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Someone To 'Wow' Me by javct
Chapter 1 : Shooting Star
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a.n: Hello! This story is based off the poem 'I Wished For Your Love On A Shooting Star' by Alannah Morales. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Read and review! I'm revamping this story a little, hope you guys enjoy it!!



A shooting star flew above Katerina’s head, glistening in the black night. Throwing her blonde hair back, Katerina looked up at the star, contemplating wishing upon it. Katerina didn’t believe in luck, she was a realist. Luck, according to her, didn’t exist. Yet, this once, only this once, she broke one of her rules and wished upon that star. Closing her eyes, Katerina brought her fingers up to her red lipstick lips and began to wish.

She could feel the wind tear at her body, the trees were howling with rage, but, she kept her eyes closed and kept on wishing. Her hair was flying around her, enclosing her head in a halo of blonde ringlets. Eventually, the wind died down and the shooting star vanished, leaving no trace that it ever existed in the black starry sky.
Katerina pried her hands open and opened her eyes, feeling hope burning in the pit of her stomach.

As Katerina walked back up to the looming castle that she called home, she couldn’t help but notice the freshness of the air, the leaves that twisted and twirled from their places among the trees and the sound of laughter that carried from the Astronomy Tower. Sighing, Katerina pulled her sweater tighter around her shoulder blades in a futile attempt to block out the autumn wind.


The paintings stared in curiosity as Katerina passed them.

Not unusual Katerina thought, I never walk through this part of the Castle. Katerina’s fingers brushed against the stair’s banister, her red fingernails glistening from the artificial light. Looking over the edge of the stairs Katerina saw a mixture of blue, green, red and yellow. Students were flocking from corridors, rushing to get back to their common rooms. Katerina smiled smugly to herself, thanking God that she was in her final year at this godforsaken school. Hogwarts, to Katerina, was a place filled with too many bad memories.

Muttering the password to the Fat Lady, Katerina stepped over the threshold of the Gryffindor common room, inhaling the smell of candle wax. No one looked up when Katerina walked through the portrait, everyone was talking in hushed voices with their heads down.

“Did you see that star before?”

“It was huge!”

“It was too big to be a star!”

“It had to be a meteor!”

Shaking her head, Katerina walked past all the cliques and headed straight up to her dorm. As per usual, the dorm was empty, the only thing that kept Katerina company was the cold draft that was seeping through the cracks in the glass windows that overlooked the school. Burying her head into her feather pillow, Katerina drifted off into a blissful sleep.


A door slammed shut, jerking Katerina out of her dream. She threw herself out of bed, her wand drawn ready to hex whoever had just woken her.

“Katerina put your wand away! It’s just me!” Jasmine hissed under her breath. She was drunk again, Katerina observed. Stowing her wand away in her back pocket, Katerina climbed back onto her bed and under her doona. Jasmine clambered around the dorm, bumping into everything.

“Jasmine shut up!” Katerina grumbled through her pillow. Grabbing her pillow, she threw it over her head, trying to block out Jasmine’s noise but it was no avail. Finally, Jasmine jumped onto her bed, throwing off her shoes.

“So Katerina.” Jasmine said eagerly. “Did you wish for anything when you saw the star?” The creaking of the bed told Katerina that Jasmine was moving around. Knowing that Jasmine wasn’t going to rest until she got an answer, Katerina raised her head.

“Yes,” She stated, her head falling back onto the pillow again.

“What did you wish for?” Jasmine said, bouncing up and down on her bed but Katerina didn’t answer. She had fallen asleep and was snoring softly.

I wished for Prince Charming


The alarm buzzed loudly, waking everyone in the dorm up. All the girls were complaining of pounding headaches and hangovers, but Katerina was happily getting dressed and racing down to the Great Hall, eager to begin the day. Even a realist can be excited sometimes.

“Hey Garcia!” Katerina spun around when she heard her last name being called and came to face with Alexzander Leo—her potions partner. “Up early aren’t you?” He commented, glancing at his watch. Katerina smiled.

“Early bird catches the worm.” Katerina quoted, giving Alexzander a swift hug. “Did you see that shooting star yesterday?” She asked as they made their way to the Great Hall. Katerina rubbed her eyes, banishing the sleep from them. As the couple entered The Great Hall, it shocked Katerina how few people were in The Great Hall. On a Saturday, almost everyone was up early.

I guess heaps of people went to that party last night then Katerina assumed. Quickly, Katerina stole a glance at Alexzander, who was talking avidly about Potions. She was surprised how she had never noticed how his eyes twinkled when he talked about his passions, how his muscles tensed ever so slightly when he put pressure on his right leg.

“Garcia have you been listening to a word I’ve been saying?” Alexzander laughed, waving a hand in front of her face. Katerina shook her head, throwing herself back into reality. “Honestly.” He sighed, sitting down and automatically reaching for a piece of French Toast. “How you manage to pass your classes is beyond me.”

