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The Week I Was Pregnant by Ronsgirl29
Chapter 4 : Thursday
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I wake up Thursday morning feeling fine and dandy. Yesterday morning, after my rather wild night, I really needed a mental health day. We don’t do much in class so close to the holiday break anyway, so I was able to spend the day in the infirmary with minimal fake sick acting. Although, I am a really good actress, so it’s almost a shame.

If you are just dying to know what I did all day, I can sum it up pretty easy.



Reveled in my awesomeness.

Some of my relatives and friends stopped by to see me as well, and I was notified that the word on the street is I took the day off for a check up on the baby. I thought about caring, but then I remembered that it was my day off, and on my days off both thinking about and caring about idiotic Hogwartian gossip is against the rules.

So I said, "I don’t give no fuck!" and I got a slap on the wrist from cousin Al for using vulgarity. Silly Albus doesn’t know the rules to my days off, in which it clearly states I can say any words I want.

Anyway, I digress. There are more important things to attend to, like getting out of bed.

Regardless of my refreshed nature, it’s still no easy feat to force myself out of my comfy bed. But manage it, I do, and I get through my morning routine in record time. I even decide to put a little extra effort into my appearance. When I’m feeling good, I’m looking good.

"Who’s a sexy witch?" I ask my reflection in the mirror, my lips doing a sexy pout. "I am! I’m supermegaawesomefoxyhot and no one is going to tell me otherwise!"

"Well, now this isn’t part of your normal routine. Hate to break it to you, but there’s nothing attractive about that thing you’re doing with you lips," Annie says, interrupting my Rose time.

"Don’t hate on the sexy pout! It works wonders on the boys! Besides, your um…" I look at her, trying to find something to make fun of, but she looks perfectly put together; per usual. "…your shoes aren’t that shiny today. How unattractive is that!"

She looks down curiously at her bare feet, "I’m not even wearing shoes."

I glance at her feet as well and see that she is in fact bare footed. Well, this is awkward. "Oh right. What kind of weirdo doesn’t wear shoes? You should hurry up and put some on so we can go to breakfast," I say jokingly.

"Aye aye captain," she says with a smile.

I smile back and we continue to talk as she finishes getting ready (to my dismay her shoes turn out to be extremely shiny).We head down to the common room to find it rather empty; the fire in the fireplace from the night before has burned down to a few small embers, and aside from a very awkward looking 3rd year in the corner, there doesn’t seem to be any people.

"Oi, you there," I yell to the girl. "Where did everyone go?"

She turns to face us and I have to take a step back. She has the largest bug eyes I have ever seen in my entire life and she seems a bit fidgety. She must be related to Professor Trelawney in some way.

"Big commotion on the grounds, everyone went to go check it out…" she trails off. "You haven’t seen a Blibbering Humdinger around here have you?"

And she seems to have a bit of Aunt Luna in her too.

"Thank you, and um, can’t say that I have. Try checking under the couch," I say on a whim.

Her abnormally large eyes light up, "Brilliant, why didn’t I think of that before?" she says before scurrying over to the couch.

Most days I think my relatives are the craziest people at Hogwarts, but sometimes I see that that isn’t always true. Now is one of those times.

Annie just shakes her head and rolls her eyes, grabbing my arm to pull me towards the portrait hole. "Come on, if there’s something going on we should be there!"

A small smile plays at my lips as we make our way through the airy corridors. I know this is extremely selfish, but whatever’s going on outside may be bigger news than my rumored pregnancy. Although, it will have to be something extra juicy for the attention to shift off of me. A Weasley teen pregnancy scandal isn’t easy to top, even if it is all lies.

We pass the great hall to see it’s a lot emptier than it would be at this time normally. And as we near the door to the grounds, a faint chant can be heard coming through.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Annie and I exchange shocked looks and wordlessly agree that we need to get out their pronto. So, we break out into a full on sprint. Our hair whips behind us as we slam through the doors and my only thought is, this is gonna be good.
The two of us burst outside and immediately see a huge group of students surrounding something, but the masses of bodies make it impossible to see what exactly. I charge forward, shoving unlucky bystanders out of the way. "Move it or lose it, I want to see what’s going o-" I try to finish my sentence, but the words are caught in my throat. After fighting my way to the front, what I am witnessing is the opposite of good. It’s not good at all.

"COME AT ME, BIOTCH!" snarls an absolutely fierce looking Hugo.

Hugo’s target, ‘the biotch’, flings himself at Hugo with full force, but he does a little spin and the guy misses him by mere inches, landing with a thud on the ground.

He’ll deny it, but those ballet classes mum made us do when we were little really pay off sometimes. Of course, Hugo only attended a couple lessons before dad found out and removed him from the class, but his short lived career was very promising. I mean, look at that turn, it was so graceful!

The boy stands up and I see that it’s Demetrius Winters, a rather fit and very large seventh year. I snogged him at a party once in fourth year, and he has been since dubbed as Dementor in my head.

Yeah, his kiss was that bad.

Hugo swings and punches him in the gut, "Go ahead, hit me back you git! I bet you hit like a girl!"

And then Dementor promptly punches him in the nose.

He puts his hand to his now bleeding nose, "Ouch. Okay, you hit like a very strong girl."

Oh Merlin, my brother is an idiot.

Even with his injury, Hugo manages to give him a solid left hook in the jaw. But then some of Dementor’s friends come up behind him. Come on, three on one isn’t a fair fight!

I’m about to jump in and try to break things up, but Louis jumps in before I can.

"Hey, scumbag, do you really need your cronies to take on a fifth year? Three on one is cowardly," he says angrily.

He signals at his friends to step back, "My friends just have my back, that’s all. And who you calling scumbag? That’s big talk for a little French boy."

