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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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Adi was so glad that the Yule Ball was finally over.  Hugo hadn’t asked her to dance once, and Al hadn’t even shown up!  Jasmine had glared at her the whole time, and Rose hadn’t come back to their dorm until two o’clock in the morning.  All Adi wanted to do was sit on the train in peace.  So, naturally, she had Rose babbling about Scorpous in one ear, Collin babbling about Lily in the other ear, and Al and Hugo yelling at each other in the next compartment over.  What fun.  Dan was the only other sane person on the train.  He was sitting alone in another compartment, so she left Rose and Collin to their babbling and went to find him.

                Adi had never really spoken to Dan, but he was bound to be more interesting than her other options.  She found him alone in a compartment lying flat on his back on one of the seats.  He was listening to an i-pod, a muggle music playing contraption, so Adi asked if she could listen with him.  He obliged and the two spent the rest of the train ride listening to something that Adi never expected a British wizard to listen to.  Not only was it her favorite band, but it was made entirely of muggles AND it was American.  If she was surprised to see Dan with an i-pod, she was blown away by all the Greenday he had on it.

                “Adi!  Rosie!  Collin!  Everyone!” came the joyous shouts as soon as they stepped onto the platform.  Lily came running towards them with her arms open wide and enveloped them all in a group hug.  Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione hugged their children, nieces and nephews, while the three friends who were not part of the Potter-Weasley clan looked on a bit awkwardly. 

“Hello Dan, Collin.  Good to see you again” said Harry. 

“Dan, how is your father doing?  He’s aright I hope?” said Ginny.  That put a bit of an annoyed look on Harry’s face. 

“Yes, how is Dean?  And Collin, how’s your father doing as well?  I haven’t seen either of them since our last Hogwarts reunion” said Ron as the large crew made their way out of the station.

                Bill and Fleur Weasley had used an undetectable extension charm on Shell Cottage for Christmas and New Years.  Now, though it looked like a small, two story cottage on the outside, on the inside it was a four story villa by the sea.  Lily, Rose, and Adi had been put in a giant room with all of Lily and Rose’s girl cousins.  Adi knew she would never get all the names straight.  There were Percy and Maria Weasley’s daughters, who introduced themselves as Molly, the musician, Aggie, the dancer, and Kegan, the other one.  She had said this with a mischievous grin on her face, and Adi knew immediately that they would be good friends.  Those three were sixteen year old tripplets who went to school at the Incantevole Academy of Magic in the Alps of Italy.  They had been accepted to Hogwarts, but Percy had made them go to Incatevole so they could practice their “foreign relations.”  Then there were George and Angelina’s daughters, Merci and Denni, fifth years in Ravenclaw, Charlie and Dana’s daughter Martia, who was only ten, and Bill and Fleur’s youngest, Veronique, who was a seventh year at Beoubatons, and her older sister Abella, who had graduated the year before.  Victoire was also sleeping with her younger cousins until the wedding, just as Teddy was with the boys. 

                The sleeping arrangements were the usual, all the girls in one room, and all the boys in another.  James and Percy jr., Percy and Maria’s son, had graduated from their respective schools the year before along with Abella.  Then there was Al, Hugo, Collin, and Dan, along with Fred and George jr., George and Angelina’s sons who had graduated two years prior, Martia’s twin brother Andrew, and their older brother Thomas, who was a third year.  Teddy had set up a cot in the middle of the circular room where he would be sleeping until the wedding.

                When Dan saw Kegan, his jaw dropped.  Sure, he had known her since he was eleven and started spending Christmas with them, but she was different now.  Her dark red hair was tied up and held in a bun with pens.  She had always wore her hair down before, but now he could see the structure of her face, her high cheek bones, her blue eyes, her soft pink lips.  No Dan, no.  You are not allowed to think about her lips.  They are not there for you.  Oh, but he wished they were.  And when he wasn’t looking at her lips, it was her intense blue eyes, or her rosy cheeks, or the way she seemed to glow in the light of the Christmas decorations.  She moved with such grace that she appeared to flow as if she were made of water. 

“Hello Dan” she said as she held up little Martia to put an ornament on one of the upper branches of the tree. 

“Wow” said Dan. 

“What was that?” said Kegan. 

“Um, hello Kegan” said Dan, and promptly ran away for fear of saying something stupid.  This was going to be quite a holiday.


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