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Moving Along... Together by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 6 : Love Helping You <3
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Chapter 6- Love Helping You

James POV

“You may leave now.” Minnie let us go at 9:00. She made us clean out the trophy room.  

Sirius and I were telling each other jokes and laughing hysterically.  We were walking when I heard a faint scream.


“Sirius did you hear that” I asked.

“I did James, let’s find them.” Sirius said. We walked the direction to where the voice came from. I heard cries of a girl and found it very familiar. She sounded in pain.

“No!” it can’t be her. She is safely sleeping in her dorm. My fear became true when I saw Lily sitting on the floor nearly unconscious with blood on her forehead and tears running down her cheeks. “LILY!” I screamed and ran to her. I held her straight. “Oh my god. Who did this to you?” I yelled with fury in my voice.  That slimy bastard who did this to her would have to pay.

“Joshua Anderson” she fainted in my arms. Anger boiled through me. That git, he really wanted to die from my hands. He was going to face the worst from me.

“Get her to the hospital wing James.” Sirius quietly called from my back. I carried her in my arms and whispered quietly to her.

“Don’t worry Lily you’re safe now with me here.” I walked through the door and demanded Madame Promprey to aid her. When Lily was cleaned up I sat by her bed with her tiny hand wrapped in my hand. “I will hurt that bastard who did this to you until you won’t even be able to recognise him. Sirius, go back to the dorm I’m staying with her.”

“No you’re not” Madame Promprey said coming through the doors.

“Yes I will I do not care what you do but I will stay here by her side till she wakes up!” I almost yelled at her. She gave me a stern look and gave up. With that she walked back into her office. 

I turned back to face Lily with her hair let down. Tomorrow I was going to find out the whole story on what Anderson did then ask her why she had lied to me. I laid my head on her knee. I fell asleep with my hands in hers that night it was the best sleep I had in days.


I woke up with a twitch in my hand. I yawned and looked up to see Lily wide awake. “Sorry I woke you up.” She apologised.

“No it’s good to see you awake and breathing.” I replied back. We sat in silence until I decided to ask her a question. “Lily, why did you lie to me?” I asked looking straight in her eyes. 

There was a moment of silent before she spoke. “I didn’t want you to feel bad.” She finally admitted to me. Didn’t want me to feel bad? Why was she thinking about me? She was making this extremely hard.

“You don’t have to worry about me Lily, look at you, sitting her injured.” I looked away. I knew my eyes would give away too much. “Can you please tell me what happened?” I stared back again at her hoping for an answer.

“Yes but before that, thank you so much for helping me James.” She thanked me. I looked right at her and leaned in and place a kiss on her forehead. It felt perfect and she didn’t even stop me.

“I would help you from anyone and anytime, just tell me so I know that I have a good reason for killing him.” I glared at the wall. I could tell she was thinking twice whether to tell me or not.

She started with how she needed a book from the library so she decided to go there. When she left she met Joshua Anderson and he came on to her. He held her arms and started kissing her. She shouted for help after hearing our voices and then he pushed her and ran off, coward. “He is going to pay ok.” I said ferociously.  

That pig will definitely be receiving a special visit from me. I gave him the warning but he decided not to listen to it. It was his choice.

“Please don’t get in trouble or get yourself expelled. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you” She begged.

“I can’t promise that but I can try.” I cheered her up. We sat there in silence.

“You can go you know, there’s a Hogsmead trip.” She told me.

“Why, would you like me to?” I asked getting a little bit hurt if she wanted me to go.

“No it’s not like that. Just I don’t want you to waste your time when you could be playing outside.” She whispered.

“I would rather be here and know that you’re safe then go out and worry about you.” I said truthfully.

Crap I was telling her too much. I can’t show her that I still have feelings for her. Just then Alice, Alora, Alisha, Remus and Sirius arrived.

“Lily I was freaked out when you didn’t come back last night, don’t do that again!” Alora yelled and ran to Lily to hug her.

“I’m sorry Lor. But I really can’t breathe” She apologised again.


“Are you okay?” They asked her together.

“I’m fine, I hope I can get let out.” She said hopefully. I got up and walked to Madame Promprey without them noticing,

“Can you let Lily out she really wants to go to Hogsmead. The next one is like in ten weeks.”

“Yeah she may leave now if she wishes to.” I smiled and went back.

“What happened?” Alora asked. I looked at Lily who looked at me then Sirius. I knew she would want to tell anyone.

“She fell down the stairs. Sirius and I found her on the floor unconscious.” They bought it but Remus just looked at me. I nodded. He understood that I was going to explain everything later so he let it drop.

“Come on guys let’s go to Hogsmead.” I said changing the topic.

“What about Lily?” Alisha asked.

“Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine.” Lily said lowering her head down.

“She can come too, no one is stopping her!” I said happily.

“Really James?” she asked. I saw the glint of happiness in her re-appear.

“Yes Lily, Madame Promprey said you may leave if you wish to.” She smiled gleefully and held eye contact with me. I smiled back at her. She was so beautiful.

“Thanks James it means a lot to me.” She replied.

I went back to the common room with Lily and waited for her to change.

Peter had a date with a huffelpuff so he went to get her. Remus was waiting for Alora and Sirius was waiting for Alisha at the Gryffindor common room. We all planned to meet at the entrance. Sirius had finally fell for someone and asked her out.

 I was left with Lily, we planned to discuss and finalize the ball theme and posters and then I said I would take her around the shops if she wanted too. The truth is I never stopped loving her. She was the one I still loved and always will but I’ll never admit it to her anymore and I was glad that I finally got my day that I wanted from her.

