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Letters by Katy1414
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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Chapter One

Okay. Lils was yelling again. Relatively normal for a late afternoon, especially when in close proximity to James Potter. But she sounded angry. Beyond Lily-Hates-James angry.

“Shit” I muttered.

I closed my book and quickly headed down the dorm room stairs to the common room. The sight was not pretty.

I’m Trina. Trina Cassis, but I’m known to most people as Tree (Do NOT ask, James is my best friend, and apparently he doesn’t like to call me anything else). I grew up with James, our families are really close, and he’s like my older brother. Lily is my other best friend. We met on the train ride first year and have been inseparable ever since.

When I made it downstairs, it was chaos. A couple chairs turned over, Lils red in the face; even James looked a little peeved. Sirius (Sirius Black, James’ best friend and one of the “Marauders”) sat on the couch in front of the fire with that oh-so-familiar smirk on his face. Remus (Remus Lupin, Another one of James’ best friends, another “Marauder”) was watching warily over the top of his open book in a chair in the corner.

So here’s the deal. What I picked up from the screaming (and the whispering, terrified other Gryffindors sitting in the common room) James (the fool) asked Lils out (again) and when she said no (again) he tried to kiss her. When will my darling, idiotic James ever learn?

“WOAH WOAH WOAH!” I ran forward when I realized Lily was whipping her wand out. Not a good thing to let her do when she’s angry. They went silent (finally), and I looked at both of them sternly.

“I was just reading a very good book.” I said a matter-of-factly. I could feel everyone giving me startled looks for such a random comment. (I’m kind of like that. But more on me later.)

“Now, James, I would like you to apologize.” Now he was giving me a look of outrage.

“I didn’t do any-!” He began, but I cut him off. “James.”

“Sorry.” He mumbled.

I turned to Lils. “Lils, apologize.”

“FOR WHAT?!” She screeched. Jesus, I forgot she could bust my eardrums. Note to self: don’t stand near her when she’s yelling.

“For smacking James. Which I know you did.” I gave her my don’t-fuck-with-me look.

“Sorry, Potter.” She spat angrily, before turning on her heels, stomping up the stairs, and slamming the dorm room door. Charming.

“Damnit James! You two are going to be the death of me!” I huffed, as I made my way over to the couch and sat down next to a smirking Sirius.

“Yes well,” He said, taking the seat next to me, as if that were a good enough answer.

“We’re boys, we can’t help it.” Sirius spoke up.

“Just because you can’t keep it in your pants longer than a minute, doesn’t mean all boys are like that.” I retorted.

“She’s got a point.” Said both James and Remus in unison. We all smirked at him.

“Screw you guys.” He picked up a pillow and hit me over the head.I glared at him menacingly.

“Oh shit Padfoot, you better watch out. I’ve seen that look before, and nothing good ever comes from it.” James joked.

And then James did the worst thing imaginable.

He started tickling me.

“FUCK! J-James! D-d-d-on’t d-d-do this-s!” I choked, laughing. I could see Sirius’ upside down face break out in a grin as he watched me lose it. What a prat.

“Say I’m the best! Saaay it!” James coaxed as I squirmed and thrashed.


“Y-you’re the b-b-est!” I screeched, “Y-YOU’RE THE BEST!”

He stopped with a triumphant look on his face and stood up on the couch, his arms raised. “LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, YOU HAVE ALL WITNESSED IT HERE!”

I mean, I couldn’t not get him back. Especially when he was all vulnerable in his ‘glory’ moment. So I kicked him the stomach. And he fell over the back of the couch.
The common room burst into laughter.


When James and I first got on the Hogwarts Express when we were eleven, we were so excited. James was jumping up and down and we both couldn’t get the big stupid grins off our faces. We found a compartment with only on solitary person in it, Remus. Remus was just this scared, mousy blonde haired kid with these beautiful golden eyes. Seriously, he looked terrified. But James and I had him smiling within the first few minutes.

“Seriously man, nothing greater than Gryffindor, and you look like a Gryffindor.” James was saying to Remus. Remus beamed at him.

“I don’t really know anything about Hogwarts.” Remus said quietly.

James looked shocked, but he immediately broke into a full out description of everything Hogwarts, and I smiled quietly.

The compartment door slid open and in walked Sirius. At first, I didn’t like him. Not at all. Before he even opened his mouth. He had this haughty look about him that made me want to smack it off. He was a Black, so what else?

“Can I sit here?” He asked, gesturing to the empty seat across from me.

We all nodded. He put his bags up on the rack and sat down.

“James Potter.” James held out his hand and Sirius shook it. “Sirius Black.”

