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For the children by KxxDxx
Chapter 1 : Ranting
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As the rain was falling heavily, no one would hear the screams of the group of girls that fell into the stormy ocean when the cliff side gave in beneath them. The water was rushing over them but none of them could move; they were trapped. All of a sudden each felt a tug and squeezing sensation which struck them unconscious and the very next thing they remember was waking up in a hospital bed.




Draco Malfoy was in the cubical next to one of girls he saved extremely annoyed, he was once again getting checked over by nurses which felt like the thousandth time. “I’m fine” he stated getting more frustrated “Can I go?”




The nurse sighed once again and said “You need to be observed for 48 hours and you’ve only been here for 4 hours. We can not authorise you to leave unattended, I’m sorry” she sound quite tired and obviously annoyed for having to repeat herself, again.



“Well can you get someone to leave with me so I’m not unattended?” He asked losing his patience.


“The staff member has to be willing and I’m not sure if anyone is free, sorry” She replied hoping for no more questions. She was in luck as an Auror walked in.




“Mr. Malfoy, we have a few questions we would like to ask you …” The Auror was cut of by Draco “I saved the lives of those muggles who were drowning and would’ve died if I didn’t bring them here, as I was using magic I thought it might be stupid to take them to a muggle hospital might raise suspicion. I didn’t think I would get a lecture for saving someone incorrectly, they’re alive and that is all that matters, I could have left them to die but I didn’t, I did the first thing I could think of, surely you can think of a way saving the stupid secret from the idiotic muggles.” Towards the end Draco was getting more and more angry and by the end of the rant he was shouting.




Before anyone had a chance to speak they heard a panicked women running into the cubical next to the while ranting “Sarah! What happened! Are you alright! What on earth were you thinking! On a cliff in a storm! Honestly, don’t you ever listen! How did you get here! How is everyone else! Who saved you! Where on earth are the doctors! Are they taking care of you! Sarah say something!” When the women they heard a soft and tired “Calm down, I’m fine, you need to relax and breathe because I have absolutely no idea what you said”





Draco laughed and asked smiling “Ok, and I thought only I could rant, but she defiantly has had practice” He laughed again before stupid at a sudden halt as the curtain flung open “Draco!” It was then he realised that he infact HAD recognised the voice of the ranting women who was now standing directly in front of him. “Hermione!”









They both stared at each other which seemed like hours until they both looked at the person entering the curtain. “Hermione, there you are, I’ve been looking for you for … Malfoy?”






“Potter” Draco spat in disgust which made Hermione confused that he didn’t say her name like that, ‘hold on’ she thought he called me Hermione.






“Come on Hermione, you shouldn’t be in a room with a deatheater” Harry said dragging her out of the cubical. Draco was now alone and after a second for ponder and think about what happened he decided this would be the best time to sneak out of the stupid hospital and pick up his son from school, which he was most likely late for.


Thank you so much for reading. This just a short chapter and i'm hoping for the others to be longer, i'm just testing :D Thank you, please review :D

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