I wished for Prince Charming and I got you Katerina thought, smiling to herself.



“I can’t do this anymore! I saw you with her!” Katerina yelled, throwing the tea towel on the ground. Alexzander stared at his girlfriend, fear and guilt filled his eyes and movements.

“Kat, please calm down.” Alexzander said, taking a step towards Katerina.

“NO!” She yelled, shoving him away. Tears were pouring her face and her face was red and blotchy. “I saw you with her! How could you! I thought, I...” Katerina chocked on her tears. “Do you love me?” she asked, lowering her voice.

“I...I....I...” Alexzander stammered, his fists clenching into tight balls, his eyes darting from side to side.

“I knew it!” Katerina screamed, running out of their kitchen. She didn’t bother to grab any of her belongings, she just needed to get away from him.

“Katerina come back!” He yelled, chasing after her. Katerina was halfway down the street by the time Alexzander caught up with her; rain pouring down on both of them. Alexzander looked at Katerina’s face, unable to tell the difference between raindrops and tears. “I’m sorry okay? I screwed up.” He apologized, rushing his words. Katerina’s eyes widened, but she kept her arms folded firmly across her chest.

“Yes, yes you defiantly screwed up.” Katerina said menacingly. Her usual curly blonde hair was no clinging to her body like cling wrap. “Goodbye Alexzander.” She said, before Katerina could turn her back, Alexzander grabbed her by her shoulders and kissed her hard on the lips. She had never been kissed in the rain before, and she would have happily done it again.

“Please stay.” Alexzander pleaded when they broke apart. Katerina hesitantly put her hand on Alexzander’s cheeks and stared into his blonde eyes. “Please.” He said again, enclosing his hand with hers. Katerina took a deep breath, mentally weighing up her options.

“Okay.” She said finally, her mind thinking back to her shooting star. Her shooting star has granted her with a Prince Charming and she sure as hell wasn’t letting him go.

Alexzander released his hold on Katerina and grabbed her hand; bringing it up to his lips he kissed it firmly. “And by the way, I do love you.” He whispered into her ear, kissing her forehead. Katerina placed her head on gently on Alexzander’s chest, inhaling his scent.


Katerina opened her eyes, blinking away the sun. They had forgotten to close the blinds again. Grumbling to herself, Katerina stood to her feet; allowing the doona to fall back onto the bed. Walking over to the window, Katerina pulled the blinds down; blocking out the sun’s early morning rays.

“Katerina, what are you doing? It’s 5:30 in the morning.” Alexzander grumbled, turning in their King size bed. Katerina glanced over her shoulder and saw Alexzander’s bare chest exposed. Smiling to herself, Katerina silently climbed back into bed and ran her purple fingernails in circular motions on Alexzander’s chest. “Katerina.” He mumbled, grabbing her wrists. Katerina giggled, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. Alexzander suddenly pulled Katerina down onto the bed and he began to kiss her.

“Alexzander!” Katerina protested. “Stop, I’ve got to get to work!”

“Work is boring.” Alexzander growled, running his fingers through her knotty, unruly blonde hair. “Just stay here.” He said, kissing her neck. Katerina pushed Alexzander away and slid out of bed. Alexzander stared up at Katerina. “Don’t go.” He pleaded. Katerina smiled sweetly at Alexzander and got dressed.

“I’ll see you this afternoon.” She said, giving him one fleeting kiss before leaving for work.


Their second year together was by far the hardest. Katerina had just lost her job and Alexzander’s music career was getting nowhere. They were struggling to pay the bills on time and, when winter hit, they began to find it even harder to give themselves three decent meals during the day. Tensions were running high among the two lovers, yet, despite all their troubles, the reminder of the shooting star kept Katerina going.


“You need to get a job.” Katerina said one day over their pitiful excuse for breakfast. Alexzander looked up from The Daily Prophet and grunted. “I’m being serious Alexzander, we can’t keep treading water like it doesn’t matter, I’m at least trying to get a job.” Katerina finished her salted eggs and stared at Alexzander.

“I know Sweetheart and I’m looking.” Alexzander said in a carefree tone. Anger burned up in Katerina’s mind but she didn’t yell. Yelling got her nowhere with Alexzander.“HA!” Alexzander said, spitting into his breakfast, “That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Katerina, baby, come look at this comic. It's hilarious!” That was how he spoke to her most days; as if she were just his play-toy, his ‘baby’ as he was starting to call her.

Bastard,’ Katerina thought, gritting her teeth together. Katerina stood to her feet and, with the flick of her wand, the plates were cleaned and back in the cupboards. He never called her beautiful anymore, he barely even resembled the man he once was. One the outside he was still Alexzander Leo—her potions partner, but on the inside he was a bastard who sat around the house and did nothing.

