacing voice sounded out.

Hannah managed to drop her paper to the ground before the darkness surrounded her and she disappeared.

“Hannah! Hannah! Open up!” cried Harry outside her portrait door. He checked the marauders map again, Hannah wasn’t on it. He only hoped that the marauders didn’t know of this room and that’s why he couldn’t find her. Where was Draco when you needed him, on rounds with Hermione he supposed. Hannah was supposed to meet him at the library but had never showed, that was hours ago.

Resigned that he wasn’t getting anywhere he decided on returning to bed hoping against hope that this was a misunderstanding. Crack! A loud sound emitted across the dormitory, Harry opened a bleary eye half heartedly and proceeded on giving a little yelp at the creature sitting on his chest. He blinked rapidly clearing his vision, his alarm clock reading 4am. He groaned, then remembered the creature, well actually it turned out to be Dora.

“Harry Potter must get up! Hannah Potter is in danger!” squeaked the elf.

“Dora, what?” asked Harry, his fear from the previous night reignighting.

“Harry Potter must shh and come with me!” replied a very agitated Dora. She grabbed his hand and apperated them both away. Harry decided he still preferred single apperation to side-along, whoever he was with. She’d apperated them straight into the heads common room and was shaking all over.

“Need Draco”, she whispered disappearing and reappearing with a very sleepy Draco.

“You have to touch this together” she explained, holding up a black piece of paper.

“We have to save Hannah!” cried a irritable Dora.

A statement that shook Draco quickly awake.

Harry was quietly seething with each waited step. His sister was missing, Hannah was in danger and so far he’s shown himself to be a bad brother. Now that Draco realised Hannah was in danger, his heart was alight in a panic flutter.

“Ok” said Harry taking charge, “On the count of 3 we touch the paper together. One. Two. Three” they both touched the paper and watched as it magically transformed into written words, ‘follow the patronus’. “Erh, what patronus” asked Harry but nothing happened and both Draco and Harry looked confused.

“Hannah’s patronus is?” Draco asked, Harry shook his head, he didn’t know. What to do, the known answer need not be said, ‘Dumbledore’.

It was cold, damp and dark, Hannah shivered from fear and chills. She couldn’t even see her hand in front of her face. Her head hurt, where she’d been hit. She was frightened by this situation, what he’d try and make her do and if she’d ever escape. Times were bleak but at some point things have to change don’t they.

“Dumbledore, Hannah, missing, Dora, Danger” Harry spilled as soon as both he and Draco entered his office.

Dumbledore quietly observed them over his glasses, “Tell me what you know” he asked and Harry and Draco had to admit they knew very little, it was Dora who spoke into the silence.

“Professor Dumbledore Sir. She’d in so much danger. I can feel her Sir, she’s scared and cold and hurt and she needs us. Her spirit is low but her determination is high. She left this note” she handed the note to Dumbledore and watched while he read it, “Her patronus is a snow leopard” Dumbledore nodded.

What a twist of fate thought Dumbledore, “We’ll find her, I promise you all we’ll find her. Now you should wake the others and I shall alert the order” he commanded matter of factly.

She could be somewhere alone, somewhere cold. She could be in pain, she could be hurting. She, she could be dead! This being the constant stream of thought running through both Harry and Draco’s minds. Their anger was enough to wake the dead so to speak, it was enough to terrorise half the school. Their anger was so great their magic was acting out causing things to shatter and shake wherever they were. As Dumbledore has stated, all they could do was wait, wait for some sign or this mysterious patronus. The days stretched out longer and longer till Hannah had been missing more than a week.

Miles away in a cold cell Hannah shivered. Blood seeping from the gash on her back, a scar to match the one Voldemort left. The voices command had been simple, he wanted Dumbledore exterminated. But he’d set horrific conditions, if Hannah succeeded she’d die, if she failed Harry would die.

She’d received the joining scar in a bout of her captors lust filled gaze. He’d wanted her, her body, her skin, her life, but he’d been interrupted by another. He’d come back screaming she’d tricked him, branding her with another scar, claiming her as him. Telling her no other man would ever touch her, she was his alone now.

The time to act was now, he was out – some mission. Even now in her weakened state. She would attack it was her only chance, “Save me” she whispered into the darkness.

The weeks doubled to two, the boys anger never fading, their hope rapidly diminishing. They sat alone with Dumbledore in his office contemplating the scraps of facts they had.

