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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 4 : You never know what you'll find in the shadows.
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Elle, James & Damon.,
Beautiful Chapter Image By JRose16 @TDA <3

“I lived in your chess game,

But your changed the rules everyday,

Wondering which version of you I might get on the phone, Tonight,

Well I stopped picking up and this song is to let you know why.”

 Taylor Swift





“I swear when I find out which bloody moron did this I’ll-“

“Oh, be quiet Dom, there’s no point making threats, just be glad she’s okay.”

Okay..? OKAY! , She’s not ruddy okay though is she? She’s in a FUCKING hospital bed.”

“Okay both of you shut it.”


Okay where the fuck am I?

A hospital bed?

What in merlins pants happened?

I opened my eyes to a strange and rather amusing scene.

Evie was sat with her arms crossed, her soft brown hair thrown back into a messy bun, and her big brown eyes leaking with tears were firmly set into a dirty look that was directed at Dom.

Dom however looked furious, her hair thrown back into a ponytail, and her piercing blue eyes where set firmly on Evie.

Louis was sat in the chair next to me with his head in his hands, his clothes where wrinkled and devilished, he looked like he hasn’t slept in days.

“Wotcha,” I mumbled, even to me my voice sounded weak and throaty.

Evie’s eyes landed on me and she let out a squeal of relief, running over and giving me a hug.

Dom’s furious face broke out into a smile and her eyes began to water as she reached for my hand.

Louis shot up out of his chair, his face full of relief and concern.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again.” Dom muttered angrily.

“What exactly happened?” I murmured.

“You were hit with a curse that caused you to black out, You’ve been unconscious for three days.” Evie affirmed.


“But who di-“ I started.

“We don’t know.” Louis replied glumly.

“But I’m going to find out, and when I do I’ll kill them.” Dom grumbled, she had a hard look set on her face.

Wow… someone’s going to be experiencing Dom’s anger.




 About lunchtime when the matron finally let me leave we made our way up to the common room and sat by the fire.

I was sprawled out onto the couch with my blonde mass of curls tied on top of my head and my yellow duck pj’s and my legs thrown over Evie’s legs. 

Dom was laid in front of the fire and Louis was sat in the armchair reading what appeared to be witch weekly?

A group of fifth year girls walked past us and every single one of them gave me a dirty look.

“They want me dead.” I groaned.

“Elle. They don’t want you dead.” Louis replied rolling his eyes.

The smart arse.



So here I was with Dom sneaking round the castle at 1 am.

Why might you ask are we sneaking round the castle?

Because our stupid moron of a Quidditch captain decided to hold an emergency practice.

Potter is a jerk.

Ouch Dom, that was my foot.”


“Why the fuck do they not have lights on.”

“Because no ones supposed to be out.” Dom said sarcastically.


“Shut-up you bint.”

She stood on my foot.


Should have seen that coming.

20 minuets and four bruised toes later we finally made our way to the locker rooms.

As we entered I noticed that everyone was here.

Freddie our beater was actually curled up in a ball in front the benches in his Quidditch uniform.

Lily Potter, Seeker, a pretty fifth year with fiery red heir, bright brown eyes, and a temper had her steely gaze set on her brother James.

Roxanne Weasley, a sixth year, Tall, gorgeous, Dark brown shoulder length glossy hair, and sparkling blue eyes to match, She was our other beater, and Freddie’s younger sister, was sat crossed legged with her back against Lily’s knees.

Ayden, his blonde hair devilish, and his sparkling green eyes tired, stood leaning against the lockers.

And lastly James himself sat on the bench in the corner going over Quidditch plays.

He looked up as we made our way in.

“Right now everyone’s here.” He stopped and gave us a pointed look, “We can begin.”

“I’m not trying to be funny dearest big brother, but if you would have called a practice at a normal time like any sane person we might have been on time, and you know, not sleeping.” Lily pointed out with an accusing glare.

He pretended like he didn’t hear her.

