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Olive Wood: A Guide to Falling in Love by FWHPObsessed
Chapter 7 : On Cowardly Pure-bloods, Mood Swings and Serious Misunderstandings
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Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. Zero. Zilch. Nothing.

On Cowardly Pure-bloods, Mood Swings and Serious Matters:

“So, what are you doing later?” Albus chokes out through gritted teeth.

Currently, we are attempting to carry Al's black leather couch up three stairways and into the flat across from Spencer. Behind us is a bouncy, excited Spencer, carrying a black candelabra; a moody Scorpius, holding a presumably light box labelled Books in my scribbling scrawl; and Louis Weasley handling a new-looking, silver Muggle speaker, looking sexy in a pair of pale jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt.

While our group of friends had somehow forged into rival teams of a relationship war, only Louis and Spencer are fortunate enough to still communicate with the whole of us. While I had attempted to talk to Dominique upon catching her at my dad's house, what I got in return from a 'Hello' was not something I wanted to experience again and while Luke and I shared blood and a mother's womb for nine months he wouldn't speak a word to me. I hadn't seen Rose since the morning after the disastrous party that I had organised and she had appeared outside my window. It had been five days since I had talked to Rose Weasley and it already felt like five months, but no matter how much I wanted to make up with my best friend, I knew it would take a courage only a Gryffindor could find inside them and sadly I needed the courage for my try-outs the next day. Which I am going to get into.

“If you're talking to me Al, I suggest you shut the hell up and wait 'till we're upstairs.” I growl, using the last of my breath, so I have to gasp for more. I can feel sticky sweat dripping from the back of my neck and down my spine. I immediately regret tying up my hair and displaying the top of my back through my grey singlet. I cringe when I realise it's Louis behind me, not Spencer. I can feel his hot, sticky breath on the back of my neck. I flick my hair around a bit to attempt to dry it away. A truly pitiful endeavour.

Why did we have to choose the hottest day of the Summer so far to move into the apartment?

“Why didn't you just use magic?” complains Louis exasperatedly. “You're holding everyone up here.”

“I don't need to use magic to get a sofa up a stairway!” says Albus proudly.

“It would've helped everyone,” I mumble under my breath.

“This is a Muggle building, guys,” says Al modestly.

Wow. Good one, genius.

“Hurry your arse up, Liv!” Spencer groans, smacking the back of my thigh for no apparent reason. “I need t' pee real bad!”

“Smack me on the leg again and I will rape you in your sleep,” I threaten angrily.

“Any time, baby,” says Louis, smacking me on the leg again.

I grit my teeth as I realise it wasn't Spencer who hit my thigh the first time. However, some how my anger evaporates at his voice addressing me and my skin tingles where his hand just touched me. I blush.

“Sorry, to disappoint you, love, but I was talking to Spencer,” I say smoothly, recovering myself.

“Shame,” says Spencer a grin in her voice.

“That's OK, I'd be happy to watch,” says Louis, to which I blush deeper and Albus ahead of me rolls his eyes. His t-shirt is almost drenched in sweat and I can see the third floor landing ahead. I hear the sound of someone slapping the other multiple times behind me. “I'm kidding! I'm kidding!” says Louis in defeat, his voice pleading and high-pitched.

“Only 'cause you know I'd whip your arse if you weren't,” says Spencer, chucking the candelabra onto the couch and half skipping, half running into her apartment.

I sigh and drop the couch to the ground. Albus groans, but doesn't let go.

“Liv, this is the last thing to carry up, then we're done.” he says, his voice aching for the relaxation that will hopefully come when we get the sofa into the apartment. I half sigh, half groan.

“Here,” says Louis, putting the speaker on the oak floor and taking my end of the sofa. I step back, beside Scorpius and watch Albus and him shuffle awkwardly into the apartment. Louis' muscles flex as he carries the heavy object.

“You're extremely obvious, y'know that?” Scorpius drawls beside me after Al and Louis have disappeared.

“I am not,” I defend myself pitifully.

“Just hurry up and shag the guy already!” he says, a tad harshly.

“Like I shagged you?” I hiss back. It shuts him up good. I wait a few seconds before saying my next words. “Scorpius, we need to talk.” They're softer than my previous ones.

“We don't,” he replies simply, making his way into the apartment. He's halfway through the door when I say my next words.

“Don't be a coward, Malfoy.” I snarl, the sound of his last name piercing me like it obviously pierces him. He freezes in the doorway and turns slowly. His face stone, the box in his hands shaking with anger that fiercely flows through him.

