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Being A Malfoy by NymphadoraLupin
Chapter 2 : Luke, Jasper, Eloise and The Scamander Twins
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I turned and saw Scorpius standing in the compartment doorway, I instantly started shaking. Metaphorically, of course. Malfoy’s don’t shake.

“Blaise, Melina is looking for you,”

“Uh, okay Scorpius; tell her I’ll be there in a minute,” Melina Kettleburn is in my year level and older sister to Aurelia Kettleburn. Only by name though, when her little sister got put in Gryffindor the whole family disowned her. She was also one of my closest friends from Slytherin, basically for the fact that she was trust worth. Most of the Slytherin girls are self-absorbed, materialistic gossips don’t get me wrong Melina can be your typical slytherin girl but she does have an element of trust that does make her bearable. I got up and walked out of the compartment ignoring Scorpius as I walked into Melina’s usual compartment
“Hey, I’ve been looking for you, I found Scorpius and he went and tried to find you, I guess he did,” said the petite straight haired girl with jet black eyes.

“Yeah, he found me,’

“So how were your holidays?”

“Alright, I guess. Is spent my holidays with Scorp, Luke and Jasper,’ Luke Huntington and Jasper Lennox were my two best friends in the whole. I loved them to death. They were always gonna be there for me.

“They are so hot! Why don’t you just screw both of them and get it over with,”

“Eww! Melina, that’s disgusting!”

“Just coz you’re a virgin,”

“Ummm, that may be but, they’re basically my brothers and I’m not ready,”

“Prude,” Melina said but not without a pitiful attempt to cover it up with a cough. With that I got up and walked away to find Eloise Kemply. A raven claw in my year who was a little on the strange side but everyone liked her anyway. I found her in a compartment magically putting different coloured streaks in her hair,

“Hey Eloise,”

“Oh hello Blaise, I didn’t see you there, what colour do you like?” her hair flashed with streaks of green than changed to pink and then to blue.

“Hmmm go with the pink, you haven’t done that colour this year,”

“Okay then,” she said in her dreamy tone as pink streaks appeared in her hair.

“It needs something more,” she muttered as one blue streak appeared in her scruffy side fringe.

“Eloise, Lysander was looking for you I think,” Lysander Scamander was Eloise’s long-time boyfriend. They were both alike it was uncanny. They both believed in things called nargles and other ridiculous things like that and it was things like that, that made them perfect together

“Oh, he found me before, he was looking for rose, she stilled owed him from a bet,”

“Okay then, can I sit in here?”

“Go ahead, I saw you with Melina, be careful, her head is full of nargles,” she said in her dreamy voice. I took the seat across from her and I had just settled down when the Scamander twins burst in the room. They looked so alike with their pale skin, blonde hair and silvery grey eyes it was hard to tell which was which except for the fact that Lysander had slightly longer, scruffier hair and Lorcan had a single freckle under his left eye.

“Hey babe” Lysander said to Eloise as he sat down next to her

“Pink and blue, nice, you haven’t done pink yet, I don’t now why it suites you,”

“Thank you,”

“Told you so Eloise,” I said without thinking, Lorcan noticed I was in the compartment. I tried to stay quiet around Lorcan, don’t get me wrong he’s nice and all but he has a way of making me embarrass myself.

“Oh, hello there Blaise,” he smiled

“Shit,” I muttered

“So what’s it like snogging James Potter? I hear he is quite sensational,” he said with a smirk on his face, I put my defence up

“I don’t know, why don’t you go find out you blonde haired git!” I retorted

“Ouch, Blaise that was unnecessary,”

“Glad I left a wound,”

“You kissed James?” I heard Eloise question from her seat

“Kind of, it was wizards truth or dare and you can’t really break wizards truth or dare,” I blushed, what was I doing?! I am a Malfoy; we don’t blush especially over James Bloody Potter!

“Blaise, you’re blushing,” Lysander muttered, Lorcan gasped
“You like him!”

“No I don’t!







“QUIET!” I heard Lysander yell

“If you both don’t shut up, I’m going to tell James you are both smitten for him,”

“From the way he was kissing me, it seemed like he was smitten for me,” I muttered in a low undertone

“What was that?” Eloise asked

“Nothing, I’m going to find Jasper and Luke, see you later Eloise,”

“Bye Blaise,”

“Bye Lysander,”

“Goodbye Blaise,”

“Hey babe, what about me?!” Lorcan said

“Piss of you blonde git” I said as I walked out of the compartment

“I know you love me,” he yelled after me. I walked to the opposite end of the train on a hunt for my two best guy friends in the world. I found them in a compartment by themselves probably discussing the size of Andrea Pince’s ginormous breasts.

“Long time not see strangers,” I said as I burst into the compartment
“Hey Blondie, we were just talking about you,” Jasper said

“Really?” I thought you were talking about Andrea Pince’s massive boobs,”

“Oh we were,”

“Then how the hell did you get onto the topic of my gorgeousness?” I said taking a seat and laying my legs on Luke’s lap

“Well, we were talking about Andrea and the Lukey here brought up how she went out with Potter and then that got us talking about you,”

“Why on earth would you associate me with Potter”

“I don’t know,” Luke said

“Maybe because you snogged him!”

“Oh shit, I was hoping you wouldn’t hear about that,”

“How could we not? Blondie you’re a Slytherin and there you go shoving your tongue down his throat! He’s a Gryffindor and a Potter!”

‘Stick it in Blaisey!!’ I heard Jasper say after Luke had finished his ramble.

“It’s not like I like him, he kissed me, it was wizards truth or dare,” that earned me a glare from the boys.

Melina did have a point, they were both incredibly hot. Luke was the quieter one of us three he had scruffy, messy blonde hair and hazel eyes, he was quite talk and really muscular because if quidditch. Jasper was more of a trouble maker; he had chocolate brown hair and stunning green eyes. Just like Luke he was tall and muscular because of quidditch. But I never see them as boyfriend worthy, I mean don’t get me wrong they would be totally boyfriend worthy but I don’t see them as anything other than my best friends.
We heard a whistle signalling us that we were about to arrive at the station. The train pulled up at the station and I got up off of Luke and skipped off the train, I saw James Potter standing on the platform and when I walked past him he grabbed my arm
“Blaise I want to talk abo-” I cut him off

‘Potter, forget about it, you kissed me in a truth or dare game, it didn’t mean anything,”

“Oh, I think it did,” he said with a smirk

“Potter, leave it alone,” I yanked my arm out of his grasp and sauntered towards the castle. I met up with Luke and Jasper and we found our seats at the Slytherin table.
McGonagall gave her yearly speech taking time to say that the forbidden forest is in fact forbidden. She looked at me while she was saying that, I snicked, as if I was going to listen to that. I was a Slytherin in sixth year and it was my favourite place on the grounds. Besides Jasper, Luke and I were all illegal animagi, we needed to run sometimes. My animagus form matched my personality perfectly; I took the form of a rusty red coloured fox. Jasper was a big, grey wolf with paws that faded into white and he had flecks of green in his wolf eyes. Luke was a large black dog like one of his uncles from down his family line. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt a pair of eyes burning a hole in my back. Metaphorically of course. I turned to see that James potter was staring at me, when he realised I knew he was staring at me I turned to face my plate, which has suddenly became incredibly interesting. In the next few seconds I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned and saw Potter.

“Hey Blaise, I need to talk to you,”



Authors Notes: Duh Duh Duhhhhh. Hehe Cliff-hanger (=^-^=) reviews would be nice *cough cough* Big love NymphadoraLupin xx

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