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The Time For Changing by Thepheonixpen
Chapter 5 : The constant grin.
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Wonderful CI made by aconite@TDA :)




Hermione was speechless. What have I done? She thought as she stared at Malfoy, who was gazing curiously at her, waiting for an answer.


What could she say? She had just wiped his memory blank. What could you possibly say to that?

“Malfoy,” Hermione answered hesitantly, “your name is Draco Malfoy? Does that sound familiar?”



A frown line began creasing his usually smooth forehead as he opened and closed his mouth, it seemed like he was testing how the name felt to his tongue.


“Are you sure?” he asked in a timid voice, which made Hermione’s guilt increase exponentially. She forced herself to hold their eye contact, though the confusion swimming through his grey ones was painful enough she nearly looked away.



“Yes, You’re Draco Malfoy, and my name is Hermione Granger,” she answered slowly.


 “Hermione,” he said, looking straight into her. as he spoke “Are we friends Hermione?”



Hermione held back a snort, knowing this wasn’t the best time for jokes. She felt a wave of shock run through her as she realized that for the first time in the seven years she had known Malfoy, he had called her by her first name.



 She decided to replace his question with one of her own.



“Think Draco,” she said, almost unable to say his first name, “Can you remember anything?” She began to reach over to touch his arm, but dropped it almost immediately, remembering who she was speaking with.



Malfoy’s frown line deepened as the frustration on his face grew.



“No. Why can’t I, Hermione? What’s wrong with me? I don’t remember a single thing that happened before I woke up.”




Hermione hesitated. Should she tell him that he was now having an almost civil conversation with the person that had done this to him? The person who he hated and mocked for their entire Hogwarts career?



Just when Hermione was teetering on the edge of not being able to lie, yet desperately trying to avoid the truth, Madam Pince walked in. Her shout of rage had both students cowering under the fierce glare of their Librarian.



What have you done?” she screeched as she pointed a long, crooked finger at the pair.




“You will pay for this, the both of you! You just wait until the headmaster hears about this. And to think the Head Boy and Head Girl - you mark my words, you’ll be out for this, I swear it!”



Fear ran through Hermione. Would she really be kicked out for this? She probably deserved it. Looking at Malfoy now, she knew she should be punished because she didn’t have a clue how to return his memory. She was only good at removing memories. Her parents had ended up being taken to the Ministry's team that dealt with Memories loss because the magic needed to restore them had been too delicate.


Hermione looked back over at Malfoy who seemed to be contemplating something, he then looked at Hermione.



“Hermione,” he said, “who is this mad woman?”



It was only due to the increasing fear that she would be expelled that Hermione hadn’t started laughing at his question. But even the urge was quickly gone when she saw Madam Pince’s face turn a nasty shade of purple.



The glare was focused on Hermione. “What have you done? You stupid child, why doesn’t he recognise me?”


Hermione glanced back at Malfoy, who was just as eager for the answer as the bird-like librarian.


“I…uh…Draco and I got into a little argument, things got out of control,” she answered in a whisper. She felt the shame take over. Even if technically Malfoy was the one that had started this, she didn’t have the heart to blame someone who didn’t remember a thing. And she had instigated his anger in the first place.




“A little argument?” Madam Pince squawked. “A little argument? My library is in ruins and Mr Malfoy here has no recollection of it, and you decide to call it a little argument?”



Hermione didn’t know how to respond. She peered over at Malfoy, watching as he continuously rubbed his temples. He must have felt her gaze, because he then looked up at her and did something that amazed Hermione.


He smiled a gleaming white, innocently flawless smile.


She was stunned, she had never noticed his smile before, perhaps it was because he had never smiled around her before. The best she had ever seen was his famous smirk.


She didn’t have a chance to react before Madam Pince continued her rant.


“Both of you get up! I’m taking you to the Headmistress now!”


Hermione shuffled to her feet at the same time that Malfoy did, this simultaneous movement caused their heads to collide in mid-air.


“Ouch! Malfoy, watch it!” Hermione yelled, rubbing an already forming lump on her forehead.


“I’m so sorry Hermione, did I hurt you?”


