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The Truth by Phelia Fraz
Chapter 10 : Returning to the Manor
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Author's Note: I don't think that I have said this yet so here we go *big breath* "Everything you see is JKRowling/Warnerbrothers the only things that i own are things and or people and places that you dont reconize like minnie." there i said it the horrible truth  that I didn't come up with Draco and or Hermione. Have fun!

Narcissa Malfoy was a woman that lived for her family more than anything else. She had joined Lord Voldemort to prove to Lucius that she really did love him. Narcissa remembers that day sometimes and wonders if it was the right choice. It was worth it to her, but that doesn't always make it right. Being a Malfoy gave her Draco and with her name formerly being Black she was one of the most amazingly connected witches in the wizarding world. She was powerful and strong. She had defied Tom Riddle over the years simply to see her sister Andromeda and Tonks. She really didn't care about blood status. But her only regret for joining would be that she had introduced her sister to Tom.

Nobody could have known that Bellatrix would have gone so insane. She wasn't very good in school growing up. She was picked on a bit when Narcissa and Andromeda weren't around. Those damn Mauraders. Though Bella was a couple of years older they were still cruel to her. But then Cissa had brought her to the Dark Lord. Bella excelled in one curse above any that he could teach her. The Cructaiuos Curse. And she loved to use it.

Bella then grew to idealize Tom's ideas because he introduced her to this power. Bella became so obsessed that even Tom grew to fear what she might one day do. This is why Bella didn't get to have a part in his small group meetings like the one they were getting ready to leave for. Once again Hermione was coming over.

Draco wasn't sure if he wanted to see Hermione again. Just last week that had fought at her parents funeral. Both would be returning to school tomorrow. He was surprised to hear that Hermione would have choosen Snape over Minerva. Though his Godfather was cool in his own way he wasn't the most sympathetic person. Adding to that Harry potter hated him. Draco couldn't wait to see their faces tomorrow when the three of them arrived together at the school. Since Snape was his Godfather he had a room within Snapes as well as his dorm. He wondered if Hermione would chose to keep two rooms as well. There were so many times when he would stay with the professor like right after they were sent into the forest in first year. Well it was time to go back inside. They would be here soon and he knew that he had rules to obey.

Hermione was confused. Severus said that he had a meeting tonight and she once again needed to stay with Draco. "Why?" she had asked. He looked at her confused. "Severus, I can stay with Jane." he had allowed that she could, but Jane had somewhere to be. He also said that he would feel better if she was left with someplace where she would be proteced by magic. When she had asked about that, and how they were able to apparate to her home and back she was informed that Draco had a special sheild around him. Blocking the Ministry from knowing about his magic. And Lucius had to pay a great deal out of his pocket to keep her out of trouble. She wondered if this meant Severus owed him anything, and she inturn owed Severus anything. He had told her no. She was beginning to realize that what Severus had told her was true. They cared for each other, and as his ward they would care for her as his child. For the first time in a week she was beginning to feel better about choosing him. She decided to get ready they were leaving within the hour, and staying at the Manor until they returned to the school on the next day.

Tom Riddle was estatic. While Albus may have believed that he didn't know what love was in truth he did. He was love's servant when it came to Minnie. Minnie was the most attractive woman that he had ever met. She was everything that kept him trying to comeback. She had taught him more about the Dark Arts than he even knew was possible. Sure he ran an army that killed and tortured, but that doesn't mean he feels no love. The fact that he knows what love is, and loves many of his small most trusted circle, he will not allow for the Parkinsons to petition for Draco as Pansy's husband. Never would he force her on anyone. Besides Draco and Hermione seemed to be getting along. Perhaps he should bring that up with Minnie?

Bellatrix knew that the Dark Lord had been searching for his wife and unborn child, and this didn't make her happy. She remembered what a beauty Minnie looked like and she hated her. Minnie got the Dark Lord. Minnie was the one who carried his child. Bella had offered many times since the Dark Lord had returned to carry a baby, a heir of his. He had always said no. He had one out there, and he didn't need one from her. Maybe she would go and see Cissa tonight. Yeah that sounded like a good idea she could always use a dinner with her sister.

Draco was waiting once again with his parents outside the Manor when Severus and Hermione showed up. This time Hermione didn't draw her wand. She simply walked like she knew where she was going, what was happening, and like she belonged here. 'Well,' he thought, 'at least I won't have to deal with her smartarse mouth this time.' Draco was sure she was only so harsh because they were at her parents funeral. His stomach was telling him it was time for dinner. He hoped that she hadn't eaten yet because it was considered rude to eat infront of others. But he would do it if he had to, a mans got to eat.

Hermione didn't feel quite as at home as she betrayed, but felt like she needed to act as if she belonged here. From what Severus had said she would be spending a lot more time with Draco and his parents. Also she still felt weird about Lucius protecting her from the Ministry.