“What did you just call me?”

“I called you a coward.” I hiss, stepping forward and feeling secure at the half-inch of height distance between us.

“I am not a coward.” he breathes through gritted teeth.

“You're a coward,” I laugh, “don't try and deny it. You're too afraid to admit to yourself that you love Rose. You're too frightened of telling you're father you're dating a Weasley. You don't have the courage to confront her and admit you did something wrong. You're a coward, and you're not even brave enough to admit it.” Somehow the burst of words from my mouth give me an odd desire to laugh. So I do.

“You're wrong.” he almost yells. “You're the coward. Don't stand there and tell me I'm afraid. You can't even tell the guy you've liked for two years that you're interested in him! You haven't even spoken to Rose or apologised –”

“I'm waiting for the right time!” I interrupt, painfully realising that he's right.

“There is no right time to apologise for fucking your best friend's boyfriend!” he yells as Louis appears in the hallway.

“Mate!” says Louis, coming to my rescue in the most sour way possible. He puts one hand on Scorpius' shoulder, but he shoves it off and disappears into our apartment. “You O–?”

“I'm going to have a shower.” I shoot at him before he can even finish his sentence. I feel a little guilty at the hurt expression on his face, but it evaporates when the next face I see is that of the person who just called me a coward and rightly so. I glare at him, before fuming into the bathroom. The door slams behind me and the mirror to my left shows a twitching, red-faced moron.

How is it that my perfectly composed self has turned into a furious, raging, hormonal teenager because of a cowardly Slytherin? How is it I lose complete control over myself because of meaningless words exchanged while we're angered to no end? How is it Scorpius' words have such an affect on me?

How is it I know what he was saying is one hundred percent true?

I stare into the reflection across from me until I come to my senses and begin to feel ashamed. I realise know that I should have expected this to happen a lot sooner. Not only have I been aching to explode for five days now I have managed to keep relaxed and controlled but to a cost. Instead of expressing whatever fucked up feelings that have been going around in my head, I have kept them somewhat in.

That is, until now.

That's probably why the little snap at Scorpius is enough to break out a whole new set of emotions. I'm worried about the reaction that my father will have when he comes home from Peru to find my room empty. I'm hurt that my brother has stopped talking to me because of something that has no concern of him. I'm ashamed of everything that ever happened with Scorpius. I'm guilty about breaking my best friends heart. And guilty about forcing everyone to choose sides when it is something that should have been resolved days ago. And finally I'm nervous about the interview I have with Puddlemere United tonight.

The only thing I can honestly be happy about is the fact that this nervous breakdown didn't happen during my interview. No one wants an emotionally unstable, famous Quidditch star's daughter on their team.

Even so, the thought does nothing to soothe me as I lock the door and turn on the shower. I strip quickly and step into the cool water. It washes away the heat in my face, the sweat on my back and the tears threatening to overflow in my eyes. I smother myself in apple-scented body wash and sit down on the hard floor.

I push my sodden hair off my face and feel my body heat up again as I realise how stupid I'm being. I'm almost crying over a dramatic social life. Back when my parents were my age they were at war. My mum was cursed by a boy who now happens to be Scorpius' father. My dad witnessed his mother die at the hands of Death Eaters and here I am teary-eyed over a friend not talking to me. I feel the heat in my face disappear to be replaced by the feel of cold water showering on my face. For a second I recline in the crisp water, before the force of its severe chill hits me and I scramble out of the shower and into the humid, Summer air that sits still in the bathroom.

I skid to my clothing and pull out my wand. I dry myself, clean my sweaty clothes before putting them on and opening the door. They're all there, sitting on the two mismatched couch's, most likely chatting about nonsense. It all goes silent when they notice me and I feel my face heat up once again. Scorpius is the only one who doesn't look up.

“I'm sorry, Scorpius,” I say quietly, the first two words beg to stay silent. They sound strange coming out of my mouth. I hardly ever apologise. Meaningfully at least. “I was just angry, I didn't really mean what I said.”

“Yeah, me too,” says Scorpius, looking up, catching my eye and staring past me. “I didn't mean it either.”

My stomach clenches as I see through his lie. “Yeah you did.” I argue, as Louis stands up and makes his way to the pack of Butterbeer sitting on a box labelled Cutlery.

“No, honestly, Liv –” he looks up and into my eyes and realises he's got no point in continuing. I remind myself of my previous thoughts about what my parents had to go through before letting any emotion show on my face.