“This is Remus Lupin, and Trina Cassis.” James introduced us. Those manners his mother taught him were flawless when meeting new people. Even if it was a Black.

Sirius nodded at Remus and he lingered on me. “Have I seen you before?” His brow furrowed as he asked.

“Yes. We were at the same ball once. You were the only family that didn’t talk to The Potters’ and mine.” I said. I remembered them. Not many people liked the Blacks. They were pureblood maniacs.

“Oh yeaaah!” James said. “I remember you!”

“I abhor my family. Every Black has been in Slytherin, but I want to be in Gryffindor.” Sirius said, with an air confidence.

James slapped him a high five. “Atta boy!”

Then Peter came in a bit later. Peter- he’s kind of a weirdo. Quiet, but he was looking at James and Sirius like they were made of gold. Introductions were announced, but then, well, then it started.

Lils walked in. Beautiful at even eleven she noticed our place was full, but before she could leave, James had spotted her. And boy did he like what he saw.

I can remember that look on his face. A new look, that I had never seen before. One of surprise, yet he had this vulnerability.

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” He said, as he grabbed her hand. She frowned, suddenly cautious.

“Thank you, but could you please let go of me?” She pulled but he wouldn’t let go.

“Will you go out with me?” James asked quickly.

“No!” Lily started to panic, and she pulled and pulled, finally, she resorted to the first thing that popped into her head; she slapped him.

James let go of her hand out of shock and the boys in the compartment held back their laughter.

“James! You probably terrified her!” I yelled, following Lily out into the corridor. I found her in the compartment at the end, alone. She apologized, and I apologized for James being a creep.

It was the beginning of something beautiful. Well, for me and her anyways. I sat with her the rest of the ride.

When we arrived at Hogwarts hours later, of course James wanted to know every detail about Lils. I was worried for him even then.

Sirius was sorted into Gryffindor; that was an event. Everyone went silent, looked shocked, but the Slytherins looked disgusted. Sirius just looked happy.

I was sorted into Gryffindor, then Lily, then Remus, then Peter and finally James. We were all together and happy. But I made sure Lily didn’t have to sit next to James that night.


Being in seventh year now seemed so far away from then.

“Hey, Cassis, past the syrup.”

Calm. Caaaalm.

“CASSIS! Past the syrup!”

“What’s the magic word, Black?” I snapped. CALM.

“Pass the bloody syrup!” He said irritated.

Okay. So I don’t enjoy Sirius’ company at times. I would rather eat my way out of an iron barred cage then be in his company sometimes. But he’s James’ best friend sooo, it’s a given.
Plus, I didn’t really need him to be irritating at the moment. That awful pain in my abdomen was back, and I didn’t want it to get worse.

So I did. I passed it. And if it just happened to spill all over his lap, well then, I was just doing what he asked.

“FUCK!” He shot up out of his seat with syrup dripping down his front.

“Oops.” I smirked, taking a sip of my pumpkin juice. Lils hid her smile in her goblet.

The boys were trying to hold back their laughter, but that isn’t easy for James. So he resorted to snorting. Attractive.

“Do you MIND?!” Sirius yelled. Everyone was staring, which they usually do. Sirius and I fought a lot.

“You wanted the damn syrup!” I said angrily.

“YEAH, ON MY PANCAKES!” He yelled.

Sirius pulled out his wanted angrily but before I could get mine out James intervened.

“No, no, no. Put that away, now.” He said sternly, pointing to Sirius’ wand. Sirius grumbled, knowing that if he didn’t and he did hex me, he was in for a whole lot of pain from James. So I did what everyone regular seventeen year old girl would do. I stuck my tongue out at him.

“You are such a child.” Lils muttered.

“Let’s just all get along here.” James said. Remus snorted.

“Yeah, okay.” He said sarcastically.

WHAT?! Remus being sarcastic?! That is a new one!

I started clapping. “Bravo! Remus I am just so proud!” I pretended to wipe a tear from my face. He blushed slightly.

“Oh shut it.” He mumbled, with a little smile on his face. James was beaming at me and put me in a head lock. Along with a noogie. I pushed him off me and pretended to be angry.

“Shove off, Potter.” He smirked and began to eat his breakfast.


Okay, so how about some more background knowledge of the whole “Marauders” thing I mentioned earlier. It is a well-known fact that Sirius, James, Remus, Peter and I are horribly misbehaved. We like trouble. Or trouble likes us. Either way, trouble is our soul mate. And when trouble is your soul mate well, things get messy and oh so fun.

We like pranking. We like making a disturbance, and we love screwing with the Slytherins. We like trying new things, either good or bad. (And not necessarily in that order) We have a close relationship with the nurse here, Poppy. Needless to say, we. Like. Trouble.

