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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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It was Merci and Denni’s first time in the attic.  It had started when James, Percy, and Abella were fifth years.  They had come into the attic to hide with Victoire, Teddy, Fred, and George when the younger children had asked them to play hide and seek with them.  They had no idea that their parents were so stupid.  Not even that they were stupid enough to have weed lying around the house, but that they were stupid enough to hide it in the attic and think that their children would not find it.  And even further, stupid enough to not realize that their children were completely high at dinner.  It was actually hysterical when they thought about how dumb their parents were.

                Since then, it had been tradition that when a cousin reached their fifth year of magical training, they were brought up to the attic during the Christmas holidays and introduced to the weed circle.  It had started out with seven, and slowly expanded each year until it reached its current number, nineteen, including the twins, Merci and Denni.   The cousins would come up and smoke before dinner, and then come up again after dinner to smoke some more.  After desert, they would smoke and drink some on the beach for a few hours after their parents went to sleep.  The kids had already formed a cloud of smoke and were laughing like crazy people when they heard shouts coming from a few stories below them.  Horrified that perhaps their parents had somehow found out about their shenanigans, they rushed downstairs to find a sight that they never thought they would see.

“I PAID FOR THIS HOUSE FOR TWO WEEKS AND I’M NOT LEAVING” shouted Draco.  His face was so red with anger that even his white blonde hair looked slightly pink. 

“You must have rented another Shell Cottage” shouted Bill Weasley “Because this one is occupied for the next two weeks!”  The fireplace had suddenly been filed with green flames and the Malfoy family had stepped right out of it. 

“I’m not leaving this house!” shouted Draco again. 

“Well here are your choices” said Bill.  “You can either go home, or you can stay in a house with thirty eight people who hate you!”  Scorpius saw Rose wink at him from the staircase over the adults heads and saw Lily and Adi start giggling behind her.  A house full of people who hated him.  And most of them were his friends.  He shook his head and sniggered.

Draco looked at Astoria, and a look of almost distress came over his face. 

“We’ll just have to go home” said his wife. 

“But Astoria darling, the doctor said –

“I know what the doctor said.  The doctor isn’t always right” said Astoria.  But she knew full well that the doctor was right, and she knew that Draco knew. 

“What’s going on?” asked Ginny.  “Is Astoria ill?”  Astoria had been a good friend to Ginny in her seventh year at Hogwarts and had even been a bridesmaid at her wedding.  Astoria began to shake her head, but Draco butted in. 

“She’s just recovered from a potentially fatal dragon bite.  We were flying on what were supposed to be harmless dragons over the summer, but she fell off of hers and it tried to save her by grabbing her in its mouth.  It had no intention of eating her, but the venom that went into her leg was very toxic.  She’s lucky to be alive today.  The doctor said the being by the sea for a few weeks would finish off the recovery process.  If she didn’t do that, the venom might flair up again” said Draco with tears in his eyes.  It pained him to even think about how close his wife came to dying. 

“Well then you’re welcome to stay” said Ginny.  If Astoria was ill, Ginny was not about to let her family of pricks stand in her way of recovering.  After exchanging a few looks with the rest of her family, they begrudgingly obliged. 

“Bill, zee wedding” said Fleur a moment later. 

“Oh yes, I forgot about that” said Bill. 

“They can come” said Teddy, and Victoire nodded her head beside him. 

“If zey want zat eez” said Victiore in her slight French accent.  The Malfoys would wait through Christmas and then decide whether to stay for the wedding or not.  Astoria of course, loved weddings, but Draco was afraid of what the Potter-Weasley children would do to Scorpious.

Apparently, he didn’t need to be very worried.  Scorpious went upstairs quietly to put his things in a room with the boys, and then disappeared.  Little did he know that his only son was adding a twentieth member to the pot circle that had formed in the attic of shell cottage.  That night was a little awkward, to say the least.  Ginny and Astoria had a nice time catching up, and Hermione and Fleur even joined in.  The cousins got to know Scorpious a bit, but weren’t about to let their parents know that they were making friends with a Malfoy, Ron and his brothers were extremely pissed, and Harry just gave Draco a curt nod whenever they made eye contact.  What a Christmas this was shaping up to be.


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The Flower: Chapter 9


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