Little isn't really a fair word to describe Lou, but Demontor is extremely tall, so I suppose everyone is little in his eyes.

This results in stream of French profanities that would make Auntie Fleur blush. He doesn’t take kindly to insults about his height or heritage.

Dementor throws another punch at Louis to get him to shut up, and chaos ensues.

Hugo leaps on Dementor. Dementor spins around, trying to loosen Hugh’s grip. The cronies from before try to pry Hugo off and then James and Fred come out of nowhere and start trying to pull away the friends that are trying to pull off Hugo. Lou kicks Dementor in the knee.

This is a mental image that will not soon be forgotten.

Hugo has him in a chokehold, screaming, "TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT MY SISTER AND I WILL SHOW YOU MERCY!"

Hold the phone.

This is about me?

I turn to the girl next to me, a Hufflepuff in my year, "Can you please tell me how this fight got started?"

"Oh, Rose," she says with obvious pity. "Hugo overheard Demetrius and his friends calling you a slag, and he kind of lost it."

So, this is about me.


Well, I appreciate that my brother is standing up for me, but I think I’m more than capable of fighting my own battles.

I take a few deep breaths and conjure all my Gryffindor strength before pushing through those last couple of people and into the center of the circle. "STOP THIS NONSENSE RIGHT NOW OR FACE EVEN MORE OF MY WRATH!" I shout at the top of my lungs.

The boys step away from each other and they, along with everyone else there, look at me apprehensively. Damn straight they should be afraid.

"So, Demetrius, I heard you’ve been talking smack, but the details are a bit fuzzy… Would you care to repeat what you said for me?" I say casually.

He just looks dumbstruck.

"Yeah," I taunt. "You heard me! I’d love for you to tell it to my face. Go ahead, look me in the eye and call me a slag like you’ve been saying when I’m not around. I dare you," I utter scathingly.

Dementor goes red in the face and at least has the decency to look embarrassed. "Rose, I’m sorry. It was just words, ya know? Just kidding around with the boys. I didn’t mean what I said," he finishes, gazing down at his shoes.

I stare at him until he looks up, "Well, your ‘kidding around’ was enough to make my brother try to kick your ass, and Hugo isn’t really a violent person. So, next time you feel like talking about me, you better think again. Because I promise you will regret it, and I do mean what I say."

A few people in the crowd cheer in support, but this just makes me angrier. "You people are no better than he is!" I say, pointing at the audience. "Don’t think for one second I don’t hear the things you say under your breath. I have to say, my personal favorite so far is Easy Weasley. I do appreciate a good rhyme," I scoff.


Have you ever had 100 people simultaneously try not to make eye contact with you? It’s a bizarre thing, but very satisfying. And at least they realize they should be ashamed.

"For the record, spreading a rumor is just as bad as starting one, you nasty buggers!" I say, finishing off my tirade. Tired of yelling, I give Dementor one last nasty look and head towards the greenhouses, dragging Louis and Hugo with me.

The walk feels much longer than usual, probably due to the fact that I have a huge crowd of eyes burning a hole in the back of my head.

We arrive and I turn around to face them. "I just wanted to say thank you, for sticking up for me." I say quietly, catching them off guard. They look as if they were expecting me to scream at them. "You know, even though I put on a brave face, there’s only so much a person can take."

They both appear relieved, "It was my pleasure, Rosie! No one gets to make fun of my sister but me!" Hugo says happily.

"Yeah, and I wasn’t going to let those chumps outnumber my man, Hugo!" Louis says.

I wrap them both in a huge bear hug, "You guys are the best. But next time little bro, don’t pick a fight with someone who is big enough to squash you with one hand."

His cheeks flush with embarrassment. "I just about had him! I was so going to win that fight," he states firmly.

"Uh huh, sure," I say with an eye roll. "Now let’s go get breakfast, I’m starved."


"You did what?" Rickie asks as we paint our nails during our free period.

I really like this color of varnish!

"Oh, you know, told off the entire student body. Just the usual stuff," I say casually.

She gives me an incredulous look, "ROSE, are you crazy?!"

Her sudden outburst scares me and causes me to misguide my painting hand. "Damn, Paprika, you made me smudge!"

"Forget about your nails for a sec and talk to me! How did I not hear about this?" she asks, pushing her dark brown hair behind her ear (with the non-painted hand of course)

I smile happily to myself at the memory. I love telling people off, you could call it my hobby. "Well, I must have scared them enough to stop the rumor mill for the day. But essentially I told them they were all horrible people and confronted them for spreading vicious lies. Some of them were so ashamed they averted their eyes; it was fantastic."

She gives me congratulatory pat on the back. "Well, damn, Weasley, I didn’t know you had it in you. I’m glad you stood up for yourself. Although, if I were you I would focus less on harassing the student body, and more on harassing the person who started the rumor in the first place," she says, attention already drifting back to her nails.

For a smart girl, she has a slightly short attention span.

Her words make me realize something, though; I have no idea who started the rumor. I guess when stuff like this spreads so fast, you forget that it all started with one person. One lousy person who decided to tell someone that I was pregnant. One FILTHY, AWFUL, LOUSY, AND GIT-TASTIC person who just wanted to have a little fun by making up entirely untrue statements about the state of my fertility.

Oooh, I am so going to beat this person’s arse.

"Paprika, you are a genius," I say, putting the cap back on the varnish bottle. "I’m going to have to take a rain check on this nail painting party; I’ve got some sleuthing to do."

I will figure out who started this whole mess, mark my words.



A/N: Chapter 4! I have to say I had way too much fun writing this. Especially the parts with Hugo, he is so fun. I hope you guys enjoy reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Credit for the HP universe goes to JKR and supermegaawesomefoxy hot comes AVPM!

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