Narcissa decided that Hermione was family enough to hug. She was surprised when Hermione returned the hug after a moment of hesitation. Though Hermione still did pull back from the hug first. Narcissa saw this as a reason to hope that Hermione might one day be able to take her place with them. Cissa knew that Tom would be devastated if his own daughter knowingly fought him. Tom would lose his mind. It would be worse than when he went off after the Potters. He would go after every member of the Order starting with Harry. He finaly would kill Dumbledore. Narcissa couldn't really understand why Tom wanted this fight to continue. She knew that he had the power, and the means. But for some reason he wouldn't finish the Order off. She felt like Tom needed the Order around. Whats life without a challenge?

Draco and Hermione watched as the adults left them. Hermione was a bit afraid for Severus, but Draco wasn't. He told her that this wasn't a big meeting. Just a couple of the trusted circle. He told her they were discussing Voldemorts daughter. "But I thought that they didn't know the sex.?"

"Hermione they found her. And they found her mother Minnie. Turns out that she wasn't as far away as we all thought."

"Oh. Do you know her then?"

"No. Not really. But I will. One day."

"Hmm. Whats her name?"

"Why are you going to go back and tell your Order? if you think that I would betray the Dark Lord then you are serisouly mistaken."

"I want to be hurt that you think that I would betray you like that. But I am pretty sure that you are right. Though I wouldn't see it like I was betraying you I would tell them. I believe we should find something different to talk about."

"Fine." With this Draco turned and walked inside.

"Draco please don't be mad at me. The Order are my family and my friends. Harry needs to know everything that I can tell him to keep him safe."

"Why is that your job? Hermione we are all only teens. Surely no one expects him to save us. Besides he can't save the world from the Dark Lord. No one thinks that he can."

"But the prophecy..."

"Hermione that prophecy means nothing to us. We don't believe in it. The only reason that Tom put so much effort into it was so Albus would believe it. I mean do you really think that hot headed Harry could defeat the worlds strongest wizard?"

"He isn't. Albus Dumbledore is the worlds best wizards. Even your Dark Lord fears him."

"Okay, well we aren't going to agree now are we? I think that we should just go and have our dinner. You haven't eaten have you?"

"No. I was about to ask you where the kitchens were before we started to fight."

"Well off we go. We will be eating a bit early tonight. But you wouldn't know the difference now would you?"

As they sat down to eat Hermione could barely contain herself. She had to ask about his sheild.

"How does it work? How did you get it?"

"Well I guess it blocks all magical tracking devices. Except of my parents. You see my parents will always know when I do magic until I turn of age. Also it cancels out the revealo speel. When an auror or professor trys to find out what my recent spells are the only ones that he can find are the light spell and the brushing teeth spell. This also doesn't work with my parents. I got it from my parents. No they didn't buy it, and yes it is a bit of well dark magic. You see they thought to keep me safe if they were captured, and they wanted to teach me magic at a young age. So my father had Severus help him find this certain spell. I don't know what its called. And of course no you can't not use it as well because your parents would have to cast it over you."

When Draco realized what he had said he looked up from his plate. What he saw made him want to rush over and comfort her. Hermione had dropped her knife and fork. She was already crying silent tears. Draco almost said something about how girls always cry when he remembered that this was Hermione granger and he had never seen her cry before. He got up and went to her side. He had just pulled back her chair and put his arms around her when he felt his neck hair rise. Out of instinct he threw up a sheild and spun around to stun the person behind him. It was his aunt.

Draco grabbed Hermione and they ran. He wasn't a bad stunner but Bellatrix never stayed down for more than a half minute. They heard her throwing hexes after them and yelling mudblood at the top of her lungs. She was also throwing in there blood traitor as well. She had put her husband put back in Azkaban. That little slut had no right to be in Malfoy Manor with Draco's arms around her.

Hermione was livid. She knew that she couldn't even defend herself because draco wasn't letting her have a spare second to get to her wand. He was dragging her through the Manor and from the looks of it to his room, all the while he was sending curses behind his back. None of them hitting of course because he wasn't taking the time to aim. Once they reached his bedroom door he wareded it so severly that only one of a malfoy bloodline could enter. Hermione asked if his mom would be able to come in simply because she had never heard of this ward before. Draco informed her no. Blood doesn't reconize marriage.

They could hear Bellatrix shouting on the otherside of the door for the better part of a hour and a half before she became quiet. Draco refused to go out and look to see if she was still outside the door though because he knew that she was still in the house. He convinced Hermione that they would be safer waiting here and that yes they could call Severus and his parents home, but that would also bring the Dark Lord. Yes his parents will be able to tell that he has used magic but they won't be watching him tonight because they trust he wouldn't be stupid enough to take her anywhere. So eventualy he was able to have Hermione shower in his bathroom and put on some of his clothes to sleep in.

Hermione felt safe with Draco even though that crazy bitch was still in the house. She knew that she would be spending a lot of time with crazy people just like her so Bellatrix didn't bother her. But she couldn't wait until Severus came home and killed that bitch. Hermione was imagining how he would do it when Draco came out dressed for bed. She didn't take him for the type to wear a shirt and pants but he was wearing a silver and emerald matching set.

"Do you mind if we both sleep in the bed? It's big enough and I am wearing clothes see?"