A bright haze began to glow in the centre of the room, bringing the three men out of their revive. The mysterious patronus, it was here, a magnificent snow leopard. It stayed serene and statuesque. “Please help me. Please help” the whimpering broken childlike voice of Hannah broke through the boys hearts, “I’m at Burkshot manor, Yorkshire” the patronus disappeared.

Dumbledore in all his calm and decisive manor ordered Draco to find Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville, while Harry contacted the order and Dumbledore made preparations for their departure. In a very businesslike manner they were to be ready to leave in approx. 10 minutes. Dumbledore called upon Minerva to fetch Cissie from Hogsmead – where she had been staying under the circumstances.

So much blood, some was her own she knew. So much death around her, she couldn’t breathe. She’d killed them but not in a malicious death eater way. She’d only used the legal but rare spells Severus had taught her. Footsteps in the distance, someone was coming , her side hurt, she was losing too much blood.

Retreat, transform, hide.

The rather large party of order members and everyone that cared for Hannah arrived in record time. Plans were already set in motion of points of entry and modes of action. However the place seemed deserted, it was unearthly quiet. As the others spread out and took their positions, Dumbledore, Draco, Harry and Cissie made for the front door. It was unguarded, Dumbledore cautiously opened the door, it creaked loudly.

“Lumos” they muttered. The smell reached them first, the stench of rotting blood. Their heartbeats quickened, who’s blood was it? The scene before them became weirder and weirder, among the stench of blood, the occasional body appeared, death eaters, dead. Their blood spilling onto the black floor.

The occurrence was real for each party uncovered the same dead bodies and the same foul stench. Each person wondered the same thing, what had happened and where was Hannah.

Dumbledore, Harry, Draco and Cissie had reached the top of the stairways. Their next port of call, the large open room in front of them. Faint scratching sounds could be heard from within. The group raised their wands ready for attack. Alerted by Dumbledore’s suddenly stiffened form, the others turned themselves to his direction. There in the corner, a snow leopard, barely standing , covered in blood. Other groups had arrived having finished their own searches and stood petrified like the others. The snow leopard was small and barely looked like it could attack anyone.

It staggered half heartedly towards Dumbledore, dragging along half its body. It collapsed at his feet and gasps of shock were heard when the snow leopard’s body faded away leaving behind a broken, bloodied Hannah.

“Please help me” she whispered.

Hours passed and Cissie sat slumped next to Hannah’s bed, the past few hours playing constantly in her mind.


“Oh Hannah my poor baby” cried Cissie running to the now unconscious Hannah, she took her head in her lap and began stroking her hair.

Most of the party was still in shock but Dumbledore managed to regain some of it, “We have to get her to the hospital wing, carefully now. Cissie see if you can find the wound and hold this rag to it” Dumbledore started ordering others around, a group to clean the mess, a group to order control of the media attention and a group sent to Madam Pomfrey to help her prepare for Hannah’s arrival. Both Draco and Harry looked whiter than ghosts, in shock it seemed, they’d sunk to the ground. Dora cried silently at Hannah’s feet.

Cissie gasped, finding the location of the leaking blood, she boiled with anger at what this poor girl had suffered. Barely able to keep the anger from her voice, she motioned for Dumbledore to come closer, “Dumbledore look” he voice trembled, she pointed to the gaping gash from the middle of her back and running down the left side. An identical scar to match the almost healed one from Voldemort. Hannah began jerking around in her unconscious state, pain written across her face.

“She’s been cursed” whispered Dumbledore.

“We have to move her, now!” cried Cissie, with clear authority.

-end of flashback-

Knock knock. A noise waking Cissie from her memories, “Come in” she spoke. Dumbledore walked in with grace and ease, pitying Cissie’s determination to stick next to Hannah. Harry and Draco had been sent to bed with sleeping and calming drafts, someone would wake them if there was any change.

The curse had been lifted in a couple of seconds, it was only there to heighten the pain. But the jagged cut was different, so much like the other one, this one couldn’t be helped by muggle or magic medicine. Hannah had to injure the pain and wait for her body to heal naturally..

“Why won’t she wake?” asked Cissie, her voice barely above a whisper.

“She’s suffered great physical and emotional damage. Her body needs time to recover” answered Dumbledore matter of factly, “We will just have to wait for her to return” said Dumbledore.

“Mhmm” muttered Cissie, once again lost in the memories of the past.

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