My mouth flew open when I saw Lily. She was wearing black jeans with a floral dress top and a cream sweater on top. I got up and walked towards her. “You look beautiful” I whispered. She blushed crimson and looked down at her feet. “Shall we then” I held my hand out and she took it.

We met everyone at the entrance and headed for the carriages. We all manage to fit without Peter and his huffelpuff.

When we were there I took Lily to a book shop which she spent an hour at. “Thanks for taking me there James I really liked it.”

“You’re welcome” I knew she liked books.

“Let’s go to Zonkos” she said. She didn’t have to do that for me.

“You don’t have to you know.” I told her.

“I know but I want to” she said kindly while smiling at me. She was irresistibly too kind. I walked with her to Zonkos. I eventually did lose her in there with me running everywhere to stock up on some items but I did find her in the corner laughing.

“Hey sorry I got caught up” I said showing her all the bags of items I’d bought.

“Yeah it’s fine.” She laughed again.

We walked past the broom shop and I saw the latest broom. It looked perfect. I could imagine myself flying it. “Hey, why don’t you buy it for your game tomorrow” she asked me.

“I would but I spent all my pocket money this month, maybe next month.” I looked at her and saw something in them but when she looked up I lost it. “Hungry, want to go to the three broomsticks and discuss ball details.”

“That would be lovely.” She grinned. We walked towards the three broomsticks. I opened the door for her and stepped in. We found a table at the back and took our orders. I ordered a steak and she ordered a salad.

“Are you sure you’ll take a salad, aren’t you too skinny to eat that?” I questioned.

“You can’t be too skinny to eat anything and I am not too skinny.” She beamed.

“Ok then you’re not too skinny, let’s see the poster.” I asked

She reached in her bag and pulled out a rolled up sheet of paper. I opened it and gasped in awe. It had a black and purple background and then there were masks everywhere. Then there was a whole lot of information. “Do you like it?” she questioned.

‘I love it Lily.” I handed it back to her. We chatted for a while until the food appeared. I really thought she should have ordered more food but she said it was enough so I trusted her.

“Excuse me I will be right back.” She walked out of the shop. Where did she go? I was getting worried when she didn’t come back. I was about to leave when I saw her entering. “Where are you going?” She asked.

“I was about to find you.” I replied embarrassed. She laughed at this and smiled.

“Are you done?” she asked after a while.

“Yeah, ready?”

“Yep” she was about to pay the bill when I came in front and placed the money in the bill. “Hey” I the man should pay not Lily.

“It is the man’s job to pay the bill when he takes a girl out to lunch.” I replied.

“What about at dinner can the girl pay?” she asked

“No. The man always pays for food.” I answered back. I walked her back to Hogwarts and back to the common room. We talked and talked about silly things.

“Thanks a lot James I really had fun today with you.” She said to me. I smiled at her and winked.

“Anytime Lily.” I watched her walk to her room. I was going to take revenge tomorrow on the guy that made her suffer. Tomorrow I was versing Anderson in Quidttich and accidents do happen during a match. I laughed and walked out of the common room to where the others waited.

Tonight was a full moon, it has been a while and it t would be fun.



Lily POV

I sat on the couch by the fire and dozed off into my own world. This feeling I had for James was really strong and I didn’t know who to tell. People would probably make fun of me since I use to always reject him.

I heard a knock and waited for James to answer it but then it knocked again. I got up and opened the door. Alice, Alora and Alisha were standing there with smirks.

 “Hi” I greeted them. “Didn’t I tell you guys the password?”

“You changed it!” Alora explained. I had totally forgotten. James and I changed it to ‘unity’.

“So tell us about the day.” Lor spoke up.

“Honestly it was amazing, he took me where I wanted to go and opened the door for me. It wasn’t even an official date and he treated me like that.” I… I love him. There I admitted it to you. I am in love with James Potter.

“That’s so sweet and romantic.” Alice said.

“Forget about me. Tell me about all your dates.” I spent that night listening to all their stories and fell asleep peacefully. They mustn’t have woken me up because when I woke up no one was there.


In the morning I woke up with excitement. There hasn’t been a game since like forever. I took a shower and changed my clothes. I wore a muggle outfit. Tights with a dress top. I had a Gryffindor scarf and beanie. I let my hair down and wore the beanie. I was in Sport Spirit.

I then went to my bag and tore a piece of parchment. I wrote on it:

 I loved the day I spent with you, it was a memorable time. I laughed and smiled and you were the perfect gentlemen Please accept this gift as my lucky charm for the game from me to you.

I waited for the package. When it arrived I wrapped it in paper and stuck the note on. I gave to the owl and told it to leave later.

I couldn’t hear anyone in the common room so I left for breakfast.

I walk into the great hall to see my friends with the marauders laughing away.

“Hey everyone” I greeted as I sat in front of James. He looked up and smiled and I simply smiled back. I started to chew on a lettuce. “Excited for the game?” I asked.

“Hell yeah!” Sirius called out. I laughed at this, Sirius and I always were on the rough side and we use to never get along. It changed between us, we were now friends.  

“Yeah it should be good since it’s the first this year” Alora stated. Which everyone agreed to.

Later, I quickly went to my Common room to grab a spare jumper. I saw the owl still there and sighed. “Now you may leave Oreo” Yeah that was the owl James had given me in sixth year and named it Oreo Mc flurry. Apparently it was named after his favourite muggle ice-cream.

I watched the owl fly away from my window. Will he like it?

Author’s Note: Well, will James like it? I guess you’ll have to wait. If you want the next chapter to be posted please inform me by reviewing this chapter. Thanks! Special thanks to C! 


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Moving Along... Together : Love Helping You <3


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