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It's Just a Crush by septumsempra
Chapter 11 : Granger Danger
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                                                   Everything but the plot belongs to J.K :)

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Draco woke on the morning of Friday happy, it was the day after his mother had come to Hogwarts to visit him and given him advice. He loved his mother so much; only she would take the time out of her busy life as an Elite Socialite to come down to his school to chat with him. He wished that Snape hadn't been there for the conversation though, now he knew that he liked Hermione and Snape would probably hold that over him for a while. Of course having Snape know wasn't completely useless. As revenge for tattling to Narcissa about him, Draco roped Snape into helping him with his plan. No, No, he wasn't going to ask for Amortentia or anything, seeing as he could brew that himself, Draco had merely asked Snape for a small favor that would take place during Potions that day. He wanted to try smaller things before resorting to Plan B.

 Draco had thoroughly thought through what he was going to do. There would be no room for mistakes he just couldn't risk it this time. He missed Hermione. If anyone had told him that he, Draco Malfoy, would miss - or even like - Hermione Granger about a year ago, he would have hexed them so bad they would have ended up on the fourth floor of St Mungo's for spell damage.

He missed the way that Hermione wasn't afraid of him. If he said something, she let him know her opinion; she never backed down from an argument. He missed the way that they would argue with each other in a way that could pass for flirting - it was fun. She was just such a brilliant person and he hated that he had hurt her in the worst way possible. He wanted her back and he would go to any lengths to achieve that too. He didn't think he could go another week with her thinking of him as scum on the bottom of her shoe.

Draco casually rolled out of bed and placed his feet on the floor. He crossed the room to his window and swept aside the blinds. The glaring sun shone into his eyes and made him flinch; it was a beautiful, gorgeous day: perfect. He allowed himself a few moments to appreciate the view. The black lake was looking especially bright today, Draco even noticed a tentacle rise out of the water slowly and grab an apple from the tree that was on the outskirts of the lake. The Giant Squid, thought Draco as he smiled and turned away from the window. He walked towards the door that led to the bathroom. That was a downside of sharing the Head Rooms with Hermione. They had to share their bathroom and they had a schedule that they followed. Draco was supposed to go after her, but seeing as how he was awake a full hour early today and she wasn't supposed to go for another half hour, he decided to have his turn now.

He grabbed one of his emerald green towels and draped it over the rail, so that it would be within arm's reach. Draco turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature until it was perfect, not too cold, just a little above warm. He disrobed before fully stepping into the shower. The water cascaded down onto his back. He sighed, this felt like heaven. He loved starting his mornings off with a nice hot shower - they awakened him. He grabbed his body wash, Smell like a Weasley, and lathered it on. It was a product from the Twin's shop. When he had first read the name of the item, he had been immediately turned off; he'd rather not smell like a Weasley, thank you very much. They probably smelt… poor. But that was in his fifth year. He ended up receiving it as a gift from Pansy and he had used it, after all, why should he let something go to waste? As it turned out this particular body wash smelt whatever you wanted it to smell like. It was quite a success with the ladies. They were always complaining of how some guys smelt, and some guy's cologne was too strong, but this body wash was special, if you walked past Draco and your favorite smell was Pumpkin Pasties, then that's what you would smell. If you liked lavender, you'd smell it. It was ingenious! It was now Draco's must-have product. He washed his hair slowly, allowing his fingers to massage his scalp to rid it of any tensions and then he rinsed it out. He quickly applied his conditioner and then he was done. Some may think that Draco was a bit of a girl with the way he took his time to just do his hair, but hey, he was Draco Malfoy, his hair was a part of him, like a signature. When someone noticed that soft, shiny, platinum blonde hair, they immediately thought: Malfoy.

