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Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 2 : The Sorting Hats Choice
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A/N: Hello, again! Thank you all for reading up until this point and I'm so sorry that I haven't updated yet, I'm in the process of moving so please forgive me!

I'll update two more chapters just to please the ones that actually want more of this story, but meanwhile, if you are just now reading this, please leave a review! It makes my day to see them, even if there are just one or two.

Now, go on and read, you don't want to waste time reading about me as I blabber!

The train slowed to a stop. Albus and Scorpious followed a slew of other students as they disembarked and stepped out into the cold night air, the fog obscuring many faces but here and there Albus could hear conversations.

“I’m gonna be in Gryffindor, like me dad,” a boy with sandy hair was saying next to a pretty girl with long black hair. “He says that if I’m not he’ll disown me.”

Albus grinned a little because that was what his Uncle Ron had told Rose a few hours ago. It was odd to think that they all were so far away now and he wouldn’t be seeing them again until Christmas, “Was your mum and dad both in Gryffindor?” he asked the boy.

“Dad was in Gryffindor, me mum was in Hufflepuff.” The boy said while holding out his hand for Albus to shake, “I’m Chris Finnigan.”

“Albus Potter,” he said.

“Blimey! I thought it would be a long time for me to meet you. Wow, it’s really nice to meet you, better be in Gryffindor!” Chris Finnigan said.

Scorpious was trying not to be noticed but the pretty girl with the black hair was eyeing him curiously. “You’re that Malfoy boy aren’t you?” she asked him. “I know all about you, my mum and dad were telling me that you’ll be in Slytherin, just like everyone else who was a Death Eater.”

“Hey, don’t say that.” Albus said angrily. “He won’t be in Slytherin and he’s not gonna be a Death Eater.”

The girl pursed her lips a little. “I’m gonna be in Ravenclaw so we’ll never see each other anyway.” She walked off with her head in the air.

Scorpious groaned. “It’s just going to get worse.”

Albus nudged him. “You’re not gonna be in Slytherin!”

Up ahead, a booming voice was calling for order and a large lantern was being held up over the fog. “Firs’ years over here! Come on now, firs’ years follow me!”

Albus felt a joyous swoop in his heart at the sound of that voice. He would know it anywhere and without waiting for Scorpious to catch up he called, “Hey, Hagrid!”

Hagrid was the largest and widest man that Albus had ever seen and when he had been smaller he’d been able to sit in the palm of his hand. He was wearing a large moleskin coat and his wiry black hair obscured the rest of his face, where only his eyes were visible and though Albus was told that he was half giant; he had never known a kinder person. “Make it here all right, huh? Good ter see yeh, Albus. Excited?” he asked.

“Yeah, bit nervous. There aren’t any sea monsters are there, Hagrid?” Albus asked while they were led away.

Hagrid laughed. “James telling yeh, lies again huh? From what I can tell there aren’t no sea monsters in there. Giant squid had a couple of babies a few years back,”

“Giant squid?” Albus croaked.

“And the mermaids are all right I s’pose but you won’t be seein’ them at all.” Hagrid smiled down at him. “Everything will be just fine, don’t you worry.”

Scorpious sidled up to Albus a while later as they were all eventually settled into row boats that would push them across the Black Lake, “Who was that?” he asked.

“Hagrid. He’s the gamekeeper here,” Albus said happily. “He said there aren’t any sea monsters.”

“I hope not,” a girl that was sitting with them said. “There’s no telling what’s really in there you know.”

Albus stared at her for a second or two. “What’s in there?”

She looked pale and shaken. “I don’t know but I know it’s nothing good.”

Scorpious was looking at the black water. “I don’t see anything.”

Albus was watching the girl turn green and decided that he wasn’t going to watch if she needed to lean over the side of the boat and relieve herself. “Let’s hope we don’t.” he said to Scorpious.

 Someone was oohing and ahhing and he suddenly looked up as they drew closer to the sight of Hogwarts in the distance and he felt his heart do a weird leap at the sight of the towers and pillars that seemed to stretch towards the sky.

What looked like millions of lights were ablaze and they could see mountains and forests in the distance and it was only because of the brilliance of the lights all around the castle that they could.

Albus was thunderstruck and wasn’t able to keep his mouth closed as they departed from the row of boats and were led inside of a magnificent entryway, “Wow, this place is wonderful!” Rose was saying to a blonde girl beside her. “Mum and Dad were right!”

