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History To Be Repeated by accioHPFF
Chapter 1 : The start of the trail...
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 A / N: My first chapter! :) I'm not entirely sure about how I feel about my writing style, so please give me any feedback. Good or Bad, I would love to hear your comments.

I really must thank mangagirl for helping me finalise this chapter and explaining anything I was unsure on before uploading. The story begins...



Stupid mudbloods! Stupid bloody mudbloods! They’re going to pay for this! Anger filled his entire body, streaming through his veins. His rage drove him to march through the middle of quiet hamlets, while his fury enabled him to fire off spells that caused fires to burn, buildings to collapse and terror to spread. A sense of grim satisfaction filled him as he saw them - suffering. He paused, twisting his head to look at the damage left behind; the flames causing his anger to swell up again. After the smile had flickered off his face, he carried on up the road, wrecking havoc as he went.


Chaos. Burning. Destruction.

Smoke filled the skies as fires burnt, destroying muggle settlements and illuminating the dark skies. Though it was the early hours of the morning, there were people everywhere, fleeing, tending to the wounded or attempting to salvage what little possessions hadn’t already been destroyed. One hamlet in Norfolk was ravaged; completely burnt down to the ground and through the panic, there was one woman, slender and beautiful, gracefully weaving between people, calmly walking as if nothing was wrong. Although she was there, nobody noticed her, nobody could even see her. She was a witch called Rowena Ravenclaw, and was considered to be the most astute witch around. It was ignorance that hid her, it was witchcraft – she had cast a spell to hide herself: the surroundings of this impoverished hamlet would’ve made her stand out like a sore thumb. Unlike the women around her, she wore long, regal blue robes and sported a sapphire diadem like a crown, clutching a wand in her left hand. As she made her way through the carpet of injured bodies in a field just outside the settlement, she fought the desperate urge to cast spells to end their suffering. She longed to help the suffering villagers but couldn’t, at least not without the other muggles assuming they were witches – a crime punishable by death.

Rowena followed the trail of destruction for a couple of kilometres because setting up camp in a patch of woodland. While she constructed her shelter, questions ran through her head. Who could possibly be causing this? Why? Magical or not? She was uncomfortable with the last question; no wizard has ever inflicted so much suffering onto muggles before, not like this.

The following hours were filled with more of the same; destruction, death and desperation.  She travelled further and further along the trail through the night, and began to realise that she couldn’t avoid her worst fear any longer. This was the work of a wizard. Another question pressed on her mind – why? Why would anyone want to inflict this much hurt and suffering? Rowena thought of as many explanations as she could, before she decided on the most likely motive – anger. The more Ravenclaw thought about it, the more she mapped out in her head. Whoever this was, they were probably acting alone: if he was planning this then, Rowena assumed, he’d have accomplices. She shook her head, sat down on a log and thought of a new question – How could he be stopped? Rowena wasn’t prolific in duelling spells, apart from charms that could shield and protect her. However, she had a plan. After a minute, she turned on the spot and disapparated.

Landing in a heap on the floor, Rowena dragged herself up and observed her surroundings. She was outside a church, surrounded by graves. Realisation set in as she jumped up and flung herself away from the graves and back on to the path, horrified. Composing herself, she hurriedly walked towards the street and straight across to a cottage opposite the church. She knocked on the door and slid down the door, practically on the floor when the door swung open. “Hello Rowena, come on inside.”

That's it. Chapter One.

I really hope that it wasn't too awful, and again, I would love to hear from you. Please review. :)

EDITED ON 05/01/2012

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