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Fate is a Funny Thing by Fiery Ginny
Chapter 2 : Breakfast
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I ran away from Ron, tears filling my eyes. Why did he have to be so stupid? He was being a jealous 14 year old boy, and the fight was about absolutely nothing! There was no reason for it, except that Ron just had to constantly be fighting, or else something was wrong.

I ran into Krum, and he comforted me, letting me cry into his shoulder. He took me to an empty classroom away from the Great Hall. And then…He pounced on me, pinning me to the desk behind me. I tried to break away, but he wrapped his hands around my arms and my neck, roughly. I knew there would be bruises when he removed them. I screamed, and he punched my cheek, splitting the skin, and probably breaking the cheek bone. It was incredibly painful, and the shock of it made my scream stop dead in my throat. My eyes stung from held back tears. I would NOT show weakness in front of him.

He reached into his pocket, while holding me pinned with his body and his hand still wrapped painfully around my neck. He dug out his wand, and pointed it at me, mumbling something I couldn’t comprehend. He loosened his hold on my throat, and began biting my neck painfully. I shrieked, and tried to get away from him, but no sound came out of my mouth. He laughed at my open mouth, knowing that I was trying to scream. He had put a silencing charm on me! He started lifting up my dress, and forcing my legs apart, shoving his body between them. I yet again struggled against his hold unsuccessfully.

My hair started coming loose, and as I struggled, my forehead hit the wall beside me. I tried screaming again, which only made him laugh more. I bit my lip, so he wouldn’t have the satisfaction of knowing I was screaming, and I just couldn’t stand the thought that no one could hear me. I felt my throat burn with the strength of my scream and the tears that were falling down my face. No one would come, no one would hear me. Ron and Harry had gone to bed, and they would not go looking for me, wouldn’t even think to until the morning when I wasn’t waiting for them in the common room. I started crying, tears spilling from my eyes. I closed them and continued struggling, even though Krum was much larger and stronger than me. I wasn’t the kind to give in easily, and I didn’t care how useless my fighting back was. I am a Gryffindor Goddamnit, and I would never go down without a fight. I felt the sharp pain of him, and bit my lip harder, causing it to bleed. Someone screamed, and the pain was gone. I shoved Krum’s limp, unconscious body off of me.

Hermione woke up, her heart pounding, wide awake. She had had the worst dream. She had been screaming, but no one heard her. Hermione gave herself a mental shake, dislodging the dream from her mind. She stood up, noticing that her entire body was aching. At that realization, her knees gave way and she plopped back down onto her bed.

“It wasn’t a dream…” she whispered. “Oh God…” The tears came again. She sobbed loudly, and realized that there were other people in the room. Her cheeks burned with shame and embarrassment as she relived the previous night’s events, and she quickly stood up, head spinning, and raced to the bathroom. The bile in her throat rose rapidly up, just as she reached the bathroom. She flushed the toilet, wiped her mouth, and rinsed it out with water from the sink tap. Her whole body was shaking, and she felt disgusted with herself, ashamed that she had let that thing anywhere near her innocent body. Her first kiss and her first time…all in one night…

She gave herself another mental shake, and hopped into the shower. She turned on the hot water, and also some very powerful soap. What if he is at breakfast? I can’t go down there! “Uggh, Shut UP Hermione! Just get over it! Just grow up!” She shrieked to herself, her voice echoing off the shower’s stone walls. She felt so dirty, like a million spiders were crawling inside her flesh. “I should just stay in here forever…” Ugh! NO! Hermione Jean Granger does NOT hide away! She does no cower and run away from pain. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of breaking her. He had stolen something from her, something she wouldn’t ever get back, and she wouldn’t let him get away with it, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to tell anyone, which put her in quite the predicament.

She froze. She already had told someone! “Oh shit… Oh shit shit shit shit shit!” She had told Malfoy! The rest of the night flooded into her brain, and it disconnected from her body, which still stood in the jets of water and foam pouring from the showerheads. Her jaw went slack, as she got to their dance, and she nearly fell over when she remembered how she felt when he kissed her. Her cheeks flamed again, and she leaned against the cool shower wall, shaking all over.

“Deep breaths ‘Mione. Deep breaths. Pull it together. You can do this.” She shut off the jets, and stepped out. She grabbed her wand and magically dried herself. She threw on some lounging clothes she had summoned, since it was Christmas, and walked down to the common room, practicing looking bright-eyed and bushy-haired. She chuckled a little at her own joke, and took a seat in her favorite squashy armchair by the fire. She curled her feet up under her, and waited for Harry and Ron to show up before opening their presents together, and going down to breakfast. She watched the flames dancing in the fireplace, trying not to think. An hour or so later, Harry and Ron stumbled down the stairs, eyes bleary, hair a mess, and still dressed in pyjamas. She smiled slightly at the sight, Harry returned it with a yawn and Ron seemed a bit shocked. Oh, right, we had a fight last night…it all seems so silly now. “Harry, Ron. Having a bit of a lie-in? Why don’t you put some proper clothes on, and we can go open up presents, and then go down to breakfast.”

