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Renewing What He Lost by potter_epic_riddle
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2- Time-Turner Two
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thanks to Harmoni @ tda for the amazing picture above :)

I DONT OWN ANY OF JK ROWLINGS CHARACTERS!!! it would be really cool if i did though :)



As the meeting with Dumbledore drew closer, Harry  couldn’t help  but wonder what was going to happen at the meeting. And more importantly why Ron and Hermione were going to be there. At t 8:00 a portkey for Harry showed up and he touched his fore-finger to an old soda can .

He felt a tug in his navel and seconds later Harry fell over onto the ground and ended up  looking into the eyes of Ron.

“Hey Mate” Ron said.

“Hey” Harry replied as he took the hand Ron offered him and h e pulled himself up and off the dusty ground.

“Hello Harry” Hermoine said.

“Hello ‘Mione” Harry said knowing that nickname annoys her.

“Good Evening Harry”

“You too Dumbledore”

“Now Harry, the reason you are here tonight is because as I said the last time we met I said you have carried more burdens then I’ve ever seen any student carry through those doors, I decided to help you get to know your parents, Sirius, and Lupin better. With my special contact at the Ministry I decided to get you a Time-Turner Two.” Dumbledore said with a smile.

“Isn’t that the same thing me and Hermione used in our third year?”Harry asked.

“Yes, except this allows you to go back i years and no time changes in the actual present time.”

“But I still don’t get how that will help me get to know my parents and Sirius better.” Harry replied still puzzled.

“If you wish you may go back in time of when your parents were in their 6th year at Hogwarts.” Dumbledore told a stunned Harry.

“Then why are Ron and Hermione here?” Harry asked.

“Well we couldn’t let you have all of the fun, so we are going with you!” Ron said.

“Really?” Harry asked Dumbledore to make sure this wasn’t some sick joke played on him.

“When can we leave?” Harry asked excitedly.

------------------------Later on------------------------

When Harry was packing to go to Hogwarts for his parents 6th year there, Dudley randomly came into his room.

“Why are you so depressed this summer?” Dudley asked straight-forward.

Harry was too tired to try and avoid the subject so he decided to tell the truth. “My Godfather died.”

Now Dudley looked uncomfortable as he was not expecting that answer. “Oh, sorry” He said akwardly.

“S’okay” Harry replied feeling just as akward as Dudley felt. “By the way I’m gonna be gone for the rest of the summer.” He said.

“Why?” Dudley questioned.

“Just cause.” Harry replied.

Finally Dudley left and left Harry to deciding in whether or not to try and bring the Marauder’s Map. Dumbledore is coming to get Harry  tommorow afternoon at 1’oclock. That gave Harry enough time to pack and to tell the Dursley’s that he was leaving early this summer.

After packing everything he would need, Harry went downstairs for dinner.

Over the clattering of forks and knives Harry decided now was the best time for him to speak up.

"Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia?"

"What boy?!" Uncle Vernon asked angrily.

"I'm going to be leaving tomorrow afternoon for the entire summer and you won't see me till next summer." Harry said tentativly.

"Fine" Uncle Vernon said quickly.

"But a person from 'my lot' is coming to pick me up." Harry said afraid that he was gonna blow up and yell.

"Just get them away from my house as fast as possible!" Uncle Vernon raised his voice a little but quickly lowered it.

"Okayyy" He was just thankful that he didn't see Uncle Vernon's face turn all the colors of the rainbow. As Harry was cleaning up the table and everyone else was sitting at the table Autn Petunia asked "Who was your Godfather again?"

Harry sent her a puzzled look before repying "Sirius Black."

"I met him once. He was very nice." She replied. Okay, now Harry was worried. When has Aunt Petunia ever said anything nice or willingly talked to Harry.

"Well He's dead now." He said sharply.

"What?" She asked almost like she cared.

"Yeah, he died a few weeks ago." He replied. Before Harry walked away he asked "Were you even at their wedding? Because how else would you of willingly gone somewhere wizarding?"

"Yes, I was at their wedding. But I left early cause I was about to go into labor with Dudley." She said with a far-away look on her face. With that Harry left the room and before he might ruin whatever chance of a very short-termed friendship with his Aunt, who until a few minutes ago he never knew had been anywhere magical before.

That night as he lay in bed still thinking about his conversation with his aunt, he though maybe he knew Lupin or was actully friends with his father James. If she had been friends then why had she never stuck up for his parents when Uncle Vernon insults his parents.

With that thought in his head Harry fell asleep having no idea that his Aunt checked in on him in case he had any nighmares as she had done secretly for the past few years.

During breakfast the next morning things got even weirder. Uncle Vernon asked Harry "Why are you leaving so early in the summer?"

"Uh, doing an extra credit project for school with a few of my classmates and we are staying at the school for the summer so we can have access to teachers if we need help or we need to use the library." Harry replied feeling very puzzled with his family's new behavior.

"What kind of project?" Dudley asked. Who by the way, looked genuinley interested in what Harry did at his school.

Harry quickly thought of a lie to cover up of telling his family what other lie he made up when he decided to tell them the truth and because he was getting creeped out by his family's sudden interest in him.

"Actully there's this thing that can take people back in time and me and my friends Ron and Hermione are going back in time to when my parent's were in their 6th year." He looked up scared of their reactions. Then he really got scared when Dudley said "Really? What are you gonna do when you get their?"

"Um, we don't really know yet. Our headmaster just gave this to us for practically a vacation." Harry replied.

"Why do you need a break?" He asked.

"Well, there's this really bad wizard taking over and he kills people for the fun of it. Apparently I have to kill him. And he really hates me too." Harry replied as thoughts of the prophecy ran through his head.

"Oh" Dudley replied.

"Yeah, so I have to go and finish packing." And Harry ran upstairs with one last fleeting look at the table and they were all looking at Harry, who then continued his run upstairs.

At 1'oclock sharp Albus Dumbledore showed up at 4 Privet Drive. Right after he knocked on the door Harry ran downstairs to open up the door fo rhis Headmaster.

"Hello Headmaster, I wil be right I just have to go and get my trunk and other stuff." Harry said quickly and then ran upstairs to get his trunk. He was stopped by Dudley who asked curiously "Is that your Headmaster downstairs?"


Then Dudley again amazed Harry, and grabbed Harry's trunk for him so Harry just had to carry Hedwig's cage. When He ran down He was again stopped bu this time by Aunt Petunia who looked rather pale.

"Is the evil wizard who you talked about yesterday the one who killed James and Lily?"

"Yeah" Harry said uncertainly as his aunt looked to be having a mental battle. Quickly Aunt Petunia hugged him with a hug to rival one of Mrs. Weasly's. Then she quickly said goodbye to a still stunned Harry and then she ran upstairs.

Finally, he got to the front door to see another thing that shocked him to no end. Uncle Vernon was talking with Dumbledore.

"Ah, there you are Harry!" Dumbledore said as Harry came into view. "Ready?" He asked.

"Yeah" Harry replied. "Erm, how are we getting to where-ever we are going?"

"Port-Key" Dumbledore replied.

He pulled out an old blue plastic hairbrush and motioned for Harry to out his pointer finger on it.

"Bye, Uncle Vernon." Harry said as Dumbledore started the port-key.

"Bye, Boy. See you in a year." He said with the first true genuine smile Harry had ever seen him wear.

He smiled back.

Then He waved to Dudley and disappeered in a wind of color of to where ever he was going.



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Renewing What He Lost: Chapter 2- Time-Turner Two


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