Albus was looking around at all the other students and as Hagrid led them a few more steps he was able to see a crack in a giant door and many voices on the inside. Apparently there were already students there and he felt cold sweat slide down his neck, they were going to be presented to the whole school?

He was going to have to listen to the Sorting Hat tell him that he belonged in Slytherin in front of everyone? Albus felt his knees going slack but it was only because of Scorpios’ prodding in the back of his neck that made him move forward, “I’m gonna puke,” he muttered.

“Don’t. I was gonna do it first,” Scorpious said.

Hagrid didn’t hear them and was now waiting for something or someone to appear and after a moment a serious looking man walked out carrying a long roll of parchment. “Professor Finch-Fletchly,” he said in greeting.

“Hagrid. Are these all the new first years?” Professor Finch-Fletchly asked.

“Right. This is all of’em and if you don’t need me fer nothing else I’ll be takin’ my seat,” Hagrid said with an expectant smile.

Professor Finch-Fletchly waved him away with a roll of his eyes. “Off you go now, off you go.” He said.

Hagrid gave Albus a wink before he stomped away.

The kids were all looking anxious now and Albus couldn’t help but wonder if they had to do something new this year, a lot of things had changed and he thought about if they would have to pull a rabbit out of a hat or levitate someone.

He wouldn’t be able to do it and everyone was going to laugh at him, “Now. I know that all of you must be very anxious for the Feast and the Sorting but I must tell you now that foolish on anyone’s part during or after will be punished. And no oen is going to blame Peeves,” Professor Finch-Fletchly said.

Albus paled at the mention of the poltergeist and wondered when he would catch a glimpse of him. “There are four Houses in Hogwarts. Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin and while you all are at Hogwarts your House will be like the largest family you’ve ever had. House points will be taken and given to each House and at the end of the year; the winning school gets the House Cup.” He seemed pleased about something, “Hufflepuff has won only twice these past few years so I’ll be looking to you new Hufflepuffs for the win.”

Scorpious whispered. “Fat chance of that,”

Albus nudged him in the ribs.

When the students were still stewing in their shoes for another few minutes, Professor Finch-Fletchly finally allowed them inside the giant doors. Albus and the other were fascinated by the millions of candles that floated in midair and the enchanted ceiling overhead that showed the starry sky from outside and because it was realistic he almost thought the entire place was roofless.

Hundreds of other students watched them file in and Albus felt his cheeks heating in embarrassment as eyes looked critically at them all. He was going to be put in Slytherin for sure now and all these people were going to be staring at him, and looking, and pointing… “Hold on a moment, please.” Professor Finch-Fletchly said.

Albus inhaled raggedly. “This is it.”

“I’m so excited!” Rose said from behind him. “Cheer up, Albus!”

He couldn’t.

Scorpious was looking just as anxious. “Everyone is gonna Stun me before I get up there, I just know it.”

Albus glared at him, he wasn’t helping at all. “Go for Gryffindor!” he hissed under his breath.

Professor Finch-Fletchly had come back with a worn stool and a ragged old hat and after setting it down, he stepped aside. The Great Hall was silent with whispers and Albus waited and waited for something to happen, was the hat going to catch fire? Were they going to have to fight it?

Instead of this happening, the brim of the hat opened very wide, like a mouth and began to sing:


Now you may think I’m ugly

And a little worn down

But I’m the smartest hat that’s ever been seen in this town

I’ll tell you where you’ll belong, and hold my ground

If you will put me on

            Maybe next year when you’re older

I’ll sing another song

Perhaps you’ll be in Hufflepuff, where the hard workers dwell

Or maybe in Ravenclaw where smartness always toils

Or better yet in Gryffindor, the place where bravery shines

And maybe still you’ll dine with Slytherins, where ambition is highly prized

But how will you know without me as your guide?

Put this old hat on

I’ll look inside.

I’ll rattle around and decide where you’ll belong

I will be here even when you are gone

Because I’m the Sorting Hat!

The smartest hat in town!

The Hall erupted in cheers and Albus couldn’t help but smile as the hat was lifted off the stool, but it quickly faded as Professor Finch-Fletchly cried out. “When I call your name, you will come up and place the hat on your head and then, after you’re Sorted you’ll join your Houses!”

