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Final Chance by HermyBug12
Chapter 23 : a crazy little thing called home
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 Blaise could think of nothing other than what Ginny had said outside by the lake. so ofcourse they had to have the wedding there. they couldnt get around it. He actually thought it was a very good idea. after all thats where his parents got married. He was spacing out thinking about this when Draco snapped his fingers infront of his face to pull him outa his trance.


"Dude, you were spacing out for a good twenty minutes, i sent Hermione to show Ginny the rest of the house, since i obviously dont need a tour, seeing as i practically grew up here when we were little. those were the days Blaise, if you think about it, we didnt need to do anything. our parents did most of the work, we just kinda sat around and got spoiled. now here we are, married, engaged and im going to have a child... this is all surreal. i never thought id see the day, and i always thought my parents would make me go through with that arranged marriage with me and Pansy im beyond happy with Hermione Blaise, i always have. ive loved her since second year at least. when she was petrified by the basilisk our second year, i actually noticed her, and we started getting alot closer on prefect duties and stuff. and i just fell in love with her. im so glad your parents approved of our marriage. because i wouldnt know what i would do if they didnt approve." Draco kinda started rambling not knowing how Blaise was going to respond.


"Draco, you have grown up here. my parents love you, why wouldnt they approve? besides, even if they didnt know you or love you, as long as Hermione was happy. thats all they really care about. and besides they know i wouldnt trust my baby sister with someone who wasnt right for her and didnt love her. so you got nothin to worry about." Blaise kinda chuckled.




Hermione had taken Ginny on a tour of the house, she showed her the kitchen where she saw Dinky the house elf.


"Dont worry, i make sure shes not treated badly. i havent given up on my S.P.E.W. duties yet. even in marriage and in pregnancy." Hermione giggled. "shes treated great."


"i wasnt worried. i know you, now lets see the rest of the house."


they went around the house, and hermione stopped infront of a hallway and looked at GInny "Now, you have choices, you can stay in this room" she said opening the door which was a great room with a full bookcase and large vanity. the floor and trim were a dark mahogany and the paint was a lilac purple. there was a large dark purpe circle rug on the floor. there was also a huge walkin closet which could easily hold all of Ginnys clothes plus alot more. then GInny focused on a large dark mahogany four poster bed along one of the walls which was just beautiful. the room itself was that-beautiful. "theres also this one-" which was very similar but the paint was a light pink and the closet was a tad bit smaler. "or you could share Blaises room." she said opening the third door on that side of the hall. it was an emerald green paint and dark mahogany trim and floor. there was a large rectangular green rug on the floor as well. there were also two closets, one substantially smaller than the other, which she figured she could  get him to give up the big closet. and there was a vanity in the corner which looks like it hadnt been used...ever.


"wow, there all beautiful.i dont know which one to choose from. i guess ill move into the purple one and then i can move in with blaise when were married. i mean i wanna kinda be classy." she said laughing.


"well lets now go look at my room." hermione said giggling and pulling Ginnys hand along with her. they walked to a room at the end of the hall. it had black wood floors and black trim the paint was a very light blue(it use to be pink, but she figured shed change it since Draco moved into her room.) it had a very large four poster bed in one corner which was kiddie-cornered with a large tree behind it. there were two doors, one of which went to a closet which was almost as big as the room itself. there was a very large vanity in the closet as well, which looked as if it held every type of makeup available. then hermione said "are you ready to see whats behind the other door?" she was almost smiling as Ginny nooded her head excitedly.


she opened the door and it was a nursery. there wasnt a color on the wall yet because they didnt want to paint it a sex-nuetral color because they wanted to do pink or blue. there was a large extravagent bassinette on one wall and the other held a changing table as well as a small bookshelf full of baby books. there was also a small dresser which Ginny had guessed would be full of baby clothes in a few weeks when the fine out the sex.


"lets go find the boys see what there up to, see if blaise has stopped day dreaming" Ginny laughed.


they walked back into the living room and Blaise and Draco were arm wrestling and it looked like Blaise was winning so Ginny decided to come up behind him and hug him to let Draco win, because blaise had a way of always beating him. "so what are you guys talking about?" Hermione asked sitting down on Dracos lap "you looked pretty deep in conversation when we left."


blaise looked at Ginny and smilied "we were just talking about the wedding and figuring some things out. like the stupid little things, like whos coming, whos not coming and stuff like that."


"well then we need to start planning some stuff... like-oh i dont know- the date." Ginny said scowling at Blaise.


"well i want a spring wedding, especially if were going to have it at the lake, we cant very well have snow on the ground." blaise stated, as if everyone hadnt thought of that


"well me and Ginny have some stuff already planned, bridal anyway. so dont worry about most of it, we will ofcourse get your approval on everything but we will do all the planning." hermione said looking at Blaise and sticking her tongue out at him. and just then Hermione felt a kick on her stomach "oh- i think i just felt the baby kick. that felt weird, but its getting late guys when we wake up in the morning we can go into wedding planning mood and plan alot more stuff." and with that they all went to bed and draco fell asleep with his hand on his wifes stomach feeling the baby kick.



hey guys, sorry it took so long to get these up, but there was a problem with chapter 22 validating, so that delayed this one getting up. but as of 09/24/11 when im sending this one in for validation, i havent started writing the 24th yet, but i will be working on it this week and hopefully finishing it by next weekend so i can get it up. lemme know what you think in a review.<3

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