Hermione froze. She peered through her bushy hair that had found its way over her eyes at Malfoy.


His face was twisted into a mask of complete concern. What they hell? Hermione thought, he must have seriously lost every ounce of his personality along with his memories.


“Ah...Don’t worry about it Malfoy- er, Draco. It's okay, really, just a little bump, are you okay?”


A smile of relief replaced his worried expression almost immediately.


“I’m fine Hermione, I was just worried that I’d hurt you!”


 Hermione’s jaw dropped once again, but she didn’t have time to ponder this brand new Malfoy because Madam Pince had begun to shove the two of them towards the library entrance.


“Now, both of you, start walking”


Hermione walked quickly behind Madam Pince. Her heartbeat sped up in her chest, the fear that this would most likely be the end of her academic career started taking over. She glanced at Draco who seemed to be in awe of the moving portraits. She felt a twang of jealousy, wishing to be as blissfully unaware of what lie ahead of them



“These are amazing, look at them move!”


Hermione heard his footsteps come to a halt and turned around to see what had slowed him down.


“Hermione! I think I know what I am. I’m a wizard, aren’t I?”


“Yes! Oh are, are you starting to remember?”


He frowned.



“Not exactly. I still can’t remember anything about who I am.. but I feel like I know more about magic, about spells. Hang on.”


Malfoy abruptly pulled out his wand, something Hermione thought was still on the floor of the ruined library.





Suddenly a bunch of white tulips appeared; Malfoy smiled and handed them to Hermione.


“See, I remember,” he remarked with a grin.


Hermione took them slowly, her eyes never leaving Malfoy’s.


“Why?” She asked simply.


“I’m not sure, don’t you like them?”



“They’re beautiful,” Hermione muttered.



“Like you,” Malfoy grinned.


Hermione couldn’t hold in the laughter this time, it was just too much. She let the sound of her own amusement roll from her lips and the flowers Malfoy had just manifested fell to the ground.


 Hermione could here Madam Pince in the distance yelling at them to hurry up, but she couldn’t stop.

That is, until she took a glance at Malfoy. He seemed exceptionally hurt by her outburst. He scooped up the fallen tulips, refusing to look away from the ground.



His pained expression quickly deteriorated her amusement. She took the flowers from Malfoy’s loose grip.



“I’m sorry Dr…Draco, it’s just if you had your memories, you would have never said that in a million years. I understand though, you must be so confused, I’m sorry again for my outburst.”


“Oh,” he whispered. He turned quickly and began to continue down the corridor towards the now fuming Librarian.


Hermione followed, dumb-founded.


Less than ten minutes ago Malfoy had been trying to kill her, and now he was manifesting flowers for her? It was a little too much for Hermione to take in at that very moment. They continued their walk in silence, her mind full of speculations regarding what would happen when they arrived at Professor McGonagall’s office.


The journey ended too soon. As they reached the familiar entrance to the Headmasters office, Madam Pince shrieked the password unity and the gargoyle moved aside, allowing them their entrance onto the spiraling staircase, And to what was probably Hermione’s last moments of Hogwarts.


Arriving at the oak door, Madam Pince tapped briskly on it until a severe sounding voice echoed from the other side.  


“Enter if you will.”


Madam Pince entered first, while Hermione and Malfoy shuffled in slowly behind her.


Professor McGonagall was sitting behind the large, wooden desk in front of a massive pile of parchments. She peered up to her guests, a look of suspicion filling her expression.


“I suspect Madam Pince, our two Heads here have done something wrong, even after I specifically told the both of them to try and get along?”


“You have no idea Headmistress!” Madam Pince snapped, her face changing colours again as she began to pace the office.



“I walk in to find my library in ruins, books everywhere, everywhere! Shelves destroyed, pages burnt all over the place, tables and chairs broken! It’s going to take me hours to clean it all up!”



She didn’t seem to have taken a breath during her tirade considering she was now gulping for air. She peered over at Hermione and Malfoy.


“Oh, and Professor, Mr Malfoy here has lost his memory, All of it! Go on, ask him something.”


