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POWER OF THE ANCIENTS by magicmuggle01
Chapter 2 : What Are They After????
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Suddenly there was another load bang, this time it seemed to be coming from outside. Harry turned away from his Aunt and Uncles room and very slowly made his way back downstairs, again holding his wand out in front of him, he wasn't taking any chances.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs he heard what sounded like talking coming from the back garden. He slowly moved along the hallway and on through to the kitchen (turning no lights on) and very slowly, with his wand in front of him he reached the back door. With his free hand he reached over and lifted his hand towards the key in the lock and turned it. His hand moved to the door handle and he quietly and slowly pushed it down. Slowly he opened the door and cautiously peeked around, he saw nothing but the voices had grown louder.

Moving forward and trying his best not to make any noise he edged himself outside into the night closing the door behind him. Looking around Harry did not notice anything right away, but the voices were louder and he noticed that they seemed to come from somewhere to the right of where he was standing.

Keeping to the wall of the house Harry crept slowly along until he came to the corner and he peered around. What he saw amazed him and he couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw four people in dark robes and skeletal masks seemingly digging in the back garden of the house next door.

Harry stood as quietly as possible and watched these people. Then he saw something that confirmed that what he was watching was in fact fellow Wizards at work, they were using wands and aiming them at the ground, blasting away the top layer of earth and grass and then carefully stroking away the loose soil underneath.

‘Are you sure the first item is here?’ Harry heard one of the men say.

‘Yes’ came back a reply. ‘The master said that it was here at this location and told me where to dig’.

Harry then knew that the wizards that he was watching were in fact deatheaters whom had been sent on some sort of mission by Voldemort. And whatever it was Harry was determined to find out.

‘If it’s here why have we not found it?’ said the first voice again. ‘I have no idea’ retorted the second voice angrily. ‘Well we’ll need to hurry and find whatever it is, the limbo spell we put over this whole neighbourhood will soon wear off and we don’t want any of the muggles seeing what were up to.’

The four people or rather three of the deatheaters started to work with increased vigour. The second one who had spoken stayed where he was and seemed to be directing the work of the other three.

‘This is silly’ said one the other figures whose voice Harry recognised as Fenir Greyback. ‘We don’t know what were looking for and even if we did how are we going to see if we’ve found it in the pitch black?’ he growled with an equally sinister snarl in his voice.

‘Do you want to go back and tell the dark lord what you’ve just said?’ said the second voice. ‘No’ came back the rely. ‘Well shut up and carry on working'.

So Harry stood there stock still and watched them and wondering at the same time what they were up to and also what they were looking for.




That’s chapter two. Please review and tell me what you thought.

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POWER OF THE ANCIENTS: What Are They After????


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