“Morning to you too ‘Mione.” Harry said sleepily with a grin, Ron standing beside him, looking shell-shocked. “Oh…and Ron and I already opened our presents…” Harry said apologetically.

“Well, no matter, go get dressed and we can go down to breakfast. I can open my gifts later.”

“Alright ‘Mione. Sorry again. We will be right back down!” And Harry skipped off up the stairs dutifully, and much more cheerfully than Hermione would have imagined possible so soon after he woke up. “Ron?” Hermione asked hesitantly. “Can I talk with you quickly?” His cheeks flamed, and he nodded sheepishly. “About last night, let’s just…” She cleared her throat. It was so difficult talking and thinking about last night. “Let’s just forget about it ok? It was a really silly thing to argue about, and you don’t have to worry about me hanging out with Krum anymore.” The tears started in her eyes again, but she blinked them back.

Ron looked at her nervously. “Herm? What’s wrong? Did-did something happen with Krum?” He looked so concerned, she almost broke down and told him. Almost. But she plucked up her Gryffindor courage, looked one of her best friends right in the eyes, and did the one thing she never thought she would be doing. She lied. “No! Ron, nothing happened! I just realized that we don’t really have anything in common, and I’ll be honest; we kissed, and there wasn’t that…spark that I am looking for in a relationship, you know? I just don’t really want to waste my time. Plus, I can tell I’m probably not really his type.”

Ron went a little white when she mentioned their kiss, and then flushed red again. “He…he kissed you? I…that’s not the point. Umm… So-so you are ok? Umm…Yes, yeah I get it.” He finished awkwardly.

Hermione chuckled slightly. “Yes Ron, I am really ok.” She smiled at him, to emphasize her words, trying to put him at ease. “So, we are alright, right?”

“Yeah…yes we..yeah. Of course we are Hermione.” Ron smiled, and leaned into her, giving her a hug, and a kiss on the top of her head. She snuggled into his shoulder, loving the safe feeling she was getting from being so close to him. She sighed happily and pulled away. “Alright Ronald! Go get your lazy bum dressed!” She giggled again, and he smiled back, before turning and heading up the stairs to get dressed.

Five minutes later, both of her boys were back downstairs, along with Neville. She smiled at all three of them, and walked through the portrait hole, and down to the Great Hall. They sat in the middle of the Gryffindor table, Neville and Hermione on one side, Harry and Ron opposite them. As Hermione loaded up her plate with bacon and eggs, toast and kippers, her hand accidently brushed against Neville’s as he reached for his pumpkin juice, and it sent tingles up her arm. They both pulled back quickly, as though shocked. Neville looked over at her, and his face flamed. She smiled at him sheepishly, and apologized quietly. He smiled back, put at ease by her smile.

“So, did you enjoy the ball last night? You and Krum seemed to have been having fun.” Neville asked. Hermione stiffened. It was an innocent enough question, but it still set her on edge. If anyone found out, it would be the end of her. So, she put on a fake smile, and responded the best she could without lying.

“Yes, the ball was fun. I loved the dancing, and I loved all the attention. I don’t normally get much positive attention, so it was a nice change.” She smiled at him. “I heard you and Ginny were out pretty late. Did you have a good time?”

“Oh yes, it was wonderful! I never thought I would have that much fun, especially at a dance!”

Ron sniggered, and Hermione shot him a death glare. And then, she saw Malfoy enter the Great Hall out of the corner of her eye. She turned to face him, and he seemed deathly pale, and his hair wasn’t sleeked back like normal. He looked like he had been up most of the night, and had a very poor night’s sleep. He looked at her, and she felt butterflies assault her stomach once again, but there was also a note of apprehension. What if he told someone? But he nodded to her in acknowledgement, and when she looked at him questioningly, he shook his head. She took this to mean that he hadn’t said anything to anyone. She let out a sigh of relief, and looked away from him, returning to the conversation at the meal, which had moved over to quidditch. It was good for Hermione, since she was well-known for how little she knew about quidditch, so she could let her thoughts roam, and not be expected to have any input.

So she thought about Malfoy, the kiss they shared, and when she would be able to talk to him. She really did need to talk to him, and make sure he wasn’t going to blab to the Slytherins for a laugh. She hoped, (probably optimistically to the point of insanity) that he wasn’t that cruel. That he might understand that it wasn’t funny in any way, shape, or form. She sighed, and she ran through some arguments she might make to keep him quiet, and then through some of her better threats if playing nicely didn’t work. She smiled at some of them, causing her friends to give her funny looks.

“Errm..’Mione? Are you ok?” Harry asked her hesitantly. It was only then that she realized she was smiling like a lunatic. She giggled away his fears, and smiled at him (this time in a non-creepy way).