He opened the screen door and grabbed for his towel. He patted himself dry so that there was only a bit of moisture left on him before wrapping it around and tying the towel securely around his hips. He stepped out of the shower and walked over to the sink where he could brush his teeth. He grabbed his cinnamon toothpaste and squeezed it onto his toothbrush. As he brushed, he admired himself in the mirror. As he turned, he could see his muscles flex, he looked good. He didn't hear the door slowly creak open or see a very sleepy and tired Hermione walk in, completely oblivious to her surroundings, until he rinsed the toothpaste out of his mouth and brought his head up. It was when he turned around, ready to get back to his room, when he did notice her, dressed in a very uncharacteristic attire for the head girl…

Hermione woke up that morning feeling very tired. She just knew that this wouldn't be her day, something was going to happen and she hated not knowing what. She lay in bed for a few minutes before finally getting up, according to their mutual agreement, her bathroom time started in five minutes. She was so bloody tired! She probably got about two hours of sleep last night. She'd spent most of it thinking about stupid Malfoy. Even in her dreams, she thought about Malfoy! She was still in a half dreamlike state, not fully acknowledging the fact that she was awake, and the day was starting. Hermione slowly rolled out of bed and took a few steps towards the bathroom door, feeling like she was going to drop dead at any moment now. She grudgingly shuffled her feet the rest of the way to the door before slowly opening it. She stepped inside and noticed that it smelt like fresh cut grass and strawberries and she figured this was part of her dream. She saw a blurry shape bent over the sink. She cocked her head wondering what it could be. Maybe it's the sleep fairy, she sleepily thought. She continued staring at the blurry shape until it turned around. That's not a sleep fairy… it's a man. A very attractive man, she thought, an attractive man who is only wearing a towel. My, look at that chest, and those abs! He is very well built. What a chiseled jaw he has, and high cheekbones too, he has pink lips, they're really pretty. Wow, pretty silver gray eyes! Wait, why are his eyes looking at me? Why is he looking me up and down? Wait... what the … MALFOY? Hermione snapped out of her sleep-deprived state and stared at Draco Malfoy, who was, in fact, looking her up and down.

"MALFOY?" she yelled.

Draco looked up into her eyes before replying, "Yes, Granger?"


"Well, Hermione, maybe if you put some clothes on, I'd be able to. You shouldn't go prancing about half naked when you know there is a male seventeen year old in the room next to you, s'not my fault," he smirked.

Hermione looked down to see what she was wearing; a mid-thigh emerald green nightgown. It was very short, and very revealing…but in her defense, it was very comfortable! Oh Merlin, she thought as she quickly grabbed a towel from the rack and held it up in front of her so that she was covered.

"What are you doing in here anyway? You are not supposed to use the bathroom until I am finished with it," she informed him.

"Yes, I'm well aware of that, but I woke up, it wasn't your turn yet, so I decided to go ahead and use it," he told her. Hermione glared at him, knowing that his reason was legit. They'd never said anything about going before the other person's scheduled time. She pointed towards the door to his own room and muttered,

"Out, it's my turn now."

Draco smirked once more before leaving.

Oh Merlin, that was embarrassing, thought Hermione. She checked to make sure that his door was locked before going to take her own shower. He'd looked really good though…

Draco looked through his boxer drawer before deciding on a pair of silk gray boxers. After that last incident where his undergarments were on display for everyone to see, he'd resorted to wearing simple ones with nothing on them but color. He put on his school uniform before grabbing his bag. It was only six-thirty and he didn't want to go down to breakfast yet. But he knew the perfect place he could go. He walked downstairs and exited through the common room door. He whistled as he made his way down to the dungeons. He felt the familiar cold breeze associated with the bottom floor creep on up him but he swept it aside, nothing could ruin this day. He whispered the password Serpentine, to the portrait guarding the Slytherin common room and he stepped in. He looked around, noting that there was nobody awake yet obviously; he made his way up the stairs to the seventh year boy's dormitory. He opened the door with a bang. Nobody but Theodore Nott jumped at that noise.

"Good Morning, mate!" grinned Draco.

