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I Will Carry Through It All by KatDaniels
Chapter 3 : The Mistress
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“Hey, Draco, wait up,” Blaise called and I slowed down, though I did not stop. As he caught up with me, he placed a hand on my shoulder and I looked up from my Transfiguration book to cock an eyebrow at him. “Sleeping in, are we, Blaise?” I grinned, closing my book, hearing a little “poff” as the pages collided together. I had a feeling had my book not been newly bought but instead been an old copy, there'd be dust flying everywhere.

Blaise shrugged, looking behind us. I guessed he didn't find anything particularly exciting as he turned forward and shoved his hands into the pockets of his trousers.

“Done your homework, Mr Perfect?” Blaise asked, staring blankly in front of himself.

“Of course,” I answered, knowing I probably wouldn't have to. We both knew I always did my homework – one of the better reasons why he'd nicknamed me “Mr. Perfect”.

“And you, Mr. Sloppy? You done yours?”

“Of course not,” Blaise sniggered.

I believe I will not even need to explain why I had nicknamed him Mr. Sloppy. It pretty much explains itself – if you own something called an imagination, and a bit of common sense.

As we closed in on the Great Hall, Blaise cleared his throat and knowing him, that meant he thought I had something I should tell him. Lifting my head, I gave him a piercing glance.

I said, “What?”

“Heard you and Ms. Perfect hooked up last night – on the grounds,” Blaise said and I gave a nonchalant shrug. He was right, of course. However I'd decided to not bring up the part where Professor Snape himself had caught us red handed.

“Mate! Sex outdoors? How's it like?”

I snorted a laugh, shaking my head at his stupidity. “It's like sex indoors, except you might get a branch in your back or ants crawling on your body.”

Laughing, Blaise said, “You had ants over your bodies?”

“No, Blaise. We're of the smarter people. We used magic.” I placed my books under my arm as I shoved my hands into my pockets. “Now shut up,” I said and I could hear Blaise's soft laugh close to my ear.

“I don't want to have Leonie hear us discuss this matter.”

“'Cause she might dump you? Get something better?” Blaise suggested, straightening his spine. I couldn't help but laugh at his “discreet” suggestion that he was so higher above me. “Trust me, she's not leaving me for a lower class.”

“Hey! I'm not lower class!” Blaise cried, but I sped up, entering the Great Hall, heading towards the Slytherin table.

As I made my way between the row of students and the cold surface of the stonewalls, I kept my eyes on the blonde hair that came closer and closer until I sat down next to the person it belonged to. “Good morning,” I said as I pressed my lips against the smooth skin of her cheek. I then brushed my lips over the surface of her skin along her jaw, then to her ear before I nibbled on her earlobe. I stroke a hand down the side of her body, following her natural and perfect curves.

In a husky voice I whispered, “I can still feel the heat of your sweaty, naked body pressed against mine.”

I knew I'd make her smile as I felt her cheek lift slightly. She placed her hand on my chest, pushing me away slightly. “Now, now, Draco. You need breakfast,” she said softly while sending me a knowing look.

I smiled as I grabbed some toast, slowly buttering it.

I had enjoyed last night more than I thought I would – which only made me feel guiltier about the fact that I was cheating on her.

Realising my thinking path, I quickly pushed the thought to the back of my mind and concentrated on making my breakfast. The sooner I could head to class, the better.



Whoever said we’ve got to be educated in history of magic, should have their throat burn and their tongue cut out. It's ridiculous! When will I ever be in the need of that bullshit? I'll tell you; NEVER.

Sitting there, listening to Professor Binns' drawling voice could have anyone fall asleep instantly. He's not exactly very clever either, considering he still doesn't know he's dead. I mean, how is that even possible?

“Mr Malfoy!”

Hearing my name being shouted as if it was some curse word, I looked up from my hands and arched a perfect eyebrow his way. “What?” I spat – I was in a mood, so I didn't feel like being polite. I had to smirk. He looked truly offended.

“I do not appreciate that tone, young man!” Professor Binns accused and I rolled my eyes.

“Professor Binns, sir.” Leonie spoke up and I turned my head lazily to watch her. “You did not even ask a question. You simply shouted out his name, just because you do not like him,” she said, her tone that of a lawyer. Hm, maybe she should take a muggle profession? She seemed to find them interesting, so she could always back up the story of a murderer or two. Probably win. Maybe use magic to get her way – I do see her do that, yes.

“No, he may not have been paying attention, though nor am I. Nor is anyone else is this room, well probably except the – Gryffindor, in the front row. So really you should have called out every name in this classroom. And please, next time, lower down on the despise. It's easily spotted in the tone of your voice, professor. And I do not appreciate that tone.”

Her face was stern, her eyes piercing. Even the ghost professor seemed uneasy as the eyes of his students changed from Leonie to him.

“Class dismissed,” he announced, his voice a pitch higher than usual – he knew he'd been humiliated.

As students started to leave, I turned to my girlfriend. Before she had the chance to leave, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer. “Ever considered becoming a lawyer, Leonie?”

“Not a very magicalish profession, so no. I haven't. Why?” She shoved her books into her rucksack before looking up at me with deep brown eyes.

“Because that was wicked,” I grinned and bent down to kiss her.

I could feel as though two circles were burned into my back – I was being stared at.

As I pulled back, I saw brown, wavy hair and a Gryffindor uniform disappear out the door. Ignoring it, I placed a hand on the lower part of Leonie's back.

“Come on, we've got Divination,” I said in a flat voice and together, we walked towards the classroom where Trelawney would keep making up ridiculous sayings and other things I really couldn't be bothered to listen to.

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I Will Carry Through It All: The Mistress


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