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Make you feel my Love... by Harmoni
Chapter 1 : Make you feel my Love
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 This is a songfic based on Make you feel my Love by Adele. She is so emotional with this song and I tried to portray it with this song fic. Please read and review. I would like to thank Hpgirl1 and auror  snape and pizzagirl for their support and encouragement. Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy.


When the rain is blowing in your face....and the whole world is on your case....I could offer you a warm embrace....To make you feel my love...


He watches her from afar. Her eyes are wet with tears. Ron has just left. He longs to go comfort her but just sits there as the raindrops fall down, pounding lightly against the tent. Hermione lets out a sob. He is even more desperate now. He is angry at Ron for causing this pain. Her face falls. Not a single word is uttered. Harry starts to go to her but stops. Her eyes widen. She starts to go toward the entrance of the tent, but stops. Her tears begin again. Harry looks away. Hermione's heart is breaking in front of him, but he refrains from doing anything else. 

When the evening shadows and the stars appear....And there is no one to dry your tears....I could hold you for a million make you feel my love...

Evening dawns upon them. Hermione's tears are falling steadily. Ron is no where to be seen. Harry longs again to comfort her. She turns away, not wanting him to see her tears. He gives her his hand, but she refuses to accept it. He breaks the silence with a loud cough. Hermione continues her pain. She stops a few minutes later, standing up and walking toward the kitchen. She begins to prepare a meal. Her eyes and nose are red. Harry gets up and offers to help her. She refuses to accept it. Her hand touches his gently and she utters the first word of the evening. 

  "Lets go."

He gently takes her hand and they head out. They apparate to a small beachside place, and they set up the tent on the rocks. Hermione runs in, crying again. Harry follows, depressed. Then the silence fills the night.

 I know you haven't made your mind up yet....but I would never do you wrong....I've known it from the moment that we doubt in my mind where you belong...

Harry gets his wand and begins to read one of Hermione's books on horcruxes. Hermione is covering her face with a book turned upside down. She speaks again

"Harry, I think we should go to Godrick's Hollow."


Hermione wipes a stray tear from her eye. Her nose is red and so are her eyes, and her skin is very pale. She is clutching the horcrux as if her very life depended on it.

 He fights his true feelings. Hermione has cuddled up on the couch. He wraps a blanket over her. Her eyes close and her hand touches his. She is in her trouble and he is there to comfort her. He leans in. She doesn't fight him. He leans in again.

I'd go hungry I'd go black and blue....There isn't a single thing I wouldn't do...To make you feel my love

He gives a warm embrace to Hermione and sits by the bed. He wonders why Ron has made her so unhappy. He ponders the reason why he left, and why Hermione is so upset. 




Hermione is wondering whether Ron will come back, but she also hopes Harry will come over again. 

And what is Ron doing, you may ask? He has realized his mistake and is struggling to get home.


Tommorow they would leave. Tomorrow everything would be better.


The storms are raging on the rolling sea, and on the highway of regret....Though winds of change are throwing wild and ain't seen nothing like me yet....

Harry leans in closer. He makes his way to the couch and cuddles up with her. He is sure that he can make her happier than Ron could.  He wonders if this is a mistake, and whether she will respond badly. But for now, he falls asleep, happy, and warm.

I could make you happy...make your dreams come true...There is nothing that I wouldn't do...Go to the ends of the earth for you...To  make you feel my love...



A/NThis is my favorite song by adele. She is an amazing singer and her work is really inspiring.Hope you like it!



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