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Innocent by scarlettandgold
Chapter 7 : "Friendship"
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A/N: Hello again! I just want to say a quick thank you to you for reading and to Laura (tangledconstellations) for all her amazing critique and help. She's such a lovely person and an amazing writer, go check her out! Anywho, I hope you enjoyyy! 


“Draco, what are you holding?” I asked, wrinkling my nose at the horrible paisley printed onesie he was holding up. Here we were, in a muggle baby clothing store, shopping for our baby boy. We wouldn’t be caught dead in a Wizarding baby clothing store, of course because then there would be plenty of awkward questions. (You know, because my life isn’t awkward enough already) 


“What? There’s nothing wrong with it!” he replied defiantly.


“Yes, there’s plenty wrong with it. I am not letting my son be caught dead in that,” I laughed. 


“Hater,” he replied childishly. 


“No, I’m simply guiding you in the right direction. Keep in mind we’re buying for our son here, not daughter.”


“Yes, well, clothing is clothing,” he replied. I simply smiled back. We had fallen into a sort of comfortable lets-make-this-having-a-kid-together-thing-the-least-awkward-it-can-be stage. Yes, we were friends and no, I didn’t mind. I was slowly getting over the fact that my heart sped up when he was around and told my hormones to bugger off. 


“See, this is what you want to aim for, alright?” I said, holding up an adorable green onesie complete with little booties and a hat. It was all so small, it was hard to imagine that my baby would be so small as well. 


“Yeah, yeah,” he said, rolling his eyes. 


“Draco Malfoy, are you giving me attitude?” I said, feigning anger. 


“Maybe I am?” he teased back, “You don’t scare me.” 


I stuck my tongue out at him, “I can be scary if I want to be!” I protested. 


“Mhh, I believe you,” he replied sarcastically, “At this rate, our kids gonna be the most spoiled brat in the whole United Kingdom.”


“Only because his Daddy is actually a big softie.”


“Or because his Mum is the least scary witch to ever walk this continent?”


“I hate you,” I fake glared back at him. He just smirked in reply and went back to picking out outfits. 


“Ey, your kid’s hungry,” I declared as we walked out of the store 20 minutes later. 


“No need to be a pig yourself and blame it on my son,” he grinned at me. I punched him playfully on the arm. 


“Seriously! I don’t usually eat this much, I swear!” 


“Riiiight. Obviously that’s a lie,” he motioned to what I was wearing. Okay, so I had started wearing clothes that were more on the... baggy side. They were comfortable! Don’t judge me! 


“Whatever. I’m beyond caring what you think. I want fish and chips!” I demanded. We scouted out a restaurant and Draco watched amusedly as I scarfed down the food.


“What? Have you never seen a pregnant witch eat?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. 


He shook his head, “Not a pregnant witch that was also a fatty like you,”


“Fatty? My feelings are hurt,” I frowned. 


He just smiled at me again. “But really, how are you?” he asked kindly. Just friends, just friends I repeated to myself, he only cares about how his kid is doing.


“Do you want the reply I’m supposed to give you or the real one?” I asked, sipping my drink. 


“The real one, obviously.” 


“Let’s see.... Every morning, I wake up with an overwhelming urge to puke up my insides, half the time I’m insanely hungry and the other half just the smell of food makes me want to puke again, my mood changes faster than flipping through channels on the muggle telly, my sister hates me for being an ungrateful, selfish brat, my mother hates me for pretty much the same reason, and my father probably hates me for making my mum and sister upset, and I’m shit scared that I’m going to be the worst mother in the history of bad mums” I finished, overwhelmed. 


“Daphne’s mad at you?” he asked. Really, that was all he had gotten out of my epic rant? 


“Yeah. Your mum didn’t tell you?” He shook his head. “It was while we picking out napkins. Or maybe it was tablecloths. Something absolutely irrelevant and she decided that was the opportune time to blow up at me and basically tell me how immature I was,” I shrugged. 


“That’s pretty bad,” he replied, frowning. 


“It’s fine, really. It’s just sounds really bad when I say it all at once. I’m dealing. Again, I blame the hormones,” I said. 


He made a face. “Astoria, I’ve been thinking....”