“Freddie and Roxanne, you two really need to start working together, plan your moves, were playing Slytherin next and we need to up our game, and try and nock some of those snakes out.” He carried on.

“James, You are aware that the captain of those snakes is your little brother, right?” Dom spoke up.

“Of course I am, I’m not a bloody moron.” He replied, rolling his eyes.

Several of us snorted.

“Lily, Your seeking is good but you really need to speed it up, .” He said pointing at his diagrams.

“Dom,  your keeping  is amazing but your starting to drift towards the left hoop, try and stay in the centre.”

Dom’s faced dropped into a scowl.

“Ayden, Elle we need to start working together, the Slytherins will be fouling all over the place and we can’t afford to loose a member of this team, never mind a chaser.” James stressed.

“Okay, Can we go now?” I mumbled sleepy

“Go…GO? Have you not listened to anything I’ve said?, we need to practice, do you not care about this team.?” He started.

“Oh no.”

“Not again.”

“Merlins pants.”

I set a steely gaze on James, my blonde hair was sticking out every single direction and I was still in my bloody slippers for crying out loud.

“At this ungodly hour no. I do not care about your stupid plays, or how were not good enough, or how we need to “plan our moves”. Because quite frankly at this moment in time I don’t give a shit about Quidditch, I’ve been in the hospital wing for three fucking days, I’ve only been out for about seven hours, and you call me to this fucking insane Quidditch practice, So yeah I’m going to go back to my dorm and rest, speak to me when you’ve found your humanity.”

I watched his face turn lived and those green sparkly eyes darken as he took in each word I said.

“Chase.” He said in a dead calm voice.

“I am your captain, if you walk out of those doors, I swear your off the team.”

I turned, my hand on the door.

“Good luck trying to find a new chaser Potter.” I murmured.

I didn’t here the cry’s of protest as I walked out of the locker room, letting the door slam shut behind me.

I quit Quidditch




 I walked back up to castle numbly.

I could apologise tomorrow, but he’s going to make me beg.


I’m not prepared to do that.

“Students are not permitted to be out of bed at this time.”

I spun round to find the voice.

A dark figure stood in the corner, as he stepped into the light I saw his brownish red hair, golden brown eyes and lean figure, I saw the light trace of freckles across his cheeks and the way his mouth was set into a small smile.

“Sorry, I’ll just er… go.” I whispered.

“Don’t worry about it, Your Elladora Chase, right? He affirmed.

“No, well yes, but its just Elle.” I confirmed.

“Who are you.?”

“Damon Parker, Ravenclaw Prefect.”  He smiled whilst sticking out his hand.

I shook it.

“Mind if I walk you back to your common room, I don’t like leaving pretty girls in the dark.” He asked.

Sure.” I nodded and blushed, a small smile playing on my lips.

He called me pretty.


“What are you doing out this late anyway.” He questioned.

“I have a nazi Quidditch captain.” I grumbled.

Potter” He affirmed, his mouth set into a frown.


“Yup, I just quit his team.” I said glumly.

“Okay, but you don’t seem happy about that.”

“Because I’m not, I love Quidditch, It’s my whole life, but I can’t do it with his crazy schedules and practices, I can’t deal with his plays or his insults about how I’m doing it wrong.” I retorted.

“Sounds like you really love the game, Well were here.” He confirmed looking up at the portrait of the fat lady.

“Thanks for er walking me back, and you know, listening to me ramble on.” I whispered, and smiled gently at him whilst tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“No problem, See you around Chase.” He murmured, He flashed me a quick smile, and spun round walking in the direction we came.

I entered the common room and could still feel the heat from my face, I danced around with a smile on my face before climbing up the stairs to the girls dormitories. 

At least one good thing came of today.



A/N : Hi, so could i ask a huge favour?Could you all be awesome and review?, Tell me if you liked the chapter?, How i can make chapters better?, If you need to know more about the characters?, Who's your favorite? :) thanks! <3


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