This seemed to really perk McGonagall’s interest; she stepped back from her desk and walked around to the front, her eyes on Malfoy who was now standing much too close to Hermione, something that the regular Malfoy would never do. Hermione noticed and moved a little to the right.


“Mr Malfoy?” McGonagall asked hesitantly.


Malfoy grinned at her and walked a few steps closer.



“That’s me! Hermione told me!” he said, never taking the grin off his face.


McGonagall then glared at Hermione, and sighed.



“Explain, Miss Granger. Now!”


Hermione gulped as she struggled to organise the story in her mind.


“Well, Malfoy and I…We…err…sort of fought after we met in the library, curses were thrown, it was a blur, and I kind of accidentally obliterated his memory in the heat of things. It was an accident! I swear Professor, everything will be fine, just fix up Malfoy’s memory, and we can get on with our lives. I’ll even clean the library up.”

Hermione felt herself on the verge of tears, even when she said that everything will be fine, she knew it was not going to be that simple.


She glanced over at Malfoy. He was staring at her, not with anger as she expected, but with sympathy.


He just so clueless she thought. She looked back at McGonagall, waiting for her to start yelling.


“You see Miss Granger, I don’t believe it’s going to be as easy as ‘fixing his memory.’ I’m going to have to begin by examining him first, to get a better look at the damage.”


McGonagall walked over to Malfoy. She pulled out her wand and began muttering spells under her breath with the wand at Malfoy. Draco’s face was paler than usual, but his fidgeting stopped and he remained still.




After about 5 minutes of this, McGonagall sighed and her gaze fell onto Hermione.


“Miss Granger, did you only hit Mr Malfoy here with the obliterate charm? Or was he hit by another?”


Hermione thought back to the fight, and she gasped as she recalled what had happened.


“Err…no actually, at the very moment I hit him with my spell, he chose to use the torture curse and the spells hit each other midair. They seemed to hover together before they both hit Draco.” she answered, the sound of her voice thickening as tears began filling her throat.


“And so what you’re telling me Miss Granger, is that Mr Malfoy was hit by two spells, one of which was his own? Oh dear…This is going to be harder than I anticipated.”


She walked back to her desk and sat down.


“What do you mean professor?” Hermione asked nervously. “Are you saying that I’ve removed his memories for good?”


“Not necessarily, but more than likely, yes. There is a good chance he may never regain his memories. If they ever do return, it will be on their own. There is nothing we can do when spells intertwine like that.”


“Intertwine?” Madam Pince spoke up out of the shadows. “So the two spells, sort of, joined forces or something? Is that what you’re saying, Headmistress?”


“It is quite complex magic, but yes, the two spells may have magnified the loss of Mr Malfoy’s memories.”


Hermione stepped closer to Draco who was looking down at his feet silently, he seemed to have felt her movement and he looked up at Hermione.


“I’m so sorry Draco. I’m so sorry.” she whispered as the first tear began falling.


Hermione’s guilt was insurmountable, even if she did hate Malfoy, she would never wish something like this on anyone. Being the person that caused it was nearly too much to bear.



“Don’t cry Hermione! I feel fine!” He answered with a grin.


Hermione let out an involuntary laugh and couldn’t help but roll her eyes.


He was almost more annoying than he was when he had his memories. Interesting she thought.


McGonagall was still staring intently at Draco, her brow was furrowed.


“Well, I suppose I need to owl St.Mungo’s and see if we can get Mr. Malfoy in a recovery room.”


“Pardon me, Professor?” Hermione heard herself say. She honestly wasn’t sure where she was going with this.


“Miss Granger?”


“Draco hasn’t completely lost his memory, so to speak…”


“What are you talking about, Miss Granger?”


Hermione lifted up her arms, showing the white tulips to the Professor.


“Your point, Miss Granger?” McGonagall asked annoyed.


“These are from Draco. He manifested them after telling me that he knows he’s a wizard.”


McGonagall’s eyes widened, she looked back at Malfoy who was staring around at the portraits.


“Mr Malfoy, is what Miss Granger is saying true? You know that you’re a wizard?”


“Oh yes,” he said matter-of-factly. “That part seems to be coming back to me.”


“Fascinating,” she whispered.


