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The Domino Effect by Dallandra LeFay
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

In the days following Hogsmeade I was getting a lot of glares from the girls, not only the ones in Gryffindor but everyone! It was a little off-putting; I wasn't used to the attention.

When Sirius and I came back from Hogsmeade, we both got a lot of stares from the students.  Everything was fairly quiet until James announced, "Finally!" everyone started muttering and I went red.  When I looked at Sirius he was red too.

"When did this happen?" Lily had asked.

I had tried to tell her but with all the glares and the now deathly silence in the Great Hall, I froze.  I couldn't say anything, not with everyone listening.  My friends seemed to pick up on that and, thankfully changed the subject.

Things had settled since then.  People were still talking about us; they would be for a while at least.

I was currently sitting in the common room with my friends; Lily was in conversation with Emily whilst Peter was staring longinly at her, I was leaning into Sirius who had his arm around me and was discussing Quidditch with James and Penny and Remus were awkwardly trying not to look at each other.  Things were peace full.

"We should get going, Pads." James said.

"Yeah we should." He said, glancing over to Remus and Peter, who both nodded.

"Where are you going?" I asked, as they all stood up.

"We' to do some, you know, Marauder stuff." Sirius said, looking at the others for help.

"Yeah, Marauder stuff.  Top Secret." James added.

Lily looked peeved and stood up so that she was eye level with James.  "You best not be going and getting into trouble! It's past curfew?!"

"Relax, Lily darling.  We aren't doing anything wrong, and we won't get caught." James said cooly.

Lily huffed but didn't stop the guys when they left. "Boys!" She picked up her things and announced that she was going to bed. Emily gave a small nod and followed her.

"Shouldn't you be going for a run?" Penny whispered to me.

"Yes," I sighed.

"Well, be careful.  DOn't forget that there's a werewolf out there." Penny said as she made her way up the stairs to the dorms.

I let out a gasp at Penny's comment; I had completely forgotten about my encounter last full moon.  I stood up and made my way through the portrait hole and down the corridors into the grounds.  I wonder if I'll see the werewolf and its friends tonight.

"Don't go looking for them, Cassie."

"Why?" I whispered as I sat down in the large grass, hidden from view. "Anyways, it's not like I have a say in anything.  If you want to do something, you'll do it.  i can't control you properly when it's a full moon."

"I just want to run tonight, Cassie.  We didn't get to run properly last month because we ran into them."

I sighed, "I understand, Faolan but I can't promise that we won't bump into them accidentally."

"I know."

As the silvery moon came out from behind the clouds and cast her rays upon the ground, I bathed in her glory before leaping forward and allowing my body to shift into my wolf form.  It was then, in that in-between state, that it hit me: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.  Faolan must have been listening to my thoughts too closely, because neither of us was paying attention and as my front paws made contact with the ground, I tumbled forward causing me to twist uncomfortably and end up on my back.

"Looks like we'll be looking for them tonight, after all." I said to Faolan through our mental link.

"Yes, I suppose it does."

Sirius' POV

Things were going better this time.  Monny was able to get some wolfsbane and the four of us were having a run around the grounds; away from the castle of course.

My mind kept drifting to Dom; I felt awful that I had to lie to her.  Me and the guys had discussed telling the girls about us; the animagus side at least, Moony didn't want to tell them about his 'furry little problem'.  I could see why, but I don't think the girls will care.

I looked over at the lake, saw Prongs standing in the shallows of the water and seized the opportunity.  Concealing myself within the grass, I crept quietly towards the stag ahead of me. I noticed Moony's ears prick up as he noticed what I was doing and gave a small huff-like cough, but he kept quiet.  I was practically touching Prongs when I pounced, pushing the stag with my front paws and sending it crashing into the icy water.  I couldn't contain myself when Prongs came out of the water, reeds hanging off his antlers.  He stamped his hoofs on the ground and shook water over me before trying to chase me around the tree that Moony was sat under.

We didn't notice that we had an audience.

Peter was the one that noticed first and let out a small squeak.  I stopped in my tracks, causing Prongs to skid into the back of me.  Moony stood up and gave a small warning howl, but the wolf just sat there, watching.  The same wolf from last month.  The animagus.

After what felt like an age, the white wolf stood up and casually made its way down to us.  Moony gave a growl this time and the wolf stopped, looked Moony directly in the eyes and snorted before walking over to me.

All of us were stiff; tense at the presence of this wolf, this animagus.  None of us knew who it was and that put us on edge.

The wolf was bigger than me but that didn't stop me from snarling; what shocked me though was that the wolf laughed.  Laughed.  At me.  it then decided to lick me across the muzzle.  It startled me and I shot backwards, tripped over Peter and ended up in a tangled mess of limbs and grass.

James let out a cough-like bleet, Remus gave a wheezing laugh and the wolf was on its back rolling around in a fit of silent laughter.  It clearly knew what and who we are.  I didn't like it.

It stayed with us for the rest of the night; much to our annoyance, but no matter what we did it wouldn't leave.  When dawn came and Remus began his change back, I noticed the look of sadness on the wolf's face and wondered again as to who it could be.  James, Peter and me shifted back to human ans waited for the wolf to shift as well; to say we were shocked when we found out who it was would be an understatement.

A/N: What do you all think? Would love some feedback, so please review.  Finally got my welcome email for Pottermore! It's fantastic! If you've got an account be sure to add me: WolfsbaneWalnut88

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