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Identification. by MyMyMiss
Chapter 1 : Identification; Unknown.
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My identity must remain a secret. You can try and guess who I am if you wish, but you may not succeed. I may baffle you beyond your intelligence - for the person who you are about to meet and the person you think I am are two completely different people. 

Assuming you did know me, I would appear to you as a prude, ignorant, tight arse, seventeen year old boy, but I'm not. I am rather sensitive, I care for others, I like to console them and comfort them. I have feelings, but I usually don't show them. I am not afraid to admit that my image is more important than my affectionate side.

I am well aware how people think of me, how they point and whisper, complaining how snarky and big headed I am. I only laugh because they don't know me - you don't know me. My own family doesn't know the real me either.

I am, in actual fact, a really nice guy except for right now; because right now I am annoyed, frustrated, and pissed off.

I am chasing this girl. She is the prettiest girl I have ever seen, and for some strange reason I have only recently noticed her. It was an encounter on the train that made me notice her, when we were both heading toward the prefect's compartment. There she was, bending over to help me pick up the Bertie Botts Every Favoured Beans I had spilt, and the next thing I knew I was looking into her eyes.

They were beautiful. My dad once said that the eyes are the windows into a person's soul. I had laughed at him and thought he was completely balmy, but when I looked into her eyes I understood. The way they twinkled from the sunlight reflecting off them, the way they spoke another language and had a smile all of their own, and although I love green eyes, those brown eyes were amazing. Almost golden, like honey.


And then she was gone. She had smiled, apologised for the mess she had made and asked if I was okay. I am a well built guy, with a muscular form, it should have been me asking her if she was okay, but all I could do was nod. I was fixated on her eyes and face. She was heaven. Yet, by the time I had composed myself and prepared to ask for her name, she was gone.

I had seen her again in the prefects compartment but hadn't had a chance to get her name. Instead I sought her out when we got to Hogwarts, only to realise she was in my house. I felt like such an idiot. How had something so beautiful gone unnoticed by me? Me, of all people?

So now I am chasing her , I need to have her, I must get her. She is an addiction and her eyes are an addiction.

But right now, I am pisseded off.  We have just won our first match of Quidditch for the season, that in all honesty no one believed we was going to win because our Keeper is hopeless. No joke, he couldn't catch the goddamn Quaffle to save his or his teams life - he's had too many bludgers to the head that one. Plus, I'm allowed to say that, because the Keeper position is supposed to be mine!

Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and I had nothing against him, until only moments ago. The reason the girl I am infatuated with wont give me a chance, is because she is blindly in love with the Quidditch Keeper, and everyone can see it except him, the idiot. That I could tolerate, because that didn't mean I was completely out - he didn't retaliate the love for her that she gave him.

Only, when he is in a lip lock with something that doesn't even deserve to be called human, I would think it was in everyone best interest to smack some sense into him before the girl who loved him saw, but it was too late. 

You see now she's upset, really upset. Stomp out of portrait hole upset. How? Why? How could someone be so blind? An angel is in love with you - why in God's name would you choose that thing over her?

Like I said, I am generally a nice guy. I didn't even mind too much when he got the god damn position over me, only I of course, acted that I did - but now he's ruined his chance with the perfect girl I'm just mad.

I mean, sure they are friends - best friends even, but after the look of hurt, sadness and anger she just gave him I wouldn't be surprised if she never spoke to him again - after she kicked his butt of course. Now, I'm upset because she's upset, and she barely utters a single word to me. 

I could be there for her, let her know how I feel I could explain to her that I am not the pig headed jerk everyone makes me out to be, but I can't because she will not give me a moment of her life to allow time to show her what I can truly be. I just wish she would, then she would know how hard I am trying. 

Seduction, I learnt, is not the way into the girl's heart. I tried that at a party we recently went to, and she flicked me off. I was devastated, as most girls fall for that fake side of me. I figured that I could lure her in using the same tricks and then, when I got to know her better, I could explain it was all just an act. That plan back fired terribly. 

So now I have to find a new way to go after her?

By the times all these thoughts have gone through my head and I look up, the common room appears to have quietened down a lot. People look savage - boys are in one corner of the room, drinking, talking and betting on who will break up with who first, or who out of the friendship will start the first row, while the girls are on the other side glaring at the boys and muttering about which girls side their going to take.

Her other best friend is gone, and I assume he is comforting her. She will be okay with him there, I like him. She has a lot of good friends to comfort her over the moron who she loves, so I can't buy my way in with affection.

Slughorn's Party is coming up soon, maybe I'll ask her too that.

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