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Starting Over, Again by xBlack Paradisex
Chapter 4 : Bedtime Story
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Hey everyone, thank you all for the nice reviews. I am really glad that you like this story. Im sorry for the wait, but I have been so busy with getting everything in my life figured out, and it finally is getting there :) so, thank you for waiting, and I hope I dont make you wait this long again. <3 ty!


Hermione silently walked around the shop she was in, thinking about what had happened that day. She was shopping for things for Aly’s bathroom, and her own. Aly’s was light pink, so Hermione got her white towels, and white and pink things to so around her bathroom; such as a tooth brush holder, tissue holder, hand soap dispenser, things like that. She did the same for her own bathroom, but in black and white. After that, she walked around, picking up small things to add to her new home, and of course got Aly something, which was a new video to watch in the morning. Hermione checked out, took the new things home, and then went back to Harry and Ginny’s house.

“Mommy!’ She heard and a moment later saw Aly running out of the house to greet her. Hermione wasn’t surprised. Last night was the first night, ever, that Aly stayed away from home, without Hermione.

“Hi sweetie.” Hermione said as she scooped Aly up n her arms, hugging her tight. “How was your day?” She asked, walking back into the house, Aly walking beside her.

“I had fun. Aunt Ginny made it very fun. We made cookies, watched a movie, and got to go out and play. I helped her make breakfast and lunch. So did Lily.” She said and Hermione laughed.

“Wow, sounds like you had quite the day. Are you tired?”

“A little, but I don’t want to take a nap.” She said and Hermione laughed. They went in and Aly went to Lily and colored pictures. Hermione found Ginny, and sat down with her.

“Hey Mione, how did it go?” Ginny asked and Harry walked in and sat beside Ginny.

“Fine. Apparently I was appointed for an interview with Draco.” She said and Ginny’s eyes went wide.

“No!” Hermione nodded. “Well, what happened?” Ginny asked eagerly.

“I walked in, went up to the thirteenth floor, and I had to wait almost an hour or so before I was even seen, and he was very shocked to see me.” She said and Ginny nodded, silently encouraging Hermione to go on. “Well, I told him my name, and he smiled at me. I sat down; we talked, he asked me questions, then randomly asked if I had kids.”

“Oh gosh, what did you say? Why did he ask?”

“He asked because he knew that if I did, I would have enrolled them into the new school, so he wanted to know incase I needed to have the time off, or leave the office.” She said took in a breath. “And I told him that I did have a child. I told him her name and he wrote it down. I don’t know why.” She trailed off, her mind running a mile a minute.

“Well, that must have been awkward. So, did you get the job?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, he said I did, and told me to be there Monday, and gave me this.” She said and pulled the envelope out of her purse. She pulled the paper out and opened it, and her eyes almost popped out of her head.

“What, what is it?” Harry asked and Hermione smiled.

“It’s my job information.” She said and handed him the paper.

“He’s paying you seventeen dollars an hour?” Harry said and Hermione nodded.

“Apparently. And I think it said that I get two paid vacations, five days each.” She said and Ginny grabbed the paper out of Harry’s hand.

“Sweet. I’d like to have this job.” She said and Hermione laughed. Ginny gave the paper back to Hermione. “Well, I guess that you found the perfect job. It’s easy, you’re great at it, and you are getting very well paid.” Ginny said and Hermione nodded.

“Yes, and as long as nothing goes wrong, I won’t even plan on leaving.” Hermione said and looked over to her daughter. “Then again, if things go right I might have to leave too.” She said and Ginny nodded. Hermione sighed and stood up. “Well, we have to go. Got a few things to show Aly, then I have to make dinner, and get her to bed.” She said and hugged her friends and thanked them for watching Aly. She gathered all of Aly’s things, and they apparated home. “So, Alexz, what do you want for dinner tonight?”

“Can we have pasta?” Alexz asked and Hermione nodded.

“Why don’t you put a movie on in the living room and I’ll start.” She said and Aly ran to her room, and Hermione smiled when she heard Aly squeal.

“Mommy, I love my room. It’s so pretty.” Alexz said, and ran out with a video in her hand. She hugged Hermione and went to the living room, and put in one of her many favorite Scooby Doo movies. Hermione had gotten a few more pictures for Aly's room, a few new decorative pillows, and a new stuffed bear; but her pooh bear could never be topped.

“Aly, come here, I want to show you something.” Aly got off the couch and followed Hermione into Aly’s bathroom. “This one is for you.” She said, opening the door, and turning on the light. Aly smiled at it all and hugged her mother again.

“Thank you, I love pink.” She said and Hermione nodded. Aly picked the colors, but Hermione made the bathroom complete, and she loved that Aly loved it.

“Okay, go ahead and watch your video, and I’ll get dinner done.” She said and Aly ran back to the living room. Hermione quickly changed her clothes, and started making dinner. When the pasta was almost down, she told Aly to go put on her pajama’s, and finished dinner. When Aly came out of her room in her pajama’s, dinner was on the table. Hermione poured herself and Aly a glass of pumpkin juice, and they sat and ate.