Theodore just glared at him before muttering Silencio around his bed and going back to sleep. Draco glanced over at Crabbe and Goyle, a bomb could go off in the room and they wouldn't go waking up anytime soon. That left Draco to return to his original reason for coming down here. He jumped on Blaise's bed like a kid and started shaking him.

"WAKE UP MATE! WAKE UP!" Blaise jumped with a start,

"Wuzz going on?" He slurred, half asleep. Draco thought carefully before pointing his wand at his best mates face and saying, Augmenti! Water erupted from the end of his wand straight into Blaise's face. Blaise cried out as the cool water hit his face - at least he was awake now.

He grabbed his wand and dried himself before meeting his furious indigo blue eyes to the eyes of Draco Malfoy. He glared at him before hissing,

"What. The. Hell. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Doing?"

"Cheer up, mate, get dressed, we've got a long day ahead of us!" nothing could dampen Draco's mood. Blaise glared at him for a while longer before groaning and getting up. He dressed quickly and muttered a refreshing spell on himself, knowing that Draco would not be giving him the time to take a shower and get decently ready. He followed Draco out of the dorm and past a still empty common room.Whatever this is about, it had better be good, thought Blaise as he stared at his watch, which read the ungodly hour of 6:40am.

They walked to the Great Hall with Blaise silent as a mouse while Draco chattered on and on about how beautiful the weather was this fine day. Blaise glared daggers into Draco's head as they walked.

"The sun is shine, the bird are chirping, there are no clouds, it smells like winter is coming!" said Draco gleefully, which made no sense because if winter was coming, why would you be able to hear birds? Draco dragged Blaise over to the Slytherin table and sat down. He piled food onto his plate, before turning and piling it onto Blaise's plate as well, as if he was some child that was so incompetent that he needed someone else to feed him. Blaise continued to glare at him. They passed the next hour like this, Blaise silently eating, Draco talking about the most random crap ever, the great hall was slowly filling up. They had long ago finished eating their breakfasts and were now just sitting there, Blaise with a scowl on his face, Draco with a large grin. They were getting lots of strange looks from everyone, they were all curious as to why Draco was smiling so much, it was a bit unnerving. Noticing this, Blaise jabbed Draco in his rib with his elbow.

"OW!" hissed Draco in pain, clutching his side while turning to glare at Blaise. "What the hell?"

"You're attracting attention with your god-damn smile," Blaise replied smugly, happy that he'd caused Draco some pain after he'd woken him up so early, he still didn't know why. Draco looked around and noticed what Blaise was talking about; he quickly re-arranged his face into a neutral expression.

"Why did you wake me up so early?" Blaise finally asked.

"Shh, you'll see when the mail get's here," Draco answered.

Blaise turned in his seat and resumed his brooding. At 7:50, Pansy dragged herself over to where they sat and joined them, grabbing some pancakes to eat. At 8:00, the Great Hall was full of students, then the owl's for the mail started pouring in. Blaise scanned the ceiling for something special, whatever Draco was going on about. He didn't notice anything, and eventually all the Owl's had landed near their owners and the ceiling was empty.

"Mate, wh-" Draco held up a hand and shook his hand, telling him to wait.

Then Blaise heard a hoot hoot from above and he returned his gaze. There, flying towards the Gryffindor table were about 50 majestic owls, all carrying some kind of flower in their beak. They attracted the attention of the entire Great Hall and everyone was pointing at them in awe; everyone wanted to know who the flowers were for. They found out soon enough, the owls all flew towards the end of the table where the golden trio sat, secluded from their house-mates. The first owl dropped a flower in front of a very shocked Hermione Granger. Then the next and so on; each leaving the Great Hall as soon as they had finished their task. Eventually all the flowers were sitting neatly in front of Hermione Granger, who was just staring at them in bewilderment: they were beautiful! There were roses, lilies, daisies, orchids, fire lilies, wildflowers and so many others!