“My point, Professor,” Hermione interjected, “is that he is still capable of learning. In my opinion, his life would be wasted at St.Mungo’s, whereas here he would still be capable of going to classes. Then possibly being in such a familiar environment, wouldn’t that increase his chances of his memories coming back?


Hermione couldn’t believe she was fighting for Malfoy to stay. But deep down the guilt she felt seemed to lessen when she thought of saving him from a life at a hospital.


“Well…I suppose you’re correct, Miss Granger. I wouldn’t want to see Mr Malfoy’s life wasted either. He is, after all, the brightest wizard of his age, as you are the brightest witch. Perhaps we can come to some sort of agreement,”


“Agreement Professor?” Hermione asked. Nothing good can come of this, she thought.


“Yes well, of course we will need to get a Healer here first to assess Mr Malfoy. If it is safe enough for him to remain here I would see to it that you would be with him constantly, a precaution if you will. You wouldn’t have an objection to that would you, Miss Granger? After all you technically are to blame.”




Hermione was speechless. Stuck with Malfoy until his memory returns? This was bad, so terribly bad.


“It would not be much of a difference to how your lives would have played out if Mr Malfoy here had his memories. After all you are the Heads of the school, and I would have required the two of you to be together much of the time anyway.”


“Professor I don’t think…”


“Sounds like a splendid plan to me!”


Hermione looked over to see Draco grinning at her again.


“Draco, you don’t understand, you and I, we don’t…”


“See there Miss Granger, you are the only one opposed to this idea. Think of it like this Miss Granger; you doing this means I will not require numerous months’ worth of detention from you, doesn’t that seem like a good plan?”




Hermione began to feel anger boiling inside of her. She almost felt like Malfoy, if he had had his memories, had planned this.


“Sorry to interrupt,” screeched Madam Pince. “But what about my library? I want justice for my library!”


McGonagall looked over at Madam Pince; Hermione could have sworn she saw irritation in her Professor’s eyes.


“Very well. Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger will be required to clean up their mess once the Healer has been to see Mr. Malfoy. Is that acceptable to you?”


“Yes…I suppose it is, I think I’ll be leaving now, Headmistress. I have damage to assess.” Madam Pince left the office, glaring at Hermione the entire way out.



“Well then, Mr Malfoy, Miss Granger, why don’t you two take a seat while I write to St. Mungo’s.”


Hermione sat down quickly in a squishy, red chair beside the desk, and watched as Malfoy sat quietly in the chair beside hers.






Hermione soon became annoyed at the feeling of Malfoy staring in her direction.


“What are you staring at, Malfoy?” Hermione asked through clenched teeth.


“I’m sorry Hermione, I’m just trying to figure out what I did when I had my memories to make you loathe me so much.”


Hermione glanced at him, he actually looked sad. She sighed.


“Don’t worry about it, Draco. We don't have the time for a story that long.”


“Oh,” he muttered.


He then appeared to start concentrating on something before he looked back over to Hermione with a grin.


“Well, I guess we have all the time in the world now for me to make it up to you, and I promise I will.”


Hermione glanced at his grin. She couldn’t help but smile. Why, she wasn’t sure.


“I doubt that Draco, if you only knew…”


Hermione began to laugh quietly, and she found that she couldn’t stop again. Too much had happened, maybe she was going insane. Her and Draco would make quite the pair. One of them not able to remember a thing, the other constantly laughing.


Hermione heard Malfoy start laughing as well, and peered over to see him. There was no way he could know why she was laughing, but she still enjoyed the sound of his laughter.


Hermione and Malfoy were far too busy laughing to see the smirk increasing on Professor McGonagall’s face, or the words that she muttered.


Unity amongst Houses will strengthen the bonds of friendship, for we are one, and so it will show.


“That it will,” she smirked quietly to herself. “That it will.”



A/N ------------------------

Hey everyone, Thanks for sticking with the story so far, I appreciate it so much!

Anyway, I want to make something about this chapter understood.

Draco, as you would have noticed is an increasingly nice person without his memories, I want it understood that the reason for this is because, without his memoires, Draco is now living without the prejudices of his family; he is now at the core of his soul.

Please leave a review and tell me what you think :)




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