“Yes, of course I’m ok Harry. Don’t you worry about me. I was just daydreaming.” She reiterated this statement with a smile, turning to Ron, who was looking just as nervous, to Neville, who looked away and blushed. Hmm...I wonder what is going on with him. He seems so…nervous…I wonder what he is nervous about? She shrugged her shoulders, and pushed the thought out of her mind. She had more pressing issues to deal with. Like the fact that the Durmstrang students had just entered the Great Hall. They all looked forlorn, stealing sideward glances at each other behind their Headmaster’s back. Karkaroff looked ready to kill, and he stared at around the Great Hall, looking for his first victim. She didn’t see their star seeker and champion anywhere. Maybe he had the decency not to show his disgusting face, Hermione thought absently. She watched as they all walked towards the Slytherin table. Karkaroff looked up at Dumbledore in disgust, and walked up to him quickly and furiously. They had a small heated discussion (I say heated discussion, because Karkaroff was being heated, and Dumbledore was trying to keep it just a discussion), before Karkaroff walked back away from the head table, and went over to his students. He whispered quickly to them, and they piled food onto plates, and took them back out of the Great Hall. Karkaroff shot the Slytherin table a death glare (it looked like it was directed right at Malfoy, but she couldn’t be sure), and the Durmstrang Headmaster followed his students presumably back to their ship.

Just when Hermione was starting to get nervous, the morning post arrived. Hermione received her usual Daily Prophet, and two other owls stopped beside the tawny one that usually delivered the Prophet. She looked confused at the owls, but took the Prophet, paid that bird, and then looked at the others. Both were non-descript owls, plain brown. They looked almost too plain, as though they were trying too hard to go unnoticed. She took the letters off of both of them quickly, stuffing them in her pockets. She had a feeling she knew who one of them was from, and she definitely wasn’t about to open that particular letter in front of her current company. Fortunately, no one noticed the fact that she had more owls than usual, as Neville had gotten a package of things he had forgotten (yet again), and Harry and Ron were still talking about the World Cup. Hermione opened up her Daily Prophet to the first page. Her jaw went slack as she read the headline: KRUM ARRESTED, MINISTER DOESN’T COMMENT. Her eyes roamed over the picture of Krum being hauled away by a Ministry official, his jaw clenched, and his eyebrows furrowed. She moved down to the article, and read what Rita Skeeter had written.

Viktor Krum, world renowned Bulgarian seeker and Durmstrang Tri-Wizard Champion in this year’s Tri-Wizard tournament being held at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was early this morning apprehended for charges unknown. Minister of Magic, Cornellius Fudge, refused comment, as did Head Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt. Shacklebolt was seen dragging along a bound Krum through the Ministry in the early hours of the morning. My sources say that Krum has committed a heinous crime, and will be given veritaserium to uncover the truth behind this crime. Others are speculating that he might be removed from the Tri-Wizard tournament. “The Goblet of Fire denotes a magical binding contract. If his name was spewed forth from the cup, he must see this tournament through to the end.” This quote is that of Bartemis Crouch Sr., Head of International Magical Cooperation. Will the Goblet of Fire’s contract be enough to keep Krum in the running? Or was his act so terrible that he won’t be allowed to compete? Sources tell me an anonymous tip was sent in early this morning, around 12:00 AM via owl. The owl and anonymous tipster are yet unknown, but it appears that money has changed hands for something. The truth will be revealed, so keep watching for more headline news as this story is delved into even deeper.

Hermione was shocked. 12 am? That was right after the ball. Oh my…Did Draco do this?? So many thoughts bounced around under her curls that it was almost painful. She looked down at the article again. Money changed hands? What could that mean? And if he is put in Azkaban, would he still be able to compete in the Tri-Wizard tournament? Merlin she hoped not. She looked around at her fellow housemates, none of whom seemed to be paying her any mind. They never read the Prophet anyway, so hopefully they wouldn’t hear about the article. And hopefully, once Rita had the crime, she wouldn’t print her name. Hermione nearly fainted…Yeah. Right. Because Rita Skeeter is one that keeps her mouth shut… But maybe she could be bribed? Maybe that’s where the money changed hands… Merlin she hoped they wouldn’t print her name.

Hermione looked down at her food. Everything on her plate seemed to make her stomach turn, so she pushed it away, stomach clenched into a knot so tight that it made her want to vomit. She looked around at Neville, Harry, and Ron, and wondered if they would notice if she left. They were still talking about the Quidditch World Cup. Boys… She thought. But then, they were her boys, and she smiled happily at that. She didn’t know when she had started referring to Neville as one of her boys, but there it was.

“Hey guys, I am going to go back up to the tower and open up my presents while you finish eating. I’ve eaten all I can!” she smiled at them as best she could, and they returned it.

“Yeah, sure Hermione. We will meet you in the common room in a little while.” Harry responded, and the other two nodded their agreement. She smiled again, folding up her Prophet, and walking away from them, out of the Great Hall, and up the stairs to the dorm.

Hey guys I am soooo sorry! It has been forever since my last update :((( I did edit the first chapter, so I hope you guys go back and re-read that :) 


Also, I put Neville in here from the movie, because I really truly adore Neville, and I wanted to show him in a better light than the books did in his earlier years :) Hope no one minds!


Fiery <3


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