“Marauder” wouldn’t even be in our vocabularies (well, maybe Remus’) if it hadn’t been for McGonagall. We were being told off in third year, it was a doozy too. McGonagall’s lips were hardly even there and she was so red in the face it made me nervous.

We had accidentally set fire to the curtains in the corridor. Accidentally. Sirius was aiming for Snivellus, but nobody needn’t know that. Anyways, so here we were getting a good thrashing, when McGonagall yells “YOU ARE HORRIBLE, CHILDISH MARAUDERS!” Woah woah woah. We didn’t know what that meant, so later (after receiving detentions and points had been taken. Bollocks.), we looked it up. And we liked it. Heck, James went around for about a month straight walking up to people and saying “I’m a MARAUDER!”
The name stuck, and people have been calling us the Marauders ever since.


I know, I know, it’s the second night into seventh year, Trina! What are you doing?! Buuut, I can explain. I heard a group of the Slytherins bullied (harassed, assaulted) some first year Gryffindors after breakfast, so they deserve something back. Right? Thought so. Anyone gutless enough to pick on first years deserves something good.

So I looked damn innocent this morning. I was joking around with the boys like a usually do. Unfortunately, they knew nothing about because I didn’t want them to blow my cover, though masters at pranking they are.

We were talking about Quidditch tryouts (James is team captain and seeker, Sirius and I are beaters) when I casually flicked my wand under the table and it happened.
It sounded like a wet nasty explosion. Everyone looked over in the direction it came and found that the Slytherins were covered in nasty, thick green slime. They were wiping it out of their eyes, their mouths, their ears. Everyone immediately cracked up laughing; I could even see the staff hiding their grins. James and Sirius were howling. Lils had her hand over her mouth from the shock of the noise, but now had it there to hide her widening grin. Remus was hiding his too, and Peter was laughing along.

I grinned, but tried to make it look like I was just as surprised as everyone else.
Uh oh. McGonagall was stomping over. Shit shit shit shit shit shit.

“Alright, you three, my office NOW.” She said, not quite yelling. James and Sirius stopped laughing and looked outraged.

“It wasn’t us!” they yelled in unison.

I think she believed them because of how outraged and actually serious they were. She nodded, looked somewhat stunned and/or suspicious and walked away, assuming because it wasn’t them, it wasn’t me either.

“That was awesome. Whoever did that is genius” James said with a huge grin on his face.

“I’m a little jealous that it wasn’t us.” Sirius said. Remus rolled his eyes with a grin. Lils looked over worriedly at the Slytherin table.

“As much as I don’t like them, I hope that isn’t poisonous. That would be bad if anyone ever found out who did it.”

“It’s not poisonous.” I said with a sly smirk. Oh man, I am GOOD.

They all turned to look at me with shock on their faces.

“No way!” James said, “How could you do that without us?!” He whined and Sirius nodded along with him.

“Because I was afraid it wasn’t going to work!” I said in my defense.

James thought it over then grinned. Remus, Sirius, James and Peter all congratulated me and smacked me on the back (Subtly. So they didn’t know who did it.) Even Lils smirked and told me I did a good job. (She’s becoming more and more badass every day. Sniff, my baby’s all grown up.)

We were in the entrance hall when Jack Groome tapped me on the shoulder. Damn, he was good looking but he was also really nice (which usually, all Hufflepuffs are).

“Damn, that was amazing.” He said, smiling.

Jack Groome was tall, 6’2”, beautiful blue eyes, nice straight smile and had this brown hair that was always nicely cut. Girls swooned over him, but he was in the same relationship for 3 years, and never dated anyone else. He was a sweetheart, but still pretty broken up over the break up a year ago.

“Thanks Jack, but don’t tell anyone it was me, yeah?” I said, smiling and giving him a high five.

“You got it.” He gave me one last smile and a wave and he returned to the Great Hall.

Sirius, I noticed, had a scowl on his good looking face. I noogied him for good measure, and then ran down the hall like a mad person.

“You are such a nutter!” Lils yelled behind me. I laughed loudly.

I heard running behind me and turned to see James catching up. I held my arms open and he jumped into them. I caught him (Surprised? I’m a beater, what can I say, I’m strong.) I twirled him around like we were one of those mushy couples.

“Oh Jess, I love you more than life itself!” I said in a deep voice.

“I love you too Johnny, don’t ever let me go!” James said in a high pitched squeal. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big sloppy kiss on the cheek.

“Forever and ever baby.” I said again in my man voice. We could hear the laughter right behind us now. And I grinned from ear to ear as James mussed my hair.

I’m Trina Cassis, and this, is my trouble seeking, maniacal, love filled, crazy, marauder- ful life.

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