Draco heard Ginny squeal for her best friend as she gazed at all the flowers. Potter and Weasley just stared at them in surprise. Who were they from? They'd find out soon enough. A final Owl made its way down to Hermione, a jet-black eagle owl that had a dark blue sheen, Midnight. He settled himself on Hermione's shoulder and dropped a note down in front of her. Hermione stared at it carefully before picking it up and opening it to read the green ink:


I'm Sorry

That was it, three little words. Hermione smiled a little before looking up and meeting the eyes of Draco Malfoy who was watching her carefully. She bowed her head and bit her lip, unsure of what to do.Wow, thought Blaise, he really went all out. Hermione looked up, having made her decision and nodded at Draco, a gesture that didn't go unnoticed by the students of Hogwarts. They started whispering amongst themselves, why was Draco sending Hermione flowers? Hermione stood up and waved her wand at the flowers. At first Draco was worried she was going to set them on fire, and then he noticed what she was doing; wrapping a ribbon around all of them, so that they would stay together. She whispered something to her friends before she waved her wand once more. She walked away from the table, with the flowers and Ginny following her.

Draco saw, no felt hundreds of stares coming his way from the students. He also saw the puzzled looks of Weasley and Potter. He just ignored them all and got up. He walked towards the exit and left, Pansy and Blaise following him. They walked to Potions and took their seats, Draco waited for the inquisition to start, and, sure enough, Pansy didn't last more than five minutes before she started asking questions.

"Draco, you sent those flowers to her didn't you?"

"Beautiful, weren't they?" He smirked.

Pansy rolled her eyes, "I know you had help, Draco, your mother obviously told you what to do, there is no way that you would be able to be romantic on your own."

"I resent that," mumbled Draco before speaking clearly, "But yes, mother did give me the idea,"

"Well, I thought it was nice," Blaise said, "Do you think she'll forgive you?" Pansy nodded at that; she had been caught up to the situation and when they'd told her, she had smacked Draco for uttering that word - she was so over prejudices.

"I hope so," Draco answered, unsure as to how Hermione would take it. She had nodded at him, which showed she knew that it was him who sent it, but that didn't mean she forgave him.

Draco turned to Pansy,

"Pansy, what's going on between you and the Weasel?" he questioned. Blaise sat back, ready for his two friends to interact.

"Oh, well, I'm going to the ball with him," she stated, nervously eyeing Draco.

"And why, may I ask, are you going to the ball with that inarticulate buffoon?"

"Draco, I like Ron, and he likes me, and he asked me to go to the ball with him, and I accepted. That is why I am going with him. And don't insult him! He's a really nice guy and you need to get over your hatred of him," Pansy protested.

"Does he make you happy?" asked Draco after a pause.

Pansy eyed him before answering, "Yes, he cares about me a lot. I wouldn't like him if he didn't make me happy,"

Draco sighed dramatically, "Well, if he makes you happy, who am I to judge? I'll butt out, but if he hurts you in any way, then I take back my statement of not getting involved and I'll beat him to a bloody pulp," Draco said warningly, unaware that Ron had said those exact same words to Hermione in regards to him.

"I know you will, Drakie." Pansy smiled as Draco glared at the nickname. They all turned around in their seats as they noticed the other students coming in. Once everyone was seated Snape started to speak in his creepy voice,

"Today, we will be brewing the Wolfsbane potion. I will put you in pairs. Try to make this potion correctly, all Outstanding vials of the Potion will be sent to St. Mungo's. Now, as I understand, you were given partners recently in your Defense against the Dark arts class by Professor Lupin," he said his name with a bit of a sneer. Even though they were colleagues, they still held a bit of resentment between them. "You will be getting into those same partners," Snape concluded. Draco smiled as he got up to go and sit next to Hermione; this was the moment of truth, to determine whether or not she had really forgiven him.

"Hello, Hermione," said Draco as he sat down next to her. Hermione looked at him, mumbled hello and got up to get the ingredients for their potion. Draco stared after her with a look of defeat but fixed his face before she came back.