Some of the kids cheered.

Albus and Scorpious did not.

“Adams, John!” a pale boy with dark hair walked up and placed the hat on his head and after a moment the hat cried, “Gryffindor!” and one of the tables burst into cheers.

Albus watched him go enviously.

“Ackerly, Veronica!” a girl with thick dark hair was sorted in Hufflepuff.

Scorpious and Albus watched for a long time, both of them sweating from nerves and looking at each other every now and then as if they couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.

“Bell, Louis!” and Albus watched as a skinny boy was placed in Hufflepuff.

“Creevey, Sally!” Professor Finch-Fletchly cried.

Albus watched as a pretty girl with light blonde hair walked up and placed the hat on her head with a smile. It took a while but after a moment the hat said, “Gryffindor!” and he suddenly really wanted to join the House too.

While they waited, five more went to Gryffindor but the girl with the dark hair that Albus had gotten annoyed with outside of the train changed the running,

“Corner, Sue!” Professor Finch-Fletchly cried.

She walked up and placed the hat on her head.

“Ravenclaw!” it cried.

She took it off and nearly ran to her House.

Scorpious scowled, “Long as I’m not with her, I’ll be fine.”

Albus nodded fervently. “I know what you mean.”

“Finnigan, Christopher!”

The sandy haired boy whooped as he walked up and placed the hat on his head and after a second it cried, “Gryffindor!” and he gave Albus a wink and trotted down to join the rowdy group.

So far there had been no new Slytherins but when Goyle (Goyle, Carter!) was called up he was barely on the stool for a second before he was sent off to join the Slytherins, who bust into loud applause.

Scorpious blanched. “I definitely can’t be in Slytherin now. I don’t wanna be anywhere near him!” he said.

A few more Slytherins followed Goyle and the line was diminishing quickly as more and more students were Sorted, “Harper, Ignotus!” (Hufflepuff!)  

“Jordan, Samantha!” (Gryffindor!)  and most of the students whooped in delight while others were horrified, “Kingstone, Mary!” sobbed when she was sentenced to seven years in Ravenclaw while some students were just relieved for it to be over.

The Sorting Hat took its time with some, others it said right away and while they waited they realized, with a jolt that they were getting closer to Scorpious’ name.

After a tall girl with short hair was settled into Ravenclaw, his name was finally called. “Malfoy, Scorpious!” and he looked as if he might throw up on the spot.

Albus gave him a pat on the shoulder. “It’ll be all right,” he said.

Scorpious didn’t speak but walked up to the stool and placed it on his head with a grimace. It took a very long time with him but after a while it cried, “Gryffindor!” and there was a loud, if not astonished cry from the group as Scorpious stumbled off the stool and joined them.

Rose nudged Albus. “I think it got that one wrong!”

He ignored her as more people were called and Sorted and he couldn’t help but feel a bit of jealousy invade him. It was quickly replaced by nerves as Professor Finch-Fletchly called,  “Patil, Lavender!” the girl that had gotten sick from the ride over from the boat nearly fell as she walked up to the stool and placed the hat gingerly on her dark head.

The hat took a very long time with her too but after a while it finally said, “Gryffindor!” and she was so startled that she nearly fainted on the stool. When she hopped off she was still green in the face.

“Potter, Albus!” Professor Finch-Fletchly cried after a few more students were Sorted into their Houses.

Rose shoved Albus up and he glanced down at her with a dark frown on his face before turning resolutely up to the stool and sitting down. Professor Finch-Fletchly eyed him for a moment, “You look just like your dad you know. Except for the—”

“Glasses, yeah,” Albus said.

Hundreds of eyes were staring at him unblinkingly as the hat was placed over his head. It was so big that it hung over his eyes and drooped over his ears and for a second all he could see was the musty inside of the hat and then, out of nowhere a voice said, “Didn’t think I would be seeing you again, Mr. Potter.”

“I’m Albus,” he said to it.

The hat sounded like some kind of odd bee buzzing in his brain. “I see. Not a very bad mind you’ve got, not afraid of hard work I see and very brave. Now…where to put you?”

Albus could feel his stomach knotting tightly and he felt very queasy.  He tried to form words but only the dreaded, “Slytherin,” escaped from his mouth.

The Sorting Hat seemed to pause at this. “Are you certain? Your father wasn’t too keen on that House, if I recall correctly.”

