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The World According to Us. by xXJamesandLilyXx
Chapter 7 : First Days Suck
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So I haven't updated in six months... Forgive me *puppy dog eyes* Pleease? I have a chapter for you, which while pathetically short, is not actually bad!
And when it goes from Victoire's POV, the part at the end is not necessarily Victoire, it switches POV, I just don't want to tell you who :L Enjoy!



First days suck.

I know everyone says that, but not everyone’s dad is a teacher. The one aspect of my life he never managed to take over, and he did it. Going to Hogwarts was like a haven, a place where nobody stared because I was the daughter of the Boy Who Lived, because I kinda blended in with the ginger crowd.

But he had to do it. He had to come on in and sit at the teacher’s table and then have the nerve to talk to me after dinner. He asked me if I was okay. I said I wasn’t. I made a few snarky comments about him following me and everyone saying hi, including the bloody Sorting Hat, but he just stood there and took it. He just bloody took it. And then, once I was finished venting, he turned around and he just left. No apologies. No grovelling. And after what he’s done, I think I deserve a little grovelling!

First days REALLY suck.


First days suck.

I know everyone says that, but not everyone has their master plan backfire in their face. The attraction plan, not so much. It took about twelve seconds before all of the males in my family (and they are a pretty extensive bunch) decided that I was truly indecent and carried me off to change. Turns out my plan was apparently extremely obvious, and I should get a better one. Hmph.

Personally, I thought I had a rather brilliant plan, but apparently my family don’t agree, and they prefer theirs. I will tell you one thing for free: their plan sucks.

You don’t think it could possibly suck more than mine? One: Rude. And Two: Their plan involved me wearing a chastity belt until aged thirty. The men in my family are more than a bit protective.

First days REALLY suck.


First days rule.

I absolutely love first days, no joking. You have your new books and your new equipment and everything’s all shiny. I’m feeling worryingly happy at the moment, maybe it’s the fact that I GOT A REPLY FROM TEDDY! Yes, already. And he’s coming to the ball. Can I get a wahey?

Raise your hand if you said wahey.

Then slap yourself with it, you weird person.

I LOVE first days.


The Five Stages of Grief.



This isn’t happening.

This can’t be happening.

That’s it, I’m clearly dreaming.

Why can’t I wake up?

I’m not waking up.

That means this must be real.

But this can’t be real, I mean- well...

This can’t be possible, it just can’t.

It just isn’t

Oh God it is.

It must be.


How did this happen?

Because I was stupid.

I was so, so stupid.

I am stupid.

I am stupid and worthless and this is all my fault.

It must be.


It was a mistake.

I didn’t mean to do it.

I promise I didn’t.

I take it back!

I have to be able to take it back!

I can’t take it back.

What’s done is done.

It’s final.

It must be.


I just want it to stop.

Is that too much to ask?

I want to curl up in a tiny ball and I want everything else to just stop existing.

I want to stop existing.

I want to die.

This is all just too much.

I’m too young to deal with this.

I hate this.

This is a cruel joke.

It must be.


This is happening.

I’m not dreaming.

It’s real.

I’m not stupid.

I just made a mistake.


I can’t take it back.

It’s not going to stop.

I have to deal with this.

It’s not a joke.

I wish it was, but it’s not.

First I was screaming. I shook my heads and balled my fists and screamed like there was no tomorrow. Then I shouted. I smashed everything I could see, I yelled obscenities at whatever higher power there might be. Then I pleaded. I was down on my knees, begging that somebody please tell me it wasn’t really happening. And then I cried. I cried until there were no tears left, and then I shook and coughed, my eyes needing to cry but not having anything left to give.

 And then I sat in the middle of the hard floor, silently ignoring the people knocking on the door outside, and I closed my eyes and felt the very last tear fall from my eye. And I promised myself that would be the last tear I would ever cry.

And then all of the voices were gone. They stopped shouting and screaming and only one remained, a soft knock on the door followed by a ‘can I come in?’

I steeled myself, walking to the door and opening it. I didn’t even see their face. I just threw myself into their arms and just held them.

 'What’s wrong?’ they asked me worriedly.

 I have to tell them. I can’t tell them. I have to. I can’t.

 ‘I’m pregnant.’
If you hated me for not updating, how much do you hate me now? Muchly. Anyway, leave a review saying who you think it will be, they will be amusing, especially as I haven't actually decided yet. There are a few people this plot bunny could work for, and I need your suggestions to make my decision!

Olli x

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The World According to Us.: First Days Suck


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