"Thank you for getting the ingredients," Draco thanked, Hermione grunted. "Did you like the flowers?"

Hermione stopped measuring out the ingredients and turned to look at him, "They were nice, thank you,"

"And?" Draco pressed.

"And what?" asked Hermione

"Do you forgive me?" Draco added nervously.

"Draco, the flowers were nice and I really liked them, but, no I do not forgive you because I will not be bought," Hermione huffed as she turned back to the potion. Draco hung his head in shame and looked over at Pansy and Blaise and shook his head. They both gave him sympathetic looks before returning to their respective partners.

"I wasn't trying to buy you, I just thought you'd like them, I'm sorry," he mumbled. Hermione looked up and paused in her work.

"Draco, you were, that's why you felt the need for a gift. And I did like them don't apologize. Now can we please work on the potion, Snape keeps looking over here," she added.

Draco looked over to the Potions master, and seeing that Hermione was right he got to work, he'd apologize later tonight in part two of his plan. They worked silently throughout class, only communicating with each other when they had to. Ten minutes before the end of class, they finished their potion. They were the first ones. Hermione scooped some of the potion into a clear vial and got up to hand it to professor Snape. Draco went with her. Snape observed the Potion, swishing it this way and that before unplugging it and taking a sniff.

"This is brewed perfectly, you will both receive an Outstanding, put the rest of the potion into vials like this," Snape demanded. Hermione smiled and said, "Yes Sir," before heading back to the desk. Draco and Hermione put the potion into vials as they watched their fellow students hand in their own potions. The only ones that got an Outstanding like theirs were the pairings of Harry and Blaise, Ron and Pansy, and Theo and Daphne, but that was because the Slytherins were excellent potioneers, Harry and Ron were dreadful. Everyone else failed the potion because it was brewed incorrectly. The class was dismissed after they handed in all the correct vials and they headed towards Charms. For some reason, whoever made the schedules had decided to put the Gryffindors and the Slytherins in all the same classes. Charms was extremely boring as all they did was a review of the past week's enchantments. After that was over they headed to lunch.

"So she didn't forgive you, mate?" asked Blaise as he plopped down into his seat at the Slytherin table.

"No, but its okay. I still got part two," Draco told him as he put a piece of roast beef into his mouth and chewed. Pansy sipped on her mushroom soup and asked.

"What do you plan on doing now?"

"You'll see at dinner," Draco avoided answering.

"S'long as you don't embarrass yourself Drake," laughed Blaise. Too late for that, thought Draco. Lunch ended too soon and soon they were off to Transfiguration. It was an interesting class because they were learning the process of becoming Animagi. The ministry had decided that they would allow students to do this as long as they registered. Everyone was ecstatic when McGonagall had first announced it back in September. Luckily this was advanced Transfiguration so the 'less intelligent' students like Crabbe and Goyle weren't in it. Everyone in this class was more than capable of practicing Animagi and staying on top of their studies.

These past few months they had been learning the theory of becoming an Animagus. Today they would be put in potion-induced sleeps that would show them what their inner animal was, their inner Animagus, and everyone was beyond excited. But not everyone would be able to achieve this. Becoming an Animagus was extremely hard and McGonagall had told them that only the people who tried extremely hard and were really dedicated would be able to get it. Everyone would be taking turns to figure out what his or her form was. Draco prayed to Merlin that he would not turn out to be a Ferret or some other rodent. First up was Zabini. He sauntered up to the seat placed in front of the class. It was a bit like the first year sorting ceremony, except instead of putting something on, you were ingesting something. Blaise stayed in his dream state for five minutes before coming out of it. He grinned and said,