Albus’s ears were drumming. “What?” he asked.

“All right then, if you’re sure.” The hat suddenly cried out before he could stop it and cried out to the silence, “Slytherin!”

The whole world seemed to fall in on itself and Albus was so horrified by this change of events that he could only sit there in shock, even when the hat was lifted from his head and the next person came up, “No, it’s wrong!” he cried. “I didn’t mean to say it, its wrong!”

Professor Finch-Fletchly looked oddly sympathetic, “The Sorting Hat makes no mistakes, Potter. Go to your House.”

Albus was looking around at all the faces, some of them shocked and he felt the back of his neck prickling with heat. The teachers were staring at him too, “No! This can’t be happening, I mean, I didn’t—”

Professor Finch-Fletchly lifted him off the stool with a firm grip. “Go on, everything will be just fine.” He said.

Albus’s knees were shaking and he barely heard a distance voice saying, “Potter, are you all right? You can step down now.”

“I don’t want to be in Slytherin, please don’t put me in Slytherin,” he said while cold sweat broke out over his pale face.

Professor Finch-Fletchly stared at him in puzzlement, “The Hat has placed you in Gryffindor, Potter. Honestly, you should pay more attention!”

Relief broke out on his face and he shakily removed the Hat from his head and handed it to the professor, who was still eyeing him oddly, “Y-yeah, okay.” He said as he hopped off the stool and began waddling toward the cheering group of Gryffindors that waved him over.

When he sat down, Scorpious was at his side in an instant. “What were you thinking about? You were up there for a really long time.”

“I thought it put me in Slytherin. I swore it did,” Albus said.

“No, Albus, it said Gryffindor almost as soon as you sat down.” Scorpios started to grin widely, “What kind of luck is this though? Both of us aren’t Slytherins!”

Albus smiled back at him with a wider smile on his face. “Things are going to work out all right then?”

Scorpios was looking around. “I don’t know, but I hope so. Everyone’s looking at me all weird, like I don’t really belong here.”

Indeed they were. Several pairs of eyes were watching the two of them as if they couldn’t believe what they were seeing and it made Albus both annoyed and angry.

They were all sitting there and staring like Scorpious was some sort of horrible beast and frankly, he was not half as bad as everyone was making him seem, in fact, Albus had a feeling that he was the one that deserved the cheers, not him.

After all, he got enough of it from who his father was while Scorpios probably only got boos and jeers, which wasn’t fair, “Don’t worry about it. They’ll cool off after a while.”

Scorpious was looking doubtful. “We’ll see about that.”

“Robert, Logan!” said Professor Finch-Fletchly and a very small boy stumbled up to the stool and was soon put into Slytherin.

Albus was starting to get a little anxious as Rose’s name was getting closer and closer to being called. And he was starting to get a little hungry on top of that so he was unable to really focus on the other students that were Sorted as his stomach began to growl, making Sally Creevey laugh.

Blushing, he tried to watch as Elliot Thomas joined them at the Gryffindor table and after he sat down, looking happier than Albus had felt all day, it was finally Rose’s turn.

“Weasely, Rose!” Professor Finch-Fletchly called.

The hall was jittering with both nerves and hunger as she walked eagerly up to the stool and rammed the hat onto her head. After a moment it finally said, “Ravenclaw!” and she was sent on her way, with a slightly disappointed smile on her face.

Albus clapped harder and cheered louder than anyone else and watched as she sat down next to Sue Corner and struck up a conversation that he supposed only girls would be able to translate. At last, with his cousin Sorted, the feast was about to begin but just when Albus was wondering how the food was going to arrive, via owl trolley, the headmistress rose and walked up to the podium.

There was a large hush as dozens of eyes turned to look up at the formidable old witch as she looked around at them all, “Welcome new students to Hogwarts and to our old students, welcome back. There are a few start of term notices that I would like all of you to know,” she sent James a dark look and he grinned at her. “The list of banned toys can be viewed in Mr. Flich’s office for those of you who would like to know.”

Again, she looked at James with a frown.

Albus was wondering just how much trouble his brother got into at this place. Headmistress McGonagall continued on as if she had not paused in the slightest, “Also, the Forbidden Forest is forbidden for a reason and is off limits to every student. Now, with that done, let the feast begin!” she clapped her hands with the rest of the staff, who were looking rather worn out.