“I feel bad that you’re going through all this pregnancy stuff without me. I mean, this kid is my kid too, yeah, but I got off the easy end.”


I shrugged. It was true but what was he getting at? 


“I think it would be easier on you if we.... moved in together,” he said finally. 


I’m sure my face contorted into an extremely unattractive shocked expression. Move in together? Woah there. 


“Not like that,” he said rushedly, his face flushing, “Just like... dealing with the morning sickness,  the mood swings, et cetera might be easier together?”


“That’s really nice of you, Draco, but trust me, you don’t want to deal with me 24/7,” I sighed. 


“We’d have to do it at some point or another, right? We can’t raise a baby together in two different homes,” he pointed out. 


I could see where he was coming from. And I couldn’t deny that moving in together would make my everyday life so much easier. It was, after all, 50% his fault I was in this crap situation to begin with. “I’ll think about it, alright?” I promised him. This whole situation was getting more and more complicated by the day. 




“Move in together? Damn, that boy moves fast!” Chay commented after I’d finished telling her about Draco’s proposal. 


“Well obviously,” I muttered, looking down at my stomach. I still wasn’t showing, but my stomach was looking a little... rounder than usual. 


“So what’re you gonna do?” she asked, her eyes glimmering with excitement. Well of course this was all fine and dandy for her, she wasn’t the one carrying around a kid. 


I shrugged. “That’ll make things so... awkward.”


“Tori, you are the queen of awkward. Whatever you do will be awkward,” she pointed out oh-so kindly, “Besides, he has a point. Why should you go through this crap by yourself? I’m sure he was just as active as you were in creating the kid,” she winked. 


“Ew. Please, there’s no need to discuss my sex life like that.”


“Really now? Your sex life? You have no sex life. Actually, you have the most unfortunate sex life I have ever encountered. Haha,” she snickered. Why was I friends with her?


“Speaking of sex life, who was the bloke you were flirting away with at the party?’ I asked, pointedly changing the subject away from my nonexistent sex life. 


“Some cousin of Draco’s from his Dad’s side,” she shrugged, “He wasn’t bad. I might see him again, who knows?” she shrugged. I rolled my eyes. Of course she would treat men like they were candy in the store. Men were tripping over themselves trying to get her attention and she was, for the most part, uninterested. 


“You’re such a bitch,” I told her, shaking my head. 


“And you’re a pregnant bitch,” she shrugged. Yes, that I was. 




Life around the house was uncomfortable, to say the least. My mother spoke to me only when necessary, Daphne was ignoring me, and my father went around pretending nothing was wrong. I spent my time in my room, mostly, flipping through some pregnancy and parenting magazines my mother had brought me. My favorite part were the FAQs. People asked the most ridiculous questions. “My child has a tendency to eat his/her own boogies, how do I stop this?” Haha. And the rest of the magazines just freaked me out. A lot. 


“Tor?” I heard a voice say. I looked up to see my sister standing at the door, her face wet with what I assumed to be tears. 


“Daph? What’s wrong?” I got up off the bed and walked over to where she was standing and wrapped my arms around her. She leaned into me, resting her head on my shoulder as more quiet sobs wracked her body. 


“I’m so sorry, Tor,” she sobbed against me. 


“For what?” I asked, rubbing her back gently. 


“You know what for. For being so mean and rude to you. I didn’t mean those things I said. I was just annoyed with you because everything suddenly became about you and you didn’t even seem to care! It was wrong of me. I’m sorry, I felt left out and I guess it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that you’re going to get married and be a Mum,” she said. 


“Daph, don’t be silly, there’s no need to apologize. I have been a bitch, it’s the truth. I love you,” I said, smiling at her. 


“I love you too,” she replied, returning the smile,“Oh, Tor, it’s terrible not having you to talk to,” 


“Oh, I know. I quite enjoy talking to myself as well. I do it all the time!” I replied, grinning at her in attempt to lighten the mood. She didn’t smile. I studied her face again, “What’s wrong? Something else is wrong, isn’t it?” 


She shook her head at first. I looked at her, unconvinced. She sighed, looking down at her lap. “David and I got in a fight.”


“Over what?” 