“I’ve got a job interview.” Katerina said, glancing at the clock on the wall. She was lying, her job interview wasn’t until this afternoon but she was meeting a friend up for coffee and she didn’t want to be late. Katerina grabbed her bag, kissed Alexzander on the forehead and left the house.


“You need to dump him.” He said simply. Elijah—Katerina’s best friend and work mate—was sitting opposite Katerina, a steaming cup of coffee in his hand.

“I can’t just dump him!” Katerina protested, taking a sip of her tea.

“Why not?” Elijah asked, running his fingers through his curly black hair. Elijah leaned forward in his chair, his fingers drumming on the glass table that separated the two friends.

“Because I still love him!” Katerina exclaimed. Elijah looked shocked.

“Well, then, that changes things.” He said, taking another sip of his coffee. “More sugar.” He commented to himself before pouring another sache of sugar into his black coffee.


“Alexzander, we need to talk.” Katerina said, flicking the television off.

“Why did you do that! I was watching that!” Alexzander protested. Katerina smirked silently before quickly walking over to him. 

“We need to talk.” She said again, more firmly this time. Alexzander looked up at his girlfriend, uncertainty filled his eyes. “Let’s go for a walk.”

“Okay were out here, what did you want to talk about?” Alexzander grumbled, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Katerina sighed to herself and began her well thought out speech.

“Alexzander, we’ve been dating for two years now and you’ve seen the worst, and the best of me.”

“Got that right.” Alexzander mumbled under his breath. Katerina strategically, pretended not to hear it.

“We’ve been dating for two years now and, well, I’ve never seen you like this before.” She explained, standing in front of him and blocking his tracks. “You avoid me like the plague, you treat me like I’m your play-toy and worst of all, you don’t love me enough anymore.” Tears were threatening to break, but Katerina held them back. She didn’t want him to see how much of an impact his change had done to her.

“People change Katerina, get over it.” Alexzander mumbled, pushing roughly past Katerina.

“Is that it?” Katerina asked, spinning around. Alexzander stopped in his tracks and spun around as well.

“What else do you want me to say Katerina? That I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for you? Do you want me to apologize for being me? I’m not going to do that and don’t kid yourself thinking that I will. This life—our life—isn’t picture perfect, neither of us have jobs, and you’re breathing down my neck all day and all night, hassling me to get a job. I’m fine with my life the way that it is, I don’t need a job, I have my parent’s money.” He took a deep breath before continuing. “When you saw that shooting star when we were back at Hogwarts what did you wish for? Did you wish for Prince Charming to come and rescue you? To sweep you off your feet and to ride off into the sunset with you? Grow up Katerina, that is the kind of stuff that happens in fairytales. We aren’t in Wonderland, or Narnia or any other made up land, we are on Earth and we face real-people problems, like jobs and money.” Tears were streaming down Katerina’s cheeks but she didn’t bother to wipe them away.

“You’re leaving me?” Katerina asked through her tears. Alexzander—his eyes full of menace and his mouth like poison—nodded bitterly. He didn’t show a morsel of regret, not even a little.

“Goodbye Katerina.” He snarled before walking off.


Katerina’s eyes scanned over the pages of her new book, her slender legs were resting delicately on the coffee table. It had been three months since Alexzander had left her and since then, her life had got surprising better. Elijah had gotten her a job as a real estate agent and she had moved out of their small blue house and into a flat in the middle of London.

“Hey Kat, do you want a cuppa?” Elijah called from the kitchen. Katerina placed her bookmark in the page and closed her book.

“Yes please.” She called back, reaching for the television remote. She had gone straight to Elijah after Alexzander had left her and she hadn’t looked back. They weren’t sleeping together, or dating, they were just living together. As friends. Though, sometimes, Katerina suspected that Elijah wanted to be more than friends.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” Katerina said, jumping to her feet and moving to the door. Katerina’s stomach dropped when she opened the door. Standing on her doormat was Alexzander. He had freshened up since the last time she saw him, his hair was cut again and he had lost all of his unwanted weight.

“Katerina I screwed up.” Alexzander said, gasping for breath.

“Wh... Wha.... What are you..... What the hell are you doing here?” Katerina spluttered. Her palms were starting to sweat and her mind was trying to make a cohesive sentence.

“I’m here to apologize. I was an idiot saying all those things. I want to make things right between us again.” He replied, placing his hands on his legs in an attempt to stabilize his breathing. Katerina gaped at her ex-boyfriend, unable to move.

“Kat who is it?” Elijah called.

“Move back in with me. I can make things better. I’ll...I’ll get a job!” Alexzander said, reaching for Katerina’s hand, but she pulled it away, a worried look on her face. Alexzander stared at his former lover with a mix of guilt and love. “Please, please. Forgive me.” Katerina’s hand was clenching the door so hard that her hands were starting to go red.

