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Stealing Cinderella by demya_wings
Chapter 9 : Chapter nine
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             As the months faded we found ourselves on the train heading home for the summer. Al and I were sitting alone in the compartment, snuggled up against each other. I turned my head slightly and looked at Al who looked like he was sleeping. He opened his eyes and smiled at me.


“I was thinking I want to find my mother this summer with you. I want to know if I’m the reason she’s not talking to me.” I said to him softly. “I want to go back to the States to look for her.”


“I’ll go with you so I know you’re safe.” He said and smiled more before kissing me. “I’ll talk to dad about it.” I knew he would get his way with his dad even if we have to take a few Auror’s with us so I nodded at him and replaced my head on his chest.


I had fallen asleep against Al after saying I wanted to find my mother and he was now waking me up because the train had stopped. I pulled my trunk along with me as I follow Al off the train. Our families were standing together and I let go of my trunk, jumped into my father’s arms.


My father was laughing as he spun me around then kissed my forehead. I turned to Jack and smiled as I reached around his waist to hug him. He lightly hugged me back and that’s when I noticed his hand intertwine with a woman’s hand. Jack has a girlfriend? He didn’t tell me about it and I looked him in the eyes. I felt hurt and my eyes showed it when I looked back down to their hands.


“This is my sister Sophia and her twin Luke. This is Nichole, my girlfriend and she’s staying with us right now until she finds a place of her own.” Jack said and I looked at my daddy with those same hurtful eyes. Dad’s eyes soften at the sight of my eyes. I was like a hurt puppy well that’s what dad said. Luke was freaking out when he saw my face and he was trying to make things better. Al rolled his eyes and pulled me close to him, kissed my lips until I smiled.


“There’s my girl’s smile.” Al said softly with a smile. I love how he makes me happy and I turned to his family. James, being the idiot he is pulled me into a hug and his hands grabbed my ass. Next thing I notice was James on the floor rubbing his face and I looked at Al who was rubbing his fist. I rolled my eyes and kissed his knuckles.


“Better?” I asked him softly with a smile which caused him to smile.


“Yes, my fist is much better now that my brother knows not to touch my woman unless he wants another black mark on his face to match the one I just gave him.” Al said and held me close as I laugh.


“Don’t forget my trunk Daddy.” I said to my father and bats my eyes at him in the sweetest way which I watched my father drag my trunk towards the exit of the station. “Thank you!” I yell at my father who just chuckled. Mr. Potter dragged Al’s trunk because I decided I wanted Al to carry me instead. I could tell Al loves to carry me around and he never complains. We could hear my brother’s girlfriend Nichole talking to Jack.


“What is wrong with your sister? It’s like she has mood swings.” Nichole said to Jack who just shrugged.


“She’s always like that. Dad spoils her to death and she gets whatever she wants.” Jack said in the same whispering tone.


“Could she be sexually active? She could be pregnant you know.” Nichole’s whispering voice said and I felt Al stiffen at the thought of me being pregnant. I grinned; my eyes danced with delight as I look at Al and whispered to were only he could hear me.


“I’m not. I had my period two weeks ago.” I explained to him and felt him relax. I rode with the Potters all the way home, on Al’s lap of course, and joked around with his family. We related the conversation Jack and his girlfriend was having. Harry nearly killed us at the thought of us getting pregnant at such a young age and I explained that I wasn’t pregnant to them all which caused everyone to sigh in relief.


“I want to find my mother, Mr. Potter. Al said he wanted to go with me. I need my unanswered questions answered by my mother.” I said as he pulled into his driveway. “I haven’t talked to my father yet but I will. It might be more convincing if you came with us.” I said softly and slipped into the front seats, looking at Mr. Potter with my cute puppy dog look. His eyes melted and a soft smile upon his lips.


“I’ll do it only if your father agrees to it.” He said and I smiled before jumping out of the car, into Al’s arms and kissing him deeply. I pulled away and dashed next door to my place, Al right behind me and still holding my hand. We dashed into the house only to see Jack watching another woman cook in my kitchen! My eyes narrowed and I turned away from it. Al squeezed my hand and we walked around until we found my father in my room, setting my trunk down in front of my bed. “Daddy, can we talk?”


He looks up at me and Al and frowns as he sits down. “Alright, what is it this time?” He asked knowing me way to well. Al sat down in my desk chair and watched me pace a bit in the room before answering my father.


“I want to find Mom and get my unanswered questions answered.” I said to him softly and frowned as I looked at him. “Mr. Potter said he’d go to watch over us. Please Daddy?” I begged him even though I was now in front of him on my knees and giving him my sad puppy dog eyes, nearly in tears.


He sighed at the sight of my nearly tears in my eyes and nodded. “Alright you can go find your mom.” He said and hugged me as I got up off the floor. After he left my room I turned around to see Al smirking at me.


“This is why I give you what you want before you give that adorable puppy dog look.” He said and grinned more at me as I walk over to him.


“Oh really well I think I want something else right now.” I said to him softly and kiss his lips gently. “I need to do laundry and pack. You need to do the same thing.” I said to him as he wrapped his arms around my waist. “You want me to wash your clothes right?” I asked him and watched him smirk even more.


“Of course I love it when you wash my clothes. You actually use scents in the wash.” He said to me softly with that same smirk upon his lips.

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Stealing Cinderella: Chapter nine


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