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I hate love stories by kira lovegood
Chapter 1 : Fun begins
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I hate love stories

Summary: With Voldemort gone, the wizarding heroes find themselves working at various levels in the ministry.Everyone seemed to have obsessed with love stories, except Harry.

DISCLAIMER- I wish I'm JKR.I'm not ;)

Chapter one- Fun begins

It had been six years since the great war ended.Nothing much has changed in the wizarding world except that there emerged a sense of equality in the society with the purebloods, muggleborns, halfbloods- all leading a peaceful life together.

Ron had found a new love interest in his fellow companion at the ministry, no matter how much he tried to deny it.Hermione, on the other hand had to put up with her tragedy - being forced to work with the most arrogant prat in the world.

They were all sitting at the burrow having the best breakfast made by Mrs.Weasley.Harry loved these mornings, really.

''He's not that bad, '' whispered Hermione while glancing up at Harry as she spoke, ''but he's as annoying as ever!''

''Draco is n't evil anymore.He's quite nice..sometimes, '' she added quickly, sipping her pumpkin juice.

That earned her a death glare from Ron and she turned away swiftly.

Harry merely chuckled while patting his back.He had got to known Draco Malfoy during the war when he had suddenly switched sides and joined the order.Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkison even Crabbe and Goyle seemed to have taken up the chance to have them gobsmacked.

''I'll go that way Potter!'' Draco grabbed his wand and ran towards the door.

Shouts and cries filled the castle as Hogwards stood up for the final battle.

''I still don't get it.Why are you doing this?''

Draco paused on hearing Harry's words and smiled, a sad smile playing at his lips.

''Why are you fighting Potter?''  he asked while staring down at the floor.

''Because-'' Harry could not continue the sentence.

He knew he had to fight for the ones he loved, he had to stand up for 'greater good'.He had to overpower the dark forces.

''I may not be war hero like you, '' Draco gestured towards the grounds where the battle was going on, '' but for once, I wanted to stand up for myself- do what I wanted to do.That's what mother had taught me.''

Hermione's eyes glistened at this point and Ron snorted in disbelief.

Harry merly nodded and smiled before rushing with his friends to join the battle.

Harry shook his head as few more painful memories threatened to resurface in his mind.He tried to focus his mind on things around him.

''What's that Hermione?''

Hermione swiftly pushed the object inside her bag but not before Harry caught the title of the book that said: Romeo and Juliet.

''What?''  she asked watching him as he stared at her.

Harry shrugged and sighed.Everyone these days seemed to have obsessed with the 'love' thing.He - well, its not that he had not tried, but things never worked.

''Have you guys found my wand?'' Ginny shrieked nearly running into the table.

She began rummaging a near by cabinet, knocking down several things.

''What the hell? '' Ron managed to speak while getting up from his chair.

''My wand, '' Ginny repeated, '' I think I've lost it.''

She gave Hermione a pleading look and signalled her to follow.

Harry and Ron exchanged looks and Ron muttered 'women' with a deep sigh.

''What is it Gin?'' Hermione cried as Ginny dragged her into her room and closed the door behind them with a flick of her wand.

''What the hel- Ginny! Your wand!!'' Hermione cried again.

''Shh Hermione- I know,'' Ginny silenced her  while grimacing slightly, ''I really needed your help.''

Hermione took a deep breath, she should have known that.


Ginny nearly knocked her down on excitement as she hugged her friend.

''You're the best 'Mione.Do you know that?'' she exclaimed grinning widely.

''Well, yes that was what you said when you pulled me here the last time.''Hermione managed to smile at her.

''Oh 'Mione,'' Ginny began with a fake pout, ''this will be the last help, I promise.Its just that I'm not that good at spell work.

Hermione sighed for thousandth time before picking up her wand and muttering some spells.

''There, '' she said proudly looking at her work, ''is it okay for you?''

Ginny nearly jumped up on her spot as she gazed at her image in the mirror.

''Lovely, Hermione!'' she cried, '' I bet you could be a wonderful hair stylist in the universe!!''

''Gee, thanks Gin,''  she crinckled her nose, '' I really need to hurry now.A meeting with Franklin.The ferret is coming too.''

Ginny waved her goodbye before dashing into the bathroom to change her clothes.

Hermione then joined Harry and Ron to finish off her breakfast.

''I really need to move now, '' she gulped glancing down at the watch.

''Hey 'Mione!'' she looked up at Ginny who threw a book in her direction.

''I thought you might like it.''Ginny winked at her before waving her goodbye and apparating fom the spot.

''Merlin!'' Ron barked, '' Where is she going? For  lunch with that git?''

''I don't think so Ron.She and Blaise are hardly aquaintances.''

Hermione shook her head while glancing up at the book in her hands- 'The greatest Love story of Babblebore witches and other stories.'

''This is interesting, ''  she smiled gleefully, ''don't you think so Harry?''

''Uh-uh.That will be damn boring, I bet.''He replied chewing on his last bite of pudding, ''I hate love stories.''

''You're pathetic! ''

Hermione and Ron made their way to the backyard.They thanked Mrs.Weasley for the delicious meal.

''That was amazing Mrs.Weasley!'' Hermione cooed happily. Harry nodded in agreement.

''Thanks a lot, Mrs. Weasley.''

''Ah- Its all right darling.'' Mrs Weasley smiled gracefully at the youngsters.

''Why don't you bring your friends next time? '' she added as they prepared to apparate.''It would be lovely if Luna and Draco join us.''

''Uh- sure Mrs.Weasley, '' Hermione forced a smile.

''Luna would be delighted, '' answered Harry quietly.

''Its okay Mom, why don't you just let us go for now? Do you want the new minister to kick our butts?''

Harry burst out in laughter at Ron's comment while Hermione glared at the red head.

''Language, Ronald.And don't tear up the office getting into another fit with her.She's your partner and you're supposed to be friends.'' Mrs. Weasley reminded him before they disappeared into thin air.

Ron snorted again - friendship with Pansy Parkison? No way.


There- my attempt at a new story.Hope you like it.
Please do review at let me know how you felt.

*Just assume that Ron never fell for Hermione and Harry began to hate love stories after his break-up with Ginny.*

So will they find true love in the most unlikely way?  Will sparks fly between these unlikely pairs?
Read on:)

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I hate love stories: Fun begins


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