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52 reasons why i hate Scorpius Malfoy by kjp
Chapter 1 : reasons... simple
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 52 reasons why i hate scorpius Malfoy


Hi! I'm Rose Nymphadora Weasley. Head girl. And part of one of the most famous familys in the wizarding world. The Potters, and the Weasleys. (if you don't know then you won't know about the battle of hogwarts (your obviouly a muggle), so i advice you to stop reading now. Other wise i will personally have to oblivate you!)


If I must say i am quite popular (and no, that does not mean because i said that, that i am up my self, no!) And also if i must say another there is not many people i dislike. Or infact Hate. Well except one person... Scorpius Malfoy.


He is a complete and utter hotty... no I mean idiot. He is a sytherine, a Malfoy and i hate him, simple hey! So i have decided to come up with a paragraph explaining why i hate him and there will be 52 reasons!  Yes. 52 reasons! (and then maybe show it to him, although that just seems to mean ;) )


So here it is  reasons why I hate scorpius Malfoy the bane of my life!:


he is a complete and utter idiot, he is a malfoy, His grey eyes scare me, Evreyone fancies him, I mean who would want to date him, All of his friends are slytherins.( i mean ive never seen him talk to anyone other than a slytherine,  Talking of his friends, all of them are sons or daughters of a former death eater,  His dad is draco malfoy, He almost killes Albus Dumbledore!,  he is a sytherine, My dad hates him. And if my dad hates him i hate him!,  He almost killed my brother hugo by firing a curse at him. No one harms my family and gets away with it!, He is dumb (ok a little bit of a lie, but his dad is),  Another reason i hate him is because i just hate him,  his hair is to blond (I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it annoys me), He walks around the corridor as if he is the king.,  he takes the mick of my smartness ,  He once dated lily (my cousin) and then broke her heart by cheating on her,  oh and why were on that he just cheats on people. He gets other people to do his homework,  sleeps in class,  He is head boy even though he does all of these things! ,  He sometimes goes around shirt-less.. Not that i mind... Oh no i did not just say that, he is always showing of,  Another way of showing of is he shows his muscels to like to evreyone,  He is way to good at quidditch for his own good,  Greedy. He eats all day and he still keeps fit,  again, greedy. He is head boy, qudditch captin also is in charge of the school duel club. I mean, COME ON! give someone else a chance!,  Greedy. Once again. He is rich. I mean supper rich!, His dad is a former death eater, actually if i think about it his whole family is a death eater,  he thinks my mum is a 'mud-blood' (Ok maybe he doesn't but his dad does), he treats his friends like scum, he treats MY friends like scum, He treats Me like scum, infact if i think about it he thinks evreyone is scum!, he always thinks he is the leader,  He has a house elf in his house. Since my mother did a spew charity it has become illigal,  he knows spells i wouldn't dare to use (his grandfather taught him),  He has to many girlfriends on his hand (might have mentioned this before!), People actually ask for his autograph he is that popular,  he is teachers pet, even though he likes sleeps though class,  He uses his friends, like i said earlier he makes his friends do homework, He is so messy,  He hogs things, on the hogwarts express he takes a whole compartmet for him self, He bullies younger years, He fancies me, He pinched my bum the other day in front of evreyone!,  Rumours say he loves me! (or at least fancies me),  He is to hot for his own good, He keeps complimenting me,  I hate that i fancy him... OMg! i really did not say that,  and i absulutly hate that he is making me tell him how i feel about him tommorow,  I hate how my name would be so good as Rose Malfoy,  And most of all i hate how i keep imagerning what out children would look like, Ok i know i only said 52 but i think i should get one more for being able to write a whole list of why i Hate Scorpius Malfoy. 


How amazing am I! I acctually did it! Oh god did I just say how i feel about scorpius out loud. Oh no did i just call him by his first name. That has that ever happened. Sure he has called me rose but he fancied me. But now obviously I do... NOO! that can't happen! 


What would my parents say. my Mum might understand but my dad wouldn't. Usually my dad understands if i disagree with him but this time is diffrent. Most of the time he will say "you take after your mother" but now he can't. I'm being nothing like my mother. She never fell for her enimie. 


Well today is going to be intresting because i just relised somthing. I have just fallen in love with scorpius Malfoy


Ok calm down rose! you'll give your self a heart attack. I am Rose Weasley a muture person who i'm sure will do the right thing. Oh great, now i'm talking to my self. Not a good sign rose first sign of madness.

Ok ive calmed down. Rose its ok, its just my head playing tricks on me! nothing big. OK if this is my head why is my stomach doing somersaults. Maybe i'm ill. Should go see Madam Pomfrey about that. 

I won't need to tell my parents anyway because its all in my head, yes thats it. As long as i don't see him anytime soon. 

Grrr! typical just as i said that he walked into the room. Don't look at him rose! Oh no he's looking at me. Go outside and well just have a stroll. 


So thats what i did got up and left. I felt his eyes watch me as i leave, but who cares. Wait what was that look in his eyes, was that a upset look. Oh dear. 


Hi i'm Scorpius, to put it quite frank i'm a Malfoy. Yes son of Draco Malfoy, yes one of the most famous person in the whole of the wizarding world (ok if you don't know who Draco Malfoy is your obviouly a muggle, so you don't know all about my fathers sixth year and how he almost killed ambus dumbledore. So i sugest you stop reading) 

I love my father, yes. But i wish i could say i was proud of him. Anyway, thats not what ive come to say. Ive come to say that i love rose weasley. yes a Weasley! No you didn't hear wrong! So to convince my self i'm wrong, i'm coming up with a list with the reasons why i hate her, yes and not just one i'm going to try and come up with 52 reasons!


Where to start: I hate the way she looks at me (a hatred glare), I hate how her curls make me attracted to her, I hate how she is rubbish at quidditch, I hate how she is good at like evreything and is perfect, I hate how i keep imagerning our wedding day, I hate how i keep imagerning our kids, I hate how she is cute when she has a temper, I really hated it when she walked out of divination because she didn't understand one question, I hate how she is a half-blood and my dad hates them, I hate how she is forbiddion, i hate how she hates me, I hate how my father hates her, I hate how evreytime i look at her i want to hold her, I hate how she feels uncomftable around me, I hate how all i want to do is protect her, I hate how protective her family is (i had to hex her brother hugo once because saw my diary which said i love her. It almost killed him but it shut him up), I hate how she is perfect and i can't even touch her, I hate how her family hates me when its my father there angry at not me!

OK can't think of anymore, i give up. I love her, I don't hate her. 

- I hate how i can't love her- Thats the main one

well as i entered the hall i saw rose look up and look back down again red in the face. I stared at her as i went. She got up and left, just like that so guess what i did... Went after her because that is what people in love do they go after each other. 


And thats how Rose and scorpius malfoy got together, because of a letter to them sleves of why they hate each other, and that made them find out thay love each other. 

Always go with your hearts desire... you'll never know where you'll end up :)



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