Albus watched her stride back over to the headmistress’s chair and saw a man with a gloating sort of face lean over to say something to her. It made her frown but he was suddenly distracted by the delicious scents of food that had miraculously appeared in front of him, waiting to be eaten, “Wow!” Chris Finnigan said. “They’ve got everything!”

What he said was true. There were all kinds of foods that seemed to go on and on for miles; cakes, pies, stews, puddings, steak, chicken, casserole and more ice-cream than Albus had ever seen and as he tried to think about what he wanted first, a ghostly voice said, “I know who you must be.”

Jumping, Albus turned to see the ghost of a man with a very exaggerated ruffled neck gazing down at him from the floor. More ghosts were appearing, filtering out of walls and floors and windows and only he thought it was odd that they were trying to pick up food, the other students were laughing and talking to them as if it were all ordinary fun. “Do you?” he asked the ghost.

“Little Albus Potter! Your brother James has told me all about you!” the ghost said while winking down at James, who was too busy eating to notice the exchange. “I’m Sir Nicholas, the ghost of Gryffindor Tower you know. I knew your father very well, brave chap you know,”

Albus knew this already, “Did my dad have a hard time with the Sorting too?” he asked.

“Hm. I’m not sure but as you know, he wound up in Gryffindor! No harm done and he went on to do very good things.” Sir Nick said as he gazed around at the new batch of Gryffindors, “I’m hoping all of you are up to the task of winning the House Cup this year?”

“Of course we are!” Sally Creevey said happily. “No one is gonna beat us!”

Albus fervently agreed with her.

Scorpios was digging into a steak and kidney pie, “I’ll bet you three Galleons that you’re wrong and we lose by two points.” He said without looking at her.

She glared down at him. “You’re on, Malfoy!”

Albus rolled his eyes, nudging him. “What are you betting with her for?”

Scorpious glanced at him. “If I lose this bet she’ll never shut up. You’ve got no idea how annoying she is, you were getting Sorted for so long that you probably didn’t hear her blabbering away like a chipmunk.”

Albus snorted into his mashed potatoes. “She can’t be that bad.”

“We’ll see, shame that we’re in the same House.” Scorpious said while Albus laughed at him. Sir Nick had paused to look at him as they’d spoken and there was a look of steely recognition on his face and for a moment Albus thought that he would say something but he just glided away across the Hall.

Albus watched him go towards a ferociously mean looking spirit that was hovering near Goyle’s beefy shoulder (for the most part he looked uncomfortable). “Who is that ghost?”

“Bloody Baron,” James answered over a mouthful of chicken leg. “Slytherin ghost,” he said after swallowing, “mean bloke. Might wanna stay away from him,”

“Wonder what they’re looking so tense about?” Scorpious asked.

“Maybe they’re wondering how you got over here. I sure am,” James said while waving a spoon at him. Albus wiped crumbs off his own plate, “did you cheat the Hat or something?’

Scorpious frowned. “I didn’t cheat anything! It asked me what House I would want to be in and I said Gryffindor!”

“So you don’t really belong in Gryffindor if it asked,” James said.

Albus said, “I asked to be in Gryffindor too!”

James thought about this, “Well, I guess it can make one mistake.” He said while looking at Scorpious.

Scorpious scowled and tore into the remainder of his steak and kidney pie with a dark glint in his eye. “Maybe it did make a mistake.”

“It didn’t make a mistake. I mean I swore that it had put me in Slytherin!” Albus whispered to him. “I must have imagined it.”

“Good thing too because I don’t think I would make it over here either if you were in Slytherin.” Scorpious said with a frown. “Everyone’s gonna try and pound me as soon as I get asleep.”

Albus frowned. “No they’re not. They’ll get over it.”

Scorpious didn’t say anything more.

While he fumed at his uncertain fate, Albus caught Chris Finnigan talking to Elliot Thomas rapidly and it was obvious that they knew each other well. “Dad says that you can come and stay over the summer this year too. I can’t wait to tell him that I’m in Gryffindor! Him and mum are going to be so happy about it, they always remind me about what could have happened if no one had stood up to Voldemort.”

The name made a few students tense.

Elliot Thomas said, “My dad said that it was really intense. There was a moment when they actually thought they would lose!”

“No way!” Chris said, “they weren’t gonna lose anything!”