"Fox," Draco clapped his friend on his back, it fit him perfectly: he was as sly as a fox. Everyone went up when their name was called and they found out their animal. Nott was a tabby cat, something that made McGonagall smile; Greengrass a beautiful owl; Brown turned into a monkey, which made everyone laugh; Weasley - to the delight of everyone - was a weasel; Finnegan a raven; Thomas was a parakeet; Longbottom a mouse; Patil a rat - which made Potter glare for some reason; and Potter was a magnificent Stag, something that did not seem to surprise Weasley or Granger. Then it was Hermione's turn. She was sitting there longer than anyone else had and when she finally came to, she announced: "Unicorn." Everyone stared at her in shock. She'd got such a rare animal! McGonagall hadn't even known that it was possible to turn into one. But here she was, smartest witch ever to attend Hogwarts, a Unicorn. She walked over and took her seat next to her friends who were congratulating her on getting such a magnificent animal. Finally it was Draco's turn. He walked up to the chair, put the hat on, and fell asleep.

He woke in a strange place. There were rivers around him and a tall forest off to his left. He couldn't see anything else as far as the eye could see but this place was beautiful and calm, it was so peaceful. Draco was starting to get worried because he couldn't see his Animagus animal anywhere, and then, as if out of the blue, he heard a sound behind him. He slowly turned, anxious to see and what he saw made him gasp in surprise. There were two legendary creatures walking towards him! One was a snow-white, medium sized Dragon with shiny scales that looked like silver when the sun hit them just right. It had ice-blue eyes and a very calm expression on its face. The next animal was a shock to Draco. It was a Griffin. Why would he be the animal that symbolizes Gryffindor? It also was white in appearance but it had silver eyes. Draco finally got his wits back and asked the two creatures, unsure if they could talk:

"B-But, why are there two of you?" The two creatures stared at each other and nodded.

"Draco Malfoy, you are a complex human being," started the Dragon, which startled Draco. "You see me here before you because you are like a Dragon. You are powerful, you can be dangerous, you are a mystery to others, there are people who are afraid of you, you are mystifying, People think you are evil, but you aren't and you symbolize sin, you know what I mean by that," concluded the Dragon staring at him.

"You see me here because you are different, just like me. You are powerful like me, and you guard the things you treasure with your life, just like I am used for. You have a love for flying, and you may not admit it, but you are as courageous as a Gryffindor. You were courageous enough to fight for the other side in the war, the only reason you are a Slytherin is because of your family history," said the Griffin.

Draco absorbed all this information about himself and asked, "But, which one of you is my Animagus form?"

"Both of us are," they replied in unison.

"That's impossible, you can only have one Animagus form,"

"Under normal circumstances, you however are different. You are the first to ever be able to have two forms. If you can accomplish the process of becoming an Animagus, you will be able to choose between us whenever you want," said the Dragon.

"I- wow, this is incredible,"

"Indeed, now you will be sent back to your classroom, please try hard so that you will be able to master both forms," said the Griffon, its voice fading into nothing as the world around Draco disappeared. With a whirl he was back in the classroom. A frantic McGonagall was looking at him.

"Merlin! What took so long? You were asleep for 30 minutes! We were worried that something had happened!"

"Something did happen," mumbled Draco as he got up to rejoin his friends. Everybody in the class was staring at him, waiting for him to speak.

"Well, what is your form?" Professor McGonagall broke the silence.

"I don't think you'd believe me if I told you, so I'm just going to project my memory for you to see," Draco said as he waved his wand near his head. A silver light shot to the front of the room, and something akin to a muggle movie started to play. It was Draco's memory. Everybody watched in silence as the two creatures explained everything again. Draco just sat there, lost in his thoughts. Finally the memory was over and everyone turned to stare at him as if he was some freak.

"Mr. Malfoy," started Mcgonagall, "This is absolutely incredible! You have the rare gift of being able to transform into not one, but two rare creatures!" Draco just nodded and looked at the ground, he was still in shock after finding out that he was the first person ever to accomplish this. "We must ensure that you practice hard, class dismissed!" Everyone slowly got to their feet, still puzzled over Draco.

"Wow, mate," Blaise clapped him on the back while Pansy hugged him. They were proud of their friend. Well, Draco had been right, he hadn't even started phase two of his plan, and already the day had gone down in the history of Hogwarts, and they still had one more class to go to.