“Mommy, will you get upset if I ask you a question?” Aly asked and Hermione looked at her.

“No sweetie, you know you can ask me anything.”

“I can?”

“Of course what is it sweetie?” Hermione asked, putting her fork down.

“Does my daddy know about me?” She asked and Hermione looked at her for a moment, while she thought.

“No sweetie.” She answered.

“Why not?” Aly looked up at Hermione while she twirled pasta on her fork.

“You see sweetie, before I got pregnant with you, it was a bad time. Things were hard.”

“Are they still hard?” Aly asked before eating some pasta.

“Some, but it is also a lot better.” Hermione said and smiled.

“So, does that mean that we can tell Daddy that I am here?” She said and Hermione looked at her.

“I don’t know sweetie. I hope so.” She said and Aly nodded, happy with the possibility of maybe. Hermione smiled at her and finished her dinner, in silence. After they ate, they cleaned up, finished Aly’s movie, and then Hermione put Aly to bed.

“Can I have a story?” Aly asked and Hermione chuckled.

“Sure. Which one?”

“My favorite one.” She said and settled into her pillows.

“Okay… Once upon a time there was a young girl. She was really smart, but was always seen as an outsider, because of where she came from. Then one day, she met two boys, and they became best friends. They went on many different adventures.”

“Like what?” Aly asked, though she already knew the answer.

“Well, you see, the boys didn’t like her at first. She always had the answers to the questions, and knew more than they did. They thought she was a bookworm, and wanted nothing to do with her. And then, one night, an evil man let a troll loose inside of the school that they were attending. The boys followed their house mates to safety; but they remembered that the girl was missing. They ran to where she was, and when they got close, they saw the troll. It was tall, big and ugly. They ran into the room and helped the girl. After that, they were all best friends. Throughout the years of their friendship, they fought against a big snake, evil doers, werewolves, dragons, even giant spiders. They were always in some sort of mischief. And then, an evil man wanted to hurt everyone that the three friends cared about. And one day, the evil man sent a boy to hurt them. But, the boy couldn’t do it, but knew that if he didnt, something bad would happen. Come to find out, the evil man wanted to curse this boy and his family. So, the three friends decided to help him, even though the boy was always mean to them. They took him to the best wizard there ever was. And they all helped him, and his mother. And after a while, the girl started to like the boy, but never said anything to him, because he wasn’t supposed to like her at all.”

“Why not?”

“Well, because the girl was different from him. But one day, right before the evil man came to attack; the boy told her that he loved her, so she told him she loved him too.”

“And they kissed the most amazing kiss ever.” Aly finished and Hermione smiled.

“Yes, they did.” Hermione kissed Aly on the forehead. “And it is time for you to go to bed.” She said and Aly smiled.

“Goodnight mommy. I love you.” She said before shutting her eyes.

“Goodnight baby, I love you more.” Hermione said, before leaving Aly’s room, shutting the door behind her. Hermione locked up her house, turned the lights off, and went to her room. She took off her tee shirt, leaving her in a tank top and her pajama pants, and crawled in bed. Then, she thought of what came after the kiss that she and Draco had shared.

‘Hermione pulled away and looked up into his beautiful steel blue eyes. He smiled at her, and she smiled back.

“Hermione, I love you, I have for months now, and I know that I am probably going to die tomorrow, and I wanted to tell you.” He said and she leaned her forehead against his.

“We are all probably going to die tomorrow. Thank you for telling me. I have loved you too, but was afraid to tell you.” She said and he smiled.

“You never have to be afraid of me, at all, ever. No matter what, I am there for you.” He said and she smiled at him.

“I love you.” She whispered, and then he kissed her again. He held her softly, but tight to him. The way he kissed her made her knees go weak. She felt that she was melting into him. She kissed him back eagerly, and a moment later, things heated up. He picked her up and walked her up the stairs to his room that was in their shared head quarters, and gently laid her on the bed, their lips never parting. A moment later, she started to unbutton his shirt, and he pulled away from her.

“Mione, what are you doing?” he asked and she smiled at him.

“I want to be with you.” She said and kissed him. He kissed her back, and then pulled away.

“Don’t you think this is fast?” He said and she chuckled.

“Like we said, we might die. And I want to be with you. What if we do die, and we were only together for just this night? Don’t you want it to be one of the best nights you will remember?” She asked and he nodded, understanding her.

“Baby…“ He whispered. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes.” She said, and he didn’t have to be told again. He kissed her, lovingly. They discarded their clothes, and they made the love, for the first and only time of their relationship.’

Hermione looked at the clock and sighed. Monday was just two days away, and she was half regretting getting the job, and half happy that she would be seeing him again. She did love him, and she doesn’t regret their night together. She does regret not telling him that she had gotten pregnant, and that Aly was his. She wanted to, so many times, but was afraid. She rolled over and groaned. She decided to make sure that this Draco Malfoy was legit before she would make any decisions about telling him that Alexz was his daughter.

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