Albus turned away from this conversation to listen to Sally Creevey and Lavender Patil, “My dad is Muggle born but my mum is a pureblood. She was from Beauxbatons, the academy in France and he met her on a business trip. He works for Gringotts you know.”

“Or what’s left of Gringotts,” Scorpious muttered.

Gringotts was the old wizard bank that had been run by goblins but after three kids broke in and used a dragon to escape, they’d lost a lot of support from the wizards that had their gold stored there.

Albus wasn’t sure if they were going to close it down or not but he had heard that more wizards worked there now and that the few remaining goblins were threatening to leave as well because of the unfair treatment they received from wizards.

Another wizarding bank was now taking more customers but Albus thought it was sort of stupid to still call it Gringotts; the reputation couldn’t be good for business in his opinion.

Lavender Patil said, “My whole family thought that I was going to be all Muggle for sure but once, I nearly drowned." Albus noted that she hesitated and he wondered if there was more she'd wanted to say but shrugged it off. "Next thing I knew I was back on land! My mum was so happy that I’d finally shown some magic that she almost smothered me to death,”

“What are you most looking forward to? I’m really interested in Defense Against the Dark Arts,” Sally said. “Do you know who teaches that class?”

James answered. “Professor Smith. He’s the one with the everlasting smile on his face, the blonde, see?” he pointed up at the staff table at the man.

Albus thought he looked rather cold in the face but he was probably too sleepy and full to be thinking correctly. “Is he a good teacher?”

“He’s all right I guess. Ego couldn’t get any bigger, though,” James said with a laugh. “I used an Engorgement Charm no his head once and you should have seen how large it got before he went to the hospital!”

Albus and Scorpious laughed.

Sally was laughing but Lavender looked troubled. “Well, I hope it’s worth it! My dad used to go on and on about it, he said he learned so much.”

“Who is your dad anyway?” James asked her.

“Dennis Creevey,” Sally said. “He collects gold and treasures from all over the world. He’s really adventurous; I’d like to be an Auror when I grow up though,”

“What are you looking forward to?” Scorpious asked Lavender Patil.

She thought about it, “I think I’m really going to like Charms. Not sure if I’ll get the hang of Transfiguration.”

Albus was wondering just how hard he was going to fail in Potions. “Who teaches Potions?” he asked.

“Professor Zabini,” James said with a jerk of his head.

Scorpios had stiffened a little but Albus looked over at where James had indicated and noted the tall black man eating stiffly and talking to no one. “Looks like a mad guy,” he said.

“He’s all right. Bit of a jerk if you ask me,” James said. “Head of Slytherin House, but I never see him favoring any of them either. Doesn’t seem to like anyone.”

Scorpious snorted. “Can you blame him though? He looks like he has something stuck up his a—”

Headmistress McGonagall stood back up just then as the plates were washed clean of their desserts and their bellies were full to bursting. “Now that everyone has been fed, I’d like for the prefects of each House to lead the first years from the Hall and to their dormitories. Go on now and have a good night, you all have a busy day tomorrow!”

Chairs scraped and what sounded like millions of footsteps were thundering toward the doors. A voice was calling over the heads of first years toward the Gryffindors, “Over here! Come on, make way, over here!” a boy called.

Scorpios and Albus walked over with the rest, bellies full to bursting and their eyes drooping with the need to sleep. They trudged up to him, noting the acne on his face and the way he glared down at them all, “What’s with him?” Scorpious asked.

Albus shrugged but James patted him on the shoulder as he passed, “He’s always been like that. Move out of the way, Louis!” he said to the boy.

“Hey, none of that backtalk this year, Potter! I’m a Prefect!” the boy said pompously but James ignored him and walked out with a group of his rowdy friends.

Louis the Prefect glared at the remainder of the students and they waited for him to catch his temper before they followed him out of the hall. “That Potter thinks he’s so cool and only a second year!” he growled.

“Hey, that’s my brother you’re talking about!” Albus snapped at his side.

Louis glared down at him too. “I don’t care who you think you are, Potter Junior,” he sneered. “But my mother works in the ministry and she said that your father wasn’t really as great as he pretended to be, and that aunt of yours—”

“Now you shut your big mouth!” Albus snapped furiously.

Louis paused but turned away and began leading them up floors, down stairs, around corners and up many of the changing staircases. Scorpious was glaring at Louis too, “Who does he think he is, anyway?”