“Stupid stuff. He said I wasn’t paying enough attention to him. He said I was too wrapped up in our family stuff to give him time....” her voice broke again.


“Oh Daph, I’m so sorry,” I rubbed her arm soothingly. Was it bad to say I was completely uncomfortable being the one who was soothing and not being soothed? This was an alien task for me. “Wait, did he break up with you?”


She shook her head, “We decided to take a break for a bit,” she shrugged. 


“It’s alright. It’ll work out. You two love each other so much it’s a little gross to watch,” I teased her. She did not look amused, “What I mean is.... you two are meant for each other.” I said finally This comforting thing was so awkward and difficult. 


“I hope so. Everything’s so complicated,” she sighed. 


“You’re telling me?” 


“At least you know your fiancee isn’t going to leave you....”


“Only because he doesn’t really have a choice,” I shrugged. 


“He does care about you, you know,” she said quietly. 


“He doesn’t care about me,” I shook my head, “He cares about the baby, that’s all. And I happen to be carrying the baby, so he has to make sure I’m somewhat alright.”


She shook her head. “He wouldn’t want you to move in with him unless he really cared about you and making your life easier.”


“What, how do you know?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. 


“He came and told me.”


“He came and talked to you?”


“Yes,” she nodded, “Actually, he’s the one that talked some sense into me. He told me about how upset you were after our.... fight, and wanted to reconcile us.”


I was quite shocked. Draco had done that.... for me? 


“And I think you should do it. He’s not a bad person, Tor, he really does want to make everything go as smooth as possible,” she said. 


“I guess. I’ll see,” I shrugged. 




“Do you want to see a muggle movie?” I asked Draco as we walked along Diagon Alley, on our second set-up date. But now that we had mutually agreed to be “friends” we were both quite enjoying ourselves. 


I had my arms wrapped around his waist as we walked and he had his arm slug casually around my shoulder. Yep, we were playing the part of a young couple in love quite well, I thought. 


“A muggle movie?” he repeated, raising his eyebrows. 


“Yes, a muggle move. They’re not all that bad!” I said. 


“Well, no. They’re not. I’ve seen a few,” he shrugged. 


“Ooh, which ones?” I asked excitedly. 


“Err once when I was a kid, one of my nannies was sort of muggle obsessed. She didn’t stay long, obviously, when Dad found out. But we watched that one movie... about lions... and some circle of life thing...”


“The Lion King?” I asked excitedly. 


“Yeah, that’s the one!” 


“That’s basically the greatest movie ever made. How are you not more enthusiastic about this?” I asked bluntly. Seriously, Daph and I were convinced that The Lion King was a magical creation when we were younger. We had even gone to the muggle shop and bought matching Simba stuffed animals after watching. 


He shrugged, “And I’ve also seen that one... about the sinking ship....”


I laughed, “You mean Titanic? Basically the biggest and most popular movie of all time?”


“I found it sort of boring, to be honest. And unrealistic.”


“It’s one of the greatest love stories ever invented!” I cried in protest, “A working boy falling in love with and eventually dying for the woman he loves?” 


“Yes, that’s all very good, but it’s not very practical. Love doesn’t happen like that,” he replied. 


“If you’re lucky it does,” I shrugged, “Anyways, I think the new James Bond movie is out, let’s go see it!” I said happily. 


“James what?” 


“You haven’t heard of James Bond? Do you live under a rock,” I frowned at him. 


“No, but I do have a father who hates anything muggle.”


“Right. James Bond is the single greatest crime busting agent ever. It’s amazing,” I assured him. 


“You’re so weird,” he shook his head, grinning at me mildly amusedly. 




“You get so exciting by things. Like small things that most people don’t care about. Like movies. And clothes. It’s sort of cute,” he smirked. 


“I’m not cute!” I protested, “Cute is for babies.” I stuck my tongue out at him, disproving my point in the process. 


“Mmmh,” was his sarcastic reply. 




A/N: Yeah, short, filler-ish chapter. Sorry! I promise LOTS will happen in the next chapter. But still, what did you guys think of the return of Chay after a few chapters? And sort of gag-worthy cute Draco/Astoria interaction? Let me know in a review! Thanks so much! 


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