“Kat are you okay? Your tea is going cold!” Elijah yelled, walking around the corner, holding two cups of tea in his hands. “Oh my god.” Elijah said when he saw Alexzander standing at the door, with tears forming in his eyes.

“Please Katerina, I screwed up. I was an idiot, I was-”

“A moron who had no respect for anyone except himself?” Katerina suggested lightly.

“YES!” Alexzander bellowed, “I WAS A MORON!” He reached for Katerina’s hand again and she didn’t pull it away. “But.” He said exasperatedly. “I was your moron.” Behind them, Elijah snorted in his tea. “So please, please, move back in with me.”

Katerina pondered on it for a moment.

“Okay, but one question: where did you go after you left?” Alexzander shifted his weight, looking extremely uncomfortable.

“Well, I, uh, went to Jane’s. We started to date, but she knew I didn’t love her, so she dumped me.” Katerina began to fume with anger.

“So you came back? I can’t be your second choice you know!”

“But you’re not! You’re my first choice! You always have been. I want you. No one else, just you!"



“Hey, Katerina, can I have-” Alexzander started to ask.

“No.” She replied flatly, sinking further into their couch.

“No? You don’t even know what I want!” Alexzander protested, kissing Katerina’s forehead.

“I know full well what you want. We are not having sex tonight.” Katerina giggled, throwing Alexzander off her.

“Wait...I just wanted popcorn while we watch Sherlock.” Alexzander said, throwing his hands up to his head, a large grin on his face. Katerina’s cheeks blushed a violent shade of pink and stood to her feet.

“Oh, oh, yeah, sure.” Katerina stammered, walking over to their small kitchen.

“But sex works too.” Alexzander said, raising his eyebrows at her. Katerina stuck her tongue out as she placed the popcorn in the microwave.


“I’m off to work.” Katerina said, planting a kiss on Alexzander’s lips. “I’ll see you this afternoon.” Grabbing her scarf, Katerina threw her jacket on and headed outside. The cold English breeze tugged at Katerina’s jacket but she pressed on. She was already late for work, she couldn’t let anything get in her way.

“Kat!” Katerina spun around at the mention on her name was saw Elijah—also running late—holding two Styrofoam cups full of coffee running up to her. “Wait up!” He said, running up to her. Katerina watched in amusement as Elijah ran down the stairs of Piccadilly Circus.

“Come on.” Katerina said when Elijah reached her. Katerina took her coffee out of Elijah’s hand and gave him a swift hug. “We’ve got to get to work.”


The door slammed shut behind Katerina. Smiling to herself, she peeled her jacket, scarf and boots off and placed them by the door. Something was wrong, Katerina could sense it the moment she walked through the door. The mood of the house was different. Katerina took a deep breath before walking into the kitchen.

“Hello.” Katerina said in the most cheerful voice possible. Alexzander was sitting at the table, spinning a penny on its side, not uttering a word. “Hungry? I know this great chinese restaurant, Elijah showed it to me this afternoon we could go there if you want.” Katerina opened the fridge and peered inside and, as per usual, there was barely anything in this.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Alexzander said in barely more than a whisper. The penny was still spinning on its side.

“Do what?” Katerina feigned innocence.

“This. Us. It’s too much for me.” Alexzander slammed his hand on the table, causing Katerina to jump and the penny to bounce onto the tiles.

“What. Why?” Katerina said, stepping towards Alexzander. “We were going fine.”

“I do still love you, but it’s the commitment. I just can’t do this.”

“Yes, yes you can. Alexzander, we can make this work—.”


Katerina maintained the calmest voice she could manage and said. “Look, I just want to let you know I’m tired. I’m tired of this fighting. I’m tired of trying not to feel this way. I’m tired of picturing your face every time a romantic song comes on the radio. I’m tired of you being the last thing I think about every night as I drift off and the first thing as I get up. I’m tired of your slightest presence making me either deliriously happy or near terminally depressed. So reject me now, please, so I can get on with my life.”

Alexzander took a step towards Katerina; his eyes didn’t show any hint or remorse. If anything, he looked angry and stressed.

“Goodbye Katerina.” He said, kissing her forehead before leaving. A single tear slid down Katerina’s cheek but she didn’t bother to wipe it away.


It was a doomed relationship from the start even though I still love Alexzander, he never loved me back. It was the magic from that shooting star that made him see me like that. I never expected to fall for him though, but now that I have everything is different.
His smell still lingers faintly on my clothes and in our bedroom that we once shared. I know that sooner or later that smell is going to vanish and I’m only ever going to have memories left.
When I am old and wrinkled, I know I’m going to return to the feeble kisses and the wobbly knees, to the laugh and the hurt.
But do you want to know why Alexzander and I lasted so long? Because I was stupid, and wished upon a shooting star.

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