“I know what I’m going to do with my Dungbombs this year,” Albus muttered grimly in reply.

“Tell me beforehand so I can help.” Scorpious said with a grin.

While they conspired to destroy the annoying Prefect, Albus caught one last sight of Rose as she was being taken up a different staircase. He waved up at her and she smiled back down at him and then went on talking to Sue Corner, who was looking ridiculously arrogant for someone so small.

 “All right, here we are.” Louis the Prefect said at last.

Albus had missed the exact way to their dormitories and was started to see a large picture of a very fat lady in a pink dress. She appeared to be dozing but jolted at the sound of Louis’s voice, “Password?” she asked drowsily.

“Hogs Head,” Louis the Prefect said confidently.

She nodded and the portrait hole swung open to reveal a circular doorway that they all eagerly entered. Albus and Scorpios looked around at the cozy common room and the roaring fire in the grate, “Girls are this way, and boys, that way,” Louis was saying while pointing right and left with his fingers.

Albus looked up and around at the moving pictures that were waving and cheering them and yawned loudly. “Bedtime, all of you. You’ve gotta busy day tomorrow and no roughhousing!” he warned while the girls and boys started to separate.

Albus took one last look at Sally Creevey until her hair was out of sight and decided to walk up the stairs towards the boy’s dormitory, ignoring Scorpious’ teasing along the way. “Tired, aren’t you?” he asked at some point a little too loudly.

Scorpious took the hint. “Sure am. Excited about classes?”

Albus thought about it and wondered if he was going to enjoy any of his classes tomorrow and thought that, yes, he would be able to.

In Herbology, he had a one up on the other students because he knew Professor Longbottom outside of Hogwarts and had even had dinner with him and Teddy Lupin, who had graduated from Hogwarts a few years ago, all the time on holidays.

He thought of his round face and the scars that he had gotten several years ago from Death Eaters and couldn’t think of a better person to have his first day of school with, outside of Hagrid.

He wouldn’t be able to take Care of Magical Creatures until third year but he could still visit Hagrid on Fridays and weekends, that was someone who didn’t expect him to be anyone but himself.

Comforted by this thought, Albus barely noticed Chris Finnigan and Elliot Thomas as he changed into his pajamas and chose a four poster bed as his own, “I think so,” he said in answer to Scorpious’ question.

“I don’t know how I’m going to break the news to my parents about not being in Slytherin. Bet they already know though,” Scorpious said.

“What do you mean?” Albus asked while shoving the covers and blankets back.

“That Potions teacher used to go to school with them and they still talk and everything,” Scorpious said, “sometimes. I bet he’s already sending them an owl about how I’ve ruined the family traditions and stuff.”

“You don’t seem all too upset,” Chris Finnigan said.

Scorpious was grinning from ear to ear, the first real smile that Albus had seen from him all day. “Can you tell?” he asked.

“I can.” Albus laughed. “I’ve gotta write my mum and dad too and let them know that I wasn’t put in Slytherin. They’ll be really relieved, I guess. Suppose I was really worried about it before I got on the train.”

“I had to listen to my whole family going on and on about how Slytherin was going to be the best House that I could ever be put into. I’m gonna be the first in who knows how long to actually be in a different House!” Scorpious was still grinning and his pale cheeks were even pink. “I’m gonna rub it in my sister Emily’s face, she’s dying to be in Slytherin!”

Albus didn’t know what House his own sister was eager to get into but he had a feeling that she would be really happy to be in Gryffindor, but he thought of Rose and wondered if she would be disappointed with the House she eventually got into.

He would have to ask Rose about it tomorrow when he talked to her, if he ever saw her because he wasn’t sure how the schedule was going to be. “She isn’t going to like that.”

“Who cares?” Scorpious said with a laugh as he settled down and drew the curtains around his bed. “I’m so happy I could kick a hippogriff!”

Albus could understand his happiness as he drew his own curtains around his bed and punched his pillow until it was soft and dimpled. He was going to say something more but he wasn’t able to form a single thought as his head lowered and he fell into a happy, dreamless sleep.

Second chapter done! Please continue on and let me know what you thought of how the story is going. It changed quite a bit from what I originally had planned and its always nice hearing from you all! :D And I'm not nearly as mean as Professor Zabini. Hehehe.










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