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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 3 : chapter 3- lessons
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I felt someone blowing in my ear


“bug off Leah” I groaned trying to get back to my dream which involved Scorpius and a lot of snogging.


“C’mon get up it’s almost lunch!” Leah whined I just pulled my pillow over my head. “This is a warning get up or else!” she yelled I scoffed what was she going to do? “Aguamenti” She said water soaked me


 “Leah!!!!!!!” I screamed jumping up


“hey I warned you!” she said smugly


 “have I told you I hate you recently?”




“I hate you” she skipped out of the dorm. Ughh what’s wrong with that girl? Does she ever sleep? I changed into a blue tank and some dark wash jeans. For the past two weeks I had been contemplating a way of asking James to teach me how to concur a patronus. So far I had no luck. Walking into the common room I saw Scorpius and albus standing with their brooms and quidditch kits


“shit I forgot about practise!”


“That’s saying something since you’re our captain” Al teased. After I grabbed my quidditch gear we headed off to the pitch.


When we got there we found the Gryffindor team already there. I knew I booked the pitch they shouldn’t be here. We walked out James (who is Gryffindor chaser and captain) saw us and smiled.


“Hey Finnigan!” James called landing in front of me.


“What are you playing at potter we booked the pitch” Scorpius said. James ignored him and talked to me instead.


“I have a proposition” he said


“and what might that be?”


“We play a game the winners get every Saturday for a month to practise” he was smirking


“on one condition”




“You teach me how to conjure a patronus”


“deal” we shook hands


“get ready to lose your Saturdays”


“you wish” he said kicking off. Albus let the balls fly and we were off. Me and Scorp were chasers and Albus was seeker. I caught the spinning quaffle that was dropped by rose I zoomed past the other Gryffindor chasers. I balanced with one hand and threw the quaffle through the middle hoop. It was 60-20 slytherin was winning,  I stuck my tongue out at James as he flew by. It’s Immature I know but it made him smile. Just then Albus caught  the snitch our team cheered and James’ frowned and walk off the pitch.


“I’m looking forward to those lessons!” I called out to James he turned and gave me the finger I laughed. After the private match I brought the whole team down to the kitchen for some butterbeer


“winky?” albus said there was aloud crack as the house elf appeared winky was the potter’s house elf she worked at their house as well as Hogwarts.


“Master Albus” she said will a slight bow.


”winky we would be really grateful if you could bring us some butter beer and some pumpkin-pasties”


“right away” she said before she disappeared.


“You know I feel bad for Uncle Ron, aunt Mione won’t let him have a house elf she’s against slavery or something. It’s quite sad because out of our whole family uncle Ron needs a house elf the most” we talked and laughed as we drank butter beer and ate pasties. We all slept well that night.




“God I have to wake you every day!!” Leah yelled I laughed as I pulled on my convers. Leah had pushed me off my bed just moments before. I looked up see to Leah putting a top hat on her blue pygmy puff well at least she didn’t believe nargles. I shook my head as Leah cuddled her pet she called cloud. “He’s just so sweet!” she said putting him back in his cage. “Bye cloud oh I do hope its not cloudy outside!” she giggled at her own joke as we walked down into the common room. Scorpius and Albus were already there albus was beaming as he held up the marauders map


“fancy a Hogsmeade trip” I wasn’t paying attention I was looking at Scorpius his shaggy dirty-blonde hair looked windblown as if he had been riding on a broom. The black button up collared shirt made his muscles bulge and his made his pale skin glisten.


“Oh I fancy something” I said taking a step towards Scorpius he smiled and pulled me into his arms and kissing me passionately. When he pulled away I bit my lip and my hair changed from purple to red as I noticed of pair of First year girls gawking at us.


“Let’s go” Al said “we are meeting rose at the one eyed witch statue” we all agreed and I left the common room with Scorp’s hand in mine.




"I am NEVER going to Hogsmeade with you to again” rose complained as we headed to dinner.


“I thought I was cute” Leah said trying to back me up but I didn’t care what they said I had enjoyed myself with Scorpius and that was good enough for me. After dinner we headed to the library to finish an essay for professor bins before heading to bed.


“Cloud! Your my good luck charm the sky wasn’t cloudy!” She said beaming at her pet, I rolled my eyes. When I was changed and showered I hopped into bed hoping for a nice peaceful sleep, I was mistaken.





I was awakened by James’ voice I sat up and wiped my eyes of sleep. At the end of my bed was James’ patronus (a bear)


“Elisabeth meet me by the room of requirement in five minutes don’t worry filch is in his office” the bear said before disappearing. I had only been to the room of requirement once since my brother died, I went with Scorp he had never been before. When the doors opened it revealed the hideout my brother created and I burst into tears and vowed never to come back again. Slowly I slid out of bed trying desperately not to wake Leah who was a light sleeper. After getting my wand I made my way out of the room.