"yeah its fine. Harry and I shared a bed last year at headquarters because I was terrified of the house elf there. Kreacher. But I got over it after he told me he wouldn't let it hurt me."

"This from the founder and sole member of S.P.E.W.?"

"Hey that elf hated me."

"Sure Hermione thats what we all say when we need a reason to cuddle. Killer Elf on the loose!" They both laughed about it for a while until Hermione started to yawn. They climbed into Draco's four poster king sized bed and tryed to fall asleep.

"Draco are you awake?" Hermione asked 15 minutes later.

"Well I am now."

"Draco what are we going to do?"


"No I mean tomorrow. Once we get back to school. Harry and Ron will be mad enough that I kept Severus, but they won't understand my talking to you."

"Well then I guess that we won't talk in public. We can talk at Severus's. I have a room there you know. As well as my dorm I mean.'

"Oh. I hadn't even thought of living arrangements. I guess that I will do the same thing. It must have been nice having a place to escape to away from the rest of the students."

"Yeah it is. Now Hermione sleep."

They were both awoken by a pissed off looking Lucius. "Get up and leave this room right now. You have a hell of a lot of explaining to do."

Once outside Hermione saw Severus looking extremely pissed off and Narcissa looked really worried. Narcissa came foward for hermione's hand and led her downstairs to the main living room. The room was much more comfortable than she would have imagined. The chairs were big and the couches were large. And not leather. This was obviously not the room that they entertained in. In the cournor of the room was sitting a man who looked conteplative. And a lovely woman was standing beside him. They were holding hands.

Draco came down a good fifteen minutes later, and he looked a little annoyed. Lucius walked to the couple in the cornor and apparently told them something that made the man very angry. As soon as Lucius finished the story the man looked at the woman and nodded. She then dissapparated. Severus held his hand out for Hermione and together they walked forward. Hermione was not sure who this man was but she was sure that everyone here respected him. Not feared him.

"Tom, this is Hermione Granger."

"Thank you Severus. Miss. Granger it is so nice to finally meet you."

"I wish that I could say the same sir, but I have no idea who you are."

"Yes of course. You wouldn't would you? My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle but I am often known as..."

"Lord Voldemort."

"Well I was going to say You-know-who, but I prefer that one better."

"What do you want with me?"
"Just to meet you as of now. You will be atteneding many functions soon and I wanted you to be able to feel at ease with me. After all no one likes to have people uncomfortable at balls now do we?"

"Well then we have met. Now may I leave?"

"No. You see something has just come up that we must see to. Since it has to do with you and young Mister Malfoy you both must stay. After all you were both caught in a compromising position and we must make sure your story matches the one that we will get from dear old Bella." At that moment the woman apparated in with Bellatrix. The latter looked pissed off.

"You could have just summoned me my Lord. Minnie needn't have bothered herself looking for me."

"Oh it wasn't a bother at all bitch." This caught Bella's attention Minnie was never out right rude to anyone.

"We need you to do us a favor Bella. We need to know what happened here at the house tonight.'

"Nothing my lord. You can look into my mind if you wish."

"We both know that you have been able to fool me for quite sometime now Bella. I believe that we will let Minnie extract the information from you."

Hermione could do nothing but stand still and watch as bella crumpled to the floor in pain. Minnie didn't look to have even moved her wand. Then suddenly the room grew dark and in the middle everyone could see the events from Bella's mind appear in the middle or the room. By the time we got behind the door Minnie must have decided that she was done because the room lit up again. Bella was still on the floor laboring to breath.

"Not only did you attempt to harm Severus's charge you also went after Lucius and Narcissa's son. You forced them into a compromising position as well. Bella you know that I will miss you once they are done with you." Once he said this both he and Minnie left.

Severus looked at Lucius as Narcissa placed anit-apparation charms in the air. They knew that they had just been order to kill Bellatrix by Hermione's own father. Of course Hermione wouldn't know this but still she would think that this means that Tom does except her as Severus's ward.

"Draco," Narcissa turned to him and Hermione, "Why don't you take Hermione back up to your room. The both of you are in desperate need of sleep. Oh and please put up some silencing wards. Sends us word when you get up there."

Draco grabbed hermione's hand and dragged up up the stairs. "Draco, what are they going to do to her?"

"Kill her."


"Because she would have killed us if she had half a chance."

"But why kill her? can't they find some other way to punish her? I mean that she wasn't going to hurt you just me. And well I'm just a mudblood."

"No Hermione you aren't. More than likely you are at least a halfblood, but none of that matters. You are for the most part Severus's daughter and I am their son. That bitch will die tonight." they had just reached his room and gotten inside when Draco sent his patronus down and silenced the room. Hermione was amazed to see the silver dragon shoot from Draco's wand.

Hermione found it hard to sleep that night, but when she woke up in the morning Draco was holding her in his sleep. She imagined that she must have cried out during the night, and he fell asleep trying to comfort her. The sun was just coming up and when she moved Draco also woke up. "Well guess we better get ready for school."




Sorry but its really late and I didn't have time to run the spell check.

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