“Wanna beer?” asks Louis casually, looking expectantly at me and holding a full bottle of Butterbeer in his left hand.

“Yes, please!” I almost beg for the drink in his hand.

Hey! Don't judge me. So what if I'm a bit of an alcoholic?

I half skip, half walk to Louis and his handful of beer. He gives me an awkward smile and I give him a huge beam back. I'm sure the sudden change in my expression startles him, but I think nothing of it. That is until I hear Spencer's words.

“Olive, are you pregnant?”

In an instant I begin to choke on my mouthful of Butterbeer. I double over trying not to spit it out, Louis pats my back and holds me up with soft yet controlled hands. I cough the drink down painfully and when I finally get control of my voice I see that Scorpius is also choking on his drink. I collapse into a chair with Louis' help and he sits on the arm, making my heart beat just with his close proximity. I tear my focus off him though and take another swig of Butterbeer to prepare myself for whatever words will throw themselves at Spencer. When I'm finally ready to speak Scorpius interrupts me.

“You weren't s'pposed to talk about it!” Scorpius moans to Spencer, his eyes wide.

“What?” I yelp, my voice so surprisingly high-pitched Louis jumps.

“Well, uhh …” begins Spencer awkwardly, perhaps regretting her decision to bring it up. I sure hope she is. “You've had a lot of mood swings lately …”

I glare at her.

“It's been a bad week.” I snarl through gritted teeth. “Plus, I've had my …” I suddenly remember there are four males in the room with us. They're all looking pointedly away. “… y'know … so I can't be pregnant.”

“You can have your period and still be pregnant.” says Spencer, oblivious to how awkward the atmosphere in the room becomes.

I roll my eyes. Trust Spencer not to take a hint when it smacks her in the face.

“I'm not pregnant,” I say, as if in defiance of my words my face falls as I begin to doubt myself. Scorpius stands up in shock, his face that of a madman. “I'm not.” The words are weak and I can see that it kills him to hear the little strength in my voice. “Do the spell!” I demand.

“What spell?” asks Al, reminding me he's still here.

“The pregnancy spell,” says Spencer quietly.

“Well?” I ask, standing up and pulling out my wand, everyone but Scorpius recoils from it. “What's the incantation?”

I can feel my heart thumping in my chest, but it's no longer from the proximity with Louis. My eyes sting with the threat of tears and my hands long to begin the search of a bump, but I hold back. No need to scare Scorpius any more than I have so far. My lip trembles and I bite it to steady the movement. Scorpius notices.

He pulls out his wand and points it at me. I don't bother to stick my wand up to protect myself, I deserve what ever curse he throws at me. I close my eyes and wait for it to come.


Yellow light sears through my eyelids and a tingling feeling begins at my stomach. The yellow changes to green. I open my eyes to see an emerald light emitting from the fabrics of my singlet. I pull it up to see it's coming from my skin. I look up at Scorpius, his face is filled with confusion.

“What does it mean?” I whisper to the silent room, my voice dripping with unknown emotion.

“It depends,” says Scorpius, his voice reasonable for someone who could be the father of a child belonging to the wrong woman. Somehow my thoughts flickered to my dad and my insides clenched. Surely that couldn't be good for the baby.

“I don't understand.” My voice breaks just at the end.

The emerald glow disappears and so does the tension in my shoulders. The roaring sound of Muggle cars returns along with Spencer's breathing. After the green blush the light in the room seems to be more orange than usual, it's almost painful on my eyes.

“Olive, would having this baby be a bad thing or a good thing?” asks Scorpius, his voice urgent but understanding.

I don't question his inquiry, although I long to I know why it matters. I think long and hard. He's Rose's boyfriend, he's like a brother to me, it's just wrong to have a kid with him. Plus I'm too young and my dad will kill me. It's a bad thing if I have a baby with Scorpius.

Or worse … two, twins do run in my family.

“I don't want to have a kid with you.” I whisper, to which he sighs in relief.

“Then you're not pregnant,” he replies, cracking a smile before collapsing back onto the couch, beside Spencer.

“I don't understand,” I say as Louis pulls down my top and leads me back to my seat. Somehow his hands on me create none of the usual feelings.

“If you glow green it means you've got what you wanted. If you wanted a baby it would have glowed red, because you're not pregnant.”

I swear he almost sung those last three words.

“So is it foolproof?” asks Louis, a crease between his eyebrows. Only now do I seem to notice how dreamy he looks. His toned, nicely tanned arms are clearly displayed and the worried look on his face looks sexy from this angle.

