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There's So Many Bitter, We'll Have to be Believers by StrictlyRude
Chapter 4 : Every Time I Look for You
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On Tuesday, I sat fidgeting with my quill, anticipating the end of class. I had decided I needed to do it. I had to see my mother, no matter what the outcome may be, and I knew just the person who could help me: Professor Flitwick. We had Charms with the Gryffindors on Tuesdays just before lunch, so when class was dismissed, I told Mel I'd meet her in the Great Hall.

I waited until the classroom emptied to approach Flitwick. "Professor, I have a question," I asked, my voice much softer than I had intended.

"Yes, Ms. Callaghan?" Professor Flitwick had always had a soft spot for me. He had taught my Mum when she attended Hogwarts. She'd been one of his best students, and he knew what had happened to her. He had even come to my house to deliver my Hogwarts letter when I was 11, fearful that my father would dissuade me from attending. Because of this, I knew he would help me see my mother now.

"My Mum, she sent me a letter." I paused, and Professor Flitwick's eyes widened only momentarily. "She asked me to come visit her. I wanted to know, if, well if you could help me."

He stood quietly for a moment before speaking. "You're sure you want to go? You know what condition she's in, Finn."

I knew how seriously he took my question by his use of my first name. "I know," I answered, "But sir, I have to see her if she wants to see me."

"Alright," he replied delicately. "I will have it arranged for you. Meet me in the Entrance Hall, Saturday, five o'clock."

"Thank you," I said, forcing a small smile before turning to leave. I sensed that he wanted to say something else, but all he did was nod, so I picked up my bag and headed out of the room.

I wasn't so hungry anymore, but I had told Mel I'd meet her in the Great Hall, so I took a right out of the classroom, intending only to sit with her for a few moments. As I rounded the doorway, I smacked square into someone walking through the hall, my head ramming them in the chest. Admittedly I was much too wrapped in my own thoughts to have been watching where I was walking.

"Look who it is. Day dreaming about me, I suppose?" taunted a voice that filled me with both delight and dread. Why now, Fred? Why now?

"All day long," I joked back trying to be friendly but immediately thinking of every excuse in the book to get me out of there. I glanced back and forth from Fred to George who stood at his right. "Can't talk though. I'm late for Herbology." I blurted out stupidly. Fred furrowed his brow at me, and opened his mouth to speak.

I knew what he would say. It was lunch time. There were no classes. It was obvious this was a lie, so I solved my small dilemma the best way, and probably the least mature way, I could think of. I stepped around Fred Weasley and began to jog away trying to make an implausible tale believable. As I left, I turned my head for one last glimpse of that vibrant orange hair and two identically confused expressions. I only hoped I was convincing.


I spent the remainder of lunch time in the library, trying to concentrate on a Potions assignment, but a million irrelevant thoughts raced through my mind instead. I watched mental pictures swim through my head, a new one filling in the space each time a previous one melted away, none amounting to anything sensible. My daydream was only interrupted when I heard the unmistakable thump of someone who just dropped all of their possessions. I stood from my chair and turned to help the unfortunate student gather their belongings, shocked to realize it was none other than Dom. I had almost forgotten he was still my boyfriend, but he looked surprised to see me too, a little sick even.

"Hey, Dom..." I said cautiously. The tension between us had settled like the dense, fowl smelling odor of a dungbomb.

"Er, uh, hi," was all he seemed to choke out before a nervous giggle. He was furiously scratching his head as he leaned from foot to foot quite rapidly.

"Are you okay?" I asked, utterly confused. Had I done something? "I haven't seen you in a few days."

"I'm fine," he exclaimed a little too dramatically, his attempt to convince me failing. A terribly long and awkward pause fell between us until Dom spoke again. "I, er, I wanna break up," he said so quickly I wasn't sure he'd said it at all.

"Really?" I asked, totally relieved, all of the air leaving my chest, allowing my shoulders to relax. "Is that why you've been avoiding me?"

"Well, yeah. I'm sorry," he said genuinely, still avoiding my eyes.

"No, I mean, I wanted to break it off too. I haven't been able to find you though." All Dom did was nod his head as another fidgety silence over came us. This was definitely the weirdest breakup I'd ever experienced. "I guess I'll see you then?" What I was really trying to say was, 'Blimey, can I get the hell out of here?'

Dom performed his nodding and silence routine again, but didn't make any moves to walk away. My patience was diminishing, so I bent down to pick up a few of his books and then collected my own things, leaving him alone in the library. Now I really did need to make my way to Herbology.

A/N: I know it's been a little while. University sucks. Review pwease.

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