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Magnetism by tangledconstellations
Chapter 1 : Magnetism
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It was almost perfect, but still not quite. Maybe it was because we had been through so much, and normality was a foreign feeling to us. Maybe it was because it seemed too good to be true, too strangely delightful and yet remotely surreal for us to begin to believe.

Our fingers slotted together like puzzle pieces, and when you kissed my cheek, smiled, said goodnight, all of the pain from the hours passed slipped away slightly. We didn't have to worry anymore - all that was set before us was our future. Although I knew this, I found anticipation hard to shake. You were my only comfort. The tiny compass nestled between my ribs pointed to you. It always had. I slept soundlessly, and though my eyes were sore and red from trying to make sense of what had happened in the years passed, tiny flickers of magnetism gave me hope, strands of reality.

Every day for the next few moons felt like an hour, time slipping past easily, old faces and new blurring into something distorted, clouds, colour, shapes that held no name. Yours was the only one that remained defined and smooth, curved and hard; real. I clung to everything you gave me. The squeeze of my fingers on yours didn't falter once when we placed Fred in the ground, when we said goodbye to everyone we had once know, when the damage had been repaired and everything that had happened slipped into the past.

"We both know there's no way we could ever get used to this. But we can try, if only a little," I watched my bare toes bury into Mum's livingroom rug as words climbed from your lips, "Ginny, please look at me."

I didn't, and you sighed. Our hands remained joined, arms draped across the patchwork cushions, and though your lungs deflated your grip did not.

"I hope it doesn't stay like this forever," I whispered.

"It won't," you replied, pulling me closer, your breath warm on my cheek. "We can make anything of this. We're stronger now."

You spoke from your heart, your words as vibrant, as passionate as a roar from a lion. With my head close to your chest, I wondered whether you could feel this magnetism too. I knew you were right. 

"We've lost so much," the sounds fell nimbly from my lips. "I almost lost you."

"Yet, I'm here now," you replied smoothly, tracing your fingers through my hair. I could faintly hear Ron and Dad talking outside, enjoying the last of the summer sunshine before Autumn began to settle around us, "and we can do anything we want." You sighed again. "Please, Gin,"

"None of this feels real,"

"We've got our future," you smiled, and I wanted to keep you smiling forever. I wanted to watch you smile every day, I wanted to watch you grow taller, older, I wanted you to laugh and love me always.

You kissed the top of my head and stroked the back of my hand as footsteps dissapated upon the stairs, melting into the steady ticking of the clock atop the mantlepiece. Someone sat in the rugged armchair beside us, and you exchanged words quietly in the yellow light.

The cotton of your t-shirt was warm and soft on my cheek, and it smelt like Mum's washing powder, felt like safety. I hadn't ever dared to imagine moments like these when you were gone, because I half expected them to never come true. But now that I had them, now that you held me, I was comfortably trapped and bound to you in so many ways. You squeezed my hand faintly as I drifted asleep. You completed me.

Everything was different now, but the strength of the two of us seemed to pry apart the shadows, if only slightly. 

"I love you," I mumbled.


Authors Note: Happy Birthday Gift Exchange, WeasleyTwinMom!  I did a spot of stalking and saw you liked Harry/Ginny & romance, so voila! All for you! :D Laura xx


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