James was leaning casually against the wall looking at the marauders map he didn’t even look up when he said




“hi” I replied.


“Come on I have to show you something” as James walked three times in front of the wall I prepared myself for the rush of emotions, but when I walked through the door I wasn’t in the room Collin had created. This room had mirrors all around it and mats covered the floor it had a bunch of things you would need to learn DADA.


“James is this…”


“The room Dumbledore’s army trained in yes” he finished. I had read about in books and heard stories about it from my dad but I never imagined I would be here.


“Wow” was all I could say James flashed me a crooked smile before walking to the other side of the room. A tall dressing cabinet stood there it was shaking and moving around.


“James is that a boggart?” I asked walking forwards.




“but how will that help my worst fear isn’t a Dementor” James smiled again.


“This is the dresser my dad used to teach us with there’s a spell on it that makes the boggart change into a Dementor no matter who it faces” he explained.


“How did you get it?”


“Asked for it of course” he rolled his eyes. I felt a little stupid I should have known, the room gave you what you asked for. I smiled as a small table with a tray of coffee appeared. James raised and eyebrow


“what I’m tired it is two in the morning you know” he just chuckled as I grabbed a cup of coffee and took a long swig.


“All right now think of your happiest memory a strong memory” he told me I thought about my first day at Hogwarts.


“Got it?” I nodded


“ok you know the spell” with a wave of his wand the dresser burst open and the hooded figure appeared


“expecto patronum!” I yelled raising my wand nothing happened it just got closer I tried to concentrate “expecto patronum!” still nothing happened suddenly I felt myself falling and I heard the sound of hooves hitting the forest ground.




“Elisabeth?” James asked my eyes shot open “hmm my dad was right” he said as I sat up taking the piece of chocolate he was holding.


“Your dad was right about what?” I asked biting off a piece I couldn’t help but smile when the warmth filled me.


“I wrote dad about your idea after the quidditch match. He said that I should have chocolate with me and that I should use this room. He said he would expect you would faint when you came across the Dementor because you had worse experiences in your life than most people. That’s what Remus Lupin told him because my dad fainted, he was right.” James said


“I fainted?”


“Yeah, what did you hear” I froze


“dad wants to know” James said noticing how I had stiffened up


“hooves” I said “hooves on the forest floor” James went pale he swallowed before asking


“Wanna have another go?” I nodded. The night went on like this James would set the Dementor free I would try but nothing would happen and I would feint. Around five James said we would leave it for our next lesson which would be on Friday night. I agreed we said good bye and headed to bed.




“What did you do last night?” Leah asked as her me and Al walked to class after DADA with Professor Sandburg.


“What are you talking about?”


“You just seem tired”


“I’m not tired”


“Liz you just got a detention from Slughorn for falling asleep in potions” Albus cut in I groaned that’s right I now had a detention after dinner on Friday. Why was Slughorn still alive anyway he was so old, well the again Rose said that good wizards and witches live even longer then Dumbldore if they don’t get murdered. This was understood but I didn’t think Slughorn was a good wizard.


“I didn’t do anything last night” I stated


“lizzy!” Leah whined


“we are your best mates you can tell us” I looked around Scorpius wasn’t there yet so I caved.


“Alright but you can’t tell Scorp”


“why?” albus asked as we sat at the table.


“Just listen alright?”


“Yeah Al listen” I gave Leah a glare


“James was teaching me how to perform a patronus charm” Albus raised his eyebrows he obviously hadn’t heard this part of the deal with James.


“Didn’t Collin teach you?” he asked I was about to answer when Leah did for me


“Collin died when she was in her second year he said he would teach her in her third year.”


“But why James my dad could of…”


“He offered but I said no” I cut Al off.




“Because it didn’t feel right”


“so it feels right having James do it besides THE harry potter?”


“Yeah it does because James was Collins best mate!” I shouted jumping up from the table my hair turned black. “Just don’t tell him” I snapped before turning on my heel and storming out of the hall.


Disclaimer: every this recognizable belongs to the amasing J.K. Rowling


So what do you think so far? Any predictions on what will happen next? What about when Scorpius finds out any ideas? Well I will keep you guessing here’s a sneak peek of the next chapter.

“I have seen you and James are spending a lot more time together” she said glaring at me


“yeah what’s it to yah we are just mates” I said


“yeah right you know James will never go for you because you’re a freak” she said still glaring


“what you think I’m trying to get with James?” I laughed “I do have a boyfriend and by the way I’m sure James would much rather prefer a freak than a slutty bitch” I snapped hair turning black. Her lips thinned almost as thin as McGonagall’s before she said


“this is a warning stay away from him or I will make your life a living hell” with that she turned and stalked off her fake blonde hair swaying behind her.


There you have it who do you think it is? You will have to wait and see the next chapter will be up soon review :D





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