I have the not-so-strange desire to kiss him.

“It's foolproof if Olive knows what she wants.” He seems to notice some sort of confusion on my face. “Oh Olive!” He hides face in his hands.

“I don't want a baby.” I say, standing up and taking my neglected bottle of Butterbeer with me. “I'm going to unpack.”

I leave them quickly and make my way to the room assigned to be mine. I spend the rest of the day making up my room, my mind half on unpacking, half on my sanity. Albus and Louis flit past the door every now and again and I can only guess they're unpacking as well and Spencer and Scorp have left.

My room is made and box free as the afternoon rush of cars begins. I sit at my seat beside my huge window and watch the Muggles far below go about their day-to-day business. My first day living in England has not gone as well as expected. I had an argument with my best guy mate, had an emotional break down and then was forced into a pregnancy scare. For some reason I still feel contempt.

A knock on my door disturbs me from my thirty minutes of relaxation before my interview with Marie Lochner, my fathers successor as Manager for Puddlemere United. The door opens to the only face that could make me beam so well, even though I know his feelings for me are non-existent.

Hey! A girl can dream.

“Hey, Liv,” he says, closing the door behind him and coming towards me. He stops short when he sees my legs stretched out over my seat and takes to sitting on my bed instead. I try not to let my imagination run wild as he creases the covers.

“Hey, Louis,” I trill, flinging out my hair behind me.

“It's four o'clock.” he notes, staring out past me and into the warm world outside. I push the window open a little more.

“I know.” I laugh for no reason at all. Perhaps it's because I can, it could be because I want to, maybe it's because it's a completely beautiful moment and I'm spending it with one of the most beautiful people I know.

I laughed OK … I don't know why.

“And you haven't eaten …”

This time I laugh because it's funny.

“Are you obsessed with feeding me or something? Or is it because I'm not one of those girls that pick at their food like it's made of Blast-Ended Skrewt?” I ask, melting in his smile, but keeping my calm.

“Do you want to go to dinner tonight, Olive?” he says quickly. Like it's word-vomit. The good type of word vomit. I give him a deep smile, before my face falls and my stomach drops.

Any other night, Louis. Any other night.

His face falls with mine and I see a flash of worry before he's expressionless once again.

“I have an interview with Puddlemere United,” I say, avoiding answering his question. My heart dying as I do so.

“That's great …” he says questioningly. It seems my attempt of denying him subtly hasn't worked.

“It's tonight.” I add, brushing a strand of hair off my forehead and swinging my legs over so my feet touch the ground and I'm facing him.

“Oh.” Much to my dismay his face stays expressionless.

“Maybe another time,” I suggest. “Does that sound good?”

“Sure,” he says, getting off the bed so I can only assume he's leaving. I stand up too and find the closeness between us almost alarming. He laughs and pulls me into a random hug. The warmth of his chest shocks me and I wonder if I'm imagining it. His smell is musky and much like that of Al's. It's delicious. I respond almost a second too late and we stand like that for what feels like an eternity. All too soon he ends it.

“I'm glad you're not pregnant.” he laughs.

I laugh with him. “Me too,” I smile, stepping away from him to admire from a distance. He turns to the door and as his hand hits the handle – “Monday.” I suggest. “Dinner Monday.”

“I'll hold you on that one,” he says without a glance back. I grin and manage to catch myself in the mirror. I no longer see a red-faced moron.


Author's Note: So what did you think?? Pregnancy scare - ahhhhh!! So do you think there might be something more to the scare? Happy things are FINALLY happening with Louis? Did you like the happy jokey everyone at the beginning as much as I liked writing it?? Happy about the little bit of sweetness in the sour chapter?

Up Next: 

“Slipping back into tradition, Wood. I though house no longer mattered now that we're out of Hogwarts.”

“House always matters, Potter. Slytherin's hate all the other houses. Hufflepuff's love everyone. Gryffindor's hate us. Ravenclaw's think they're too good for everyone else.” I shrug. “It's how it always been, even after Hogwarts. Why do you think Rose's dad hate Scorpius'?”

“Other than the fact he's a cowardly Death Eater?” he asks sourly. “But that's not how it is any more, Wood. I mean look at your group! Three Slytherin's, four Gryffindor's and a Ravenclaw. It goes completely out of tradition.”

P.S: If you wanted to know the spell was completely made up. Sum gravida means am I pregnant? in Latin(:

P.P.S: And you should also review?. Yes that would really make my day. Even if you've still got chapters to read you should review?. Do it. ;P

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