Defense against the Dark Arts was an interesting class as usual. They learned some neat defensive spells, but Draco already knew all of them, so it was a bit pointless for him and he got to spend the class thinking about what happened during Transfiguration. He was worried. He was just a normal seventeen year old! And now he's given this big responsibility to see if he can conquer two different animagus' it's a hard life. Not to mention there was a quidditch match in two days against Hufflepuff so he had to get his team ready for that. When Defense ended, everyone returned to their dormitories to return their bags before heading down to the Great Hall for dinner. Draco was beyond excited… well maybe not excited, he was nervous, worried, scared, apprehensive but altogether happy. This plan would work, it just had to.

Everyone was seated and they were enjoying their delicious meals when a slight ahem caught their attention. Everybody, including the staff, turned to the Slytherin Table where Draco Malfoy was climbing onto his seat. What the hell? Seemed to be the main thing running through everyone's minds. He looked extremely nervous, but he didn't back down, the Griffin was right: he was courageous! He could do this. He tapped his throat and muttered Sonorus.

"ATTENTION! Hey," He cleared his throat nervously, looking around the hall before continuing, "so as everyone should know, seeing as how I'm your Head Boy, but if you're daft or stupid, I'm Draco Malfoy, Slytherin. You may be asking yourselves, 'What the Hell is the most handsome and amazing bloke in the school doing standing on his seat?" He heard laughs from all directions. "Well, I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing up here. See, I made a mistake a little while back, and it's about time that I rectify that situation. I've tried, believe me I have, but nothing has seemed to work, so here I am, making a complete fool of myself for one person," Everyone turned to look at Hermione Granger, assuming that she was the person Draco was talking about, seeing as how he did send her flowers. "Can I please ask the Head Girl, Hermione Granger to stand up?" He looked straight at Hermione when he said this. She seemed to be rooted to her seat, afraid to move. She didn't look like she was planning on getting up anytime soon either, but luckily she did… with a little help from Ginny, but the point was she was standing.

"Hermione, I Draco Malfoy, admit here today in front of the entire student body that I am a prat. I am an insensitive jerk who hurt you. Ever since that day I've done nothing but try and earn your trust again. People might think that I only need you to be speaking to me since we are Head's together, but the truth is, you are an amazing person and I like having you as a friend," gasps were heard throughout the hall: Draco Malfoy thought of Hermione as a friend, no wait, an equal? Draco moved off from the bench he was sitting and walked towards Hermione, he lifted the Sonorous Charm as he walked, but everything in the hall was so silent that everyone could hear him anyways. "Hermione, please forgive me, that's all I ask of you, I need your forgiveness because, quite frankly, I'm a bother without you - just ask Blaise. So please, will you forgive me?" He whispered that last part, taking her hand in his own. She was silent, thinking things over, everything he'd said and done, wondering if it was worth it.

"I forgive you Draco, but don't make me regret it," she told him finally. Draco grinned and grabbed her in a big hug while everyone cheered. Hermione smiled and hugged him back. She liked seeing him smile; it was better than his usual smirk or scowl. He'd just embarrassed himself in front of everyone, how could she not forgive him?

"Want to go plan the ball properly after dinner?" asked Hermione.

"It's a date," confirmed Draco turning away to go back to his own table.

"It's not a date Malfoy! It's a… business meeting!" The last thing she heard was him chuckling at her as she smiled and turned around to finish her own dinner. Ginny kept grinning at her friend while Ron and Harry bickered over Malfoy. Everything was back to normal.



What do you think? She has finally forgiven him! After like 4 chapters... it was pretty cheesy though :) Please review and give me your thoughts or comments, it's appreciated!

Thank you to my reviewers! If you haven't noticed... all my chapter names are some sort of quote from AVPM/AVPS... I know they don't make sense sometimes but I use the closest thing I can find :)

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