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A Witch Named Bellatrix by nitenel
Chapter 11 : Into The Mists
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Author’s Note: Soooo… This used to be chapter one of the sequel… And now it’s chapter eleven of this one… I decided to combine the two together.

Bella appeared with a pop into a dark forest. She was alone. The stillness of the air enveloped her as she took a tentative step forward.

All of a sudden she felt hatred at Voldemort and Dumbledore for changing the order of things. Just a week ago, she was spending time with her sister, Narcissa.

Sighing, she started gathering sticks and pieces of bark to make a fire. When she had finished gathering them she pointed her wand at it and it burst into flames.

Bella had no idea what time it was. She had lost track of time deep in the heart of the ministry.

The Ministry! A flood of images went through her mind. Her stunning her husband, Sirius’s body falling into the veil, Potter convulsing on the ground – Potter!

She felt a wave of sympathy towards the boy. He had lost his godfather, the closest thing he had to family. She regretted taunting him before.

Bella sat down next to the fire, lost in her thoughts. She must apologize to the Longbottom boy. She had spent many sleepless nights thinking of that night years ago. But recently she had started having them again.

She didn’t really remember much of that night. Narcissa said that it had changed her. The years in Azkaban didn’t help much either.

It was true though that she didn’t remember much. It was odd though; it really wasn’t her thing to torture people into insanity. She usually tortured people until she got an answer and then would kill them. Torturing people into insanity was wasteful.

“It was like – no,” Bella said to herself, “like someone put the Imperius Curse on her!”

She pushed the thought to the side, but it still nagged at her. Shifting slightly to get more comfortable she cast her mind to less depressing thoughts. When would Dumbledore collect her? Soon, she hoped.

Does Voldemort have Death Eaters looking for her? Bella jumped up and put protective charms around the area.

When the deed was done she started shot a hex at a tree and made it fall down. She gouged out a large hole in it and fashioned a bed for herself.

She conjured some blankets and a pillow and set them on her “bed.” She laid down on it and soon fell asleep.

Bella didn’t sleep soundly though. She was haunted by nighmares all through the night.

Bellatrix walked into the large kitchen of Malfoy Manor. Rodolphus was waiting for her. He looked anxious and upset.

“The Dark Lord is gone.”

Bellatrix was stricken and stammered, “What – How? When?”

“He disappeared at the Potter’s House. Last night.”

“The war is over,” she whispered.

“NO! It’s not!” Rodoplphus yelled, “The Longbottoms know where he is!”

“Rod, that’s madness… He’s g – gone…” she said sadly.

“No,” he said again, his eyes shining, “Barty, Rabastan, and I will find out his location from the Longbottoms! We will be heroes! Come with us!”

“N – No…” she said.

“IMPERIO!” Rodolphus bellowed.

Bella woke up with a start and sat up. Her brow was covered with a sweat. She had been imperiused.

She lied back down, thinking. She was innocent! Well at least of the Longbottom’s insanity.

But this had been her worst crime. She must somehow tell Dumbledore. But how though?

She then remembered that she had seen Order members sending Patronus messages. But no Death Eater had ever been capable of producing a Patronus Charm.

She tried to think of a happy thought. Narcissa was a happy thought. “Expecto Patronum!”

Silver vapor appeared from the tip of her wand. Not happy enough. This time she thought of when she was young. She was playing with Andromeda and Narcissa. “Expecto Patronum!”

A silver falcon shot out of the end of her wand. It turned to her and cocked its head. “Innocent. Make contact soon. Doing fine.”

The falcon nodded and flew up into the air where it popped out of existence. Bella watched it until the very end.

She lied back down and tried to fall back asleep. Soon, she was ware of a silver light approaching. It was a phoenix Patronus. Quickly, she sat up.

In Dumbledore’s voice it said, “Can’t come. Death Eaters around your position. Don’t use magic. They have Magic Detectors. Stay safe. Do not respond.”

Bellatrix groaned. No magic! It was going to be a long exile, she thought as she lied back down and fell asleep.

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A Witch Named Bellatrix: Into The Mists


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